Saturday, May 9, 2009

RElapse... & REmixed 2 the Max

I noticed last night an ad before the Star Trek movie for the new soon-to-be-released EMINEM album.

It is called RELAPSE. (lapse of RE.)

The logo has the R of RELAPSE as the Rx symbol for pharmaceuticals, something Marshall Mathers has had a hard time with due to addiction.

I know Jake and others have previously connected EMINEM with what is known as the 3WE Spinner concept. Check that thread of consciousness here or here.

What I find interesting is that the Rx symbol has been said to originate from the alchemical symbol for JUPITER...

... and the Egyptian symbol for the EYE of HORUS.

A way of looking at this sync is that we are in the time of a RE lapse, or a lapse of RE. (RE being the Sun God - the giver of Life)

Time for a new cycle of RE, or a new RAY to shine forth.

It is time to RENEW or discover the New RE.

EMINEM is a huge attractor for the sync whole experience. The picture above has him with an aura of Michael Jordan symbols. Which leads us to the whole 23 stream of sync wholeness.

As I was diving into Hip Hop syncs I also found this cover for DJ Envy's mixtape series called PURPLE CODEINE.



Not only does this pic have purple syncs, but also 23 syncs and a nice ZEUS/JUPITER/42 sync with the lightening bolt.

Purple Codeine.

Purple Rx.

Purple Medicine administered by the King of the Planets.

Peace to your motha'


~Kidder~ Hexagons, pentagrams, 32, smiley face, EVERYTHING is in there...check it with the mute checked..Just kidding

Jimbo: Also note that D is the 4th letter of the Alphabet. So D12 is 412.
All three numbers being found in the alchemical symbol for Jupiter.

We saw RE as a central element in the MasterCard Logo and its Vesica Piscis - the Holy of Holies - in post RE of Light.
The "Universal" pictures logo echoes MasterCard.
Again we see ER/RE as a central element, this in the context of a RAdiating sphere, no less.
The Universal Rays of Hope surrounding ER/RE and the planET, the Earth and Heart.
Another RE logo spotted today. This one, Re/Max, using the dirigible that takes us over the rainbow to the land of OZ..


  1. MM is C-Ing/Seeing Red with a face made of red pills.
    He is parting the Red Sea with the pill that opens that StarG8.

  2. He is also PARTYing the RED C's.

  3. Purple G8or-aid, Kool-Aid, 11-aid, first aid, ER stat!

  4. You know when I was a first year university student I went away and was in dorm. I had a keg party one night and made a vat of what we called PURPLE JESUS. It was super high percentage of alcohol and purple kool aid. I drank a bunch of it and puked all night, staining much of the rugs. Needless to say I got in trouble.

  5. Last night I was thinking about having a wine party. I visualized Mixing cheap red wine with grape juice and carbonated water. I was thinking I bet anyone could drink that mixture. But easy drinking leads to bad things. I can't help but think of those old cartoons that Disney put out where all the mythical creatures(half man half horse things) Sit around and getting wasted. Then Zeus freaks and drops the lightning bolts. Its crazy how this stuff mutates.

  6. Eminem's first single from Relapse, "We Made You", features him rocking a Jordan23 logo on his shoulder during the Guitar Hero sequences, throwing up the much mentioned Vulcan V-W sign as Spock and even playing the RAINman Hoffman.

    Damn. I just had an AHA moment while typing... Eminem (The Way I AM) combines Spock and Sylar in this video by mocking Norman Bates (MoM alter-Ego) from Psycho while throwing up the V. Silliness.

    He's even standing in front of a red V and the logo for The Way I AM in the Jumpman picture above!

  7. Similar to what Toure mentioned, in the Eminem+MJ pic, there are two red Vs. VV (In portuguese and spanish "W" is called "Double V"). More like "I am the way".


    Ah, puking on rugs... Fond memories. Mine was pink from a Martini. :)

    I just drank some kool aid for the first time in a while earlier today..

    "Nort" is Tron backwards.

  8. Toure! Awesome! Tommy! Awesome!

    Looks like you two are today's double "T"

  9. Thanks Jon. Double the fun.

    Related to the new post by Jake, the "we-iz-mm" could also be "we-iz-me". I had intended for the "mm" to have aquarian meaning (or maybe m&m himself) but I'm sure some would see it as "master mason", since Jake has brought up secret societies and fraternal orders. Spinners making my head spin...

  10. Considering the Mastercard logo and the jumpman b-ball syncs, the new NBA Cares logo seems pretty significant...