Friday, July 31, 2009

Yellow FloWers (I read it for the articles before I commit suicide)

"Curse Of The Golden Flower" 2006
"Everything Is Illuminated" 2005
"Big Fish" 2001
"The Sound OF Music" 1965

(Note the presence of Blue in all examples above)

Like 60 seconds after posting the above a ran into these Citronella Tealights, so it goes.
Manipura: The Solar Plexus or Third Chakra being also a 1o petaled yellow lotus flower.

Richard: I found a few examples of the Yellow Flower back in March/April so I'm glad they can now be of use.

Notice above that the Peacock Eye is Blue.
We saw the Blue Eyes earlier:

Soundgarden lead singer started the band Temple of the Dog:

Thanks to Trish and Rob for pointing out this book:

"In the...bodily existence of the individual...are...two... polarities, a p'o soul (or anima) and a hun soul (animus). All during the life of the individual these two are in conflict, each striving for mastery. At death they separate and go different ways. The anima sinks to earth as kuei, a ghost-being. The animus rises and becomes shen, a spirit or god."
[Richard Wilhelm and C. G. Jung, The Secret of the Golden Flower, (1962), p.64]

"I Can Do Bad All By Myself" 2009

Still been seeing yellow floWers in my environment and all the media I've been exposed to. Above is another new film with the yellow rose..

I head over to Dianne's this afternoon to look in on her cat, Dr. Spaceman (named after the character from "30 Rock") while she and her boyfriend are out for the long weekend.

The Key, featuring the sunflower, is left for me under the pot of plant consciousness.

See more about pots at the new Blob post Pots and Pans
At one point I notice I am wearing yellow flowers on my Hawaiian shirt.

I notice their oversize - one struggles to lift the dam thing - Playboy (White Rabbit 2011 via Chinese Astrology) book with all the centerfolds from the 50's to present.
Doing my synchromystic duty I page through it, stopping to note just who poses for the month of September 2001.
It just so happens to be playmate of the year Dalene Kurtis sporting embroidered yellow floWers above her Red Spotted breasts.

Watching Sofia Coppolla's "The Virgin Suicides".
It's awesome to see a powerful female director in action..
We see the yellow S's are Blue Worm shaped.

Below James Woods is in frame with the yellow floWers.
Kirsten Dunst is Lux.
She picks the leaves, one by one, off of a yellow floWer.
("He loves me, he loves me not".)
Lux is light which easily resonates the Sun. Many of these yellow floWers syncs seem to be pointing at the Sun.
Later Woods, a math teacher, is drawing vesica's on the black board talking about the laws of intersection and union as a model of the solar system, including a big yellow sun, hangs above.
Meanwhile the camera cuts to his daughters outside holding yellow floWers.
Screen time moves ahead and we see Woods again under the yellow sun..
And one more time in shot with the yellow floWer.

Worth taking note that we have seen Elijha Wood and James Woods both plant themed last names entraining with yellow floWers.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Try on TRON II Trailer

Is anyone feeling this?

I'm eager to see Tron 2.0 but the release date of 2011 seems a long way off. The movie that has me amped at the moment is (JC) Jim Camerons Avatar which features the Golden-eyed 'Blue One':

In the movie we're going to see these aliens which have distinctive Blue markings on their body:

Is it just me or do the markings above remind you of the markings on the original Tron jumpsuits?

The new JC movie takes place on the planet of PANdora and the Avatars which the movie is named after are alien/human hybrids who have had their DNA (or PAN) manipulated - a merging of human and ET KKonsciousness.

Looking forward to them both. Peace all.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tinkertown & Alcatraz & Pelicans

I am super busy with a whirlwind visit by Maestro Juan Flores, but I feel compelled to connect with my synchromystic friends at this time. So I a going to post a few photos of the visit and leave it at that for now. I will touch base more in a couple weeks when they are gone and I can begin to integrate this experience better.

Below we have Maestro Flores sporting my friend Andre's sunglasses. He is clearly seeing red. He has adopted these glasses for much of his trip. I think they help people out because I know his eyes can be too much for some people.

He is also framed by some striped room separating curtain. This reminds me of the King Tut coffin that is so famous. Remember stripes equal spirit.

Below is a picture taken right after Jake's first synchromystic workshop. An act I believe was finally made possible in such a setting that was created by some serious work with ceremony and plants. Just after I discussed the theory of Purple Jesus did one of the participants point out that the three of us in discussion were wearing T-shirts that matched exactly what we where talking about.

Blue and Red equals Purple.

Above is an morning after picture of one our ceremonies. One of Maestro's students, Juan from
Aregntina, is seen sleeping amongts a plethora of stripes and crosses. Spirit is strong still in the wake of a ceremony.

In the picture below we have Maestro at Tie Creek, or Manito Ahbee. This is Genesis point. The point of Creation where the first beings were born. I am sure of this. Juan is seen below wearing his traditional Ashanincan robe which is inspired by the Rainbow.

He has told me recently that there is now a Rainbow between Peru and Manitoba. I believe it.

Notice in the picture below the blue orbs floating in between the two people on the left of the picture. This is mid ceremony at Tie Creek.

Below is a picture of where we took out daughters this monday. Tinkertown.
Makes me think of Tinkerbell and Jupiter (Tin).


At one point during the first ceremony Jim told me about taking his and Juan's daughter to Tinkertown.

I said this was weird as I had just thought about Tinkerbell because of Julia Roberts.

We both agreed that we had come up with thoughts about Tin (Tinkertown and Tinkerbell) about 5 minutes before talking to each other about the subject.

We had been talking about Pelican syncs all that week and the only cinematic connect I could make was "The Pelican Brief".
I distinctly remember watching this film in theaters on my Birthday after school one day.
Julia Roberts reminded me of Tinkerbell as she plays this character in "Hook". This is why I was thinking about Tinkerbell after thinking about Julia Roberts in "The Pelican Brief".

I saw these videos the next day, displayed exactly like this, at the video rack of the retreat center me and Jim were attending.
We note a Red C in "Ace Ventura" and the word Tin in "Tin Cup" all surrounding Julia Roberts in "My Best Friends Wedding".

We will leave Sandra Bullock out of this... for NOW.
So, right NOW I sat down to watch Lee Marvin in "Point Blank" which starts in Alcatraz Island Prison a.k.a The Rock.
I quickly pulled up wiki on Alcatraz only to have my mind blown...

The first Spaniard to discover the island was Juan Manuel de Ayala in 1775, who charted San Francisco Bay and named the island "La Isla de los Alcatraces," which translates as "The Island of the Pelicans,"[1][2][3][4][5][6] from the archaic Spanish alcatraz, "pelican", a word which was borrowed originally from Arabic: القطرس al-qaṭrās, meaning sea eagle.[7]

Juan discovers Alcatraz, Pelican, The Rock or C Eagle!


Ok really weird I don't know if this will carry over to someone else, but I have been thinking about Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Juliet Roberts, Natalie Portman, and Ed Harris today... All really for different reasons that aren't important. However, I was kinda editing finished post in my head and wondering how to really go about my next projects when i realized I left something out of my last post.... I was talking about Highlander and remembering when Richard told me about it and how I had left out the part about Connery being called the Spaniard in the movie. I meant to go back and watch the part where he says his long ass name, but had forgotten. So I was just going to say Spaniard and then forgot that as well. This picture had been on my mind because of it.Like the weed head I am I had forgotten it as well... It shows the death of the Spaniard. Lightning in the back ground Spiral Staircase and he is beheaded.

My mental tower fell when I had read this post.... Completely unexpected.

Lee Marvin escaping betrayal and near death at Alctaraz/Pelican, "Filmed in PANavision" (Pan/Whole/OZ/77).
Lee with the word Big John (resonating Little Jon and Jon Kidd) hitting one side of his head, a blue car (as seen in Richard's new post) sync kisses the other.
He heads over for revenge at the Huntley House nr 1111.
Huntley House HH (the joined pair of 1111) is the Gate of Spain. Some Blue Worm type ornamentation is present on the railing.
He stairs at the HH Gate Of Spain at 1111 while the steering wheel forms a Red C and a Palm reflects.
Entering subversively under cover of dark a black arrow, pointer of the cosmic and spiritual center, highlights the angry Star.
Another while standing in a red rimmed doorway. A blue car looks on.
Richard gets his own sync wink as a smiley face tag literally winks over the red letters containing a C.

Richard: :D
If that last image wasn't an invite to add a few more syncs to this post, then I don't know what is!!!
I was intrigued by the appearance of the Pelican so thought I'd follow the path to see what I could find. My only Pelican lead came in the form of Nigel from the movie Finding Nemo:
We see Nigel flying past the bridge as he carries the Blue/Gold fish to safety. Notice that he is in the land of Oz as he does so. Actor Geoffrey Rush played the role of Nigel the Pelican and he's also been the sea-loving pirate Barbossa in the PotC movies. Notice that resurrected scoundrel holds the Caduceus/Vine/Spine as his Moon Moonkey (Thoth?) looks on:

Barbossa is a (PP) Pelican Pirate!

Geoffrey Rush has also played the role of a character called Angel in the movie $9.99 (or $6.66). Again we find the Caduceus in close proximity to Rush, this time in the form of the dollar symbol, and we find him connected once again to the Pelican Wings, or Angel Wings:
In this loaded image notice the flying Pink Pig, a reference to the Meaning of Life aka 42, the Red Spot/Ball and the Gold/Blue Cars:

Not bad considering this all started with one simple image of Nigel the Pelican!
Last Sunday afternoon I entered the sitting room to find my partner sprawled out on the couch watching The Bird Man of Alcatraz. I hadn't seen this movie since I was a child so I sat down to watch a minute or two for old times sake. The scene was painfully slow so I left to do something else. I wouldn't have thought twice about my brief encounter with the Bird Man if it hadn't been for Jake mentioning the Pelican/Alcatraz connection.

This then reminded me of the actor Anthony Hopkins who I'd seen as a Bird Man in the intro of the movie Hannibal:

Hannibal Lecter is a character whose all too familiar with the inside of a prison cell, just like the Birdman of Alcatraz. I've been seeing the Prison appear in more and more movies which seem to be involved in my own research, and I keep coming back to the idea that we're currently in a phase of incubation. We're trapped inside the Chrysallis (like the Birdman of Alcatraz) until we're ready emerge. Maybe this is why the Butterfly is such a key image in the Silence of the Lambs movie. It's all about our transitition and right now we have no idea what awaits us on the otherside.

If we look at the Hannibal book cover we see this transformation taking place inside the belly of the Feathered-Serpent known as Quetzalcoatl:
In Mayan art Quetzalcoatl was sometimes seen devouring the human head first:

Carved in stone on ancient Pyramids devoted to the Mayan Sun God we also find the head emerging from the serpent mouth, like a child being delivered or the Butterfly breaching the coccoon:
On the logo for the Car (or arC) manufacturer Alfa Romeo we find Quetzalcoatl wearing the Crown of the Sun King which radiates as his human host is REborn on the Cross:
After going off on this tangent I looked back at the Finding Nemo poster and thought, I'll be damned, as I noticed the exact same thing taking place. The Gold and Blue Fish are being REborn, sailing through the skies of Oz, as they emerge from the mouth of the Pelican:

If we are currently inside this hypothetical prison, or chrysallis or egg, or whatever, then things only appear dark because we're not seeing the bigger picture. If we could zoom out then we'd find that everything is in order. We're being 'kept in the dark' because we're still growing inside the warm walls of our prison, or cosmic womb. It's not time to be released from confinement...yet.

Jake mentioned earlier that Alcatraz translates as Pelican:

'The first Spaniard to discover the island was Juan Manuel de Ayala in 1775, who charted San Francisco Bay and named the island "La Isla de los Alcatraces," which translates as "The Island of the Pelicans,"from the archaic Spanish alcatraz, "pelican", a word which was borrowed originally from Arabic: القطرس al-qaṭrās, meaning sea eagle.'

The Pelican/Alcatraz/Sea Eagle connection reminded me a giant mythical bird called the Roc:

The Rock resonates with the prison movie starring Nic Cage (also a prisoner in Con Air) and Sean Connery (The Spaniard from the The Highlander movies). Both of these escape artists die inside The Rock before being resurrected, or REborn, at the end of the movie:

The Spaniard seems to represent someone who has learned that we must first become the Birdman before we can escape. Like Quetzalcoatl we need to become a Plumed-Serpent before we can glimpse the Highlands, or the Higher Dimensions, which await us outside of our prison-like coccoon. The Birdman seems to have no trouble escaping from the Cage.

Here we see Connor MacLeod, the Peter Pan-like immortal, looking through the bars at his own reflection:

The bars forming the numbers 11:11 across the face of The Highlander & Lion brought to mind this old sync I looked at back in February. I found the cracked Rock/Roc (the open prison?) linked to the numbers 11:11 (mentioned earlier by Jake) on the top of my bins:

While looking for an image of the Roc, the giant Sea Eagle/Pelican, I found the same thing in this huge Roc Egg which has been cracked open:

Here's some final thoughts. In the movie The Highlander we see the Kurgan driving like a maniac as the numbers 77, resonating Pan/Oz, flash onto the screen:

We then see the Kurgan being flanked by a pair of lorries as 77/Pan/Oz flashes into view once again:

The Oz/77 resonating Kurgen (played by actor Clancy Brown) also appears on this poster for the movie Pathfinder. His horned helm has particular resonance with Pan:

The Path out of Pans Labyrinth/Prison has been here all along. I think we just need to switch on the PANavision in order to C it.
Leo holding the flame of illumination on the poster for Scorsese's (one of my personal fave directors) upcoming "Shutter Island". This prison Island (EYEland/SELFland) resonates Alcatraz.
The U (a tilted C) of Shutter and C of October give us Twin Red C's.
Cosmic Consciousness.
Compare with JC holding the flame in the double Red C'd "A Christmas Carrol".