Saturday, May 23, 2009

Christ Ian Baal

I remembered the sonar scene in The Dark Knight after viewing Jake's picture of CB catching some RAys...

Speaking of RA...

Christian Bale plays John Connor in the new Terminator.

christIAN "Ian" or "Iain" ([ˈɪʲən], anglicized pronunciation [ˈiːʲən]) is the Scottish Gaelic version of the name John.

"Ba‛al" can refer to any god and even to human officials.

He furthers his resonance in a few other films. Like Harsh Times... I saw that one. Its f%$ked.

God damn Solar powered psycho!


  1. Christ/Ba'al is "Psycho Ninja Knight Magician Cleric Jesus"... I missed a ton of his other archetypal roles right there.

    My dad works with people who make mixed-up trailers like that, I was shown one where American Beauty was mixed with American Psycho... Fun stuff.

  2. Love the sonar seeing blue connect.
    I love finding sync patterns and themes.

  3. You are what you sync. this work is RAd!