Sunday, May 3, 2009

RE of Hope (put it on the mastREcard)

In Double Down Jim writes:

On the Manitoba Legislature there are hieroglyphs on two sphinx's that flank the East and West sides of the building. The hieroglyphs translate as:

"The firm/lasting manifestation of Re (or Ra), the good god who has given life."

For info on the role of the LEGislature a.k.a "Galactic Centre Temple" see "What's all this Aboot?"
ER or RE, a show about people who doctor patients.
RE then synchromystically becomes connected with healing.

The Red Cross and the H are symbols of the Hospital and thus the Healing RE of Hope.
I see the above fragment of sticker, stuck on a mailbox NR 7, as I enter my apartment everyday. What it originally said is a mystery but it NOW shines ER/RE.
WE/ME C the message of eternal Being beyond duality in the Vesica Piscis of MasterCard in most stores on the PlanET (the EartH/Heart).
The circles represent the dance of black and white, red and blue, space and time, hot and cold. Where they overlap is ER/RE.

RE: the eternal light of unmanifested Joy from which all RAdiates.

That which WE R here and NOW.


Mr James RA-TT-3 sent me some cluster f@#$ed frames to contend with here is my story...


  1. Great Jake. That was dead on.I have been wanting to go deeper into RE. Its been swirling in my thoughts for awhile now. Thanks for opening that door. I think this will evolve and floW beautifully NOW.

    I thought there was syncnificance that the show ER ended not too long ago.

  2. You know I bet you could do all kinds of weird stuff with Doctor shows and of the like.

  3. i just watched Harold and Kumar go to Guatanamo and have some more pics you might like.