Thursday, May 26, 2016

Beyond the Summit⁺

"While on top of Everest, I looked across the valley towards the great peak Makalu and mentally worked out a route about how it could be climbed. It showed me that even though I was standing on top of the world, it wasn't the end of everything. I was still looking beyond to other interesting challenges."- Ed Hillary.

The need for more is naturally embedded in the mind: more time, more space. Even on top of the highest peaks there's still the need for more, to go beyond the final frontier.

Upcoming movie, direction leads up & right into space: Beyond.

But first, let's get to the summit. The highest peaks in the world are all inside the Death Zone and connected to places beyond human existence, home to gods.

Death is what threatens the limited mind, the seemingly individual consciousness. Death itself is dead certain & gives great clarity. To reach the highest summit one needs to enter the Death Zone.

Death & high mountains are very close connected. There's a long list.

I remember feeling an upcoming real death threat for the first time upon the summit of a mountain in the alps in 2013, which I foolishly went up by accident (a hiking trip leading higher and higher): the Hoher Burgstall (I learn now from the article, that "Sir Edmund Hillary, first climber of the Mount Everest in the year 1953, marked his first summit in the Alps four years before by conquering the Hoher Burgstall."). It's very easy to ascent, yet the very last part is going directly along a ridge. That's where my knees began to buckle and I was forced to sit down, feeling an imminent death threat. In this moment I realized the presence of the summit cross being a symbol for death (the ascended dead man on the cross).

I breath deeply and walk to the other side over the ridge, still weak in the knees. The summit cross on the Hoher Burgstall also features an eight-rayed circle, pointing to the center of the cross. 

I take a break from writing this article and go up a small mountain nearby & find a summit cross having a mirror at the center, highlighted by the reflection of the sun.

Death Zone + Summit Cross: Check.

The cross is also present in Ed Hillary's famous picture on Mount Everest.

Within the Union Jack.

The cross highlights the center, the zero point of the coordinate axes.

What leads beyond from the summit points to the center.

Beyond the edge, beyond the screen leads nowhere, but now here. There's seemingly just another screen (the same screen being one consciousness). Like waking up in a dream from another dream. Waking up is a state of transcendence in the now.

The cross on the summit⁺ points at the center of all experience, which is the I.

"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves." - Ed Hillary

By joining the symbol for minus "-" with the "I", one gets a cross both in meaning and as a symbol: "+". 

The real death of the I is not physical, but experience = life without identification.

Not I am this or that, but clear experience of I am.

But why is that also a plus+?

Let's sum it beyond the summit⁺.

 + Resting in Peace. 
+ Ever rest.

Much love,

Friday, May 20, 2016

Roll Up!⁺

Remember the mindblowing rolls coming up previously?

Boom! Various explosions on K2 in 2K movie Vertical Limit.

Highly explosive rolls get lifted up to K2 in a risky rescue mission to blow up a hole for entrapped mountaineers.

K2 crane lifting up some mindblowing rolls in the movie called "my life".

My mind explodes all the way up, as I remember the rolls in the given context being connected to a consciousness target described in a remote viewing session, having the greenish strangeness in the upper right, too:

The remote viewing target is represented by two upright rolls:

... and the target represented by this rolls is an angel. Oh boy!

Quick jump back to K2 & 2K Vertical Limit.

The rolls are filled with explosive snot green liquid,... ties to the remote viewing target in form, color and overall upper direction...

....- and to the unfolding K2 crane + rolls scene, having a green oak tree in the background.

K2 explosion! Good job. 
Movie mountaineers freed, mind blown. 
I feel like being dead, remotely watching all of this without being involved.

Back to remote viewing target: the angel, which also gets interviewed in the session.

The viewer concludes: "[...] In an interview, [the angel] also showed interest, non-verbal impressions, such as the "roll up to be suitable" what seems to fit his communication with non-physical entities to some descriptions of Robert Monroe, ("roll" information / energy into the appropriate form to make them compatible or mutually intelligible)."

I just received a roll from the US right before all of this happens and feel like being rickrolled by an old friend :♃)

The roll is what transports posters, information, energy, mindblowing green liquid.
Just like the role in a movie.
The role is awareness rolled.

It's a wrap, roll up⁺!

Much love,

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Call⁺

Tune into the vibes (see previous post) again.

Up & right. Check? kk.

The screens are cracked and the show goes on, as the screens are still fully operational below the surface. Showtime / show time! (the flux within the now) Let's roll.

The crane truck moves even closer to my window and I just enjoy seeing the K2 crane going...up & right, perfectly framing the corner of the window.

My attention shifts to what's being lifted up there. Some materials are transported next to the K2 crane truck by a forklift, lending weight to & highlighting the "lifting up" element of the process.

I can identify some kind of rolls being lifted up & right. Rolls? Boom! Some kind of spiritual TNT starts to explode within & my already cracked mind gets completely blown up, as I'm experiencing a sync between the previously prepared memory and the unfolding of this very scene.

The memory focussed by recognizing the role of the roll in this play is the one connected to the up & right strangeness in the Remote Viewing of Consciousness Targets & roll shapes being mentioned in another rv-consciousness target (in part 3, soonish).

Let's first have a close look at the up & right strangeness, which leads the direction of this hole stream:

Up & right there's a greenish structure that looks like a jellyfish:

"After we had realized that this structure is common to all individuals whose consciousness we viewed, we became even more curious. In a number of sessions we started to examine the structures shown in the picture, which are always placed in the upper right and came to the conclusion that this kind of structure would serve as a port to the matrix or respectively the collective consciousness. In other words: It is this structure we are using when we follow our intuition, receive PSI-data consciously or subconsciously and finally for remote viewing. It seems as if we accidentally found the sender-receiver interface of the individual consciousness."

So this links smoothly to the other memory of Eye Movement and Direction & How it Can Reveal Truth or Lies triggered previously:

From the I-perspective, the eye movement up & right indicates the linking to this sender-receiver interface between individual and collective being, to the creative source where purple buffalos and any other imaginable forms are born (becoming seemingly individual) - made of & in consciousness. Not nowhere, but now here.

So in the overall context it feels like the sacred mountains (viewed as deities or home of deities) as part of the kollective konsciousness resemble an antenna: Mountennas. Sending out spiritual streams to nearby locations like Tibet and anywhere else from the upper right link to the collective consciousness.

There's a call⁺.

The stream continues in part 3.

Much love,

Friday, May 13, 2016

Up Right, Upright⁺

Sometimes the spiritual juice that flows through the now (a.k.a. time) gets a special flavor, a different taste. The accustomed daily routine gets a funky, unexpected addition⁺.

Be me, walking from parking space to the office, reading an article on my mobile: 4 the first time in 2 years, climbers have reached the summit of Mount Everest. Nice. The movie comes to mind.

Bam! The mobile slips out of my hand and smashes on the concrete. Pick it up, quick check of the screen. It's broken in the upper corner on the right side, sending down ripples all over the screen. Surrendering to the situation is a groovy practice. I look closer and keep the location and direction of the crack in mind.

Trying to continue the daily routine - it feels already cracked, too. So far, so good. Start work. Out of the blue, a crane truck appears and things get weird. I recognize a double K on that truck and use the cracked phone to take a picture.

Again memories get triggered.

First Everest, then K2. Of course, why not? Even the music I listen to in this very moment fits the odd appearence of earth's highest peaks: Uppermost.

The closer view of the KKs on the crane truck  reveals an interesting detail (Klaas crane truck logo:).

The arrow of the KKs point to the location of the crack on the screen of the mobile which I kept in mind: up & right. 

In a chain-flash of triggered memories suddenly my mind cracks, too - which allows high awareness to flow free, silencing the mind completely as the show continues: a sync in-between the triggered memories and between what happens next (continued in part 2).

But first a slowmotion look at the triggered chain-flash memories:

1. KK is loaded and also connected to the 11:11 phenomenon (K being the 11th letter) - a very basic, powerful intro-sync, inducing higher awareness. 2. Λwareness is compared to the screen, which contains any content/movie, yet remains content-independent. 3. In remote viewing consciousness-targets, there regulary appears something strange in the upper right corner. 4. From the inner perspective / I-perspective an eye-movement right and up indicates the creative construction of images out of nowhere / now here.

1. higher awareness induced by KK
2. screens cracked, awareness of awareness established
3. up & right direction located
4. creative construction of images (continued in part 2)

Much love,

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Plane Between the Obvious and the Invisible

"P O O K A - Pooka - from old Celtic mythology - a fairy spirit in animal form - always very large. The pooka appears here and there - now and then - to this one and that one - a benign but mischievous creature - very fond of rumpots, crackpots, and how are you, Mr. Wilson?" "How are you, Mr. Wilson?" Who in the encyclopedia wants to know? " -from the movie Harvey

This article is in relation to another post... You can find it below.

The Obvious and the Invisible - Something Immovable - Leonard Nimoy and the One World Antahkarana Center

"We're entering the Ark."

There's a trick to watching Transformers' movies... Did you know this? What you have to do is, you have to listen. Let's face it, they sell popcorn, but, for the majority of people out there that think that the band Nirvana was probably on to something, these movies are all eighty's hairband. Know what I mean? We hate big budget and think its all Superbowl halftime. So I suggest... To just listen to the movie. I mean, if you have to go see it... With your kid or someone else who likes explosions... Grit your teeth and listen.

There's this one character. Bumblebee is his name, and he has no voice... Well he has a voice but it's not his voice... It's just sound bits from the radio and old movies and TV shows and such. The thing is this, new Transformer's come in to develop a sequel's story, and these Transformer's need voice talent to bring them to life. Enter Guest Star. Now what "Team Transformers" does is take past movies that "Guest Star" has done,  and clip some sound bits from them.... And presto! Now you have Bumblebees voice for said flick. For instance, Transformers 4 "guest stars" John Goodman... So when you watch it, listen for the Big Lebowski quotes to roll out of Bumblebee's mouth. Try it... It's fun.

Try it next time... It's kinda fun. I'm sirius!

Listen to Bumblebees voice specifically, and see the theme. In the case of Transformers 3 it's Leonard Nimoy. He plays this character named Sentinel, you see. The point is that if you pay attention... Transformers: Dark of the Moon (or simply Transformers 3
Is covered wall to wall in Star Trek quotes... It's almost comical if you don't catch it the first time. Was for me at least. When I finally figured out who Sentinel's voice was... It was hilarious.

 Sentinel is found on the moon in something called an Ark(see Rainbow) surrounded by "Pillars"...
They made it simple so some "pillars" are blue, and there is one that "controls" the others... It is red. Multiple Pillars.... Ones Red the rest are Blue. 
 Above you can see them clearly.... Sentinel AKA Leonard Nimoy standing center between Red and Blue "Pillars".
 The Pillars are apparent in the poster above used by Kevin and the whole Sentinel guardian of the pillars thing totally falls in line with his interpretation. Connotation of the Moon's involvement.... Undercurrents of the Enterprise being the Ark. Rainbow after the flood. I don't know it's kinda weird.

Here's the catch. As pointed out by @indradhanush42 Robert Anton Wilson experienced "Mr. Spock". Mr. Spock becomes this never Dying god of the Rainbow. Who joins the two worlds. Basically the Transformers plot which references the Moon... In a "Sync" way, the moon is the joint of this world and the "other" world. Earth, Moon, Jupiter. Or perhaps if you like, Cybertron... What I call The Land Of The Dead. Never never land. But also you can see it as Fairyland or Otherworld, The Twilight Zone. Mr. Spock is simply a symbol of The Other. Experienced and articulated, better than I ever could, by Robert Anton Wilson.

In tow of this theme... As Kevin points out is Bill Shatner, I'll let you imagine what he represents but Kevin's comment about his affiliation to planes is what I want to talk about.... Spock is the "Pillars", Kirk is the "Plane". And if The Enterprise can be looked at like a "plane" between 2 pillars... Then that makes me smile.
"I first heard of the 23 enigma from William S Burroughs, author of Naked Lunch, Nova Express, etc. According to Burroughs, he had known a certain Captain Clark, around 1960 in Tangier, who once bragged that he had been sailing 23 years without an accident. That very day, Clark’s ship had an accident that killed him and everybody else aboard. Furthermore, while Burroughs was thinking about this crude example of the irony of the gods that evening, a bulletin on the radio announced the crash of an airliner in Florida, USA. The pilot was another captain Clark and the flight was Flight 23." -Robert Anton Wilson

One of the often logged factoids of the 23 Enigma is the trivial depth charge that Star Trek actually takes place in the 23rd Century. This is not meant to be a powerful insight, but under the necessary "maybe language" of Sync consciousness it blows minds. The Enterprise is Flight 23. The Flight in the 23rd Century to where no man has ever gone.

I started noticing that when I looked at list people had made about the number 23 on the internet... They almost always included a movie reference... And a lot of the movies had to do with an airplane. I started forming this concept in my mind that I called it "Flight 23"... This was way before all these missing planes started poppin off everywhere. You can learn all about all the recent year's of mysterious plane syncs, and I'm sure they will continue, from following Sync Head Loren Colman over at his blog Twilight Language. He has inspected many of these planes that "hit" the headlines(and global consciousness) and... It might be just me... But, I swear 23's happen all the time.

 Above are the Sync Quick News that highlight Alan Green's work and sourcing the Sync Community at large.

These all in together create a bigger picture. 

So Captain Clark's "Ship" of 23 lore... Perhaps, maybe, we can say, is Captain Kirk's "Ship" as well?
 This is amplified by the fact that Mr. Shatner is actually playing Bob Wilson... AKA Robert Wilson, in this specific Twilight Zone that Kevin mentions earlier.
 Then you can kick that up to eleven when you check it out on Wiki. 

""Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" is episode 123 of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone, based on the short story of the same name by Richard Matheson, first published in Alone by Night (1961). It originally aired on October 11, 1963." -Wiki

THE 123rd EPISODE... You can see that BOB WILSON sees a PHOOKA on FLIGHT 23.

Find out more about the 23's and 123's relationship, and how I think it is "basic" sync here.

This particular episode, that is to say "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", has been done SO many time... It has been parodied up on wall and down another, and seems infested by the number 23... Please check out this hilarious version from Saturday Night Live starring Jude Law... Not only is it funny, and only 5 mins long, but if you pay close attention... You will get a surprise towards the end. Jaw dropped.

Oddly enough, another reference I found to the number 23 featured on multiple list also focuses on the moon as well. Airplane 2: The Sequel apparently was a big "ah ha ha" to quite a few Sync Heads out side my understandings and whims. Turns out that the Lunar Shuttle that that movie is about is called the XR-2300. This movie is also funny, AND Syncy, complete with 2001 a Space Odyssey references and everything...
This movie is crazy, I'm telling you. No doubt. Nothing makes sense and everything everyone says breaks logic. And... To be honest, I think that's the point. Nothing in this movie is not for your amusement.... Get it? You're point of view... Like when viewing the rainbow... Is key. You are very literally "in on it". It is an "Otherworld". Physics is bullshit, and fear is an illusion.

When they get to the Moon they are meet by the Moon Commander Captain Kirk/William Shatner... It's a loop for sure... Landing us right back on the Moon in the same spot we found Spock to open this post. Bill Shatner, seen here is also looking through a window again... A looking glass... Airplane window... Port hole... Almost making the audience the Phooka.

So, to summarize.

Flight 23 is the story of disappearing and reappearing planes. It is a new plane of consciousness . A new plane of understanding. It is departing knowing you saw planes that hit buildings and arriving at the understanding that you don't know what you saw.

It is a trip to the moon. And as co-pilot, Charles Fort with Captain Clark at the helm... John Keel on coms. Of the 23 crew and passengers aboard we find William S. Burroughs in first class. He sits with his chin resting against the window sill. The storm passing outside painting dreams on the inside of his eyelids. Just past the curtain we start to hear Alice Bailey. She sits talking to everyone at once, like the polite grandmother showing pictures of her grandchildren that you might find on every other airplane. She says he will come... Riding an airplane and then appearing on TV. Someone mentions 9/11 but their voice soon fades to the background as somewhere near the middle of the plane Robert Anton Wilson shouts "Look everyone there's a Phooka on the wing!"...

Rushing to the windows everyone sees Frank from DONNIE DARKO... The 24th passenger... He rips off the right engine and sends it huddling into Jake Gyllenhaal's bedroom miles below. Everyone gawks as he opens his arms, crouched, and disappears into a cloud as lightning flashes.

To stifle panic Robert Anton ask everyone in the rear of the plane to describe the cabin to the best of the memory... He says "See?" looking like Lao Tzu with a Brooklyn ascent. "We are all on different planes, non of us are on the same plane."

And somewhere way in the very back, due to how late he was in receiving his ticket... A pointed eared man sits with his hands in the shape of the Hebrew letter Shin. Waiting for the one who has always been and who shall always be his friend....

Flight 23 is a symbol set that you can find on a legend. On that map, an arrow in the middle saying "You are here", and surrounding that the words printed "Here there be monsters". It is a map of The Twilight Zone, where no man has gone before.