Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blowing Blue into the Golden Bowl

I like swimming here in the Sync Whole as it increasingly reveals the Process of the Gnosis. I often start by scanning the internet and throwing images down onto my Desktop. Then I mull over everything and once inspired I just star to write and add photos. So much just pours out in the floW. Gnosis is the Process. What I write is very off the tip of my tongue and so who knows where it leads. Some might make sense some might not. It also be noted that all this work is clearly not original as we are all sharing this experience. I am borrowing from all of You. Hope you don't mind. The false boundaries of MIND are being washed away in the flow of the flood. No point holding on, might as well just let go, or Leggo my Eggo as I like to think now. Guaranteed I will be back to Tinker with ths post, its a long one so thanks ahead of time if you choose to read it all. Peace. Jim.

In a previous post the poster for soon to be released The Taking of Pelham 123 triggered a sync trail that lead me to football and its symbolic resonance. The colours Blue and Gold stood out for me after writing that post.

Now all I see is Blue and Gold. So are lots of other syncsters as well. Check out the last Sync Whole post for more of the Blue & Gold revelations.

What a beautiful poster for the football film Any Given Sunday. A few things stand out for me. First off is our friend Jamie FOXx who plays a third string quarterback for the Miami ShARKs.

His number is 13. That is him star jumping in the Red starG8 circle on the poster. Above Foxx's starG8 spread EaGLe jump are the various actors in the film. Some are Gold and some are Blue. Jamie the Fox is a Blue Fox. Fitting then that he starred in the film version of Miami Vice and is seen in the poster all blue once again. Twice a Blue Fox in Miami.

As a Miami shARK, the Blue Jamie Fox flips his role and plays shARK bait in the Movie BAIT.

As quaterback the Blue Fox has the number 13. 13 is a magical number as it is often associated with Christ and his twelves apostles. In the Manitoba Legislature this is seen in these light stands below. 12 orbs around a bigger 13th ONE. I have always seen the number thirteen as actually symbolic of the whole of the 12. Hence the 13th point is in the middle of the cirlce. This is the place of Humility. ( interesting how the light bulbs in the image below look alot like bowling balls)

This idea that 13 is the symbolic of the ONE I find is supported by our Clock once again.

Because ONE O'clock is aligned with THIRTEEN HOURS in military time.

Also take note that James Woods is in the this film. He is Blue as well.

A Fox in the Woods named James. Fox and Woods are two words that reveal much. It is in the forest amongst the animals and plants that one can bear witness to and learn about the divine floW.

About two years ago, I ran an Ayahuasca ceremony at Manito Ahbee, a local sacred site. Lying under the stars in the middle of the Woods we had a very powerful session. This night I met the spirit of a Tree. The Tree was glowing white and full of jewels. Emeralds and Rubies. The grass was glowing light as well and all the tips where jeweled also. She talked to me in a high pitch almost insecty voice. Once the medicine calmed down just after midnight, and after three hours of ceremony and singing icaros, as soon as I stopped singing, a fox walked up to us out of the woods. He circled us and hung out with us for an hour or so. Some of us actually touched its nose. At one point he climbed my friend Andre who was still under his blanket and unaware of the fox's presence. A fox can really flow and makes no sound while they skip along the ground. At first Andre thought one of us was healing him, but when he looked up and saw a fox on him kneading his back, he screamed starled. The fox then jumped off him stole his shoe and hid it. Frank Albo, the main researcher on the Manitoba Legislature was with us at the time. As soon as he looked into the fox's eyes that night he got super high and floored. Next he described seeing the gates of the underworld and being given safe passage through them.
Below is a picture of the site where we met the fox and did the ceremony.

At the time I felt the fox was either Juan Flores visiting us or the spirit of the site. I saw this as a powerful introduction into the possibility of communion with Nature, animals and spirit.

Now that I am writing about Jamie Foxx and James Woods I feel this fox encounter makes more sense. The site is called Where the Creator Sits. Where God sits. Where the Dog sits.

Jamie Foxx led me to James Woods which led me to another sync thread I am still juggling with and that is the role of shARKs and EaGLes.

In Any Given Sunday he is the team Orthopedist for the Miami shARKs.

He also recently starred in a TV show called shARKs that played between 2006 and 2008.

He is a lawyer in th show, a profession that many people associate with the stereotype of sharks as being vicious and ruthless killers. shARK is here associated with the idea of the LAW, in our case we should see it as the Spiritual Law of the ARK.

Why I feel shARKs point to the ARK is that James Woods also voiced for a 2004 anime film called ARK.

In ARK he is Jallak, a military general of the reigning civilization, the Storrians, who captured the Ark from the Ceveans etc...

In the Movie Ark, the Ark is actually referred to as the Ark of York. that resonates NY.

Perhaps what this all saying is that the Rainbow Arc that began in NY on 9/11 ends in the PEG on 12/21/2012. The Rainbow Bridge to a Newly Ordered World.

At the end of the Rainbow we find the Green Man with the Pot of Gold.

Green of course is made by mixing Blue and Gold (Yellow)?

Is the Pot of Gold like a Golden Bowl? Clearly.

Notice in the film above The Golden Bowl, that there is an actor named James Fox. Not to be confused with Jamie Foxx. But it for sure makes the point and tells me to take notice.

I feel like the Golden Bowl is the Holy Grail.

I have read the Golden Bowl is our etheric vessel that is filled with spirit. In the bible it is referenced.

The King James version of the Bible in Ecclesiastes 12:6 says: Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.

This to me sounds like the loss of flow. I see the silver cord as our imaginal sync thread made of moon light and our golden bowl is the vessel that is what we can fill if we let the spirit flow into us and fill our cup.

It seems modern sports resonate the inner battle to win our Holy Grail and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Often the teams fight for a bowl or a cup. In NFL it is the Super Bowl. The trophy is not a bowl but pyramid capped by a flying vesica piscis (football).

In Canada we have the Grey Cup which is more your traditonal trophy/holy grail.

The Golden Bowl as Grail theme connects well back with the football film Any Given Sunday. Even the tile of the film includes the word SUNday or SONday. Fitting as the poster has the Blue Fox number 13, or Son of God/Dog, jumping in the red starG8 circle. Some syncsters have been honing in on Christ as X as well, as X marks the spot. Jamie Fox is jumping spread EaGLe and is making an X in the circle. We will follow this EaGLe sync wink soon, but first lets continue with the Golden Bowl and a bit more football talk.

In Any Given Sunday the championship is called the PANtheon Cup.

In other words, the PAN of the OZ Grail. Note the Pantheon's dome and inner circle both measure 142 feet. 142 being three number clearly embedded in the alchemical symbol for Jupiter.

The name for the dome in the Pantheon is CUPola. From below as this image shows, it looks like what a Bowl would like from a Bird's Eye vertical view.

A quick note on the architecural wonder of the Pantheon in Rome. It is where the famous artist Italian artist Raphael is buried. Pantheon is also a temple to Every God of the One God. Raphael leads of course to the RED band wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle of the same name.

Anyways I am not about to get into TmnT, just thought I would plant the seed as Raphael is also an Angel of the Arch, or Archangel. As the turtle he is also the one that Sees RED more than the other ninja turtles.

Notice in the image of below of the Ark Angel Raphael (which means "God that Heals"), that there is a Red circle starG8 around his head, just like the Red circle on the Any Given Sunday poster.

Now back to Blue & Gold, which I first connected with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Football team. Blue & Gold is one of their taglines. Their mascots are two Eagles.

Their cheerleading team is called Blue Lightning.

Their new stadium is being driven by a campaign called the Blue REvolution with its logo a Hand painted Blue.

The new stadium being built for the Blue Bombers looks like it will be a Blue & Gold pyramid.

What gets weird is the Crest for the Asper family that is spearheading this Blue Revolution is made of Blue & Gold, a Red pyramid and two eagles flanking it.

Now check out the film posters below for Johnny Be Good starring Anthony Hall, Uma Thurman and Robert Downey Jr. Downey recently has also starred alongside the Blue Jamie Foxx in the Soloist.

Once again a football movie is coloured Blue & Gold. This time the main character is not only holding the vesica piscis that he is a master of, he also revals the word NOW on his chest. Uma Thurman, star of the Golden Bowl stars in this film as well. A sure sign our silver sync cord is tight and easy to follow.

Another poster version for Johnny Be Good (originally a song by Chuck BERRY) is instead called Johnny SuperSTAR, as well, the classic spread woman's Legs are used, or should we call these Legs an Arch? At 12 O'clock or Midnight is the woman's womb, the same place that the Keystone is situated in an arch/bridge/rainbow ark.

The Ark below is framed by an Arch with a Keystone in the middle. Is this symbolic of the womb of creation? The Key portal to successfully cross the Rainbow Bridge and to reach the pot of Gold on the other side.

The horn rack on the car in the Johnny Superstar/Be Good poster resonates these bull skulls in the Manitoba Legislature as well.

A this point I just want to mention the last blue character from the Any Given Sunday poster, the one and only Cameron DIAz. (even her name has the word Day in it). First off, while writing this post it dawned on me that there are a few stars I always see as the same people. Two such pairs are Cameron Diaz and Uma Thurman, as well as James Woods and Roy Scheider (these guys I will connect later on.)

Anyways, I found this other Diaz film called The BOX. It is a striking poster as it shows Diaz with a bold RED strip over her EYE and highlighting the words RE & OZ (ERON). She is seeing Red. Not to be crude, but this film resonates the middle of woman's Legs as a cosmic womb or Keystone of the Arch, because sometimes a Box can refer to a vagina. The Ark is also a Box.

It is also interesting how many key words such as BOwl, BOwling, BOw, BlOw, BOx, all point to the word BO.

Maybe OBama's Dog BO is our true God.

BO or OB 1 or Oh, Be One!

Lately we have been noticing many BOWLing syncs. There is the Bowling Purple Jesus Turturro in the Big Lebowski, as well as the BOWLing dudes of the movie KINGpin.

Then I noted Michael Moore in his film BOWLing for Columbine. Both in the Moore poster and the KINGpin posters, the BOWLing balls are Blue & Gold. Moore is even holding a BOWLing ball that is a Blue & Gold Earth!

The KINGpin poster has WOODy Harrelson and RAndy Quaid (who is the movie Any Given Sunday and is gold on the poster) holding Blue & Gold balls in the middle of two LEGS, two legs of an Angel nonetheless. I like how the Hook holding the pin resonates the Peter Pan film Hook thus TINker and PAN as well.

LEG as short for LEGilsature, or the Manitoba LEGislature points once again to the legisaltion of spiritual LAW. This time though, the word LEG also seems to point to EGL, or EaGLe.

Before I go into the Eagle thread, I want to wrap up the BOWL one. I also see Bowl as Bow L, or Bow of El. The word Bow leads us to everything from Sirius the bowstar, to the Galactic Centre pointing Sagitarrius constellation. Bow is more than something to shoot arrows, it is also the front a boat. Perhaps it is symbolic of the Ark as a boat naviG8ing through the rising waters of the spiritual flood

Bowl is also Blow. The divine breath. In the Amazon the main act of healing is called the Soplado, or the Blow. It is done to seal the songs and medicine into patients as well as a means to transfer energy/spirit into the golden bowls of others.

This idea gains even more strength as Blow is Blew in the past tense. Blew leads us to the colour Blue.

Blowing Blue into the Golden Bowl.

Bowl and Grail connect once again as Monty PYTHON (think kundalini) created two films. One called the HOLY GRAIL and the other the HOLLYWOOD BOWL.

The WHOLLY GRAIL/BOWL. The forest winks at us again with the word WOOD. I would see this as the role plants and animals play in our bid to become whole and holy by helping us raise our inner python up the MOuNT(y).

The man in the Hollywood Bowl poster is also Blue symbolic of the Blue One, or Shiva/ Zeus/ Jupiter/Sumi Runa etc..., which is also resonates the the Blue Fox, or Blue Dog/God.

The film below Dragon Ball Evolution seems to resonate not only the Blue & Gold theme, but also the idea of a bowling ball being connected to the golden bowl and the rise of the kundalini "dragon" energy within us all.

The Blue One as Jupiter is where I would like to go next. Jupiter, or Zeus is connected to the Eagle. Often Zeus is seen riding an Eagle and weilding lightning bolts.

My interest in Eagles led me awhile back to watch the film Eagle & Shark.

EaGLe & shARK.

This all leads back to the LEG & ARK. Legislature & Ark. Funny how the Manitoba Legilsature has a carving of the Ark of the Covenant right above the Blue & Gold Holy of Holies room.

Their is much Wood in the room of the Blue Veil as well which links us back to HollyWOOD. Holy Wood. Wholly Wood.

Notice how the Eagle sleeping bag is Blue in the Eagle and Shark Poster.

So now we have the Blue Eagle also. Something this old movie below resonates. The Blue Eagle directed by William Fox.

Does the Blue Eagle act out the Will of the Blue Fox? Is that is what is going on?

This other poster below for Eagle & Shark clearly highlights the Blue sky and the Cloud shaped as a heart. Spiritually those that are closest to Creator are Eagles as they fly the highest. They are of the clouds. Maestro Juan Flores often sings about Christ in the Clouds.

The clouds symbolize the higher state of consciousness that is descending on us always. An Eagle can fly high as well as be grounded. The heart shaped cloud is perfect because it is the heart that is what allows an Eagle to soar. Indigenous teachinsg associate the Eagle with Love, and like the poster line says the Love of the Eagle and Creator is blind i.e. unconditional and non-judgemental.

The Eagle actor in Eagle Shark is Jemain Clement. He is also famous for his work as the TV duo known as The Flight of the Conchords. Jemian seems to resonate flight and birds, as well as the colour blue. He is always wearing Blue, connected to flying birds and even clouds.

Notice as well in the above poster the starG8 solar symbol/Eagle Eye in the O of HBO.

Their artwork for one of their albums looks like it was born out of the Sync Whole. I mean at first glance I can see a RAINBOW with a CHAIN, BLUE BIRDS flying, a SCARAB beetle among a million other sync leads.

I expect that the term Flight of the Conchords is a nod to the term Flight of the Condor.

Flight of the Condor led me to the poster for the film 3 Days of the Condor which has a cool design of a Condor and Eyes. As well we have Robert REDford in the target sites of a golden starG8 coin that tells us the ultimate truth is that in God we should trust. The Condor like the Eagle brings faith to people.

The Condor link is special because it connects directly to the Eagle, which are the two birds that make up a popular Incan prophecy.

“When the Eagle of the North flies with the Condor of the South, The Spirit of the Land, She will Re-awaken.”

Shi(v)a Labeouf resonates the Blue Eagle as well as is seen in the poster below for EAGLE EYE. Another poster that seems to enjoy the inspired Blue & Gold design.

Shi(v)a also resonates Blue & Gold in the upcoming Transformers movie. He is also here linked to the Great Pyramids who some say King Solomon's temple was really inspired by. The Great Pyramid is directly connected to the Manitoba Legislature as it has been proven that the height of the Great Pryamid is exactly 1/2 the height of the Legislature, a masonic creation inspired itself by King Solomon's Temple as well.

Clearly the Pryamids and Egypt are important as they are strong resonators of Blue & Gold and the rise of the kundalini snake energy within.

As this Blue & Gold G.I Joe poster says it is the time for the Rise of the Cobra. Time to don our Blue & Gold hoods of enlightenment.

This image below is of a Cobra head on one of the lamps in the Manitoba Legislature.

I thought this Cobra Gold logo below for a yearly American led military exercise in Asia is fitting. Considering the current turmoil with North Korea, maybe Cobra Gold is about to go Live.

Shi(v)a, the Eagle also helps us Transform and connects us to Indiana Jones which links us back to the Ark and now after the new movie, to the Inca and the Condor. His dad is afraid of snakes, maybe Shi(v)a is the new Indy who has mastered the snake.

Shi(v)a the Eagle met the Condor in the Crystal Skull film.

The Eagle and shARK thread leads further.

In my search I found this poster for the TV show BostON lEGal. I now see how the word LEGAL is a pointer to EAGLE and to the spiritual LAW of the ONE.

Here we have then both Eagle & Shark again, this time with Shark-like lawyers as well as the word Eagle/Legal. Of course we can not pass up that William Shatner stars in this show. Mr. James T. KirK himself. Or James K2.

James is popping up much lately for me. Perhaps because its my own name, as I am increasingly seeing myself in the ALL. Part of the process of the gnosis.

But so far in this thread we have Jamie Foxx, James Woods, James Kirk, James Fox, and of course we referenced the King James version of the Golden Bowl bible phrase.

King James has been dominant lately with the NBA playoffs on the go. I mean King James, otherwise know as Lebron James, number 23 for Cleveland. What is it about that magic number and basketball stars? King of the sacred hoop of life perhaps.

Check this article out about King James' basketball wonders. James is number 23. Here are some other references in the article to the number 23. Also 1221 (ABBA/Father), and 2010 appear as well.

"From 23 feet — matching his jersey number — James made a shot unlike any before in Cleveland history."
"One second before James’ shot, Turkoglu had hit a 12-footer in the lane to give the Magic, who overcame a 23-point deficit in the first half, a 95-93 lead. "
"Rashard Lewis scored 23 points and Turkoglu had 21 for the Magic. Dwight Howard scored 10 — 20 below his Game 1 performance — and added 18 rebounds."
"Down by 23 in the second quarter the Magic were within 12 at halftime."

Now where it gets even sillier is that King James will be a Free Agent come July 1st, 2010.
This resonates with my own experience as the new Winnipeg Airport to opened in 2010 has been tagged with an add campaign called James2010 - Arriving.

Considering that 2010 is connected to Jupiter through the film of the same name, then this all starts to connect in some very magical way. 2010 seems to be the year of the Jovial planet. The year of the tiger and perhaps the year we make contact with our higher self aka. The Blue One.

Roy Scheider stars in 2010 and this is where I find he syncs up with Mr. James Woods (at least in my head they do). They do look a lot like each other don't they?

Mr. Scheider is also the star of JAWS which brings us back to shARKs, which we now know connect well with Mr. Woods, the shARK man.
Before we go back to James Woods it should be noted Scheider also starred in the TV show SeaQuest DSV. Which connects his Jupiter exploits with the water world as well. In both 2010 and SeaQuest we see Scheider with Dolphins.

And of course the colours are all Blue & Gold.

James Woods syncs again with the narrative being revealed in the film END GAME. Here a RED blood streak that highlights his name just like the one on the poster for the Box. Seeing Red is clearly part of our ego's end game that we are all engaged in collectively right now.

"The Assassination of the Ego was only the Beginning."

James Woods also leads us back to Jupiter as well as he is in both the film Hercules (son of Zeus) and the film Be Cool starring a Gold lightning resonating John TraVOLTa as well as our Golden Bowl woman, Uma Thurman, who in the poster is wearing all Gold as well.

I am running out of steam so time to wrap this up. I just wanted to go back to the poster below for the film BL13 - U which takes places in 2013. This film clearly points to 13 and Blue, just like Any Given Sunday does. The 3 reversed makes an E and then we have the french word for Blue.

The Blue Christ that Blew.

The Golden U also looks like a Golden Cup or Bowl.

This picture below is of a blue lightning bolt that rose from the Eiffel Tower. Supposedly these types of Bolts, one's that are upward discharging, happen only 1% of the time. This picture was taken on May 25, 2009. 

When I asked Juan Flores what the ascension of the earth is he called it a strong cup. Perhaps our bowls are being filled with some strong medicine right NOW.


From the movie Open Water: "Oh My GOD there is something rubbing up against my LEG!"

Below are pictures of my taxi ride waiting for me in Lima peru after visiting Juan Flores last November. The driver misheard my name on the phone and instead of Sanders he wrote Sunday. Funny stuff. 

Notice the x6 as well signifying the number of people needing a ride. X is the 24th number

of the alphabet therefore connecting us to 42 and Jupiter. 2 + 4 also equals 6. 

X Marks the spot.

Peace in is Peace Out


P.S. I know it seems that Eagles, Sharks, Foxes and Snakes are all leading to the same meaning. But that is the point. Literally the divine point of it all.

Just before I started this post I noticed that on my calendar at home the month of JUNE is all blue and the care bear highlighted is CHAMP bear. This page of the calendar has reveals much. A pentagram. A Blue One. A Golden Bowl and it is all in the Jupiter month of June. Plus the Care Bears live in the Clouds and use a Rainbow Bridge to bring Joy to others.

REsponse to "Any Given Sunday" poster.
RE Jimbo's reference to Robert Downey Jr:
Robert Stars as the titular character in Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes"

The Trailer sees a birds eye view of an octogram below a spiral staircase.

Just like the blazing Black Star at the heart of the PEG LEG (Winnipeg Legislature).


"I came away with the conclusion that Winnipeg stands very high among the places we have visited for psychic possibilities”. - Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes, visited Winnipeg in 1923 as part of his interest in Spiritualism. Winnipeg used to be famous for its research into the paranormal and its seances. Conan Doyle found Winnipeg very intriguing in this regard.


  1. That was a great read Jim. Really. The Eagle (Air/Above) and the Shark (Water/Below) coming together, just like the Blue/Gold, says it all for me. That's what I really love about synchronicity. The more you immerse yourself in it, the more it All blurs together into One (or should I say 13).

    2010, the Year of the Tiger, reminds me of Shiva whose often depicted sitting on the Tiger skin. Also the syncnificance of the name Wood reminded me of Woody/Forest Gump/Tom Hanks whose gonna be pressing the button of CERN-unnos/Pan very soon.

    Your story about your encounter with the Fox during your ceremony was brill. Thanks for sharing.

    Keep shining Jim Sunday!

  2. Mind-blowing stuff here, man, really. Coincidentally, I was just watching X-Men: Origins, wondering what the movie would be like with wolvie's famous Blue and Gold uniform, and why the creators chose the name "James" for the young Wolverine character.

  3. i joked with a friend that the upcoming NBA finals would reflect this research colorwise; now that you mentioned Lebron here (just as I was thinking it), I'm thinking my predictions may be accurate. I'm goin on record: 2009 NBA Finals prediction - Cleveland Cavs (red/gold) versus Denver Nuggets (blue/gold).

  4. great post man! I just caught a bit of that Cleveland Red C-avaleirs and the Blue and Gold Magicks game, the scoreboard on the TV lookd like a half red and blue pill hehe. Namaste yall be very well

  5. I hate to bug, but the Bombers mascots are actually bluebirds...