Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Act of Dog (What the Fox!?)(23ed and a little off topic)

I was perusing posters for movies yet to be released and I came across many that resonate much of what we are talking about. I thought I would throw a few into the alchemical brew.

john traVOLTa and ROBIN WILL I AMs are two old DOGS, or should we say two old GODS. Sit. Stay. Play Dad. Sounds like what perhaps the beings from Sirius have done. They decided to stay and be Father.

What got me about this poster beyond the resonance of traVOLTa and WILL I AMs, is that ROBIN has a kid making a peace sign behind his head.

In this context it kind of looks like alien antennas.

Perfect since he was Mork, from Mork & Mindy.

The Rainbow Alien from a cracked egg.

Then I saw this poster for MY FAVORITE MARTIAN. The image is of alien antennas.

Just like the peace sign.

WILL the aliens bring peace? Will we make peace by becoming whole with that part of us that seems alien to us?

The Peace symbol is also clearly a TRIDENT in a starG8 circle as well.

Is that the message? Peace?

It could be a peace sign or a Victory sign as well.

V for Victory.

My Favorite Martians are the OLD DOGS.

And then I saw this poster for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It has the same Blue and Gold theme as the taking of PelHAM 123 as talked about before here.

And then there is this poster for CHE, with a black star in the middle of a black C in a sea of RED. Cresent C's with stars in them is something touched on at great length by Jake and others.

DEL TORO is also the BULL. And there are two pentagrams to boot.

And this is a new Canadian Documentary out now that seems to fit well with all that is up here



Above we see Lightning McQueen with the V/Antenna protruding from his head. The Lightning in 'Cars' might be Red, but in the movie his dream is to become Blue:

Not only does Lightning McQueen long to become Blue (by being signed by the Blue Dinoco Racing Team) but on his travels he falls in love with the Blue One in the form of this sexy Porche.

Above we see that the V is superimposed over a Bridge, suggesting that when the Red and Blue combine we're able to bridge the Gap in order to become the Purple Jesus.
In this next piece of Cars artwork we see the Red & Blue in the Helicopter/Plane, but just behind them we find several Rockets/Spacecraft which have crashed landed (is there a Mushroom Cloud as well?!?). This brings us back to the ET Antenna theme. Are we moving to a point where we're beginning to merge with the alien/foreign aspects of ourselves? Or is there some kind of Alien KKonsciousness orchestrating things right now from behind the veil?

The movies Hudson Hawk and Hancock/Hanhawk have already appeared in the Synchrosphere, so it's no surprise to find the character Doc Hudson in this image with a Red Eye (3rd Eye) on his bumper:

He might have the All-Seeing Red Eye at the top of his Pyramid but he also has the Caduceus logo on the front of his home/garage. This strengthens the 3rd Eye/Spine/Caduceus resonance of the Hudson Hawk:

The Lightning Bolt of SpiriT points towards the name LIGHTYEAR:

When we follow the LIGHTYEAR we find the Antenna/V on the head of Buzz:

Tom Hanks/Woody has some serious Sirius resonance as the Cow (Isis) Boy who gets captured by a Chicken Man who lives on floor number 23.

Buzz Lightyear/Tim Allen has transformed into a Shaggy Dog (like the Wolfman Del Toro above) in this movie. Notice that the (Old) Dog is surrounded in Blue:

Jim Carrey seems to be my numero uno Sirius resonating actor (thanks mainly to the movies Truman Show and The Number 23) so it seemed fitting to find the Green One doing his V-thang with his arms:

He also does the V-thang with his fingers in the role of the Dog-loving Grinch:

In The Truman Show (shortly before the Star Sirius drops from the sky) we see JC wearing the domed Helmet (think Buzz Lightyear) with the Antenna:

Sirius was known to the Egyptians by the name of Sothis/Isis and the life span of the Egyptian Phoenix (or Bennu Bird) matched the Sothic Cycle exactly. Many different sources refer to the Phoenix as Sirius the Dog-Star itself - a star which could be responsible for the Rise and Fall of the Ages here on Earth (much like the Death/Resurrection of the Bennu Bird). This evolutionary cycle could be caused by the binary orbit of the Dog-Star around it's companion - our own Sun.

In Harry Potter (God-son/God-Sun/Dog-Sun of Sirius Black) we find that the Phoenix is known as Fawkes:

When you say the word FAWKES out loud it sounds just like FOX. The Phoenix is the Fire Fox. In the latest evolution of the Firefox we see that the Fire/Energy surrounding our planet is turning Blue:

If we look at a recent movie which starred the modern version of Guy Fawkes/Fox, we find yet another reference to the Antenna/V emerging from the head:

We find the Fawkes/Fox connected to the Double Cross (bottom right) connecting him to the XX, TT, 20/20 and all the rest of it:

One of the TV shows that scared the pants off me as a kid was the V TV show:


'The Leader (or commonly referred to by the Visitors as "Our Great Leader") is the head of a military dictatorship that controls the Sirian (Visitor) population on Sirius 4 and controls every resource and ship-of-the-line in the entire Sirian Fleet through his ministers. The Leader was constantly mentioned, but not seen, in the series.

His rise to power began when Sirius 4 experienced several extreme environmental and economic disasters (natural and visitor-made) which left the planet critically short of food and water. When the environmental and economic problems became critical, the Leader launched his coup and overthrew the original republic-based government, replacing it with a more military-favourable one.'

Could the V symbolize the awakening of the 'inner-reptile/kundalini' which is stirred into action by the arrival of the brightest Bluest Star in the night sky?

Jim: I was in Toys R Us yesterday with my daughter. The name and logo made me think of SIRIUS. Check it out:

SRUS with star = SIRIUS?

I have also been thinking about this V and A thing hat Jake brought up originally. One points up the other points down. Together on top of each other they make an X and they mark the spot.

Below are some more posters that resonate this V thing. I like how ROCKY's last name is balBOA which connects him to the snake and kundalini thning as well.

Holding hans together as seen above makes a V.

A character poster for Quentin Tarantino's upcoming set in WW2 "Inglourious Basterds" features Brad Pitt.
It continues his sync connections to the archetype Death. His neck displays a scar (hanging/slitting?), a line across the throat conjuring the 'kiss of death'.

For Brad Pitt as Death see Brad Pitt and the Death of Death and
Kurious Kase of Death Personified
In Fight Club Pitt as iconic anti hero Tyler Durden, is making soap and explosives in his kitchen.
He asks for Edward Norton's hand, giving it the kiss of death.

We note the red Canadian Maple leaves covering our Angel of Death.
The kiss is chemically burned into Norton's flesh as our Tyler practices some 'gorilla Zen'.
Pitt forces Norton, through pain, to let go of attachment and learn floW.
He then displays his own similarly scarred hand.

Both leads now have the highlighted SpiriT Hand.

This is a mark carried by the real life Buddha and Christ.

We can confidently assume that when we see this image we are dealing with the resonance of Kosmic (or Khrist) Konsciouness.

See SpiriT of The Blue Bird for Spirit Palm's/Hands
Another poster that gets my attention is the Black Star featuring new "Star Trek" film's.
The Black Star is a powerful symbol resonating the void. The inverse star, the black hole, sometimes Galactic Center. Richard connects it to Sirius, the doG star, God/Being's Star.
This reverse star speaks of the infinite and eternal unmanifest Being.
The films trailer sees a giant Scarlet Dragon type creature. The Dragon resonates 2012 as this is the Chinese year of the Dragon. The gaping jaws of the Monster Mouth also points towards the hungry void and GC.
Noticed this interesting poster last night.
The Time Traveling "Teen Wolf", M.J. Fox riding a fountain of ejaculating champagne on "The Secret Of My Success".

His name is written in purple the combined red and blue of Being beyond duality.
The Aquariun waters gush from the bottle, itself held over the ocean, backed by the Twin Pillarmids (symbolic pillars of Solomon's Temple and Pyramids).
Isis, as The Statue of Liberty, holds here illuminating torch aloft towards the explosion and surfing purple Star, M.J. Fox. She susynctly hovers over a pentagram on the shield and sticker of the bottle, as this is also her symbol. The shield as blogger Transformer unveils, is a Heart itself. The waters from both MOM's Heart and Womb...

The Pillars and Isis guard the treasure behind the earthly and heavenly veils. The Earthly version is the chest (resonating the human body and its heart) inside the Holy of Hollies, the Ark while the Heavenly version is Jupiter/Sirius/Galactic Center etc.
Above is the Blue/Blew (Breath of SpiriT) ONE as Shiva. The waters of KKonsciousness usher from his crown.

WE can C how the V alien antenna and gushing waters, both extending out from the head, resonate with each other.

Both Earthly and Heavenly treasure point towards the already present KKonsciousness WE/ME are here and NOW.
The movie posters says this is a RASTAR production, no doubt..

Recent RA stuff at RE of Hope
Since staring this addition Richard has already updated Jim's original words with writings featuring foxes.
I was working on this M.J Fox bit only to check back in and see the fox already added?

I don't know why as I haven't read his addition yet. Seems like we're entraining with each other.
Ill just post this as is and we will see what gives..
(PS Hey Jake, entraining is unavoidable at this point -Will)

Oh, so I get it... My role is to finish off, seeing as I am in the last time zone of this little band of outlaws and end up going to sleep latter than anyone(ok, maybe not Jim Sanders). I accept my role wholeheartedly. I of course have been obsessed with the V/A enigma sense the first post that I dropped V for Visitor(go check out all the aliens) in post entitled Via. I notice that most of the A's are blue and are associated with Atlantis.... The V's(roman numeral for 5) are red and associated with aliens. Although of course there are exceptions. I feel that there is a strong correlation to this an the Star of David.
The traditional translation of this would be two interlocking triangles. One pointing up, the other down. I feel strong and sound in saying that the arrow up can be seen as material moving up to the spiritual is linked to our past VIA Atlantis. The arrow down stands for spiritual moving down to the physical VIA alien contact.... Regardless if this is a perfect fit it is obvious that the V is a sign of a super powered entity greater than the average man at the very least. A pure sign of an over source of spirit in the body... War like and aggressive the trait.

The negative space makes a Triangle on either the A or V. The A actually resembles an all seeing pyramid, as Rik Clay pointed at, this hints at the connection to Atlantis and our past once again.

The Dog star depending on the ancient civilization that witnessed it likened it to either a dog, wolf, or fox. This was mainly due to the fact that it trotted across the sky like one of those across a meadow... Sense the focus of this post has been almost exclusively on the fox(dog as well but I like foxes) lets just get something I've been meaning to address out of the way.

Here in Back to the Future we have all the signs or makers of a sync heads Heaven. Micheal J Fox plays Marty McFly(or MM). MM of course relevant to the MileneuM and tightly wound around the HH and 2001, 911 time period. HH makes it self known in the fact that MM Fox has to go 88 miles an hour to travel through time. The 8th letter in the alphabet is H making HH=88. Below to go full circle we see Paul Newman as the Hudson Hornet showing his power to go 88 miles and hour(also intersting is that his grill makes the A sign pointing up, he's blue and old [or from the past]).Back to the Future of course takes place in the year 1985 which if you haven't done the math equals 23(1+9+8+5=23). He travels back in time(in the first movie) to Nov.5 1955(that's a whole bunch of 5s). Also we see that the first time traveler is a DoG star named Einstein.
The next movie shows off the connection between the future alien motif being related to the sunglasses.
Sunglasses in the shortest explanation possible makes you a star.

We call these people stars and they represent the modern gods and heroes in the Greek and Roman dramas. In fact when the Heroes or GoDs expired they became stars, constellations in the night sky. I could go on about this but I'll save that for latter. We were talking about the future(and if the future includes a second sun I suggest investing in sunglasses). The Future is always represented in the movies as being alien(like the V) the past as being ghostlike (the A) think MJF in the Frighteners.

The Ghost is a figure from the past. You can understand this by thinking about knowledge in general. You could spend your whole life studying computers and when you die your knowledge would be obsolete with in 5 years. When one dies his knowledge dies with him, so the ghost is used to pass knowledge that has been forgotten to the hero. This was probably first used in the Rosicrucian infused Shakespearean Folio(they made the actors gods on purpose and perhaps still do) in the form of Hamlet(which Disney riped off to make The Lion King) where the King's Ghost visits the son to tell of the Uncle's Betrayal. However if we look to the Back to the Future series we find the Flux Capacitor looks a lot like the splitting of DNA..... Hinting at the fact that the Link to our Future and Past is in our own bodies. And indeed most people are thinking too much about the Past or Future and not enough about the NOW.... Well I could say more but for NOw that about wraps it up. Oh, before I forget MJF is listed to play Tiny Tim(TT) in the upcoming A Christmas Carol along side SiRRus Resonators Sync Christ CaRRey and Goldman Gary Oldman... Visit Holiday Spirit for more of that stories connection to DNA and the land of the Dead.

A/Atlantis/Water/Soul/Blue/Mercy/Past/Golden Age

V/Alien/Fire/Spirit/Red/Judgment /Future/Decline


  1. i got to start watching myself more.

    i swear i didn't know.

    all i got to say is AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    peace W

  2. The two finger thing is also the symbol of a 33rd degree mason (3 segments on each finger) and a form of the Corna (goat horns), but why give them any more attention than they already get...

    One of the Celtic gods was a human-sized rabbit as seen on JumanJi (JJ= 10+10 or X X) stargate traveller Robin Williams (robin williams = borin' small wii. I don't know either), tying into the "old gods" theme...

  3. I loved it all, especially that CHE poster where we find the Black Star entering in through the open C in order to invoke the inner Wolf-Man.

    Like you said Jim, this level of KKonsciousness is only Alienating to us because it's foreign. It's new and it's Blue and it's long overdue. :)

  4. wicked stuff richard. i really like this blue and red equals purple jesus.
    it is dead on.

    V was my favorite show as a kid. it has inspired me so much. actually i think i modeled my life after it for ahwile without knowing. the opning scene with the dude as a camerman in south america reminds me of my first film i made about the drug war in bolivia.

  5. "The Real Thing".... Jakes interveiw came up on random yesterday... I had forgotten him taliking about it. V was also a mind fucker for me. I think I had an un heathy attachment to their leader. And holy shit Jim I was just about to mention toys "r" us.... You know what I'll just add it here.

  6. The whole MJ = 23 (M13 + J10) just hit me like a ton of bricks. Or maybe one of you threw a brick at me. Things have a tendency to fly over my head most of the time...

    Never saw the show V but I read about it alot. V itself sounds like if a person with a strong German accent said the English "we", it is also the 22nd letter (thought I'm sure that has been pointed out), my last name is old folky German for "Fox" so I'm told. Fawkes mask is seen with "Unity Unity" or Double U.

  7. I threw it Tommy. I knew something insightful might fly out of that skull of yours and I wasn't disappointed. :D

    Nice one Mulder.

  8. amazing. damn. i wish i had something to add, but you guys killed it on this one. i guess i'll just shut up and finish watching The Fifth Element.

    oh, and if anyone's interested, youtube has The V MiniSeries... and not like i need to say it but, syncs galore...

  9. for anyone following my Ciara studies: she decided to go with the purple cd cover instead of the red version i went thru so much trouble analyzing. album released on may 5th, 5/5, V/V, W.

  10. Entraining of the membrane Jake! I've sometimes had syncs on the mind, logged onto your blog and there you are writing about the exact same thing.

    Thanks for the 5/5, V/V, W sync Toure. My daughter just had her birthday on 5th May (5/5, W) and she was born in 2003 (23). She's also the 2nd of 3 children (2/3). I like how these patterns bleed through into syncnificant dates.

  11. I was born on Guy Fawkes Night. Bill Cooper was snuffed on that eve too. V is 5 in Roman numberalz! 5 is 2 plus 3 of course, Jumpman fans.

    Bowie's Ziggy Stardust has some acion going on that mirrors V's Leader when you check the lyrics to his Starman track and then look at art from inside the record.

    Lyrics = There's a starman waiting in the sky He'd like to come and meet us But he thinks he'd blow our minds There's a starman waiting in the sky He's told us not to blow it Cause he knows it's all worthwhile He told me: Let the children lose it Let the children use it Let all the children boogie.

    Follow this link to the greyesque Starman illustration that has the A and V joined making the 6 pointed star/hexagon:


    Toy Sirius has winked at me before. Strangely enough I noticed this after a random shopper handed my son a purple Toys R Us balloon.

    I do recall the show V the visitors eating live rodents (rats/pigEONs/swine)...

  12. Hahaaa... I forgot the "V" aliens used to eat rats and shit! swallowed 'em whole like snakes... Nice catch.

    W:Truly inspiring additions. Your analysis of Ghosts fits well with my recent revelations about the Ghost in the [egg?]Shell... I wonder, could we think of V from V for Vendetta as a ghost (in a shell)? and a phoenix?

    M.J. Fox travels to 1985 on Guy Fawkes Day following a dogstar and is mistaken for an alien...

    thrown in this Back to the Future quote;

    "George McFly: Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn't take LorRAINe out that he'd melt my brain..."

    Darth Vader is another Ghost (Phoenix) in a Shell/tin man and was voiced by blackstar Lion King James Earl Jones.

  13. Loving the MJ(23) Fox syncs Will. I can't believe that the Fox, G.Oldman (Dog) and JC are all getting together in the CHRISTmas Carol. I've been waiting for Oldman and Carrey (my two key Sirius actors) to unite and here we have it. This movie is gonna be special...

    As for the Ghost link it reminds me of Patrick Swayze (Ghost) who also appeared in the movie 'Black Dog' and also STARred opposite Dog-Star guitarist Keanu Reeves in Point Break. I'm quite positive the Ghost Rider and his DNA/Chain whip is 'linked' to all of this as well.

  14. WOWWIE! Great cluster guys. All I gotta add is the sacred geometry rule... /\ = static \/ = dynamic.

    Jake - Gotta feeling another BP death video will be in order sometime in the next year.

    Xmas carol lineup is off the hhookk.

    ToysiRius = backwards R evoking reflection(r) which becomes 2 pentagrams. The Sirius satellite logo has a star for an eye. So that's how you can add 2 eyes to SRUS.

    I'm gonna add a funny picture under the RV poster add if I can find it.

    Awesome post even if I had to travel back in time to read it.

  15. Oh yeah Keanu Reeves bears the hand mark(s?) in the movie The day the earth stood still. He gets them after chipping away at the ominous sphere on the peak of one of the Karakoram mountains in India. Also seen wearing goggles.

    Also notice how Guy Fox has a 'V' built into his smile?