Friday, May 1, 2009

ViA(Visited, Contaminated)

Been seeing many fonts that use A's that could be interchangeable with upside down V's..


W: The above below cliche in the comments by one Mr. Jon Kidd is where my mind has been heading towards on this particular subject as well... My AHA moment came while watching the previews for Monsters Vs Aliens for the Upteenth time.....(PS Jim that Nova observation is keen, I didn't notice both the A and V at first.)
The negative space between the M and A create a V showcased by a triangle. If this is seen as relative to all V's(roman numeral for 5) then the application's for it extend to any god, alien, or over all other as being a symbol of heaven falling to earth.The door of V from V for Vendetta.... This negative space is unavoidably an arrow. In Red!The 80's Reptilian extravaganza V(for Visitors)... In Red!In Red!In Red!

Jim again:

Just after I read your post today and responded with the NOVA pic, my daughter woke up from her nap and joined me in the living room. We turned on the TV and turned to the Treehouse channel. The TV show that came was an animated show called OLIVIA. oliViA! A story of a pig that wears stripes and is red, white and black. And of course she is so RED.

Notice the image above and the soccer ball. After reading about beckHAM I began to see the soccer ball or the FOOTball as a perfect checkered floor, black and white, masonic tracing board inspired sphere. Earth basically. I do like the middle image of OLIVIA with her huge black hole mouth. A centrePORKHOLE I would say.


  1. Hey correct me if I'm wrong but is the Creative Audio and Aveda signs on opposite ends of the same Blockbuster?

  2. Yeah kids shows are great to watch now. Except for Franklin and Keyeyou. Fucking winey characters!

  3. AbrAhAdAbrA - has 5 As [ leaving 6 others]
    Also another Crowleyan phrase was
    Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici

  4. Sorry , the 5 Vs or As appear on that VegA logo