Sunday, March 17, 2013

Film: a Thin Skin or Membrane Part 4 & God Does Not Play Dice

you are a cinema, I could watch you foreva

Much luv yall < 3
This is a new updated (5 minutes extra) version of God Does Not Play Dice. The original can be watched here.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Λre you in?

Guiding light: Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man inside a square/cube & inside a circle/sphere

Joseph Gordon-Levitt leads inside.
(Thx 4 the hint @SyncNetz)

Let's follow JGL's strange attraction:
The IN of skin highlighting JGL's body.
He's IN a mysterious skin - in many ways.
The mystery of being IN.

JGL story inside JGL.

JGL in cubus/square. 50/50 = 1/1 or I/I or eye/eye.

JGL's eye/eye in a square/cube-like rectangle shape.
"You can't escape yourself"

JGL in square/cube-like rectangle shapes. 
MANIC = man I see

The poINt man. 
JGL is in INception.
The IN of poINt is right on his head 

Note the background is the top view of a city.
He's in a city (and in sIN city, 2).
Every city is a construct of the mind, basically based on square/cube forms. 
Just like in Inception.
Cities in cities.
 Dimensions in dimensions.
Sqares in cubes.
Circles in spheres. 

I's in I's.

"You can't escape yourself"
Note there is a difference between you & yourself.

The I/I is mirrored & merged at the center, the heart.
The clock works inside an O shape, the circle.
2 Hands, 2 I's, II.

Time is just movement.
This movement is percieved as flow through the nOw.
Λt the center of the clock there is almost no movement.
 Λt the center of all centers there is no movement.
No time.
The merging poINt.  
The now.
In the nOw there is no double you (NOW = no W)
I/I merge in one self. 

The hitchhiker's guide to one self is your center, your heart.
It's IN you.

Leonardo's Vitruvian Man is an I-I.
One at the center (torso & head), 2 at the edge with 4 extremities.

- Edit 3/14 -

...and 2 faces:
Original I-I

Mirrored right I

Mirrored left I

By centering the square in the circle the I-I realizes one self:
(literally uplifting)
The self realized man.
Let's call him Sam.
Happy birthday, Sam!

 ... with one face (by merging the mirrored faces).

It's IN you.

The I-I realization is embodied by every woman.
"Woman" contains "now" & "man".
Every man grows in a woman.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Iron Maiden

toure [arisen]:


....any IRON MAIDEN fans out there??

i would love to lie and say that i am their biggest fan, but, i'm not. i just have always found their mascot, EDDIE, to be.. rather.. striking.. 

This is EDDIE.
at first glance, i thought EDDIE was a SHE, a la

still effing scary

aside from invoking Edvard Munch's haunting painting "The Scream",

..upon further inspection, the renowned mascot made me also think- ZOMBIE

oh yeah

the band's art reinforces this.. the art above especially. THIRD Eye, CYBORG, sphinxes.. seems like the guys in Iron Maiden were on some shit. with just a little research, i could already see that Iron Maiden was a band who's art was misunderstood in its time..

For Example: 

ABOVE is the cover art for Iron Maiden's 1982 album "The Number Of The Beast".. notice that the DEVIL is not only holding a small puppet, but is Actually a PUPPET HIMSELF.. a puppet of the undead.. interesting. i was born in 1982, and this was the THIRD album.. Iron Maiden has, all in all, released a grand total of THIRTY-SIX albums..


in typical fashion, the conservative talking heads and the religious right got all fussy, pulling the SATANISM card and burning things..

"The album was strongly criticised by social conservatives – especially in the U.S., where the band were accused of being Satanists. Public burnings of the band's catalogue were organised, although some religious groups smashed the records with hammers, for fear of inhaling fumes from burning vinyl.[11][23] Harris has stated, "it was mad. They completely got the wrong end of the stick. They obviously hadn't read the lyrics. They just wanted to believe all that rubbish about us being Satanists."[24] As a result, The Beast on the Road tour was subject to numerous boycotts and demonstrations: venues were sometimes surrounded by activists who handed out leaflets and, in one case, a 25-foot cross was carried in protest."

Another Example of said misunderstood art:

here's a picture of Iron Maiden chillin with MARGARET THATCHER-

aaaand here's the cover art for Iron Maiden's second single -ever- "Sanctuary"

and Yes, that is First Female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, murdered..

"The artwork is very tongue in cheek, as usual. At that time, Maggie had visited the old USSR and, following her tough stance with them, had been christened the Iron Maiden. Eddie took offence to this, and even more so when she started taking our posters."[8]

..apparently due to a fatal knife wound inflicted by a ZOMBIE named EDDIE can probably see where this is going..

i hadn't noticed until now that IRON MAN's armor is colored RED and GOLD

i've already written plenty about the goddess and her robot, but after Jake's latest, this scene from ROBOTS seems especially relevant..

red robots