Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Red V & 1984.

@Seallion and myself have decided to make a sync video focusing only on the films of 1984.

1984 just seems like a big year for cinema. Perhaps in 1984 cinema reached the Moon and then 27 years later in 2011 it reaches Jupiter (Joy).

Soon after we fully acknowledged this creative movement @Seallion changed his twitter avatar to the Red V of the movie 1984 starring John Hurt as Winston Smith. A movie of course released in 1984.

We know John Hurt because recently he played Zeus (Jupiter) disguised as an Old Man in the movie Immortals. As an Old Man (or Zeus) he guides Theseus, a human, to save the Gods. Hurt also plays the identical role in the movie Contact as Hadden the elderly mysterious billionaire that facilitates Jodie Foster communicating with her Heavenly Father in the stars (Just like Zeus).

I digress.

I then downloaded Beverly Hills Cop starring Eddide Murphy. Today while watching it I notice the Michael Jackson outfits with their Red V's passing by a laughing Ed-die Murphy wearing a T-Shirt that says ED. DEpartment.


Then tonight I am skipping through Revenge of the Nerds and notice this scene of the Nerds trying to be instated as a fraternity. The table is shaped as big Red V (plus lots more going on in here!)

Here we see the sync pattern emerging fast and tight.

Then as I tweet this image above, a follower @keiarix in conversation about what movies from 1984 I was going to watch tongiht, remarks that she herself was in a movie released in 1984 that has a Red V on it. The movie - Splatter uniVersity!

Here is her tweet to me after I tweet the above Red V sync image. We had tweeted early in the night about what movies to watch.

@Syncwinnipeg Here is one red V... Splatter University 1984..I was in it ..yes a rotten tomato it was!

Lets see where this goes...

Watching the 1984 movie Splash later on this same evening and I notice Daryl Hannah first out of water and wearing a T-Shirt with a Red Heart, or Red V on it. The Twin Towers are behind her.

The Heart is our Red V that brings us all Victory!

Much peace to everyone


from the inter webs:
2012 [and all that] brings us the 84th annual Academy Awards

Eddie Murphy was supposed to host, but his good friend Brett Ratner got fired/retired over a "gay slur"
so Eddie jumped ship with him.

the last post i wrote was inspired by my rediscovery of a film called 48 Hours..

Eddie Murphy plays a released convict.
that movie inspired the whole Buddy/Enemy concept..

Brett Ratner, eddie's buddy, is producing Tower Heist, Eddie Murphy's most recent buddy/enemy story.. talkin bout hittin the tower to get at the 1%.
and guess who plays a released convict

i think there's a dog on that ledge



Soon after writing this post I added the header image of Maestro Flores at Manito Ahbee sacred site in Manitoba, Canada during his 2006 visit. I like the image because the reflecting light syncs perfectly with the feathers on his crown. Then today I realized that his Red Macaw feather crown from the side looks like a Red V which aligns perfectly. Maestro Flores is a man of the heart so this would make sense.


Jupiter's symbol (used in astronomy & astrology) can be interpreted as an amalgamated 42.
The angle at which light brakes up into the rainbow is 42 degrees thus rainbow resonates 42 & Jupiter. Two rainbows gives us the full circle or 84 rainbow.

This is part of the reason for wanting to do an 1984 themed video with Jim.
Nineteen Eighty-Four sees John Hurt playing the lead character Winston Smith. Jim explains that Hurt is Zeus in Immortals. Zeus is the Greek version of Jupiter.
This is all very su'sync't as 84 is double rainbow which associates to Jupiter and Hurt also resonates Jupiter as Zeus, right?

As if to confirm this we see 142 and Hurt together as we are introduced to his Job of altering records for the government ("who controls the past controls the future").
The 1 is another number tucked away inside Jupiter...
Smith starts a subversive secret diary on April 4.
April 4 is actor Hugo Weaving's Birthday.
He most famously plays Agent Smith in The Matrix (echoing Winston Smith).
Zeus/Jupiter is the God of Lightning.

Hugo's character poster above for Matrix Revolution reads "November 5".
The comic and film V for Vendetta uses the line "Remember, remember the fifth of November" in reference to Guy Fawkes night and its anti-establishment associations. The connection of V to the roman Numeral V (pure sync) or 5 is not overlooked by the narrative.

Jupiter is the 5 or V planet from the Sun.
Hugo wearing the mask that has become an iconic symbol of resistance, associated with such movements as Anonymous and Occupy. Perfectly V says he does bot believe in coincidence.

Hugo plays the Guy Fawkes masked vigilante V, out to overthrow the totalitarian government, in the V for Vendetta film.
V for Vendetta is heavily influenced by 1984 and with perfect irony uses John Hurt as the antagonist Big Brother type character, an inversion of his role as Winston Smith (the oppressed protagonist in Nineteen Eighty-Four).
Knowing all this how weird and perfect that the protagonist of 1984 starts his diary on the Birthday of the star who plays the protagonist of V for Vendetta.
V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet being then also BB. Above BB is short for Big Brother another good example of how V for Vendetta and 1984 sync together.
In 1984's Ghostbusters they must reluctantly climb many flights of stairs to face off with Gozer.
The top floor is 22.
Tweeted this poster a couple of weeks back for an event here in Winnipeg. We see the 84 rainbow surrounding the V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask, practically everything talked about above neatly together.
One of the bands that played was called Jupiter Storm.


Hugo is The RED Skull, V, and Smith. Definitely they merge.
The color Red is associated to images of War and gods like Mars. Beast such as the Red Bull carry this obvious connotation. This achetypical pattern is seen again above as 5 and red carry this characteristic in the tree. A really good highlight of this is Hellboy. We see the theme carry on and give us clues. Not only does he have attention to the Blue Red polarity... Seeing that he is called Red his team mate Abe above called Blue. John Hurt is also his father. From Hugo as the Red Skull and with the red and blue pill from the matrix we get a fuller picture. The theme starting in '84 is recycled over and over it seems shining bright in the composites of Weaving and Hurt.Red Bull. Hellboy is the Beast of the Apocalypse it is said.
Linda Hamilton who became popular off the 1984 movie Terminator teams up with the Beast of the Apocalypse in the late '80 TV show Beauty and the Beast. Ron Pearlman AKA Hellboy as said Beast, for those who didnt know where I was going with that. Linda said she was going to leave the show. Ratings dropped. In a last ditch effort to boost ratings they get her pregnant with the baby of the beast. Didnt work... They pulled the plug.The Tarot Card Strength, that depicts the relationship of a beauty and a beast, stretches the path called Teth and joins the polarity of the Blue and Red Pillars in the Tree. In the Crowley deck this is made vivid by the Beast of the Apocalypse and the Scarlet Woman. A Red V also can be seen as a red downward arrow sorta like the V shaped Cup symbol of old.Because of Judgement Day Sarah Connors has John Connors to rise against the machines. This is the story line of 1984's Terminator giving us a real head scratcher and anticipation for what lies ahead to discover in Jake and Jim's project.


Just looking at the poster for V for Vendetta and notice the release date on this poster is 4.22.
22 resonates V as it is the 22nd letter of the alphabet. 4.22 just so happens to also be Earth Day.
Which is perfectly in sync as we have now connected the Red V with the Heart and Earth is an anagram for Heart (not to mention 422 is a rich jovian number).

"Remember remember the 5th of November because that is the day my film Matrix Revolutions is released." - Hugo Weaving aka V aka Agent Smith (Thanks Will!)

Strange and wonderful things are afoot. Joy is filling the heart.

More (Red) bull from Stef:

Further to the V/heart syncs, Sync Book co-author and Star Theory sync blogger, Kyle Hunt designed this awesome rainbow alpahbet device that harks double-rainbow:

The letter V corresponds with the colour green. Green being the colour of the heart chakra.

I digress... The above-featured pic of Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop laughing at the twin-yang, red and black leather suit wearing pedestrians is a great example of syncs ability to highlight our non-linear nature.

I am not hip to the production of BHC though it seems to me that there may be a bit of an inside joke going on here. If you are familiar with EDdie's stand-up movies, he has two iconic routines that were recorded live and released as features. They are Delirious and Raw. In Delirious -the first and undoubtedly the most popular of the two - edDIE wears a red leather suit.

Delirious was recorded in 1983. Michael Jackson released the Thriller video December 3 1983 (Sagittarius) and he wore a red and black leather suit that makes a red-v over MJ's heart.

Michael Jackson's Thriller video won a Grammy and three MTV awards in 1984 making the Red V/heart a very visible feature of the year
Eddie's Raw video from 1987 sees him wearing a purple and black leather suit. Purple being the colour that replaced black in traditional Requiem Masses. The Requiem Mass, also known as the Mass of/for the Dead has recently been renamed to Mass of the Resurrection. Purple therefore may then be seen as interchangeable with black.

Eddie in Raw thinking that the purple/black connection may be a bit loose!
Back to the non-linear wink, Axel Foley appears to be chuckling at the Thriller suits in the included BHC scene.

With Michael Jackson and Eddie's two stand-up features in mind, we may view Eddie as actually laughing at his past and future selves. This capacity for self-deprecation demonstrates ones ability to laugh at ones ego for what it is, or rather, isn't!

While trauling for Eddie pics I came across this screen capture of the closing of Raw:

This is from 01:24:06 into the video. Eddie makes the V/peace sign, it's highlighted by red and looks quite similar to other iconic MJ imagery.

Red Bull resonator, Michael Jordan began his victorious NBA career in '84. He was awarded the mVp a synchronous V times.

Jordan V
The most sold model of the Jordan sneaker brand is the Jordan V. The JV's iconic design was inspired by the North American P-51 Mustang.

The Mustang was powered by the Packard V-1650, a liquid cooled 27 litre V12 aircraft engine variant of the Rolls-Royce Merlin.

The RR Merlin
Merlin's known famously as a Wizard. Jordan finished his career with the Washington Wizards in 2001, donating his players salary to 9/11 relief efforts.

John Hurt voices the Dragon in the TV series Merlin. Of course on 1/23/2012 we enter the Chinese Zodiac year of the Dragon.

Kevin: Symmetry continues as we continue to note that V is for Victory. In the ancient mysticism of Kabbalah, the Planet of Love - Venus - is given to the Sphere known as Netzach meaning Victory on the Tree of Life.

Venus/Netzach is the 7th Sphere on the Tree of Life. This Sphere is said to be the means by which higher divine grace manifests itself in the world as in forms such as Love, nature, passion, the arts and sensuality etc. This force manifests in our world most symbolically as Nature/The Goddess in its most lively sense. Netzach is also known as Victory, and is also associated with endurance, perpetuity, birthing etc. Victory also points toward our ability to perceive and see beyond the temporal forms of Love(as amazing and true as they are)in the world that allow us to perpetuate and realize that beyond form is the infinite source, the perpetual force. Victory in times of awakening can be seen in exactly what we enjoy exploring here, the connections, the gel, the thread, that bonds seemingly seperate forms and unveils symbolic universal bond, perpetually.

V is also Peace

ET Contact/Cosmic Consciousness and Peace(and love) go hand in hand. Especially when we consider the narratives of Television series such as "V" as well as "2010 the Year We Make Contact". Both of these narratives feature ETs as intelligences with higher technology that can save humanity from self destruction through the adoption of peace agreements and Nuclear Disarmaments.

This is far out because in the year 2010 in reality members of the US Air Force and other government officials shared the fact that only since the developement of Nuclear Technology have ETs began appearing in modern times. They admitted that numerous nuclear tests were unexplainably disarmed by UFOs in the 1940s and that this increased through the cold war.

The Film "2010 the Year We Make Contact" is about exactly this. The US and Russia are delivered an ET communication calling for Peace in the Galactic neighborhood.


New Post coming soon. Jupiter Membrane Code, stay tuned. Thats all for now. PEACE