Sunday, May 31, 2009


All this number counting makes me remember my favorite video from my days of watching Sesame Street. This video is clearly embedded in the minds of the whole Gen X set. 

123456789101112 is awesome.

Of course watching it this time I noticed that as the video highlights what seem to be random sequences, the number 2 and 4 are mentioned right after each other, and the then number 12.

The whole video is sync loaded for sure. What isn't really these days?

Two is first said just as a dog takes a ball from a bunch of rainbow baseball players and then sends it down a sync whole to appear in the raised hand of the Statue of Liberty. This right off the bat connects the Dogstar/Sirius and Jupiter via 42 and rainbows (a rainbow REfracts at 42 degrees).

Isis in her 8 ray blue waterstar takes the pinball and sends it to the Washington Monument Obelisk, which takes the pinball and ejaculates it like a canon.

The Obelisk which symbolizes the solar force is also in the middle of an 8 ray star.

Then we reach the number Four, making a good 42 reference in this video. 42 also appears in this video around some heavy occult symbols.

An 8 ray star is related to 42 as well as 4x2 = 8 = Infinity.

Above is a photo of an 8 ray star like the one's in the 123456789101112 video. This photo is from L'Ecole des Beaux Arts.

A the end of the Rainbow is the number 12 and the abyss, the edge.

The Jump into infinity.

I like the big Red button at the top of the Twelve Pyramid in what seems like a sort of alchemical Rainbow Land.


Been thinking some more and it is interesting that the name for the video 123456789101112 is book ended by 12. (1212/2112/1221/ABBA/Father/42/12 O'clock/24 Hours/Midnight). 

Stefan mentioned in the comments that this video is sung by the POINTER SISTERS. Pointing to what I wonder? 

The names of the original Pointer Sisters are: Anita, Ruth, Bonnie and JUNE.

Happy June 1st everybody! 

At home all day watching random stuff. Sorry this clip starts in German but the song is what got me anyways....Kinda relevant....


  1. Ingrained on my memory banks! Performed by The POINTER Sisters!

    Yeah, nah!

  2. Man that brings back some good memories :)

    That vid is 2:42.

    Oscar Grouch rules!

  3. I like The ELEVENt(1:19)Note the Thoth monkey in the cube on his back. Nostalgic maximis.

  4. I know. What a weird video to embed in the minds of a whole generation. Very alchemical video.

    Pointer Sisters. Point to where I wonder?

  5. I've been high a couple of times and seen Seasame Street while being older.... I swear it fucks with me everytime... That video is absoulutly full... Nothing wasted. Now that's gonna be in my head all day...

  6. 12 34567891011 12!!! Dammit JIM I'm a Kidd not a KID!!!

  7. hey jon. nice post at 11:12 - fits the video number sequence well.
    plus the june 1,2009 also starts it off with a 12 as well just like the name. nice kiddo.

  8. Anyone else notice the "11" appears twice consecutively?

    I was just listening to "Nummern" by Kraftwerk before I read this...

  9. hi tommy. yes i noticed that. i tell ya that video is loaded with everything. maybe it is the source of the problem.

  10. Its my birthday tomorrow. Ha haaaa

  11. Whether I understand everything someone is trying to say or just a bit-I always learn something from people who have blogs under this category-best to all of you!!

  12. Jim I'm asking that same question and I'm not even trying to answer it!

    I can tell you though, one of the original two sisters to for the group was none other than June Pointer.

  13. "maybe it is the source of the problem."

    like lost, some dude is sitting underground on a space and time travel island typing buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 17, 23, 33, 66, 77, 311, 911, 1111, 7777

    because some weird electromagnetic explosion back in 1977.