Saturday, July 31, 2010

Inception of OZ

The Law of 4
(3 + 1)
three kings in being. . .

needs heart to balance intellect. . .

(PO TIN Man)

needs to overcome his fear and die. . .


he needs mind to understand the dream. . .


needs to wake up and bring us home. . .

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fox G*love

Mr. Fox: [sighs] Who am I, Kylie?
Kylie: Who how? What now?
Mr. Fox: Why a fox? Why not a horse, or a beetle, or a bald eagle? I'm saying this more as, like, existentialism, you know? Who am I? And how can a fox ever be happy without, you'll forgive the expression, a chicken in its teeth?
Kylie: I don't know what you're talking about, but it sounds illegal.
-who ya gonna give that apple to Foxy?

Kevin: Awesome work RA! This reminds me of FOX Mulder from the X(24-42)-Files who lives in Apartment 42!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Beginning of Something BIG; page:One, daddy:Zero

Po Tolo (Sirius B) is the oldest of stars, and its name means 'deep beginning'. It is a twin of the Po - the Black hole at the center of the galaxy. The Dogon consider Po Tolo the reservoir and source of all things in this realm, and the germ of creation for our Solar System. They say it is the smallest, yet heaviest of celestial objects, and that it ejects it essence out into creation by its fast spinning. The particles of its essence are 'infinitely small'. - As lifted from a Dogon Cosmology web page.

Richard Arrowsmith started his Sychromystic career following Paw Prints. The paw prints like the one in the Kung Fu Panda poster above inevitably leading him to there relation to suns or stars. If you review the poster above you will notice that sun like rays are emanating from his(Kung Fu Panda's) paw print. The Paw Prints with the Pair of Pentagrams then lead him into the realm of the Dog star Sirius. As seen above in the Dogon Cosmology, The Kung Fu Panda, although he is not a dog, shares the name of one of the stars in binary star system known to us as Sirius.The Star has sense been sighted as the 2 Pentagrams(Binary Star System) accompanied by references to a Black Star.Highlighted perfectly in this poster from Harry Potter, Sirius Black is accompanied by a Pair of Pentagrams(right above June 4th).... Sirius has taken the form of actor Gary Oldman, in this case, and today I was reminded of this fact by the likes of Jim Sanders.


@satoriallme You know Gary Oldman is in Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom and his character is named Peacock.

He tells me this information knowing my past with Peacocks.Peacocks are my sort of totem or familiar that follow me around right before something I'm supposed to pay attention to happens. At least this is the explanation I give myself, truth is I don't know why the fuck they follow me around.
They just do.
I don't even necessarily like them, or at least I didn't until all this shit happened. You could say that in a way Peacocks are my Big Bang. My Inception, like Richards was Sirius...But I'm getting a head of myself.

Peacocks are a symbol of many a god and goddess it turns out. The are associated with the Virgin Mother as the video above points out however they are also liked to the messiah as well. Richard has gone to great lengths to feature their connection to the Dog Star Sirius as well as the Peliedes and therefore perhaps our own partner Star.... This theory based in the research of Binary Research Institute that says one of these Star Clusters is actually part of our solar systems rotation. This plus the Black Star Theme mixed with the movie 201o: The Year We Make Contact(2010 is the year of The Tiger(a character in Kung Fu Panda) ) which itself shows the birth of a binary star with in our solar system gives us the symbolic birth of a messiah like character.... I repeat, that this is at least symbolically.

It must be remembered that Jesus was called by some the Eastern Star and the Star in 2010: The Year We Make Contact was named Lucifer or light bringer a term used to represent most any savior type being through mythos. Whatever is easiest for you to attach to, savior or star, your free to do so, but I'd suggest going full fledged on neither. It is evident though that the symbolism seems to be drenching our modern Po(P) culture.

Now if we go back, after that exhausting recap, to remember the Panda's name Po which it shares with Sirius B. In the Dogon tongue they say the name means 'deep beginning'.

origin: an event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events...

That above is the online definition of the word Inception. A movie that at the writing of this post has soaked up most of the attention of this cinema dream we find ourselves in.In the post The Lion Kingdom Cobbler we looked at Cillian Murphy's composite character as Jesus Christ. This is highlighted by his character in the Batman series, that you can see was directed by Nolan who also did Inception, as J. Crane(JC) or the Scarecrow villain. Emphasized by the fact that Murphy is "The Mark" or X in the movie poster above and that scarecrows are perched upon crosses like the savior himself.A fine acting job by Cillian in the little talked about movie Peacock that also stared Ellen Page, who was in Inception as well.... This movie being called Peacock was a red flag that I needed to pay attention.

This movie deals with a man who had an over bearing and abusive mother, after the death of which he takes on his mothers role in true Psycho style. Now the movie has many points, for instance he as his mother makes him a Mother Man highlighted by the resemblance of this poster above to The Mothman Prophecies ink blot poster that we won't touch on as of yet. The movie also begins with corn seeing that it takes place in the town of Peacock which is a town that largely grows that particular crop. In fact some of the first shots are of our scarecrow and corn. One shown above somewhat in-distinctively. After a train crashes in his backyard(a symbol I associate with destiny) He/She is forced to interact with the town as both the male and female aspect of himself, this film is largely about coming to grips with the dark female or lunar self. Of course it also features a child born to our JC by Ellen Page but raised without him knowing fitting the criteria explored in the video Isis Incognito(shown above) perfectly. (IE a child raised by mortals and born of gods or just raised away from his father; Moses, Jesus, Superman). However it was the appearance of the number 297 that caught my attention in this flick.

The numbers 2,9, and 7 appear somewhere in this film and perhaps not even together. What happen is that I was surprise to find them there instead of our usual 42 or 23 or some variant there of. I was busy mixing the numbers up and trying to find some relevance to them through math or some other sync trick when I though of the combination 297 and immediately saw it on a license plate ahead of me. I saw it four more times in that exact form of 297 before the end of my work commute and had completely forgotten it's use in the movie by that time.... I was by then pondering my sanity and little else. What the heck did 297 have to do with anything?Soon after one of the lifts we use at work, yes you guessed it my job is far from glamorous, the BIG lift in fact, drives by with the stickers shown above that someone has decorated it with. The word BIG looked funny to me that day, slightly out of place. I see BIG foot in many weird cinematic adventures and associate it with Jim Sanders, BIG Foot being somewhat his familiar. I then realized that the word BIG is the alphabetical equivalent to the numbers that had been following me that day. B=2 I=9 and G=7. The numbers melted away never to be seen again, the word BIG on the other hand was suddenly everywhere. You can literally think of dozens of interesting sync movies from Big Lebowski to Tom Hanks Big that could crowd this post, however more interesting are the fresh ones we see recently popping up in our cinema temples. Above is BIG Baby brought to our attention by Jake and shown to have a connection to the BIG Baby of our year of the Tiger.A Baby is an Inception or Beginning and perhaps in this context a "Deep Beginning". On the Left is the poster for 2010; The Year We Make Contact with the star child David Bowman(DB or 42) seen as the bringer of Jupiter's Inception to becoming Lucifer. On the right is Sync Head Philip K Dick's story of the coming messiah entitled The Divine Invasion. This highlights the relationship between the new sun(Sirius/Lucifer?), Jupiter, and the "BIG" Baby.Jack Black(Star) in King Kong spotted with the 42 of Jupiter behind his head, already seen of course as Po and his second sun reference.He also Stars as Gulliver in the up coming film Gulliver's Travels, this gives our man the opportunity to play a reverse role as King Kong now showing the relationship between the two films. The catch phrase at the top tells us that the BIG Baby and Black Star are irrefutable linked at this point. The Beginning is near based on the word NEW. This movie was actually called Nanny McPhee Returns until recently when it was titled with the call name of the true Inception. That being The Big Bang. The BIG Bang entraining with the Kung Fu Panda title called the Ka Boom of Doom or the after sound of the Beginning/Inception explosion.

I would try to convince you that I know what all this means, however I have no fucking clue, I will leave you with some comforting quotes from the movie 2010 as my part in this post draws to a close.

HAL: What is going to happen?
Dave: Something wonderful.
HAL: I'm afraid.
Dave: Don't be. We'll be together.
HAL: Where will we be?
Dave: Where I am now.

toure, the water dog:

"what does it mean when you dream that you're falling..."

the full synknificance of Ellen Page's role as the Architect in Inception hasn't really hit home for me yet, but, as these things go, the lack of complete understanding of the pattern doesn't stop it from screaming at you. i've tried to just be watchful and wait until the screaming dies down and the picture becomes more clear, but by that time, there are half-a-dozen other patterns warming up, calling you, taunting you with the teasing promise of heavy metaphysical implication... starting to sound like a crazy person... in any case, with a lil' help from miss Page -who i've declared as my momentary muse- i'll try to translate some of the screaming.

little red-C riding hood

i'd never heard of ellen page before i saw the movie Hard Candy. if you haven't seen it, see it. according to ellen, the choice of wearing a red hoodie for the first act had nothing to do with fairy tales or metaphorical wolves; she just digs hoodies. y'know; coincidence.

the synks, memes and messages in a film like this are glaring, but the most prominent among them -by far- is the man-girl relationship. on one level, there is a simple, black-and-white moral tale: dirty old pedophile = bad, victimized young girl = good. this pretense is short lived though; before you know it, the hapless goodie-girl is kickin ass, and (spoiler alert) the viewer begins to feel just a bit of pity for the mean old "predator". and of course, just as things start getting muddled, the daddy issues come up. is the cold vengeance we see played out simply a misguided daughter redirecting rage over her own missing/inadequate/deceased father (figure)?

i noticed the pattern of the violent little girl during my earlier goddess research, but when you throw in the connection with PoP, seemingly separate patterns start to bleed together...

under the red hood

hell hath no fury like a pissed off lil' girl

just pull the trigger, lil' mama

in films like Kill Bill, Leon (The Professional) and Interview With a Vampire, the roles are a bit blurrier with the use of surrogate father figure; the Little Girl Lost begins to fuse "father" with "lover" as she's forced to mature. that theme has it's own implications given the heavy-handed pedophilic leanings of Hard Candy and the strange turn taken in Juno, ellen page's first biG role (get it? it's funny cuz she's soo little! teehee), where Jason Bateman decides that lil' ellen is hotter than Jennifer Garner. go figure.

jason bateman makes his move on lil mama

synkwise, bateman always brings to mind BaTman -who has some father issues of his own- resonating the recurring darkMan/blackStar/sirius pattern that we here at the SyncWhole just can't get enough of... (that's a bit of a jump, i know, but there's more meat here, trust me). batman, as a character, bears a striking resemblance to the Big Daddy character from this year's Kick Ass, in which the murderous little girl easily steals the show...

just a few days before the writing of this post, DC animation released Batman: Under the Red Hood, adding a lil more synk-weight to ellen's red hoodie.

the biG daddy character -given the context of lil' red riding hood- also reflects the biG bad wolf (biG bad Flow?) of grimm's famous fairy tale. strange: the wolf in that story impersonates lil' red's mother, synking up with the MotherMan meme... which i suppose extends to Nick Cage's biG Daddy, (as well as Pitt's Louie and Leon) as he plays a single father... in any case, the biG bad wolF synks a bit more solidly through Patrick Wilson, the actor who plays the bad wolF/predator who becomes lil' ellen's prey in Hard Candy:

he also plays the Nite Owl in Watchmen, another character who likes to dress up like batman...

. . .

i had intended to stick a but more closely to the original ideas of the post, but, well...
i got to wandering... just following my muse...

nice hoodie

in Inception, ellen page plays The Architect, the title given to the weaver of the dream, the creator of the dreamworld. as a maze builder, she reflects the spider-mother aspect of the goddess as the weaver of webs; the circular maze she draws to pass Leo's test is quite web-like, and her character is named Ariadne, which sounds an awful lot like Arachnid... i have my own theories about the true role and power of the architect in the Inception team, but for now we can see the man-girl relationship in this film is more of a father-daughter type, given that lil' ellen is taking over doing what leo once did under his tutelage.

...but that's the kicker; throughout most of Inception, she appears to be teaching him.

upon further reflection, with all her advice and guidance, the relationship between leo and ellen starts to look more like a mother-son pattern. for example, the two of them alone enter limbo as per her suggestion... now her choice to craft a pawn as her totem makes more sense; she- as the architect -is actually a pawn, and she -as a pawn- is actually the architect.

the big bang created us. we create the big bang.

Richard: Here's a short video I've been working on over the last two days. It features the floW-man Hugh Jackman and the Lion Cub/Cobb DiCaprio, two actors who have shared screentime with the lovely Ellen Page.
Why so Sirius?

In the Hard Candy poster Ellen reminds me of a Red Pill that's about to be swallowed.
Hugh Jackman (the BIG BAD Wolferine) is symbolically swallowed as he begins his descent into the Underworld:

The Mouth/Teeth can represent the Portal through which each of us are born:
BIG Babies must navigate their way through this Whole if they ever wish to make Contact with the Divine...

To reach the DivIne you've got to be willing to Dive In.
One final thought on the Teeth.
In 2010: The Year We Make Contact actor Roy Scheider is sent to Jupiter to learn what happened to the Discovery.
Scheider is probably most famous for his role as Chief Brody. The guy who goes on a space-mission to Jupiter is also the one who willingly steps into the Jaws...


I got something coming, and I really wanted to add to this today, but my train didn't arrive. I might need some help getting out of this limbo, out of this belly of the whale . . .
someone get me a train. . .

. . . I'm beginning to make sense of the pattern,
to see an exit from the Labyrinth, to understand the Corn Maze,
(that or I've gone crazy in a lighthouse)


Great stuff Will. Your Peacocks have never left me since you turned me onto them years ago when I used this pic I got from Frank Albo.

The fact that G.Oldman, Sirius Black is playing the Peacock in the Kaboom of Doom. Well that rocks.

The word KABOOM excites me. Heck there is even a movie coming out right now called KABOOM that stars the actress JUNO TEMPLE as a girl named LONDON (2012/XXX Olympiad).

When I was 18 years old I got a job as a mascot for a Winnipeg semi-pro basketball team called THE WINNIPEG THUNDER.

Their logo was a Polar Bear gripping the world as a ball and backed by a down pointing Delta.

I got the job at the time because I had experience as a gymnast and could slam dunk off a trampoline. My partner at the time went on to be one of the best mascots for the NBA Raptors.

This below was my trading card.

I find that the new Kung Fu Panda movie to come out in 2011 is called THE KABOOM OF DOOM quite awesome.

When I hear KA-BOOM, I see it as an explosion of KA, or Spirit. The Inspiration/Nosis/Sync KicK that comes from within.

Interestingly enough is that DOOM is not only MOOD, but as Jake pointed out to me today, it is WOOD.

My tweets from earlier today as I was rolling up a Mattress from last nights Ayahuasca Ceremony and on it it said WOODS.

The WOODs are scary. They are scary to us because they hold the key for us to overcome our fears and find true peace.

We are the Woods.

Back 2 the 4rest.

But PO the Yin-Yang Galactic Centre Bear of Sirius repute, and Winnie-the-Hood are our friends and guides back into the Forest Community.

In Winnipeg, the Lion is strong as our newest exhibit at the Winnipeg Zoo is a Lion one. There are adds all around town with a picture of a Lion that says MANE ATTRACTION. Here is a quick video about the new Lion Exhibit with the Peg's Mayor, Sam Katz (who used to be my boss when I was the mascot!). He is inaugurating the Mane Attraction. But notice how he says the building that now houses the Lions used to be used for PANDAS.

Yesterday at, the poster for YOGI BEAR was released. The antics of Yogi Bear take place in JELLYSTONE PARK which is a take off on YELLOWSTONE PARK. Also, yesterday a Canadian Woman was attacked by a real bear at Yellowstone Park. Strange indeed. (Note: The woman survived by playing dead.)

I like how this poster for Yogi Bear was released today on 7/28/2010. I have always thought that Yogi Bear sounds like a Wise Holy Bear of the Woods. The Yogi of the Woods. Boo Boo is very close to Boom Boom as well.

What is strange is that I have been greatly attracted to the number 729 for the last two weeks. I equated it with tomorrow 7/29/2010.

729 for some is the number of the Sun. This being Leo, then this date seems to resonate the Sun within the Sun. Twin Sun date.

"729 is the number of the Sun, the square of 27, the number of the Moon, and the cube of 9, the number of the Earth"

"The (philosopher) king lives 729 times more pleasantly..." - Plato's Republic

Then in my searches to understand 729 I decided to look up its alphabetical equivelant of GBI.

One thing I found was Ghost Busters International.

Bringing me right back to Dan Ackroyd and the Yogi Bear and today.

GBI can be rearranged to be BIG.

Have a BIG day.

Also, I just wanted to add this video of me singing an icaro as I was leaving Mayantuyacu and the Amazon Jungle in May, 2010. This just before I reached the river to catch the boat. I am signing the Cosmic Ti69er song and the first thing "material" I see after I finish the song is a package for a flashlight called TIGER-HEAD.

Why I add this is that I sing KA-Boom as part of the song. Enjoy my furry friends.

Cosmic Ti69er - The Kaboom of the Woods. from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

The Tiger (and Lion-BIG Cat) seems strong now as ANGELINA JOLIE'S new flick is out called SALT. Jolie of course plays the MASTER TIGRESS in the Kung Fu Panda movies.

Salt Tiger is the Last G Rite.

Much peace and love


Yesterday, 28 July 2010, the above simple & elegant circle dot, symbol of the sun, formation was reported.
Today this eye-popping stunner gives us a powerful sync KicK, moving us up (or down, same..same) a level.
Its like the 28th prepared us to make the jump from the old level and ready us to be able to recognize the New Dimension of 7/29.

Jim says above that 729 is the number of the sun and this circle on 7/29 is more then enough for me to get on-board!