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Vulcan and Maia (The Mother of Hermes)

Maya cuisine

Untitled-4 copy

as in bricks you can see the packing of those kernals produces hexagons. I did some work in the past on an infinite field array of hexagons that I called a hexametric field. Sounds like a curse. One of the things I found was a copy of the feild inside itself. I'm putting this up because I think of Maia as a hexametric feild.

I have always found it interesting that the Spirit of the Mountain/Forest in the Amazon is known as MAYAntu. This would be a Quechua word.

This spirit's name makes up half of the name Mayantuyacu. Juan Flores' Peruvian healing centre.

Yacu means the spirit of the water, which is a snake. So at Mayantuyacu, both the spirit of the water and of the forest work together.

I wonder what the relationship is between plants and Maya?

Rabbi T, the Holy of Holes and the Ark of Pooh

I Kidd~

Corn Mom

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Atonement: The Means To Be 'At One' (with vipassana appendix)

This work is a continuation of Lighter Than Smoke

To begin, an elegance of maths.  You don't have to be a genius to follow the drift of Stan Tenen.  Sooner or later he gets round and explains that letters and logograms of many languages and number systems seem to imitate the contortions of a smoke ring as it rises toward the ether.  Tenen, whose main field is the Hebrew Alef-Bet, compares this 'ring' to the 'two-toroid', or 'hollow donut'.

The special importance to our discussion: the comparison to the meditation of smoking, which appears the most efficacious method of observing the two-torus as it twists into itself and expands at last into a spheroid cloud.

I will try to clarify the following themes.

- The Externalization of Secret Dogma (as per a comment from Tox Mundi)
- The persecution of the habit of smoking (west of Jerusalem)
- Major Toth
- The Kingdom of Satan: If you are reading this, you could be home by now!  Condo's from $666,000
- Some Other Stuff

The Externalization of Secret Dogma

In comments from Lighter Than Smoke I muse...

Great and dark forces are working over time to conflate the anal with the sexual, to, in a sense, make the asshole into a sex object and reintegrate the cosmic mind into the stupid cycle of nature that it is now practically illegal to speak against in a direct voice.

Tox Mundi asks...

if that's true then why is hollywood cranking out 17 pkd-inspired sciflicks perannum? or do they fall under the qualifier?

This question ignites a direct hit.  The rejoinder asks the initiate to consider that the New Age is nothing of the sort, and that the current synchroid fascination, the much adored ascension of consciousness, is only a walk around the block.  An attempt to commercialize, to 'square off' the transfinite self as a subset of the Maya, under the name of the ever loving Disney we're all in this together Hakuna Matata bullshit cycle of Life and Death Green House Mass Gas Passer most often abbreviated as The One.

The Confucion, Zen and Taoist schools each report this so-called One as a the pernicious myth of Maya - only to have their teachings warped into doctrinal patterns and used as lithographic plates for education of mass peoples, and in particular, stupid white men.

The externalization of secret teaching is busted as a flim-flam - a con.  Nowadaze, one must don the threadbare mantle of socially accepted spiritual knowledge or else.  The Sacred has become Sacrosanct and this is why these words you read are dangerous and virtually unlawful unless parsed by a master such as myself.  The individual, you see, is on the verge of its complete assassination.  It is quite the more acceptable to belong to a group of any type at all, than it is to profess one's sovereign self.

Forcing masses of peoples into sub-sets of the Maya has been a 6000 year process - a process on the verge of its Magnificent Realization.  The secret dogma has been held at bay as Satan's Ace in the Hole - played now with such panache to grab the most difficult resistors of His plan: those who believe themselves to be generally and/or non-dogmatically moral and who, in the light of pseudo-sacred self-importance, demand reflexive morality from others.

The overstimulated Golden Rule is an excellent paradox.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

We ask in this 'golden' light: what is the self to do if that which some or many others wish for themselves, another does not wish?  The Golden Rule is exposed as passive social Darwinism.

The correct rule is the Iron Rule and is not paradoxical, but Ironic, as it proceeds forth from the Age of Iron which is symbolized by the golden head of King Nebuchadnazzar.

Don't do unto others, unless of course, they ask you, and then, if you like, do only as they ask.  Do not be affronted by the behavior of others.  We do not live in an enclosure, but a trans-finite paradise.  Have faith - there is always room to polish your own bowl.

Which leads nicely into our next question...

The persecution of the habit of smoking 

To begin, please read...

Edifying Thoughts of a Tobacco Smoker

Whene'er I take my pipe and stuff it
And smoke to pass the time away
My thoughts, as I sit there and puff it,
Dwell on a picture sad and grey:
It teaches me that very like
Am I myself unto my pipe.

Like me this pipe, so fragrant burning,
Is made of naught but earthen clay;
To earth I too shall be returning,
And cannot halt my slow decay.
My well used pipe, now cracked and broken,
Of mortal life is but a token.

No stain, the pipe's hue yet doth darken;
It remains white. Thus do I know
That when to death's call I must harken
My body, too, all pale will grow.
To black beneath the sod 'twill turn,
Likewise the pipe, if oft it burn.

Or when the pipe is fairly glowing,
Behold then instantaneously,
The smoke off into thin air going,
'Til naught but ash is left to see.
Man's fame likewise away will burn
And unto dust his body turn.

How oft it happens when one's smoking,
The tamper's missing from it's shelf,
And one goes with one's finger poking
Into the bowl and burns oneself.
If in the pipe such pain doth dwell
How hot must be the pains of Hell!

Thus o'er my pipe in contemplation
Of such things - I can constantly
Indulge in fruitful meditation,
And so, puffing contentedly,
On land, at sea, at home, abroad,
I smoke my pipe and worship God.

Johann Sebastian Bach - 1725 (1685-1750)

It is here that we can explain the titular pun Atonement/At-One-Meant.

A question to the reader:  are you aware that Oriental and Indo-Asian Races, including Amer-Inds, suffer comparative to the Caucasian, little ill effect from the use of tobacco?  Geriatric Scientist and Bio-Sphere doctor, Ray Walford, in his massive study 'The China Health Project' gives the best reasoning for this disparity: the diet.

Now, please join me in an oblique interpretation of the term diet

From the philosophic, intellectual, even scientific perspective that 'All is Maya is as One', we must adopt a subtle interpretation of the precise nature of food.  Within the matrix everything is a consumer property.  Everything is being consumed.  All we see, hear, touch, taste, smell, breathe, think, eat, excrete, all is Maya and is simultaneously consuming and being consumed.  In the Maya, everything is food.

The model instructs the self-same as of the now corrupted Roman School of Light: we are cannibals and must atone.

One must consider the 6000 year history of modern civilization as the passage of the Sun in One Day across the sky.

The Morning of this Day, which exists outside of Time, before the motion of the Sun has even started, is A Golden Age of Peace.  It is best described in popular parlance as The Lost Horizon.  Within the Maya it is only a fable.  At the moment the Sun begins its journey, reality begins to degrade into an infernal cycle of self-digestion and regurgitation.  There is a mighty struggle of 4000 years, in which the Light of Reason rages against the approaching whatcomesaround goesaround of karmic nihilism.  This battle is lost forever the moment 2000 gone years, when our Sun crosses Jerusalem and Christ is Crux-eye-Fried and served up to zoomanity as an immortal chicken-satay.

The conundrum for the Western Soul is to atone for this crusty botch of sin, which is programmed by the cereal series of sacrifice and is therefore the burden of omnivore and 6th level vegan alike.  The exacting nature of this paradox is the need for the Westerner to compensate for that which we consumed in our serial glory of manifest destiny... namely, The Continent of the Americas.

The gift of the Native Amer-Indians to the White Man, of Tobacco, is the means for this Atonement, which depending upon the level of sin, can be ritual or habitual.  For a Honky like me, to smoke is to Atone for the sins of my father, which is the cannibalistic genocide of a race of peaceful nomads.

I pray you recall the excellent example of Kubrick's The Shining, familiar to all of us, which is essentially of comedy of Thomist atonement.  Jack and Danny discuss cannibalism on the drive up to The Overlook.  Wendy and Danny are seen in the shadow of the Calumet (Peace Pipe).  All three spend much of their time together in a blue haze of Virginia's finest blends.

For the Torrances, the ritual is a complete success.  Wendy who is Isis, an Earth Mother every bit as cruel as her male diameter, will see herself in the mirror and get a rude awakening long overdue. She and Danny slide back down the Sidewinder, to allow Danny to play his Jesus games all over again - but with refinement.  As for Jack, he is the only one who hears the highest voice of the Sovereign Self (g-d), and like a mensch, he attempts to confine the cancerous American family where it belongs.  He is rewarded with a paradise.

Jack is the Biblical Abraham, who worships God through ritual atonement and burnt offering.  This particular dude is smart enough to see far into the future of his race and looks to put an end to it but quick.  He fails only because his Supreme Self allows Satan to fulfill the evil destiny of Will.  The kid gets away and Abe wins his Godhead. Jack Torrance and his character is a perfect analog to corrected yoga vipassana. I will defend this notion with much alacrity with reference to the opus, if I am asked.

For now, we see the Satanic necessity of marginalizing the smoker, along with any other dangling dudes of derring-do that defy the conventional form.

To be at one with the Maya - which is the aim of the New Age and proponents like The Green Movement, the Neo-Buddhists and Ecumenists - is to prevail the False Western Self westward, across the Pacific, to utterly Westernize the Eastern School, which is then fed back to the Empirical Cannibal like carnivorous pablum.  All forms of atonement are to be forbidden through this process which is unveiled on Aug. 6 1945 and realized globally when Eckhart Tolle settles in Vancouver.

And so we find to our consternation, that all of the good people are looking for their light Eastward, through the Western Gate, creating the fractalated fugues of faraway fancy adorned as sacred knowledge of Tao or Zen or What Have you.

The Western soul, must, and I say absolutely must, return his burden to the East through Jerusalem and the Cross of Christ, which is the Only Stargate to the Palm Garden, before he can contemplate the difficult serenity of Eastern Promises.

To go west beyond Vancouver is dangerous, O My Brothers and Sisters - Behold the Major!!!

Major Toth

Compare the images, and who has eyes will see the flower on his hand.  One thing is for damned sure... he doesn't smoke.


The Kingdom of Satan (you are here)

This can be a bit thorny.  To circumvent a certain brand of real critik, I will make a small apology.  I am not a Christian, or a Christ.  Nor do I wish to embrace these twins of Hodge and Podge - one or the other.  Instead, I am simply a scholastic Thomist who understands that one must endure the ritual of ones specific culture before any passage through a Strange Gate.  You may compare my viewpoint to that of Alan Watts, who was very clear he was not a Zen Buddhist, but rather that he proposed a perspective educated by the Zen school.

As a Zen Thomist, here is my perspective.  The sacrificial murder of Christ is the beginning of Western Empiric Cannibalism.  This push westward would hound, pillage and finally overturn first the Mediterranean and then the American nomadic cultures.  At the brink of the collapse of this Empire comes its master stroke: the eminent domain of pan-pacific pseudo-wisdom superimposed onto the hold out vestiges of Western self-dignity - an event known widely as Ecumenism or by the vile misnomer, Pluralism.

A funny proof comes from the immortal chain smoker Hermann Hesse, in his Der Glasperlenspiel, also called The Glass Bead Game.  It is easy to discover that many who enjoy the synchroid past-time fancy themselves players of this 'great game' - direct references are found at many synch blogs.  There is a comment on this very site in which a certain player of renown is praised for his divine ability to 'create synchs'.  The balderdash is found in the bald fact that Hesse's comic masterpiece is an ironic critique of the 'game' and not a celebration of it.  Hesse foresees the downfall of civilization in the imposed hierarchy of an elite class of philosophers.

Look in the mirror and say it ain't so. For who among us has not paraded in Confucious's New Clothes from time to time.  The New Humility is decked-out in Combat Fatigues.  A bunch of spiritual hate mongers are we - and must atone.  I aver that our salvation comes only through such atonement, through Christ who is the sole path into The Lost Horizon from lands that are Westward of Jerusalem.   We must journey to the east, beyond Golgotha, and if we can not travel there, we must offer up our smoke.

The Western Soul must At-One
Have a smoke and mote it done.

Some Other Stuff

Appendix (from - Vipassana: Vipassana is the oldest of Buddhist meditation practices. The method comes directly from the Sitipatthana Sutta, a discourse attributed to Buddha himself. Vipassana is a direct and gradual cultivation of mindfulness or awareness. It proceeds piece by piece over a period of years. The student's attention is carefully directed to an intense examination of certain aspects of his own existence. The meditator is trained to notice more and more of his own flowing life experience.

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Jonny Death...

The screen shot comes from one of my most favorite films of all time. Probably cause it just gets better with time.... Fear and loathing in Las Vegas...

The Death Ship is a novel written by B. Traven or Traven Torsvan(raven tits). One way you could think of him would be as a dead man; seeing how he kept himself almost unidentifiable. He is known in the consensus as an anarchist. He is known by three different names.

Here is a wiki fart on the novel...

Set just after World War I, The Death Ship describes the predicament of merchant seamen who lack documentation of citizenship and cannot find legal residence or employment in any nation

That kinda sounds like pirate to me. Pi rate?...

The narrator is Gerard Gales(77), an American sailor who claims to be from New Orleans, and who is stranded in Antwerp without passport or working papers. Unable to prove his identity or his eligibility for employment, Gales is repeatedly arrested and deported from one country to the next, by government officials who do not want to be bothered with either assisting or prosecuting him. When he finally manages to find work, it is on the Yorikke(KK!), the dangerous and decrepit ship of the title, where undocumented workers from around the world are treated as expendable slaves.

The term "death ship" refers to any boat so decrepit that it is worth more to its owners overinsured and sunk than it would be worth afloat. The title of the book is translated directly from the German "Das Totenschiff"; in English, they are called "coffin ships".

I have written about Fear and loathing in las vegas before. Its strange cause I posted a huge collection of screens last year around this time. And now its starting to come back again. Yearly pattern. Connecting Jonny Depp to the hexagon is quite easy in that movie. He bares the hexagon halo many times and is scene throughout the movie interacting with them and many other shapes of interest....

Saturn connects to Cronus in obvious ways. We've been over this quite a few times.

*I find it amazing how Saturn is the sixth planet away from the son and it dons a hexagonal static crown.*

His famous Gonzo Logo...

step one - Note 6 fingers
step two - Note ONZO = Oz the land of the dead.
step three - Note knife furthering death theme.
step four - Note mescalin button clenched by fist.
step seven - G onzo

Step four again...Wikkied

"synesthesia can occur especially with the help of music.[7] An unusual but unique characteristic of mescaline use is the "geometricization" of three-dimensional objects. The object can appear flattened and distorted, similar to the presentation of a Cubist painting.[8]"

Here he is again sportin' a pistol. Note use of Jupiter finger and also note how the gun is shaped like a J as well. Note his visor is green and note how his aviators highlight his third eye....note....note.....

Wow I want to say allot more but I need to sleep. Glad I had a nap first. Can't stop thinking about the 42 doorway. Not relevant to the post but I don't even know what it means.

Be well for f@#k sakes!

Lighter Than Smoke

The tintinabulation of the spheres
Seems tickle-ing within my wicked ears
O surely it is but a dream
A green and gleaming mountain stream
Glissando crossing xylophonic stone
Silver demons in my eye alone
Send my salt and ashes to the sea
Saving only smoke and me 

- Soda Pop Fats, Minneapolis circa 1887

Away these last weeks, trying to break out of my head, I return to The Ol' Sync Hole to the ringing of a mighty sync and on the brink. 

Indras Net, in his sync-work, manages to mirror the events of my own life with striking accuracy.

On the eve of IN's recent post, I was holed up in a Super 8 motel room with my spirit guide, Azazel Fennrar.  We got drunk on rum, mushroom tea, and plenty of Drum Original Rollie Tobacco, which I like to call REDRUM.  We were in a town called Drumheller (Hell Murder), working on the design details of our Time Machine.

To chill, we took in two films which I am now delighted to recall concern the use of tobacco as a thematic meme: Ghost Rider and Dead Man.  

Later, in the cool morning, Zaz and I shared a Holy Moment in a place called Horseshoe Canyon and I flashed on Waking Life. Zaz's drawings for our Time Machine look alot like the folded paper divining toy from WL's opening sequence.

On the road, we listened to Alan Watts and the first random lecture was A Happy Death

Zaz dropped me off at about 11:30 am, and I went straight to bed with the TV on Encore Avenue (a kind of Canadian TCM).  Time After Time, with Malcolm MacDowell and David Warner.  I feel politely dazzled on my post mushroom-hangover buzz, and fall asleep.  Feeling and falling, I dream quite vividly I am being eaten alive by worms. 

I must also note that when Zaz and I meet, we call it Shining, after our groundbreaking work unraveling the Kubrick masterpiece, an opus with conspicuous use of tobacco and Amer-Indo imagery.

Now, a biograph: your pal Artislav Mel is a chain-smoker.  One hand rolled unfiltered after another, and each down to the nubbin.  In the morning, when I brush my fangs, I also pumice the golden patina of weed from my fingers - a stain which many find more offensive than the fireplace perfume of my dud's that follows me like Pigpen's cloud.  It is my custom to go to bed at the precise moment I no longer wish to smoke.

As a smoker, yer old AM is right up there with Nabokov or Kubrick or Bette Davis.  I ain't just name dropping, because I think that smoking is, in some sense, a function of what I like to call sink-thinkSink-think has more than a few famous names.  Properly it is called synesthesia, which is the hallmark of Vlad's lyricism.  The Sub-Geniuses call it excremeditation.  Bach explains it in Edifying Thoughts. In alchemy it may be called Azoth. In Valis, PKD (a smoker) describes the process somewhat in reverse, as golden droplets of light descending to illumine a miasma of total emptiness and to my mind, Poe explains it likewise in Descent Into The Maelstrom.  I choose Sink-Think for its punitive value, and because of its relevance to my spectral mentor Stanley Kubrick, who is essentially a bathroom Joker and midnight Black Bram's Toker.

Smoking serves as the ritual of sink-think, exactly because of its famously relaxative benefits. Just as earlier Zen turns the third eye toward the sex, the Sink-Thinker descends past the sexual quagmire of the Sixth Sepulchur and into the Seventh Heaven of Anal Bliss.  Sex and the Genetic de-Genesis is a conundrum with no solution - a conundrum devised to insinuate the infernal cycle of nature as a superior to the total self.  To surpass this threshold we must open the crown with our assholes intact. The irony of this model is at a fine edge in the neo-buddhistics of Chopra, Oprah and most wonderfully Eckhart Tolle.  Tolle espouses illumination by the celebrated contemplation of the flower. The flower (ewige Blumenkraft) is the supreme image of sexual beauty and the murderous sick-sickle cyclic nature.  In the flower, which grows forth from the freshly killed living sexual sacrifice, the Buddha sees only despair.

And so it is for the sink-thinker and the smoker.  The physio-logic and hyper-doxical product of smoking is ASH (Latin creme; excrement - out of ash), which is the complete mortification of the material essence.  When the body is burned away, and burned again, it is akin to the crushing of all life at the bottom of a pestle.  Ergo, the insufflation of tobacco is the supreme spiritual and alchemical working.  The remaining product is not manure but salted ash, from which only the purest spirit can ascend beyond the logos and be one without form.

Down to Earth and the writing is on the wall.  We appear to be on the brink of eschaton, but remain too afraid to cross the abyss just yet.  Porn and juveneille sexuality are a giveaway.  The mainstream porn industry is ugly and evil.  And I am told that the teen-age goodnight kiss has been usurped by oral sex.  The source of this degradation is anal tension.  The divine mind has been barred passage beyond the sexual and into the anal - a process fundamental to the proper development of adult conciousness.  Basic cable provides anatomically explicit porn and yet treats normal anal function with a distant artistry on the level of a Shakespearian sonnet.  Adam Lambert's harmless queer kiss on the AMA's takes America to the red line.  The American hold-outs just aren't ready to accept the Sphere of Total Self Love into the light of day, and they aren't the only ones.  All government, religion and capital commererce depend upon the attenuation of arrested anal development, which is analog to enforced mortality with the supreme self as its subject.

And so it's 9/11 all over again, in the privy council courtroom.  Illegal imprisonment and torture. NIMBY.  The persecution of the aged, infirm, poor and the mentally ill (who, not too coincidentally, love tobacco).

Folks everywhere are ready to tear out their assholes.  It seems as if the shit is gonna get heavy, good people.  But don't worry, when it's time to burn... nothing is lighter than smoke.

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"Do you have any Tobacco?" and the Holy Moment

Kevin: Just wanted to shoot a link up here to a new video I mixed up this weekend, enJoy!

Do you have any Tobacco? from Kephera on Vimeo.

The recurrence of Boats, Canoes, Vessels and Chariots as symbolic of the Spiritual journey into the underworlds of other Dimensions of consciousness as well as out of body travel. Also the use of Tobacco plant used as a protectant in journeying into other dimensions or realities.

UPDATE: What are the odds that AFTER publishing this I would realize TWO 42s* on the side of the Waking Life underworld Boat upon reviewing the published version of my video, the Joy! Take a look at this unintentional Synch in this scene, where I was only Conscious of the Boat when Publishing.

Absolutely amazing to find another Underworld Layer to this beutiful Scene, the Boat to the Underworld in Tarot is represented by the Chariot Tarot Card which pictures a Golden Charioteer who looks alike a Crab hinting toward the Cards Zodiac Sign of Cancer, the Crab or Beetle which pushes the sun up from the Underworld. The Beetle can be Seen as a Scarab and a Lobster on the Moon Tarot Cards, the Moons home Sign is Cancer, the Crab/Lobster, and Aboard the 42 Underworld Boat there is a Lobster on the Dash next to the Charioteer.

Heres some stuff I didnt throw in the post originally but ill add context. Sleep or entering the Rabbit Hole/Stargate/Portal to the Dream/Underworld happens when the Moon rules over the Skies, The Moon who rules the sign of Cancer, represented by the Chariot Tarot card, and the Sun beginning its Southward movement into the Underworld where it Rises again from the Underworld on ChrisTmas. The Moon has been very big in POP lately, I do beleive this has to do with the merging of our Dream/Energy plane uniting with our Physical world in consciousness. The Moon can also be symbolic of our return to the Feminine, and the Flows of Waters which the Moon and Cancer + the Chariot (merkabah) Tarot card all have esoteric rulership of. The Boat/Chariot Ride archetype is SUPREMELY! Connected to the Chariot Tarot Card, the Merkabah or Body of Light or Chariot of God from he ancient Western traditions, and the Yellow Submarine as explored Previously is another dimension of the Golden Beatle Chariot as demonstrated here. This subject is huge, but I do beleive that it points toward our Soul/Energy bodies being the vessel of our Spirit throughout our Earthly and Astral movements.

Alice Bailey had said that the Age of Aquarius would bring an Astral Cleansing or Washing from the cup of life over the LIGHT BODIES of all men, vitalizing and also making all men understand the universality of Life which is in the water as well. We can see the Moon/Underworld/42/Rainbow Bridge/Jupiter-Heaven merging with our Earthly plane these days, and as that happens I would hope many of us are inspired to get in touch with our inner light bodies and our inner selves or Higher Selves. The Merkabah is exactly that, it is our Light body or the Self that we perceive ourselves as in our minds Eye. Mer-Means Body, Ka- Means Light and Ba- means Spirit. Mer is a word connected to Water, our bodies are 70% water, Ba is the physical earthly form of our Body, and the Ba is the Spirit that animates our light and physical bodies , to me Light is the Garment of Spirit. The Merkabah is an ancient term which can be seen described in Ezekiels vision called the Chariot of God with 4 angels guarding each Direction, those being the 4 Constellations and Stars that mark the 4 Corners of Space as marked by the Platonic Zodiac signs Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus, each being home to a different Element, type of wind, aspect of our Body/Mind and Nature and slew of other esoteric influences. But the Chariots connections to the Corners of Space to me symbolizes that wether we open or Close our eyes, we are perceiving the Universe, and thus organically one within its web of creation. I also heard recently that the Ancient Chinese astrologers also saw the Big Dipper or Cancer Constellation as what they called "The Chariot of the North" and was also connected to Passing on into the Afterlife/Underworld. Tobacco used to be gifted to those who were entering Physical or Astral Journies, in life and in death. Tobacco in numerous cultures is identified with the Fiery Masculine Planet of Force and Motion, We can even see the Red Sphere behind the figure on American SpiriTs.


Timely as the flow always is, MARS is where scientists beleive that BACTERIA from an ancient METEORITE in Antarctica is from. See Here .

I do really recommend reading into the Merkabah as well as the symbolism of the Moon as it seems being is tapping us on the shoulder with more and more hints at understanding these forms. Anywhoo, wanted to drop this stuff in here, More on the Merkabah here!

Anyone who appreciates the Synchromystic worldview would really really appreciate this Scene from Waking Life this time around, who would have known that this scene would carry such heavy potency in Me/Wes lives! Beutiful really beutiful movie!! This Scene is called the Holy Moment, it may as well be titled : SYNCH

Music in the video is "42" By ColdPlay, and "Buffalo Hologram" by Brightblack Morning Light. Also the Chant of the Heart Sutra.

Much love to all, peace in out and all around! :)

Ring of Power

Right on Frodo's Jupiter finger. 2010 is the finger and the year we put on our Ring of Power.
The space patch for the current Atlantis shuttle mission looks like the face of God to me. The Moon and Mars are the eyes. The shuttle is the nose (gnosis), the Earth is a Vesica Piscis mouth, and the three lines symbolize the energies converging at the the Third Eye of the G-star, 0r the top of the X-mas Tree.

Xmas is the season of JOY and Jupiter is the Jovial Planet. Santa is from Jupiter for sure. He live at the North Pole. I now know that in freemasonery North is the direction of Death. Santa comes from the land of the Dead. 

Old men with White Beards like Zeus, Gandalf and Santa Claus.

Zeus and Santa connect again around rings with the 5 Golden Rings of the song "the 12 days of Christmas" that resonate the 5 rings of Zeus's Olympics.

Did anyone notice the mention of B.C. (British Columbia) 2010 in the film 2012? It was there. It was mentioned in passing as the place and time that a preparation document for a 2012 emergency was written.

Interesting how Jupiter itself has rings and a halo around it. Something that we did not realize until not too long ago. 

The relationship between the Moon and Jupiter is becoming more prevalent. Not only is it the stepping stone in the 2001/2010 movies for getting to Jupiter and realizing cosmic consciousness, but it is also what gives light to Santa so he can spread his Joy late on Xmas Eve.

All this stuff entrains with the recent Jupiter 24 Project led by NASA to monitor Jupiter for 24 hours straight. This picture below is of the team of scientists conducting the project. Notice how one of them is wearing a sweater with a Man on the Moon on it. 

Now the ring thing also leads us to Telephones and Bells. The telephone being invented by Alexander Bell kind of tells us they lead to the same thing.  If 2010 is the year of the Ring that fits nicely with it being the Year We Make Contact. It is the year we get through on our "phone". We phone home and everything changes. We also dial phones usually with our Jupiter Finger. Same finger that Frodo wears his Ring of Power (at least in the film).

Lord of the Ring. Lord of the Phone Call. Lord of Contact. Lord of Ayahuasca.

The Atlantis shuttle flight is slated to land this Friday November 27th. This day just so happens to be the Day of the Miraculous Medal. A Catholic holy day in honour of a woman who received visions of Mary, Mother of Jesus. In the vision she saw Mary wearing rings that emitted light that symbolized the Grace she gives out to those with faith. November 27th seems to be a day resonating the Ring of Power.

That day also happens to be the day of the Manitoba Touchdown party for the Canadian Football League's Grey Cup. A logo for Manitoba Touchdown is not only Blue and Gold, the colors of the Robe of Enlightenment and Mary, but also the logo is inside a Golden Ring. 

What does it mean?

Nothing. Its just a beautiful weird mysterious sync.