Monday, May 18, 2009

Björn to be Blue

Had to let you guys know about Björns new Blog: Blue God Star

You'll have to read the post yourself but here's one or two images which tie in nicely with all the Blue stuff hurtling around The Sync Whole. Björn had a dream about 'the Blue One' and drew a sketch of him (below right). 3 years later he picked up a copy of Superman and found a nearly identical image on the front cover:

Inside this issue he finds 'the Blue One' from his dream in the form of Jor-El, Supermans father (below right). When I saw the image of Jor-El I was instantly reminded of another bald 'Blue One' in the form of Dr. Manhattan:

Earthstar left a comment on my BDS Blog asking me if I had heard of the Blue Androgene (which I hadn't). A quick Google search of the 'Blue Androgene' revealed this image of a God-like figure (DNA Gene-ie?) standing/floating in a field while he overlooks the evolution of Man-kind:

Go check out the full story.


  1. Thanks so much Richard and all you guys for the tremendous cheers, feedback and is a big relief for me so have you here as the last 18 years I tried to cope alone with this blue thing situation and the meeting again with him via Superman teached me that reality is not what school teaches us to be...indeed this was a big motor for my decisions in life and to look out for more behind the sync curtain, in fact my philosophy thesis was about Philip.K.Dick and Whitehead space and time constellation just a try to do away with all these thoughts and things when I thought about the apollo 13 and that I also heard an urgent call to see it at the dvd store last time and right at this moment my son says to me: "I am not a man from the moon"(sic)...i will try to come back with some response to your wonderful input here or to my blog (horns and Christkon...) soon! thanks so much!

  2. interesting "blue" post check mine @ The Chronicles ov JSTEVEKANE ,( and i know what you mean about try to cope with this stuff alon I'm also resonating the Robin - Hood etc see my "Probably a Robbery post" - peace

  3. I look forward to more Björn and want to thank you once again for sharing your experience. It feels like another piece in this constantly evolving puzzle.

    I'm sure I left a comment on your blue post JSteveKane but when I checked back it looks like it's disappeared. I enjoyed your post and really appreciate your thoughts on 'the Blue One'.