Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael and The Ark (Doved Up to the Moon in a Bubble - jacked with swine flew and candy) BE AT IT.

As I was scanning the web I came across someone who noticed a peculiar South Park episode
that makes fun of Michael Jackson.

UPD8: The first reason for being WOWed by the Ark and Michael Jackson was because the day after he died, Friday, June 26th, was the date given in a viral internet rumour that the Ethiopian Ark was to be revealed to the World on that day. Check out this article that tries to explain the source of the confusion.

So the King of Pop pops, an Angel falls, all on the eve of the Ark being revealed. All I can say is that clearly something is a stir between Heaven and Earth.

In the skit Michael's nose is ripped off by a kid.

A similar fate as the Sphinx perhaps?

In this South Park episode the room that Michael is in is a Blue Room with the Ark of the Covenant nestled behind him.

I have no idea what the show's creators are trying to say, but this little scene says much to us here at the Sync Whole. First of all, in King Solomon's temple the Ark is supposed to be kept in a Blue Room, otherwise known as the Holy of Holies.

Very much like this Blue room below at the Masonic inspired Manitoba Legislature.

At the Manitoba Legislature, the Ark with its two Cherubim are found hidden in plain view on the outside of the building and just above the Blue Curtain/Veil of the Holy of Holies.

I found it interesting how Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett died both on the same day. For me the message led me to the ARKangel Michael.

King MichaEl and the Angel Faucet. I have this vision of a big container of water having its plug pop and all the water/spirit flushing out.

Is not that the job of the Archangel Michael. The one closest to God. To lead the spiritual "warfare" and usher in the flood.

Perhaps what I am indebted to Michael Jackson for is that by inspiring this post I began to look into the Ark more. What I learned seemed to be a big piece of the puzzle for me.

The Ark was to be made of wood from the ACACIA TREE.

The Acacia tree just so happend to contain Dimethyltryptomine, or DMT, and one of the main active ingredients in Ayahuasca. Supposedly this tree was smoked and used for its pyschoactive properties.

The Ark is in the plants.

Ingest the plants and build the Ark here on earth.

This is an interesting fact and fits well with Benny Shanon's work on Ayahuasca. One of his conclusions being that Moses must have been high on a plant concoction when he spoke to God and got the commandments. Read the article here.

The Acacia Tree is very important for Freemasonery as well. In this article, on the Symbolism of Masonery, it states that the Acacia tree is symbolic of dying, initiation and immortality of the soul. It is used on the 3rd Degree Masonic tracing Board where it is the it is the marker for the body of the slain master Hiram.

Maestro Flores has often described experiencing Ayahuasca as dying. Just like Masons do. Through Ayahuasca one can learn the meaning of life and death being one.

Perhaps the secret way to die and become one with the Grand Architect of the Universe is to actually ingest the Acacia Tree, or as we would have it now, the Ayahuasca vine.

Thanks Michael.


Richard: I recently noticed MJ entraining with Arkangel Michael in this piece of fan art:

I also came across this 'Best of' album where we see MJ holding the White Dove. I didn't make the Dove/MJ connection until Jim mentioned the relevance of the Ark in this post:
The Dove plays a key role in the story of Noah's ARK:
On the cover of the Dangerous album we see the White Wings of the Dove and the Plume of the Peacock (a Blue Bird of Gnosis) emanating from the Nose of MJ. We also find a selection of Animals (think Noah) standing on top of a Red Star which is flanked by two Cherubim, bringing to mind the ARK of the Covenant which Jim mentions earlier in this post:

I did a quick Noah/Acacia google search and stumbled across this song by the band 'Acacia Strain' called 'NOAH will be your grave':

The album artwork is interesting because we see that the Acacia Tree/Vine/Ayahuasca helps connect us (via the Crown Chakra?) to the rest of the Universe. For more on the Head/Tree relationship check out James Rattes Hangover post.

Also notice above that the Grasshopper (at the top right) resonates with the late David Carradine, another Star who died suddenly and quite unexpectedly. What's with all the Death?
David Carradine and the Grasshopper also resonate with Pinocchio and his Guardian Angel (JC) Jimminy Cricket. Notice the emphasis placed on the Red Spot, the Dove and the Nose in this poster.

The indigenous Shaman uses Sacred Plants like Ayahuasca or Iboga to commune with the Spirits of their deceased ancestors. Although we're unable to commune with the Dead in a physical capacity the Shaman knows that the link, or Rainbow Bridge, to the Otherside has always been inside the Mind. On the cover of 'The Way of the Shaman' (one of the first Shamanic books I ever read) we find the Tree of Life (or Acacia Tree) emerging once again from the head. Is that a White Dove I see flying beneath the name 'Michael'?

Finally we have the Head of MJ interacting with the Tree:

As mentioned above the proximity of the events; MJ's Death, Rise of the Fallen, and the Ark's reveal.... Are at the meat of understanding the interconnectedness that has become so obvious as the years draw closer to whatever event emanates in our future.

The last few pumps of adrenaline wear off as Optimus Prime steps away from the Pyramids victoriously. My eye went directly to the movement on the Sphinx's Nose.... A bird flutters.

(Jake: Pretty sure that bird was an Eagle or Hawk!)

Micheal Jackson contributes a song to the soundtrack for "E.T." (E = 5, T = 20 thus 25, date of Micheal's death) "Someone in the Dark".

Some believe the Sphinx's nose resembled those of indigenous African ethnicity, being the reason it was defaced. Too vivid a reminder of the awesome power and potent influence of native culture.. perhaps.
"E.T" features the young Drew Barrymore referring to the Cosmic Consciousness symbol as "the man from the moon".
One of her brothers is called Michael.
Drew gifts plant consciousness upon the 'Moon Man' in the classic tearjerker ending.
In 2000/2k's "Charlies Angels" LL (77) Cool J pulls of his Black face to reveal him actually being the White Drew Barrymore.
"Charlies Angels" resonates the death of Farrah Fawcett (on the same day as MJ), this particular scene also echoing Micheal's transformation from Black to White.
Drew, the bad/214 girl of the three angels, falls for bad/214 guy, Sam Rockwell, who plays Zaphod in "Hitchers Guide" where 'The Answer' is 42.

Rockwell Stars in the upcoming "Moon", note the Black and White poster for the film.
Drew, our Bad angle who's family makes first contact in "E.T", does the Moonwalk to "Billie Jean" after kicking some ass in "Charlies Angles"
A cluster f*%$ of syncs that like a Buddha's finger, pointing at the MOON, tells as the eternal NOW is here.

Jim Again:

Perhaps now is the time to bring up that a DOVE is also a PIGEON. One we revere and one we look at with disdain. But they are the same.

The Dove points to the Pigeon.

Pigeon is also the Pig Eon, the Eon of the Pig, when Swine Flew/Flu.

In the Bible the Dove symbolizes the descent of the Holy Spirit. The Pigeon is also famous for being a carrier of messages. Messengers of the Holy Spirit.

In this image below is the famous Lord of the Miracles painting in Peru that is paraded around Lima every October. The painting depicts the Heavenly Father bestowing Dove onto Jesus as he is crucified. This image is also referred to as the Black Christ and is associated with the color purple.

The above film "my sister's keeper" entrains with Micheal Jackson's death as it was released the day after.
The "Charlies Angel" Cameron Diaz appears very susynctly as we have already seen Drew Barrymore in this slice of the sync web.
All these angel wyncs ad to Jim's insight of Michael Jackson as ArkAngel Michael.

"my sister's keeper" was REleased during the same 'weekend run' as "Transformers Revenge of the Fallen" (it being released on 24 July) shown to resonate Micheal's nose via the Sphinx. Stunningly it also resonates Angel as "the Fallen" is clearly alluding to Lucifer, the Fallen Angel.

Both Angel resonating films, "my sister's keeper" via Diaz and "Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (Angel)" hugging both sides of the 25th of June, the death of the ArkAngel MJ.

The element however that originally got me thinking of this poster image as connected to MJ are the bubbles...
Bubbles the chimp, seen in Jeff Koons' famous sculpture, is known because of his association with Michael Jackson.


I turn my head away from the PC at work, the one I'm typing on right now, towards my laptop off to the side, right after posting the above...
Bubbles, my screen saver setting of many months, are bumping around over stills from Charlies Angels.


I have to mention Michael's last name - JACKSON.

Son of Jack.

Jake and myself have increasingly become aware of The relationship between names that start with the letter J and the planet or sphere of consciousness known as Jupiter.

Jack connects to not only Jesus, but also to John the Baptist, and of course Jennifer and Juno.

Now the Jack that piques my interest is the Jack O' Lantern. The carved pumpkin.

Because Jack O' lantern is connected to October 31st, or Halloween/Samhain. The time when the world of the ancestors and our world is closest.

October 31st also just so happens to be the final day of celebration for the Lord of Miracle in Peru.

It is the big day of celebration at Juan Flore's centre Mayantuyacu. An all night party in the jungle with hundreds of people that come from all over the area.

I notice in the movie the Wiz (OZ) in which Michael Jackson plays the Scarecrow, that his nose is made black or missing like with the typical Jack O'Lantern or Sphinx. His Scarecrow look even resonates the real life loss of his own nose that is parodied in the South park episode with the Ark.

Jake, one more time:
MJ is backed by a rainbow on the "Moonwalker" poster.

Rainbows happen when light refracts at an angle of 42 degrees the number of Jupiter/Tin and 'The Answer' to 'Life The Universe and Everything'.
The rainbow again backs Michael Jackson in "The Wiz".
Michael's nose is highlighted by a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.
In "E.T", right after first contact, Michael remarks: "The G8's Is Open".
Reese's Pieces happens to be "E.T's" favorite candy.
Here he returns the Reese's StarG8 candy - sweets being ever mysteriously present, near and dear to Cosmic Consciousness - placing them upon Elliott's Hulk (Green Man/Osiris) bed spread.
Drew, our Charlies Angel meets E.T for the first time, receiving a glowing Octagonal halo.
At the same time the 2010 (Year We Make Contact) Tiger (Tiger being 2010's animal in Chinese Zodiac) sync wynks hello as a stuffed animal in front of Cosmic Consciousness.

Richard again: Having come back to the post and read all the great additions I want to chime in on the Dove/Pigeon sync. Jim points out that:

The Dove points to the Pigeon.

Pigeon is also the Pig Eon, the Eon of the Pig, when Swine Flew/Flu.

I've been keeping a track of Ewan McGregors career for a while now so I found this PigEON sync very interesting considering he starred as ONE in the movie Valiant:

Notice above that the Plant is emerging from the head of McGregors lead character (a nod to the Acacia/Tree/Head syncs mentioned earlier in this post). We also seem him doing the V/Peace sign and between the letters V and T we find the letters ALIAN (a nod to the ET syncs which Jake pointed out earlier).

Wondering if Ewan McGregor had further connections with Dove/Pigeon/Pig I had a quick search and noticed this article header:

Reading on I noticed that the Dove/PIGeon resonating McGregor chased a Pig around a circus 17 times...

Jake again:
MJ /23's "Scream" video has the exact same title as the Wes Craven film featuring Drew Barrymore.

We saw DB doing the Moonwalk in "Charlies Angels" and interacting with "E.T" just like Mike.

I find this continued strange attraction of Drew Barrymore (DB/42) to Michael Jackson most mysterious and fascinating.
She is the first person to be killed by the iconic 'Ghostface'.
This Halloween mask resonates Michael's distorted face, missing nose and white skin.
Ghostface is inspired by Edvard Munch's "The Scream" painting.
Looks to me like this scene is taking place on Jupiter.


Drew Barrymore. The ONE who collected more berries.

So now that DB is 42 is Jupiter, we can proceed with the revelation that in the film 2001 the astronaut that enters the Jupiter StarG8 is named David Bowman.

Bowman clearly resonating the Archer in the sky that points to Galactic Centre.

Sagittarius is fittingly ruled by Jupiter as well.

Then there is of course their is one the most famous DB/42er, David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust, once again leading us to the Archer and Jupiter.

Below is MJ in Blue & Gold, framed by Gold and his Jupiter resonating friend DBowie.

On the Halloween trail we can now bring up the forthcoming Rob Zombie film
and Ghostface Jackson resonating H2 (Halloween 2).

H2 is another lead back to the Manitoba Legislature, a hidden temple that looks like a big H from the sky. With Hermes on top it is an H on an H. When one starts putting H's on top of each other they become more like a ladder or film stock. Twist them and then they are DNA.

HH/88 = The G8 way to infinity that is within us all.

Richard: While pondering the Drew Barrymore (DB/42) and Michael Jackson (MJ/23) connection I recalled that DB had starred in BAD (214) Girls:

We find another reference to the late King of Pop (KOP? - Boy in Blue?) in the movie Lucky You. We've see that the letters JK entraining with Michael JacK-Sun and The Scarecrow (JK O'Lantern):

I found an interesting link between Drew Barrymore and the Nose thanks to a TV show she starred in called BOGIE (aka Booger):

In the same year DB (42) starred as MJ (23) in Altered States.

We also find DB in 'The Blue Issue' highlighting the letters LL. Notice that the 'The Best Jeans' (or Genes?) are mentioned down at the bottom left: