Wednesday, May 20, 2009

EL's Microphone (Voice of the BIG ONE)

It is all there. A Blue & Gold BOWling ball, the big hAND, lightening bolts, 9/11 & WTC. BIGFOOT stepping on NY. Pig reference. StarG8 RED target with pentagrams. Statue of Liberty as well as $ on the Big One's socks that resonate I$I$.

Michael = El's Mic = Voice of the Big One


  1. I love the movie poster/pic mash-ups on this blog. They're like highly condensed sync videos.

    MMooRE all up in this E-Room...

    Big glove going on the big hand, one often sees (or doesn't see) masons with the white gloves, like Katun characters Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny

  2. That Bigfoot WTC image is crazy.

    Anybody catch the season finale of Lost?

    Oh Lordy...

  3. Groovy baby yaaaaaaah

    Canadian BacOZ, the big Oze. Crazy shit