Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jumpin Pigs from Jupiter

I am in Thompson Manitoba right now. Just for the weekend. I got here May 1st. This town is a wolf town. It's got good flow is another way of describing it.

So as I am pondering Swine Flu, and the swine that flew, i.e. pigs that fly. I started thinking about PORKY'S, the movie. One of their poster slogans is "a HOLE new way to meet girls."

I thought this sync'd up well with this blogspot - The Synch Whole.

Otherwise known as the Port Hole, or in this case a Pork Hole.

Jake makes a good connection between the Square and Compass and the Porky's poster. I find it quite amazingly aligned as well. The water tap, which is shaped like a penis, fits perfectly with the corner of the Square that faces down. Even the single EYE and the G balance out. The water taps also represent the nature of duality - HOT & COLD, RED & BLUE etc... And just like duality, everything mixes and comes out the tap as just one floW.

As I was pondering Pigs and Porky's, I thought I must look into PORKY PIG, as this character is clearly the origin of the modern cultural use of the word Porky.

As I look into Porky Pig I realize that he is the Pig that, at the end of many of Disney's animation works, would appear in a starG8 Pork Hole and say "Th-Th-Th-Th-at's All Folks."

Porky Pig - the Synchromystic Farewell Act.

Time is up for the current Galactic Episode. Time to wrap it up.

The starG8 appears and the swine let us know that this is it.

"Th-Th-Th-Th-at's All Folks."

The further I looked into Porky Pig the more revelation he shared with me.

TOOTH/THOTH as TRUTH. Notice the Blue Eagles and staircase design in the Episode above.

Or a peculiar named Episode that LINKs us up with Jake's TT post.

From the mid 20th Century, the Disney Looney Tunes TV series is a bountiful garden of synchromystic material. In 1955 one of the Episodes was called JUMPIN' JUPITER. The episode included PORKY PIG'S TALES.

This is how the episode is described:

Porky and Sylvester's desert campground is sliced away and towed into outer space by a green, bird-like Jupiterian searching for earthly animal life. But Porky remains blissfully unaware, leaving Sylvester to be terrorized by the alien.

Jumpin Jupiter, Porky Pig, a Green Bird-Like Jupiterian! What the F**k!

"Porky remains blissfully unaware" - meaning Porky let's it all floW realizing that there is nothing to fear and all is ONE. It seems Sylvester's fear gave birth to his own terror in the form of the Alien, or separated Other.

Jumpin Jupiter brought me back to the PIGS IN SPACE. Their leader being named LINK.

The sausage links of the infinite.

Or PIGS are COPS as mentioned in the comments by I believe Mr. Rattes.

Maybe Flying Pigs mean the Cosmic Cops are arriving to close off the GalaKtiK cEYEcle.

The PIGS FROM SPACE have space suits that have a pig's head in a starG8 hole, just like Porky Pig, and it also has a lightening bolt, just like Zeus. StarG8 pentagrams encircle the pig's head, otherwise known as the Lord of the Flies.

The Lord that Flies, and of all that Flies.

Swine Flu. Flying Pigs.

Now the thing is that the Swine Flu is actually the product of a few animals, including us humans.

Swine Flu is a virus that is mixed with AVian FLU and human genetics.

No wonder Pigs are flying now, they have some help from their flying friends the birds, as well as the humans.

Part Bird, Part Pig, Part Human.

The StarG8 Pork Hole to Jupiter and beyond.


More Porky Syncs:

In my searches I noticed that Pork Pig is Friar Tuck in a Disney rendition of Robin Hood called Robin Hood Daffy.

JonK idd

Theme songs?


  1. Merrie Melodies(MM)...

    BooB in Sherwood FoRRest...

    And I remember that camping episode quite clearly.

    "Sylvester, whats wrong with you... You been smoking that Loco Weed."-Porky

    This post is loaded

  2. Two Pentagrams on Daffy's Arrow.

  3. 'The Sausage links of the infinite'. Man that cracked me up! :D

    I was wondering when Friar Tuck would make his entrance and now we have him. Great post Jim.

  4. Lovely words.

    Cops are Pigs and the Jakes

  5. Pigs = Cops = Spoc

    Spock has the pointy pyramid shaped ER of RE

    Must keep an eye on Zachary Quinto who plays the new Spock and is also linked to Red Hands/DNA/Black Suns (and all the rest of it) in the Heroes TV show.

  6. "Some Pig" said Charlotte, weaving her web to draw attention to the Pig. : )