Tuesday, May 14, 2013

StArmy Sync Log - Completing the Bridge at the Queen City Lodge

On the weekend of May 10th-12th Maestro Ayauasqueros Jim (@Syncwinnipeg) and Sara came to New York for a set of 3 Ceremonies. The first two in Brooklyn and Jersey, with Jennifer (@True) and the final with myself(@indradhanush42) and a Synchronicity Documentary crew in my current home base of New Paltz (New/Now Pulse) New York.   

The infamous "Ridge" and Tower of the Shawangunk Ridge in New Paltz. The indigenous people of this area have said this ridge is a Rift between our world and the spirit world. The mountains are said to have been the Jerusalem or holy land of the native people here.


I got the call from the StArmy that they would be arriving in New Paltz, after a stroll on the trail with some friends we were told to meet the team at a local Mediterranian food place "Moonlight Cafe". I laughed as soon as I heard the Sync Documentary crew chose this location for lunch, knowing that the sidewalk in front of this particular cafe holds a mysterious engraved 42 in the cement. 42 is a mega sync number that both @syncwinnipeg and I had been writing about simultaneously before knowing about eachothers work and experience. Jim bringing out the Jupiterian resonation and myself the Egyptian/Rainbow connection.

I knew we were off to a great start when we all met for the first time at the 42. 

As the StArmy moved through town we immediately began entraining with the Holyday upon which we all happened to link up. All were preparing to meet with Grandma Ayauasca as the Vines spirit is often referred to.  The Inner Jack is inside every one of us, waiting to wake up to the infinite potential of total love and joy.

We began our journey from New Paltz into the City of Poughkeepsie just over the Hudson River. Our initial plan was to have Ceremony at a friends place in Kingston, but as the StArmy numbers grew we had to relocate to a very special place.

We relocated to the nearby city of Poughkeepsie, just over the Mid Hudson Bridge. Which is, in fact a Rainbow Bridge at Night. Above is the StArmy overlooking the Hudson River before Ceremony.

The Rainbow Mid-Hudson Bridge

We had gotten a reminder from Jake(@Seallion) that in the film "The River Kwai" there is a scene where they say "My orders are to complete the Bridge by May 12th". Here we are at the Rainbow Bridge between New Paltz and Poughkeepsie, Bridging Mayantuyacu Peru, Winnipeg Canada, and New Paltz New York.

@Seallion also points out that May 12th is when the Terminator goes Back to the Future. This connects us to the film Time Travel from 2002 which was filmed in Poughkeepsie NY.

To see why the Rainbow Bridge in Poughkeepsie on May the 12th syncs with River rides, boats into the underworld and Rainbow Bridges. see my video below.

I just had a touching live Holy Moment while writing this blog post about our time in the Mountains of New Paltz and beside the Hudson River of Poughkeepsie. My girlfriend is watching Rosanne on Television. A beautiful song/icaro.

"There’s a river high in the mountains
That’s been flowin’ since who knows when.
No one’s sure just how it started,
But it’s never gonna end.

Our love is like that river,
Flowin’ through all time.
Heaven knows I need you,
And I’ll never change my mind.

Heaven knows how I love you, and I’ll never change my mind."

The Hudson River is not only a trademark of the Mountain region, it also connects to a very peculiar river known as the Wallkill River, flowing South to North, just like the River Nile (which is connected to the mysteries of the Duat/Rainbw Bridge/Underworld/Rabbithole). Of course the Wallkill river is estimated by Wikipedia as 142km long. This river flows through New Paltz and connects to the Hudson River.

"The Wallkill River, a tributary of the Hudson, drains Lake Mohawk in Sparta,New Jersey, flowing from there generally northeasterly 88.3 miles (142.1 km) to Rondout Creek in New York, near Rosendale, with the combined flows reaching the Hudson at Kingston.
The river is unusual because it flows north between two major south-flowing rivers, the Hudson and the Delaware River. It also has the unusual distinction of being a river that drains into a creek, due to being impounded shortly before the Rondout confluence into a small body of water called Sturgeon Pool near Rifton, and what reaches the Rondout from there is the lesser flow."  - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallkill_River

A friend of mine knows a fellow who has compiled information that leads him to believe the Wallkill River and Nile River, both South to North flowing rivers, share characteristics and context, I hope to find this article soon. They do look quite similiar by comparison. This adds interesting egyptian rainbow bridge/42 connections from the video above.

So back to Poughkeepsie where we were preparing for our Mothers Day Ceremony with Grandma Ayauasca. It's Syncy that Time Machine was filmed in Poughkeepsie, and shares castmember Guy Pearce with the film Promethius. I went to Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie where there are numerous statues of Promethius.

from Wikipedia
Poughkeepsie (pron.: /pəˈkɪps/) is a city in the state of New York, United States, which serves as the county seat of Dutchess County. Poughkeepsie is located in the Hudson River Valley midway between New York City andAlbany. The name derives from a word in the Wappinger language, roughly U-puku-ipi-sing, meaning "the reed covered lodge by the little-water place," referring to a spring or stream feeding into the Hudson River, south of the present downtown area.

Poughkeepsie is known as "The Queen City of the Hudson." Poughkeepsie is the principal city of the Poughkeepsie–Newburgh–Middletown metropolitan area, which includes all of Dutchess and Orange counties. It was originally settled in the 17th century by the Dutch, and became New York's second capital shortly after the American Revolution. It was chartered as a city in 1854. Major bridges in the city include the Poughkeepsie Bridge, a former railroad bridge now serving as a public walkway, and the Mid-Hudson Bridge, a major thoroughfare built in 1930 that carries U.S. Route 44 (concurrent withState Route 55) over the Hudson.

Through ceremony we completed the Mothers Day Bridge at the Queen City Lodge of Poughkeepsie, laying the foundation for our future journeys in the lands of New Paltz.

It was a Real A-Saucy-Aha kind of night at the Pizzaria. Ayauasca is an anagram for A Saucy Aha. Perfect because the brew can be quite saucy and leads to all kinds of Aha moments. Funny enough Occultist Aleister Crowley wrote a piece called Liber 242 or Liber Aha, the first chapter contains Rabbit Constellation and Rainbow synchronicity.

"Fashion thyself by austere craft
Into a single azure shaft
Loosed from the string of Will; behold
The Rainbow! Thou art shot, pure flame,
Past the reverberated Name
Into the Hall of Death. Therein

The Rosy Cross is subtly seen." - Liber Aha - 242

 Maestros Jim and Sara catching a slice of peace before ceremony.

Following the Saucy Pizzauasca ceremony, we all treated ourselves to some Organic Vegan breakfast eats at the Lovely Karma Road cafe, a fitting name and logo after our evenings journey. I like how the Road to the Heart looks like and Eye upon a pyramid, such as the all seeing eye of Horus, this is the all loving heart of your-us.

Karma Road is next door to Wine and Spirits, let it pour, let it pour, let it pour. The 27 sync winks.

Next the StArmy took a ride into the Shawangunk Mountains, above is a shot from the Ridge/Rift overlooking the Hudson Valley.

Our lovely Mountain Guide and new addition to the StArmy took us to Owasting Falls at Minnewaska state park. Minnewasqueros bringing the Love to the Land.

The flying MinnewOzca Monkey in front of our car at the overlook. Reaffirming the Rainbow/Oz/Rift connection with the Shawangunk Ridge.

The Minnewaska Preserve is on Mohonk Mountain, which is topped with a Lake called Skytop Lake. The Mohonk Mountain House also tops the mountain, and it has been rumored that it was part of Stephen Kings Inspiration in "The Shining". 

This connnection made our New Paltz Jack connect interesting as well.

Atop the Shawangunk Ridge and Mohonk property is the infamous Watchtower that crowns the Ridge/Rift.

Bob Dylan crashed his Motorcycle in this area on July 29th 1966, it is rumored that he wrote all along the watchtower while he recovered from the accident, Dylan called this crash a spiritual awakening and divides his career into pre and post crash. "All along the watchtower, princes kept the view".

We continued our Mountain Journey to the Owasting Waterfall where Jim greeted the trees with Peruvian Mapacho, building the bridge.

The Owasting Falls Sink/Sync whole.

The whole ridge is composed of Quartz Crystal, making it basically a spiritual transmitter.  There is definitely a special energy here, and the StArmy knows it will return soon.

We were also informed by @seallion via Twitter that a massive Solar Flare eruption occured just an hour into our A Saucy Aha evening in Poughkeepsie. This has happened before with the StArmy as well.

"the sun unleashed a colossal Mother's Day solar flare on Sunday May 12 in what has become the most powerful solar eruption of the year.
The giant solar flare, which registered as one of the largest eruptions the sun can unleash, peaked Sunday night at 10:17 p.m. EDT (0217 GMT) and was captured on camera by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. It sparked an hour-long high-frequency radio blackout, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center overseen by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration."

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/05/13/major-solar-flare-erupts-from-sun-strongest-2013/#ixzz2THmj6wtb

With the Ridge being a giant Quartz charm it is no wonder that this region is no stranger to UFO sightings and rich with folklore.

The nearby town of Pinebush is called the Roswell of the East Coast for its history of documented cases of UFOs. Pinebush has been a hotspot for researches and new agers. The town itself holds a UFO parade every year.

Also interesting is the connection between UFOS and Contact via Communion written by local author Whitely Streiber. This was written about his experience just miles from New Paltz in the town of Stone Ridge.

The Hudson Valley Region is also home of the Rip Van Winkle myth, the story of the man who went off into the woods and drank the mystical wine of the fairy elves, putting him into a prolonged sleepy trance, he woke up many years later to find he outlived all of his friends and family. 

It's also very magical that New Paltz is just miles from the town of Woodstock, famous for the Woodstock Festival of 1969, a massive convergence of people in the name of love and unity.

The "Aquarian Exposition" of Woodstock, 3 days of Peace and Music. So much about this area is charged with people power and the power of mother nature. With the massive city just 60 miles south of the region, the area is something of a retreat for many people. DB David Bowie owns a Mountain in Woodstock these days.

New Paltz was founded by French Hughenots, religous refugees looking for Spiritual Liberty in the new world, just like the indigenous Esopus tribes they were attracted to the Land surrounding the Shawangunk Ridge.

"The mountains hem us in. Beyond the mountains lies the world-a turbulent world of storm and struggle and opportunity. But the sturdy Shawangunks lift up their blue barrier and hold it back so that we in little old New Paltz can sleep on beside the drowsy Wallkill almost as we slept two hundred years ago."
- "The Story of the Paltz" by Cornelia E. Dubois & Elizabeth LeFevre 1915

[a Hughenot is]. . . a humanist who turned to the Bible to get his inspiration and learn the meaning of life. He was a thinking person who, because of his religion, had a keen zest for life for it had a purpose, and this made him an individualist who resented dictation. "The Trail of the Huguenots" by Reaman.

Speaking of Esopus, in 1914 Aleister Crowley was in his 42nd year and visited the Hudson Valleys Esopus Island just a few miles from New Paltz to take his Magical Retreat. This is interesting because 42 years is a revolution of Uranus and often marks a cycle in ones personal growth, Uranus is also the ruler of the Sign of Aquarius, the sign of the New Age hinted at by the Woodstock Aquarian gathering. See this link for more on Crowleys visit.

My band wrote the song "Magus in the Valley" well before we had heard of this true Magus' visit to our Valley. Super cool.

The New Pulse and the Road toe Wellville.

New Paltzs Mohonk Mountain House was the location where scenes for the film "Road to Wellville" were shot. This film focuses on medicine and healing, and the main characters name is "William Lightbody". This sync bomb features Anthony Hopkins, Matthew Broderick, and John Cusack.

Interesting that theres a seethrough framed pyramid behind his character on the cover of Road to Wellville, because New Paltz Campus houses a giant glass pyramid that is said to be inspired by the Shawangunk Ridge.

New Paltz Pyramid Power, for most of the StArmy New Paltz was the 3rd step or Capstone ceremony of their pyramid weekend.

Road toWellness also stars Dana Carvey, who is the Master of Disguise, member of the Infamous secret society the Turtle club.

"that cigar is from the private collection of Develen Bowman" DB=42 "can you give me the address for Mr. Bowman?"


Fly hummingbird fly < 3


The Day after writing this post a Full Circular Rainbow was around the Sun over the Hudson Valley and New York. A sure sign for the StArmy that the bridge mission is complete. Holy wow. < 3

While surfing old tunes to dig on today I happened across "on the silent wings of freedom" by YES. I had a feeling this song would connect with our weekend well. It's lyrics are highly in sync with our Ceremony, especially in that it was in a Pizzaria and this song is off the YES album TORMATO.

"On the silent wings of Freedom

Where I offer myself midst the balancing of the Sun
On the winds of Celestial Seasons
That would carry me on, midst the balance of being one
On the dream of our love Eternal
That will eventually bring our living once more with you

Where we are coming from
Or where we go
We only know we come with sound

Where we are coming from
Or where we go
We only know we go around and round

On the back of your forty-second screamdown (42nd)
Do you choose to be lost midst the challenge of being one
On the flight of regardless feelings
As you hurtle to fear midst the challenge of everyone


On the darkest night so painful
Do you hunger for love midst the torture of being one
On the passing light of Easing
Have you seen you inside midst the being of Everyone
To the common goal of Freedom
Where we offer ourselves midst the balancing of the Sun

Where we are coming from
Or where we go
We only know we come with sound

Where we are coming from
Or where we go
We only know we go around and round"
- On the silent wings of freedom by Yes from the album Tormato

Tormatos are a main ingredient in Pizza

On Thursday May 16th just 4 days after Ceremony my band played at the GUTTER in Brooklyn, a bowling ally/bar/venue. The Ninja Turtles are born of the GUTTER. Divinity and magick in all things low and high. TMNT

Our show was on the same night as Jake Kotzes first StArmy Webcast where he highlights the connection between sync, 42, and Tin Men. Our Poster for that very evening actually features a Tin Man.

Jake (@Seallion) and Jennifer (@True) did a beautiful webcast about Synchronicty, 42, Tin Men, and more on Thursday May 16th, click the image to check it out!