Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go Pop! Asspiring unto the Crown

Red Light. Stop.


Tonight on June 15th, 2011, as most of the world witnessed a total lunar eclipse, on the one continent not to experience it, was the 7th Game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Vancouver Canucks versus Boston Bruins. A Canadian team versus an American team.

During the Vancouver run to the Stanley Cup finals, the Green Men stood out with their antics.

In the image below there they are near the ice and the Canuck player RYAN Kesler #17

The hockey Green Men thing comes to a head in Vancouver 2 days before Green Lantern opens in theatres on June 17th.

#17 & the 17th.

Green Lantern stars RYAN Reynolds who was born in Vancouver.

Al this tells me is that from tonight through the 17th things are green. It does not tell me that Vancouver would win, because they lost 4-0.

The sync is not about the hockey it's about the green light.

Green is also the colour of our Heart Chakra.

The word HEART is an anagram for EARTH.

A Green Heart is a Green Earth.

This time last year various memebers of the Sync Whole gathered in Winnipeg under the moniker of the Cosmic Ti69er. This took place between June 18th & June 22, 2010.

On June 17th, 2010 we posted this:

Cosmic Ti♋er: We Shall Dance! (I Pity the Fool)

This little gathering was inspired by the graphic below also titled The Cosmic Tigger.

The green heart lights up the earth

The green light is also commonly associated with traffic lights.

Green light means GO!

Now where I have recently seen the word GO is in a couple of places.

Re-watching the sync video 420 Bullseye I notice the scene where I show the Libyans and Eugene Levy yelling GO!

420 Bullseye from Rough Video on Vimeo.

The Libyans & Levy yelling Go and pointing their Jupiter fingers seems more poignant considering the next GO sync that has got my attention recently.

The date July 15th can translate as the word GO.

7/15 = GO! ( G = 7 O = 15 )

July 15th is a Friday and cinema/temple day in which the final Harry Potter movie is being released as well as the new Winnie-the-Pooh movie!

The Harry Potter movie states boldly "IT ALL ENDS."

Funny how Pooh's reaching the end of the Hunny POT by turning it upside down so that the bottom is now the TOP.

Notice the 2 N's or they can flipped as Z's. One as the mark on Harry POTter and one as an N on the Hunny POT.

Made me think of ZZ TOP.

When it all ends it is then time to GO!

As we approach the GO date of ASScension, perhaps many of us, like Eeyore, are dragging our ASSes up to Heaven. Regardless of our slackery we are all going to get there soon enough. (not that I know at all if July 15th is really a Go date for ascension. All it can be is beautiful. Sync is nothing more.)

The occurrence of the number 17 as a date and the number in the picture of the Vancouver Canuck player leads us to revisit the idea that 17 can mean "1 to 7" as in from level 1 to level 7.

There are 7 chakra levels. The 7th is the Crown.

The Japanese Nuclear Meltdown is a very powerful pointer to this 1 to 7 process of the earth's kundalini rising to the crowning state.

The IAEA has a 7 level scale to measure Nuclear Accidents. Japan is a 7.

This is an idea explored with the help of Val Kilmer.

To watch the video I made about the level 7 Meltdown go HERE.

Perhaps another cool sync weaving it's way into the picture right now is Jupiter.

Thanks to the amateur astronomer Christopher GO, we have amazing visual tracking of the Jovian planet.

It was just last year at this time that Jupiter had lost it's Red Stripe. Mr. GO kept us informed the whole time.

Now he proudly states the Southern Equatorial Belt is back among many other awesome and weird happenings to the face of Jupiter.

"Note the two dark red cyclonic ovals on the NEBn with a white anti-cyclonic oval in between." - Christopher Go on June 11, 2011.

Jupiter looks like a smiley face as Stefan put it.

Two red eyes, a white third eye in between and a big smiley mouth underneath.

Christopher Go = Christopher Robin.

This June 21, on the solstice, Cosmic Tigger time, the NHL board votes on Winnipeg officially getting a hockey team back. June 21s is the solstice and also the beginning of Cancer.

The Keystone moment.

The blue man now appears.

On July 16, 2011, the day after Winnie-the-Pooh movie opens around the world, The Blue Man group performs in Winnipeg, the city that the little pooh bear is named after.

July 16, 2010 a year before the July 16th, 2011, Blue Man group performance in Winnipeg, Inception opened in cinemas.

Inception opened on July 16th, 2010 and contained the Red C/Sea.

A Red C that looks a lot like the Red C of the Centennial Concert Hall that will host The Blue Man Group in Winnipeg on July 16, 2011.

July 16th is also the anniversary of the 1994 filming of the Shoemaker Levy 9 Comet hitting Jupiter.

The Comet Inception sync of July 16th was written about here at the Sync Whole last July. Read it HERE.

"I'm walking through the Hundred Acre Wood. I'm frozen with fear. I'm not feeling very good.
I'm stumbling through the Hundered Acre Wood if I could leave I surely would.
I'm lost in the Hundred Acre Wood. I'm searching for friends. I'm singing a song. I'm making it understood.

Winnie-the-Pooh. Winnie-the-Pooh. Where are you?
Winnie-the-Pooh. Winnie-the-Pooh. We need you."

New Update - Jim:

The other movie to open today, June 17th, same day as Green Lantern is Jim Carrey's new movie Mr. POPper's Penguins.

I noticed on a TV commercial the Mr. Popper's Penguins was associated with this weekend being Father's Day, or POP's Day. The clever marketers of the film knew to tie in Popper with Pops.

I've always felt Pop is a pop. God is a moment of realization like popping a balloon. When we pop a balloon the air inside and the air outside become one. Heaven & Earth merge.

Why this Jim Carrey sync is even more cool is that Mr. JC has often been associated with the Green Man as well.

Sync Whole follower @barrychills noticed the Jim "Green Man" Carrey sync and felt inspired to write about it. So I have added his work below:

Here is it:


OK to start with i would like to share my recent syncs with mr Jim Carrey/ JC/ 23- always been a big fan of his work but more importantly i grew up on BATMAN and vividly recall watching Batman Forever @ the apollo cinema.

The film appears on BT vision this week as part Vision Film Club's comic book heroes - so i watch it for the first time in a long time - and picked up so much (the 3d tv that Edward Nigma/ riddler theme is very powerful) watch below

The date on the poster (June 16th) is the exact day i decide to write this down which is perfect! The Day after the eclipse/ red moon, i had also recently been reading about JC's resonance with the Green Man on the sync whole read HERE (which was posted on Nov 11th or 11/11 which we celebrate as rememberance day here in the UK,

"I'm wearing a suit that I've had made," he told us. "It's the latest in nanotechnology, so I'm able to project whatever I want on it. I'm going to be revealing that at the MTV [Movie] Awards," he teased. "This is something I've created myself; I'm kind of Bruce Wayne in that kinda way. I have a lot of interesting and very cutting-edge technology that I work with, and I want to unveil it at the Awards."

June 16th - BBC /223 headlines

"space telescopes GREEN RING image"
"Kids who play with fire"
"Apples - British to the core"

which connects to sync ra's post about the cosmic tigger

(OS/Oz 69 on the cycle home today)

anyway so i went on imDB to check out "The Core"

And there it is BAD - 412 and the apple

Aaron EckHEART stars in both 'the core' and the 'dark knight' as two face, directed by Chris Nolan

Nolan directed Inception which opened on July 16th, 2010. One the dates highlighted by Jim in his post.

which leads me back to Green as it is the opposite of RED on the colour wheel - being familiar as i am an art student and have used the colour theory quite abit recently

'Most color wheels are based on three primary colors, three secondary colors, and the six intermediates formed by mixing a primary with a secondary, known as tertiary colors, for a total of 12 main divisions; some add more intermediates, for 24 named colors.'

Which brings me to harry potter 7 (7 chakras)

heart = earth =green charka

green vs red?


HP - Hunny POT
'go bowling'


I just want to add one more sync.

In Like Mike we have Eugene LEVY telling Lil Bow Wow to "GO!" as he points his Jupiter Finger at the Hoop. (Basketball resonates Winnie-the-POOH through the word HOOP.)

Eugene LEVY connects to the Shoemaker-LEVY comet that impacted Jupiter in 1994.

This year is also a year of biblical scaled flooding and constantly the news has been about LEVEES breaking or soon to break.

To me this Levee/levy sync points to the impending break of a spiritual levee breaking and releasing a flood of spirit. This is the pop. This is the inception we are all waiting for.



The Flood of Honey, the Churning of the Ocean of Nectar. The seas of Spirit are stirring!

Oz is over Flowing.

Levees break in Kansas City(Oz=Kansas=Heartland=Heart Chakra)

Mother Mary Momma Universe is about to ride the Donkey. Symbolic of the Summer Solstice when Momma Universe(as received by earth) rides the Sun/Son in the sign of Cancer the Crab.

Gamma Cancri is a star system in the constellation Cancer. It has the traditional name Asellus Borealis (Latin for "northern donkey colt").

The Light/Christ also rides the Donkey into the Holy City of Jerusalem. We are all Angels riding Asses back into our own Holy Kingdom.

Asspiring unto the North/throNe

Asspiring Northward/throNeward is aspiring unto the Crown

ASScension is underway and we are headed UP. That is to say Northward/Throneward.

The North is generally identified with the Heavens or the Throne/Home of the Gods, the Eternal world of Spirit. The Northernmost part of planet Earth is inhabited by Penguins.

In Kabbala the Crown of the Tree of Life - Kether - is considered to rule over the Northernmost aspects of the starry heavens.

Kether the Crown is where totality rests is in its unmanifested state. The Fool Tarot Trump is the first expression or thought in Gods mind to create anything and become manifest. All the Aces of the Tarot are given to the Sphere of Kether. Ace Ventura, the Adventure to Heaven.

The Fool Tarot Trump is given to the First Path of Creation as it Joyfully bursts from the Unmanifested Sphere of Kether GOing towards the manifested state. The Fool connects Kether- the Crown to Chokmah-Wisdom. Joy,Comedy, Lunacy, Laughter, Madness, and senselessness/trance are connected with the nature of this Trump/Aspect of our Soul.

This card is numbered 0, this is perfect as the Fool represents the primary beginings of every-thing, that is everything in its shared state of becoming. This primary state or first premises of all eternity- is the Joy/Comedy/Cosmic giGGle of co-creation of reality through Love. Aleister Crowley noted said this about the Holy Joy of the Fool.

The Fool is also deeply rooted in the Green Man/Holy Madman of Spring. Aleister Crowley makes this association clear in the Book of Thoth.

The "Green Man" of the Spring Festival. "April Fool." The Holy Ghost.

"This tradition represents the original idea adapted to the under- standing of the average peasant. The Green Man is a personification of the mysterious influence that produces the phenomena of spring. It is hard to say why it should be so, but it is so: there is a connection with the ideas of irresponsibility, of wantonness, of idealization, of romance, of starry dreaming."

The Fool stirs within all of us at the return of Spring, and be cause we are a little bewildered, a little embarrassed, it has been thought a salutary custom to externalise the subconscious impulse by ceremonial means."

"The connection between foolishness and holiness is traditional. It is no sneer that the family nitwit had better go into the church. In the East the madman is believed to be "possessed", a holy man or prophet. So deep is this identity that it is actually embedded in the language. "Silly" means empty-the Vacuum of Air-Zero-"the silly buckets on the deck". And the word is from the German selig, holy, blessed. It is the innocence of the Fool which most strongly characterizes him. " - Crowley, Book of Thoth

The Fool in us and the Tarot Comes before all as the 0 or primary state of being but when we are KKlimbing and returning to Heaven from Earth, the Fool is the final/Northernmost Card and Path in our Journey from the bottom of the tree as we approach Heaven/Godhead.

Being that Jim Carrey is a strong resonator of the first premises Fool/Joy/Comedy/Cosmic giGGle, it is perfect we see him arising alongside Penguins which are beings that live in the northernmost TIP of the Planet.

In Bruce Almighty we see Jim Carrey, the Fool, having returned to norTh/Throne of the Eart learning how to Co-Create with God. This is about our remembering of our Soul-Nature, that is beyond form, time, and all other conditions. When culture resonates with the Fool/throNe/North this is a beautiful sign of our return to Heaven, Starhood - Godhood. Were all getting our Thrones and Crowns back.

Green Man Jim Carrey at the North Pole as the Grinch

"THE FOOL is the negative issuing into manifestation; THE UNIVERSE is that manifestation, its purpose accomplished, ready to return."
- Aleister Crowley, the Book of Thoth

Aleister Crowley upon an ASS as he ASSpired North/Throneward toward the tip of the Himalayan K2 mountain.

"Each human being is an element of the cosmos, self-determined and supreme, co-equal with all other gods"
- Aleister Crowley, The Law is for All

JC as a resonator of Fool Consciousness arriving back at the Northern Throne with the Penguins is a beautiful narrative of our return home to Soul/Star consciousness.

I realized while Skyping with Jim @syncwinnnipeg about my first ever Synchromysticism presentation here in NY on July 15th, that this was a GO date, and resonator of Cosmic Ti69er and Hunny/ and PO(First father)oh Bear. Jim informd me that 7=G and 15=O making 7/15 spelling GO! This is the date that everything GOes UP.

I later realized that I booked my event at /Root Cafe which is at 60 Main Street New Paltz. 60 looks just like the word GO too.

When we ask ourselves who is telling who to GO, we realize that all begins and ends with US, and we acknowledge our C0-Creative union with everything.

Crowley was once in a foolish trance, and let the deity Hadit-who is understood to represent the Star in all of us speak through himself.

"I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star."

"Come unto me" is a foolish word: for it is I that GO"

Hadit is symbolized by a Red Dot which reminds me of the single Jupiterian Red Eye/Red Dot/Balloon on the poster for the new Winnie the Pooh Movie. GO and 50 entraining with KeaNeo reeves in Speed, alongside Dennis Hopper who is also in Easy Rider. By seas of Hunny do do we receive the Flood and return to Heaven.

"THE FOOL is the negative issuing into manifestation; THE UNIVERSE is that manifestation, its purpose accomplished, ready to return.
" - Crowley, the Book of Thoth

"When anything that's anything becomes nothing that's everything
And nothing is the only thing you ever seem to have"

Only time will tell if I'll allow
The scenery around to eat me alive

I want to sleep for weeks like a dog at her feet
Even though I know it won't work out in the long run
So I burn down the walls, breathe like a shadow
Those arms I once knew hold me like ghosts
I learn how to speak forgotten language
I fall in the sea but forget how to swim

When anything that's anything becomes nothing that's everything
And nothing is the only thing you ever seem to have

But only time will tell if I'll allow
The scenery around to eat me alive

I want to sleep for weeks like a dog at her feet
Even though I know it won't work out in the long run
So I burn down nepal, breathe like a shadow
Those arms I once knew hold me like ghosts
I learn how to speak defeated language
I fall in the street as I howl at the moon

When anything that's anything becomes nothing that's everything
And nothing is the only thing you ever seem to have

Love- Kevin

Jim: Awesome Kev. Just as you wrre posting thiese additions I was at the cinema seeing The Green Lantern. Outside the theatre were 2 ads for upcoming movies.

Winnie-the-Pooh & Larry CROWNE.

The Hunny Crown!

Kevin: Love and RIP Ryan Dunn of JackASS. Who passed away today, during the Suns entrance to Cancer, which is composed of Two Asses, or Donkeys/Jackasses. This is the ignition of ASScension 2011.

"NUMBERS 22:23 And the ass saw the angel of the LORD standing in the way, and his sword drawn in his hand: and the ass turned aside out of the way"