Friday, March 25, 2011

Star Core

I will admit obsession. Or at least admit to the understanding of why one would think that I am. Obsessed I mean. The purpose of sync is not to tell the future. But it does. Well sorta. Mainly it just shows that there is no difference between "the future" and now. That they're are connected. That it doesn't matter when you view a movie it always has to do, that is to say it always relates to with what is happening now, and what will happen after that. No matter when the movie was made, you always watch it now.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal's career starts with the occult classic Donnie Darko. In which a boy is told of future events and eventually changes the inevitable.
Donnie discovers a book that tells him deep metaphysical truths that totally obliterate the mundane surroundings of "Donnie"'s environment. Instructions like a freemasonic handbook from the past to control the future. He focuses an intent that originates from the center of his being. I dont know how else to say it. He actually sees his next destination/destiny flow from out in front of him starting from his solar plexus. Solar Plexus; The part of the abdomen including the stomach and celiac plexus that is particularly vulnerable to the effects of a blow to the body wall in front of it—not used technically
The Sun lies at the middle of the tree shown yellow above and is considered the Christ sphere. It's the middle of the human body and connects to all the surrounding positions. Every man and woman a star.

This is not new. But there are modern explanation's. Although this is not an advertisement just a recapping as above, I would mention Eckhart Tolle. He stresses the need to focus on the center of ones body. Forcing your attention on what is happening to it and what it's feeling in that exact moment. Becoming one with Now. As he would say. Turning off your thoughts of the past. Focusing not on what you expect in the future.
Attention again on the ability to "Defy the Future". Ornamentation on the center of his being.The loss of the Sun's/Solar warmth in the future.

The tag line of another early in Gyllenhaal's career returns to an obscure reference to the relationship between past and future. A boy who could see the future. A father stuck in the past. The coming of winter. The old to new.


Reactors/Starcore inspired work.

And of course now you must watch Will's 2008 video Plant Konsciousness. Click here to watch it.

Sync is a window on the fusion behind the birth of a star.

Angelina (ANGEL/ANGLE Theme) Jolie holds the snake and looks at her son Alexander the Great holding a snake. She tells him: "Her skin is water, her tongue is fire." I like how this echoes the process described above with the ice/water thawing via heat/fire associated with the serpent/rod.

The releasing/transition or fusion of Self Realization.
Even more fitting is that this is Oliver Stone's Alexander and Jolie is married to Val "Iceman" Kilmer our sync Moses with the Rod/Serpent.
In The Saint, which I am watching right now, the Iceman must disguise himself and get the "Cold Fusion" plans from Elizabeth Shue. He watches the beautiful & enthusiastic scientist while starting to develop further, more personal ambitions as she says: "When we ignite that cold fusion fire.."
She shows us the device that achieves the alchemy..
The Rod.
In Willow we see Val's Star Title hit snow, couldn't be more perfect.
At one point Iceman is sledding and falls off, tumbling down the hill.
He becomes a giant snow bale, the physics of which I remember questioning even as a tiny boy, when this was one of my favorite films.
Now it makes total sense and feels oh so correct.


In this poster below for Real Genius starring Val Kilmer we see the letter G highlighted by the atomic symbol. G is the 7th letter of the alphabet. In this poster Kilmer is electrified and his hair is lit. He has gone nuclear, or in other words he's reached the G/7th level.

In this diagram below we see the 7th Chakra as an activated antenna with the pure source. The light is white like snow and ice. (The Plantenna tuning into Channel 42)

Is 7 the level that melts the Iceman?

7/G is also the number of the International Atomic Agency's scale for measuring the severity of a nuclear accident. This would also be known as a MELTDOWN.

After the ICEMAN THAW's then WHAT?


And then peace.


Made this video in honor of Julia Stiles Birthday, today 28 March.

Like this comment on youtube by Maat922
So two sex-symbol guys, both from Australia, singing the same song to two women from America, both named Julia, both in the middle of their athletic excercise? Will this never end??

I didn't realize the Australia or exercise thing until reading that, cool.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Super H

Thursday 10 March's The Mentalist with Robin Tunney saw much mention of radiation. The next day an 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake hits Japan causing radiation leaks and potential meltdowns at nuclear power stations.
11 March 2011 also saw the release of disaster alien invasion film Battle: Los Angeles starring Aaron Eckhart who has been seen in a similar planet wide catastrophe movie The Core.
Eckhart's 43rd Birthday is today, 12 March, meaning his last day of being 42 was yesterday when the Earthquake/Tsunami struck & Battle: LA was released.
In Battle: LA the aliens arrive as meteors striking the oceans just off the coastline of major cities, causing panic and sea side evacuations around the world echoing vividly the Tsunami situation in Japan.
The very first bit of dialogue in the film, as the torch bearing Columbia is still filling our screens, mentions the meteors hitting off the coast of Tokyo.
Above we see the ticker read "Coast of Japan".
The aliens march out of the waves up unto the beaches of the world.
The previous Star whose Birthday fell on a weekend seeing the opening of one of their films was Jennifer Aniston who shares the screen with Aaron in Love Happens.

The date was 11 February (2/11 or 2K) and Jennifer turned 42 on this day, right as her film Just Go With it opened in theaters.
Just Go With It perfectly entrained, Happy Birthday appearing above Jennifer's head.
The alignment here, on Feb 11, a star having a Birthday on the same weekend as a film release they also appear in, saw the liberation of Egypt. Amazing symmetry can then be seen between the next time this happens with Aaron Eckhart being 42 for the last day, exactly one month later on 11 March & the Tsunami/Earthquake in Japan.

See Bad Exodus for more on Aniston's and the sync web surrounding the 11 Feb Egypt event.
On the 10th I was researching the Kurt Russell Elvis connection for a collaboration project with Jim Sanders.
In "It happened at the World's Fair" Elvis is at the 62 World's Fair in Seattle and he pays a very young Kurt Russell to kick him in the shin. It's interesting to note that the Seattle Space Needle was built for this fair or the "Century 21 Exposition" and Elvis spends some time atop the iconic spire.
Kurt happily obliges but observes that "Adults, they're all nuts"
The King is a bit of a wolf and ladies man, conning his way into the arms of a nurse he fancies.
His deception is unmasked when running into boy Russell again later that day who repeats that Elvis is a nut.
Russell would go on to play Elvis in a 1979 John Carpenter Biopic, voice The King in Forrest Gump and impersonate him in 3000 Miles To Graceland.

While reading tweets about TSUNAMI the next day the letters rearrange in my minds eye and I say to myself "I AM NUTS". Then immediately sheepishly looking around as I was in a room with a bunch of people who might be alarmed by such a spontaneous realization.

We are becoming self aware and the process of moving beyond mind and form feels like I AM NUTS expressing itself physically as TSUNAMI.

Today, 13 March, sees the Star Birthdays William H. Macy & Emile HirscH. Love how both these Pisces highlight the H.
Pisces is an H the 8th letter of the alphabet. Pisces is the Fish, a water sign and entrains with H20.
Jim Sander's image shows us How 8=H=Ladder or film reel.
11 March saw the release of the Super 8 film poster next to Snow or frozen water.
Emile HirscH sits atop the 142 (a Jupiter set) bus (sub) and IMDb (I'm 42) says he is also know for The Girl Next Door. This Door is Red.
March 11 was the Birthday of Thora Birch most famous as the daughter of Kevin Spacey who lives in the house with The Red Door in American Beauty.

We see Leslie Nielson as Santa hang upside down directly below American Beauty & Alaska on All I Want For Christmas.

Nielson shares Jennifer Aniston's 11 Feb (& Egypt's Liberation) Birthday, again a nice arch between 11 Feb and 11 March, the day of the Quake/TSUNAMI.
If we look at this image form the 11 March released Battle LA again we read "Santa Monica" as well as "Coast of Japan".
Monica is the name of Friends Star (alongside Jennifer Aniston) Courteney Cox. This stuck out for me as I had been watching Friends before The Mentalist on March 10 and had seen Courteney twice earlier this week. First Cox appeared in 3000 Miles to Graceland as the love interests of Elvis impersonating Kurt Russell and second on the poster below noticed on Aidan Quinn's Birthday, March 8/H.
Cox is wearing Red and walking between the parted "TSUNAMI" waves of of the Red Sea.

The Red Sea drama associates to Moses and his bother Aaron echoing Aaron Eckhart and his 12 March Birthday, the day after TSUNAMI on the last day he was 42.
Here is Cox in 3000 Miles expressing her admiration for Pharaoh, who would have drowned in the crashing TSUNAMI waves of the parted Red Sea.

We start to see here how the Exodus theme of the 11 Feb fits snug into the TSUNAMI/Quake of 11 March.
Cox's November poster, right beside 3000, also magically entrains as we see the H film ladder and the numbers 11/7.
11/7 is a base verses height unit of the Great Pyramid and half Pi.
The Manitoba Legislative Building (Leg) is inspired by Solomon's Temple & built by Masons. Biblically the Ark of the Covenant would have been constructed by Moses - via direct instruction from God atop the Mountain - during the Exodus after passing through The Red Sea.
Esoteric interpretations of the Exodus see Moses as a possible Pharaoh himself and a potential candidate would be Thutmosis III seen here atop the Leg.

Mountains and pyramids sync and we could say Moses was atop a pyramid when talking to God.

(Author Ralph Ellis got me thinking along these lines. Whatever the reality or facts of the matter Moses clearly associates and resonates with Pharaoh.)
The Great Pyramid is thought of as having been originally about 480 ft.
Jim Sanders heard from Frank Albo about glass slides that might have belonged to modern Tarot deck designer and famed occultist Arthur Edward Waite.

When we investigated we saw this one above, showing 2 Legs as equaling the height of the Great Pyramid.
As the Leg is 242 ft this is indeed the case. 240 is half the Great Pyramid's 480.
The Leg is a great big H echoing Pisces, Hydrogen and 8.
Oso Blanco y Pachamama

The White Bear atop the Mountain/Pyramid cupping his hands for the downpour/law from the Stars. Shaman Juan Flores told a @ about this image after key ceremony who then got @ to make it.

The White Bear resonates Moses.
Here is 11 March Birthday girl Thora Birch's Alaska poster. We saw it next to American Beauty (the house with the Red Door) earlier. The White Bear is present as is the Star Title for Charlton Heston below the KA of Alaska. Heston is most famous as Moses in The Ten Commandments where he parts the Red Sea and brakes the Slates or Tablets.
Jim's images above and below show how Val Kilmer is Moses and shows him interacting with the White Bear.
The Red Sea can become the Red See, Red C or Seeing Red.
The flag of Japan is a big Red Eye thus Red See.

More soon, flux willing.



On Thursday 11th March the earthquake hit Japan and on the very same day released these three new movie posters:

If we look at the first poster for Sympathy for Delicious we find a subtle reference to the Japanese Red Spot/Red See:
If we look at the other two posters released on that fateful day we find references to Fire (on Japanese movie 13 Assassins) and the Ring (on When Harry tries to Marry).

The Ring of Fire had a lot to do with the 11th March quake.

Back in January I wrote about the number 88 and the Ring of Fire in a post called Acceler8 then Activ8 with a Shoe Sync Kick.

In that post I noted that the 88 (HH) is associated with the radioactive chemical element Radium.

Jake pointed out that TSUNAMI can become I AM NUTS.

I find this interesting considering O-Ren Ishii (a character with obvious Eastern connections) is leader of the Crazy 88s.

Lately I've been working my way through The Dark Tower series of novels written by Stephen King. I recently started book 3 which is entitled The Waste Lands.

Round about the time the earthquake struck Japan I begun reading a new chapter of the book called Key and Rose. It begins with a character named Jake who is gradually going crazy.

Jake is aware that his ship is synking and he might end up inside a nut-HatcH.

I like how I'm reading about a kid named Jake going nuts in a Stephen King book while at the same time Jake blogs about a kid who calls The King nuts.

Absolute fruit loops.

The Jake/King connection got a little stranger when I noticed a reference to The King on this Red Spot frisby I bought my dog Jake just the other week.

On this Elvis poster (that Jake highlighted earlier) we find a subtle reference to KKong via the Tower and biplane.

Maybe I'm going nuts but to me the Tower ^ looks kinda like a frisby shaped UFO which is firing a beam directly into the Red Spot.


The red eye of the Japanese flag is the eye of the rabbit/Hare.

Uprisings -2003
Above, LA based artists, kozyndan bust up Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa":

Interestingly, kozyndan's bio page states that
Kozyndan are Los Angeles based mad scientists. They are working on a secret formula for controlled nuclear fusion, and are creating a line of edible chickens.
Both works depict Mount(Pyramid) Fuji - Japan's tallest peak - snow capped. kozyndan's piece is titled "Uprisings", echoing the protests that are taking place around the world. It was created originally as the cover for an issue of Giant Robot Magazine.

Upon building this little addition I see that Dan of kozyndan had a piece in an exhibition called "Year of the Rabbit" that ran from Feb 5th to March 2nd that flows well...

Rising Tide
Earlier today I caught Jim & Jake's sync walk vid on Jim's youtube channel. It it's pretty awesome in and of itself.

It's interesting to note that at about 0:21 into the video, Jim points with his Jupiter finger at a red vesica piscis/pisces/fish symbol printed below a bold "POLAR ICE" title on some discarded paper:

Vesica bunny
This reminds me of a Sony commercial from a while back that features stop-motion animation rabbits that form a wave that closely resembles the two pieces of art featured by me above. It gets a bit fishy after the wave crashes and at 0:58 a red fish appears that morphs into a red rabbit.

I guess I could have felt just a little bit nuts when I realised that Mick Jagger links up the Super-H of the Manitoba Legislative Building to this fish-bunny fiasco. In the commercial above, The Rolling Stones rock out "She's a Rainbow" (Recorded in 1967). As I noted in BAD Exodus, Mick "Slater" Jagger performed a tribute to King Solomon Burke 2/13/2011 at the Grammy's.


Sync vid showing entrainment between 3/11/11 release of Battle LA & the Japan Earthquake Tsunami the same day.

We saw this Hexagonal Radiation Badge in "The Mentalist S3 E17 Bloodstream" clips from 10 March in the vid that opened this post. It belongs to the murdered Dr. Newton.

Tomorrow is 3/17, Kurt Russell's Birthday and the day the Messenger Spacecraft becomes the first man made object to enter orbit around Mercury.
Tunney asks another Doc why the Hospital Radiation Badge of the victim could have been showing higher then normal levels of radiation.
She explains that they use substances "like caesium-137" at the hospital.
Wikipedia says "Caesium-137 is a radioactive isotope of caesium which is formed mainly as a fission product by nuclear fission."
Later we learn this same doctor has been stealing and selling this stuff from the hospital.
I read New Scientist article Japan's nuclear crisis: The story so far
It speaks of Caesium-137 being released by REACTORS in Nuclear Power Plants damaged in the quake and TSUNAMI.
Explosions are noted caused by Hydrogen (H/8) build up.
REACTORS have a Core containing Rods.
Fascinating that Biblical Aaron in the bible is noted for his magical rod that becomes a snake & causes the first 3 plagues while Star Aaron travels into The Core.

The Plant Rod Melting Down is a physical expression of the awakening spiritual snake inside of us and the creation of a Star on Earth. The heavens and earth are merging. This is the White bear/Moses atop the mountain, bridge between divinity and the mundane, now merging.

Jim notes that REACTORS is STARCORE which makes sense as both involve atoms undergoing change. Actually there is beautiful symmetry here as REACTORS make energy through fission (nuclei of atom splitting) and a Star via fusion (nuclei of atom joining).
Robin Tunney does a voice with Seth Green in Robot Chicken episode "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie" where they spoof the opening of the Ark in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

One would sacrifice animals on the altar of the Pyramid or Temple thus the Slaughterhouse.

The Ark is a Cube/Box and echoes Tunney's Hexagonal radiation Badge.
See DB's Treasure Chest

This was covered in last years StarMummy 2 and we can now note more entrainment as Seth Green's Mars Needs Moms involves Space & Mom, clearly echoing the StarMom. Mars Need Moms also opened on 11 March. The StarMummy gives birth to the Son/Christ or Self Realized Consciousness of Earth.

The process of planetary awakening takes the form of the dramas and rituals we collectively associate to such matters. Some associate spiritual & religious narratives to the "event" (or end of all events) while other temperaments require more material realities associating with things cosmic or scientific. Most of us, like me, have a hodge-podge of realities jostling. These all are now interpenetrating and creating the collective planetary psychodrama that will fulfill whatever criteria we need to allow ourselves to accept the new dimension of consciousness flooding into us.

Jim: This past weekend with my family I visited the Peace Gardens in Turtle Mountain on the border of the USA & Canada. We where the only one's there. When I got to the Peace Tower I realized it was a huge Super H. Actually 2 Super H's that straddle the borders.

Here is a little video I made of coming to this realization.