Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here Comes The Men In Black

Time Life, the publishers, I'm sure as you know, have a talent for glorifying things of course. But, really nothing I read past their description of M.I.B.'s has strayed me from the first feelings of wonder I got from reading TL's UFO Phenomenon book when I was around 8 or so. I still have it. Snuggled in between a Manly P Hall and The Wizard of Oz on a book shelf somewhere. The thing is it totally freaked me out. I mean aliens are one thing.... Right. But possible aliens in human skin gives one the hebbie jebbies. Not to say that's what MIB's or Men In Black are. Just sayin.

You'd be surprised though. There's very little about MIB's out there. And what you can find is hard to. So I've considered most of the mystery surrounding MIB's with just my imagination. John Keel helped.
Keanu Reeves is basically Super Man in The Matrix. They call him that by name and he actually comes outa a phone booth in number ONE, echoing Bill and Teds if you follow. Christopher Reeve is the main contemporary icon of Super Man. I just see the last name. Thumbsucker I've never even heard of. But the visual of the poster buts Keanu in a vivid MIB theme.See Super Man is just important to me I guess. I mean its the most obvious of names. Super Man is the world hero. He's Christ, Jupiter, Jake Sully. Keanu is J.ohn C.onstatine above. This is Reeves archetype.... The ONE who survives Doomsday. JC... Superman. To hell and back the theme.The glasses a disguise. A mask.
And surviving most sightings of UFO MIB intervention. Wrap around sunglasses. Pale skin, as if dead. Robotic as if a machine.... They say.The glasses take on a mortal/immortal division. Separating Gods from man. Super Men from the saved. An almost inarguable likeness to the most modern Ufology icon of pop culture, the grey.
The Super Hero...
Christ rises from the dead. Depicting the Jupiter Hero of the World beating Death/The Grim Reaper/Time/Saturn. Repeated Reeves is the one who beats time. He is in Black. Pale as if dead.Artificial Intelligence or the Machine has become part of our mythos out of necessity. Joseph Campbell knew it. And he noted it in Star Wars. Showing how the fear of a mechanical regime a symbol of the State as Well.The Orwellian prototype if you will.

Did you know Will Smith turned down The Matrix. He thought it was too crazy, he couldn't see it. Even admits regretting it.
Shia Labeouf dances around this thread. He's in I Robot with BIG Will, Constantine with Reeves, I mean the applications of Eagle Eye... Transformers on the outside... I mean it's silly.... Indiana.... Blade Runner.... Totally insane.
Death to the state. More Synchro-Gymnastics with John Hurt whose known for the scene adaptation of 1984 where he played Winston SMITH, and then reversing the role in V For Vendetta. He's against BIG Brother... He is BIG Brother. Of course Hugo Weaving does this too. He's V, little noticed because he wore the mask seen above the whole movie.... Most remember Hugo however as this guy.The parts are highlighted by the fact that he is represented as a mask of sorts. One that all wear. Hense the common name "Smith".... Agent Smith....
More importance is underlined as Roario Dawson is Smiths love interest in both Seven Pounds and MIB II. As if it's the same role for both following through the movies.
Totally strange to see Agent Smith's son with Keanu's Man In Black. And Im going to get weirder with it. Not trying to really follow a great insight perhaps, but definitely flabbergasted by the mystery of it all.Smith as the Dark Man or Man In Black. The Dark Man theme was caught by eye due to the fact that Karate Kid with J.ackie C.han came out at the same time as 2010's World Cup. Both featured the kicking silhouette and dropped relatively on top of each other. What goes through my head is the catch phrase from the Matrix.... Neo goes "I know Kung Fu"...The Kicking Silhouette of a Man In (Jack)Black.... Ok that's too far. But damn if it's not a head scratcher.

Love and Thanks...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthing the Last Judgement via Arnold Schwarzenegger

What some thought was Judgement, was only a Birthing.

This is the 20th Tarot Trump XX, the Last Judgement. The left hand version is the Golden Dawn traditional tarot Trump depiction which pre dates the New Age or Aeon Trump on the right depicting the Egyptian Child god Horus, created by Aleister Crowley and Freida Harris. Crowley updated the 20th Tarot Trump with significance relative to the spiritual forces which he felt were present in this new Age he declared in 1904, and this Spiritual Current was that of the Child, and the innocence of birth. From one perspective( that of the old aeon) one might see the Last Judgement Trump as an end, while another(new aeon) has symbolism of Birth and Beginnings.

Arnold Schwarzeneggers Career has synchronistically come into Pop awareness through the "Revelation" of his 10 year old secret Love-Child. Below is a video highlighting Arnolds careers themes of Judgement and the recurrence of Birthing and the Child, to the recent headlines of his secret Love-Child and the Last Judgemnt-Rapture weekend of May 22nd. I find this very cool that Judgement and Birth are in the news this week, because in the Tarot "The Aeon" Version of Trump XX (20) by Aleister Crowley, features Hoorparkraat or Harpocrates, the Child God of Innocence". That is because in the New Age, it is no longer common to beleive that just being born on this planet is an "Original Sin", it is now understould that we are born innocent children of the cosmos, and that this "Inner Child" is what we are all bonded by, rather than old age original Sin.

I beleive this innocence interestingly entrains with the May 21st event, as when "The Last Judgement" was supposed to come, and nothing happened(truely anything can happen at any time, prophecized or not), maybe those living in fear of "Sin" and "Judgment", on this day this year regained their some of their innocence to some degree or another, and maybe some are now questioning their Judgements of themselves and their fellow brothers and sisters that they have built up for their whole lives. Judgement came into the forefront and where did it get us? Where was it really coming from the whole time? Who was judging who this whole time? So here we are again, innocent babes of the mystery of being. We all got in touch with a little Judgement and Innocence this week. Enjoy this wacky Rapture Ripple , Namaste.

Sperminator - Judgement Day from Kephera on Vimeo.

2001 A Space Odyssey and 2010 the Year We Make Contact both feature this innocent Child of the Cosmos archetype that we are entraining with.

Childhoods End is another story from the universe of Arther C Clarke, this book particularly resonates with the Last Judgement/End Times Narrative. See the Wiki here

From Wikipedia "End Times-Literature"
"Childhood's End is a science fiction novel written by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, originally published in 1953, in which humanity is visited by aliens who resemble Satan. The aliens, named in the novel as the overlords, are seen in the role of "heralds" for a god-like force named the Overmind. A transformation occurs in the last human generation, which ultimately merges with this Overmind and resulting in the destruction of the earth and the solar system."

Friday, May 6, 2011

StarG8or with the one Eye/I

Spent a week working in The Pas, Manitoba, teaching kids video while spending my nights editing the sync video STARG8OR.

I have much to share, but in these moments I find it hard to put it into writing.

This video speaks for itself.

Thanks to @Seallion for his guidance and collaboration.

The cinematic rainbow bridge to Asgard is opening! Grab your POPcorn. This is going to be a fun ride.

StarG8or from Mayahuasca on Vimeo.

Robin Tunney moves past a lady wearing a T-Shirt reading "World @ Peace".
I watch her profile closely as she is Isis aka StarMummy and is signaling the impending "World @ Peace".
On 28 April 9pm Winnipeg time, The Mentalist episode "Redacted" airs. Me and Jim Sanders had just taken Ayahuasca. 9pm is the usual time Jim conducts his ceremony and I have enjoyed the fact that Robin Tunney - my sync muse of many years - regularly entrains with the Thursday ceremonies I have participated in.
One reason Thursday has been a popular day for ceremony is a little ritual that we have developed involving the ceremony charging up the experience of going to a new film opening on Friday. The level of entrainment - that is, the immediate environment echoing the personal and world affairs - we have witnessed by doing this is no doubt some of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.
The Mentalist, Simon Baker, his boss Robin Tunney & the CBI team must find the killer of a Mr. Fisher.
During the investigation we learn of a man with a middle eastern accent. Unbeknown at the time of watching this it would end up entraining with the big news that came on May 1 US time and May 2 Pakistan Time. That of course being the news of "middle eastern man" Osama bin Laden's death.
The man under investigation for the death of Fisher is from Baghdad, Iraq.
We further learn that Fisher was a Private Defense Contractor or Mercenary.

"helping to establish a free and democratic Iraq" says the "man with the middle eastern accent" below.
This would of course all be connected historically to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, events that are inseparable from 911 and Osama bin Laden.

Below is another time The Mentalist entrained well with world events, in this one the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan that lead to Radiation disaster.

May 2 was the Birthday of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and the death of Osama bin Laden.
(Well, so "they" say.. but a sync is a sync regardless of my feelings/opinions or actuality of "reality". Reality itself is in anyway just the creators great movie.)
Below DJ holds the BULLdog (between 124, a Jupiter set) perfect as this star is born in Taurus.
Here we see stills from his Southland Tales.
The voice over talks of terrorism "and the will to prevent another attack by any means necessary" as we see a Bull Elephant.
Water for Elephants was the first big film of Taurus (20 April - 21 May) opening on 22 April and featuring an elephant referred to as a Bull throughout.

Dwayne Johnson as Boxer Santaros is being manipulated by terrorists to help extort the government.
Pretty solid so far, a man born on Osama's death is associated to terrorists...
He meets Seann William Scott, also affiliated with the terrorists.
Narrator Justin Timberlake tells us here that Seann is impersonating his twin brother. The twins foreshadow the next sign after Taurus, Gemini, the twin brothers Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology.
Castor (a Gemini twin) or The Beaver is a film opening today (6 May), in Taurus, the sign preceding Gemini. The lines between things like numbers and astrological signs are just useful conventions of the mind and we see their neighbors essence intermingling.

I like that a Beaver is a Builder, as is someone who wields a Hammer, like Thor, also opening Friday 6 May.
Here is one of the Seann William Scott twins passing the Bulldog.
Director Richard Kelly must have a thing for these creatures as we see Donnie Darko's school mascot is a Bulldog.
As the film reaches its climax terrorist affiliated Scott is shot.
In the left eye no less, just like Osama bin Laden.

One of two eye's is removed leaving the singular. The EYE represents the I or Self becoming united/one upon discovering the existence of Itself. The all seeing singular eye of God is existence realizing it exists.
The Twins hold hands, uniting, this resulting in the opening a portal.
Stargate's and all other time-space distorting themes in movies represent the movement beyond the normal confines of thought and form. The crossing of the Event Horizon of what we perceive of as ourselves and our reality. The doorway is a focal point, the transition between what we think we are, and what we are rapidly becoming.
The film BAD Company is relevant as it stars Anthony Hopkins, who just opened in theaters as the one eyed Odin, father of Thor. Further it is about terrorism and stars another Rock in the form of Chris Rock.
The one eyed or Enlightened king, having moved from the dual self-other state into the united I Am Nosis.

This has the same symbolic meaning as the third eye just expressed differently. The third eye points to the Non Dual Self by representing it as more then Two. The missing eye points to the Non Dual Self by suggesting it is less then Two. It is neither and either.
In the trailer for Mel Gibson's The Beaver (opening same day as Thor, but not in Winnipeg, boo!) we see his one eye is also injured like Osama, Seann and Hopkins (and Frank "The Rabbit" in Donnie Darko).
The BAD or 214 are all present inside of, or comprise, the Jupiter symbol.
Rock as Jake in Bad Company "hustles chess & scalps tickets" for a living, above telling a client he cant get Lion King seats. Obama has recently compared himself to The Lion King. The simple and obvious sync here, that of OBAMA killing the similarly sounding OSAMA, speaks volumes about the nature of reality. GOOD=EVIL. Just as Jupiter/Joy=BAD. Nothing resonates anything more closely then its exact opposite, indeed they are the same.
"I Am" or God is not a Duality but something transcendent & beyond the ability to contextualize in form. Yet GOD is still GOOD, go figure...
Hopkins as Officer Oakes introduces himself to Jake/Rock...
Telling him he is one of Twins.
He is recruited to assume the role of his deceased spy brother who was in the middle of a deal to thwart the terrorists when shot and killed.

Wikipedia says this about Thor "a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, destruction, fertility, healing, and the protection of mankind."
So we have Odin father of Thor as Officer Oakes.
Here thunder goes off as Oakes steps out from behind a tree in Bad Company to confront a fleeing Rock.
Eventually Jake agrees to impersonate his brother and save the world, here learning the details of the terrorist network.
One of the terrorists is called "The Hammer" echoing Thor's weapon.

Our Southland Tales Rock, just like Bad Company's Rock, learns he has a Twin.
A Twin that appeared via interaction with a rift in space/time.

I love that it is Zelda Rubinstein who explains to Dwayne Johnson "the first human subject to travel through the rift would be a movie star". Movies and their Stars don't just represent the stories about portals and transcendence. They are the very tools of Self realization, it has always been cinemas destiny to open humanities Stargate. Keep this in mind when watching the non-local space-time object that is Jim's video StarG8tor. It shows how the portals in our movies have always been intended to connect up to each other beyond the knowledge of the individuals engaged in the creation of movies thus unveiling the real architect of all our projects.
See Kevin Halcott aka @Indradhanush42's a Thin Skin or Membrane especially part 3 to see how Zelda resonates the rainbow. Her explaining the rift to DJ makes perfect sense as a rainbow involves light bending at a 42 (a Jupiter/Joy set) degree angle.

In the Thor we see the powerful relationship the rainbow has with the Thunder God.
The portal from Thor and Odin's world, Asgard, to Earth is a rainbow bridge aka bifrost.

It opens on our Earth end like a vortex or tornado with rainbow light shining through the clouds.
Thor was actually already released, last week, on April 27 in many foreign regions (and limited in the US).
This date, April 27, was the according to wikipedia "the most prolific and destructive tornado day in United States history". See April 25-28 2011 Tornado Outbreak.

A film about the Storm God released on the same day seeing the biggest storms in US history...
The lightning and rainbow associations clearly echo Jupiter/Joy, the King of Sync.
We see Laurence Fishburne from Event Horizon is also in a film called BAD Company. We read the tagline "Specialties of THE HOUSE". Been syncing with that theme and watching the series HOUSE.
Jeff Bridges like Hopkins also made a Bad Company.
They're both one eyed men, Jeff Bridges in True Grit (and BAD Blake in Crazy Heart).
I Like how THOR and TRON Combine to give us all we need for NORTH.

Peace In


A bit of a treat here in the House episode for tonight (7 May), I'm currently at S1 E11 "Detox" from 2005. Amanda Seyfried does a guest star appearance, she's pretty big time now.
She was in something called "A Bag of Hammers" last year..
I first become aware of her in Chloe.
I enjoyed this poster for it with its bloody dripping Bindi Third Eye which we discussed a while back. The Red C/See of Chloe can be interpreted as Seeing Red, just like a Red Bindi Third Eye. Funny enough I had lunch with Jim at "Bindi's" this afternoon, so it goes..
Noticed this Red C in many House episodes, the one with Amanda being no exception. Chaught House with his Eye in the Red C above.

I would be satisfied with that entrainment but the sync gods are smiling on us today..
Amanda's boyfriend develops a clot in his left eye and goes blind on that side.
This echoes the affected eyes mentioned above, specifically the "left eye" of bin Laden. I wrote most of that today, same day I watch this House episode.
The doctors are able to treat the clot.

"I can C you"
"Detox" also sees House getting called out on his addiction to pills, echoing a theme that arises in StarG8tor.
Everything is in this crazy episode..
Even the Hammer makes a loud appearance in the hands of Omar Epps.

Look up "Bad Company" on IMDb and notice more "Bad Company" titles including this 1999 French one Mauvaises fréquentations.
Check out its star Maud Forget and notice that her Birthday was yesterday May 7, when this post featuring 3 other Bad Companies was made.
Decide to watch more of Bad Company with Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins. Hit play..
The very next scene, sees Rock's eyes being focused on.