Thursday, May 21, 2009

Peg Leg(o)(o) my Eggo NOW with added Salvation!

Let Go of My Ego...

Lots (Lost) of musing on the "Cherish" film poster, highlighting Robin Tunney's LEG, has entrained with the eventual association of the WinniPEG LEGislative Building as a LEG or Bigfoot.

The building can be interpreted as the most complete representation of Solomon's Temple on the Heart/Earth.
WinniPEG is often shorted as "The Peg" while The Legislature is commonly named "The Leg" (pronounced Ledge). A comment by "Kiwi" Joy at The Blob post Chain Of Events observes that we can call the building the "Peg Leg".
Trying to find associations that resonate soundly with this sync cluster I stumbled this "PlanET Terror" (nice centered red TT there) connect.

Above is actress Rose McGowan, with a automatic riffle type Peg Leg, playing character Cherry Darling.
The word Cherry winks back at the "Cherish" poster, both having the highlighted Leg.

All resonating soundly.

Now what does it mean that Cherry resonates so well with all these Leg syncs I wonder?

Jim: Well lets C where this goes.

As I was pondering PEGS and LEGS today I came across Steely Dan's classic song PEG.

Catchy tune. The lyrics stand out to me.

"I've seen your picture Your name in lights above it This is your big debut Its like a dream come true And when you smile for the camera I know they're gonna love it I like your pin shot I keep it with your letter Done up in blueprint blue It sure looks good on you So wont you smile for the camera I know Ill love you better Peg It will come back to you Peg It will come back to you Then the shutter falls You see it all in 3-d Its your favorite foreign movie"

Blueprint Blue. Blue like this picture of the Manitoba LEGislature in winniPEG.

The Blue Peg Leg.

I was doing further research and came across a DE LA SOUL song called EYE KNOW that is famous for heavily sampling the Steely Dan song Peg. The single EYE of gnosis reveals itself again.

The Eye of the Soul is the path to peace.

Frank Albo has mentioned to me that the Pool of the Black Star in the middle of the Manitoba Legislature is perhaps symbolic of the All Seeing Eye.

The I/EYE in all of us that knows all.

More Pegleg pondering got me onto pEYErates. Pirates. Pi Rates. Rate of Pi.

Or PIRACY. Pi/eye RA See/Sea/C.

I noticed today that it is the Canadian HMCS WINNIPEG out in the sea trying to combat the Somalian (Soma Alien?) Piracy threat.

The symbol for the boat is a Golden Bison(calf) surrounded by a starG8 Golden Braid/helix/DNA/Vine. The Golden Braid is actually not a full circle either, it is a C like the Sea that the HMCS Winnipeg sails. Out at the top of the starG8, at 12 O'Clock/Midnight, we have the Crown that has set sail in all directions. The Ark is afloat. The RED jewels in the crown remind me of all the Red Eye and Red Fruit syncs popping up lately. Inside the Golden starG8 is the Blue Ocean/Waters of Spirit. The logo for the HMSC PEG could also be the perspective of a Golden Bowl/Cup/Grail from a bird's eye view. 
The Golden Bowl symbolizing our etheric vessel that houses the water of spirit that flow into us.

Funny how many FOOTball leagues, and sports teams play for BOWLS, often Golden or Silver.
Think Super Bowl. Which trophy is not an actual bowl, but rather a pyramid topped by a flying and shinning Vesica Piscis aka a football.

Here in Canada it is the GREY CUP. Perhaps sport it is all ritualized drama that resonates the inner search for the Holy Grail. Below is the Winnipeg Blue Bomber logo as well as the Grey Cup trophy.

Anyways, back to the HMSC and Pirates. Pirates are famous for having Wooden Legs as well as a single EYE often. They are also often hiding or finding their treasure of Gold and Silver stolen from Government ships on EYElands. 

Pirates are perfectly resonant with our own search for the inner treasure hidden within the EYEland of our mind and soul that is surrounded by the Ocean of Spirit.

Pirates also have parrots or scarlet macaws as is seen in the stereotypical image of a pirate below.

Juan Flores has told me about the king spirit of the Forest called Chuichichaqui. He is a trickster and will use his wooden club leg to hit the trees and makse sounds in order to disorient people walking through the jungle. Juan had to meet with him to get permission to build his healing centre, Mayantuyacu, deep in the jungle and in the middle of an ancient volcanic bowl that has been used by indigenous healers for thousands of years.

Juan has a crown of feathers that come from the Scarlet Macaw.

Volcanic Bowl. Volcanic Blow. Volcanic Blew. Volcanic Blue.

Volcanic L Bow. The Volcanic Bow of EL.

Remember to say T.Hanks to the Volcano and Moon. 

Note the volcano in the poster image is spewing black smoke. Jake and I recently made noticed lots of smoke imagery in the film Angel & Demons that also stars Tom Hanks. In A.D., T.Hanks is in a race against time to thwart attacks against the Vatican during the process of choosing a new Pope. Black smoke is used to signal to the crowd that there is no decision yet after a vote. White smoke means a new Pope s chosen.

Maybe they model this after the smoke of a Volcano. Juan does sing about the Volcano as the House of the Lord. I also remember the late Cree Elder Don Cardinal sharing with me the story that the first sacred fire of Turtle Island (North America/Pangea?) was a Volcano in the middle of the continent around Lake Superior. He said from there we got fire. 

Interestingly enough, when Juan Flore sings his icaro in honour of the Volcano he explained to me he is helping Heaven and Earth merge.

I don't know where I am going with this. But I will ponder cherries perhaps.

Peace Out

Richard: All this cherry/cherish stuff reminds me of Jims cherry cakes which initiated a series of synchronicities involving Wolf Nipples, the TiT and the Red Cher-eye:

Finding Tom Hanks above connected to the Volcano/Island reminds me of his role in Cast Away where he finds himself stranded on the Eyeland. The Moon naturally resonates with the color Blue/Silver and the metal Silver, so it's interesting to find Hanks (a Moon Man) resonating with Treasure Eyeland and the Pirate Peg Leg 'Long John Silver':

We find the Treasure Eyeland connected to the Red Macaw and the Skull Bones, X marks the spot, the XX double cross, and all that mallarky.

If we look at the Peg Leg of the Robin we find that Robin Williams (Peter PAN) has also found his way to the lost Eyeland. This time the villainous Long John Silver is replaced by the Pirate Hook:

Eyelands, Peg legs, Pirates, and Red Parrots all seem to resonate with the Robin. If we take a look at the movie Aladdin we find the Red Macaw on the shoulder of 'the Blue One' who we find inside the Spirit Palm/Hand/DNA-H:

Jim mentions that Juan Flores wears a crown of feathers that come from the Scarlet Macaw. The feathered head (think of the native American Indian chief) symbolizes the opening of the Crown Chakra, just like the flared Hood of the Cobra:

The Hood/Feathers open when we release the Blue Gene-ie from Aladdins Lamp. In the movie 'the Birdcage' (starring the Blue Robin Williams) we find a pair of Red Macaws perched above the name GENE Hackman:

Symbolically we could say that the Blue Djinn trapped in the Lamp could also be represented by a Bird trapped inside a Cage. When 'the Blue One' is released we finally get a chance to spread our wings (open our Hood) and we get to view life from a much higher perspective:

When the Bird exits the Cage, or the Genie exits the Lamp, the Eye can suddenly POP right open:

Who is the nemesis of the POPeye (played by Robin Williams)?


We could say that the Spinach being released from the Can is another metaphor for this awakening. When Popeye sets the Spinach free and consumes his 'power-up' he has no problems taking on Bluto the Blue One.

How do you become a Popeye Pirate that has mastered the Blue-to? One way to do this is to steal a Sirius Star:

While reading all the Pirate stuff in the post above I was reminded on one of the most recent acts of scurviness which took place in November of last year. The Sirius Star received quite a lot of attention in the media.

Like Jim said earlier:

'More Pegleg pondering got me onto pEYErates. Pirates. Pi Rates. Rate of Pi.

Or PIRACY. Pi/eye RA See/Sea/C.'

You become a Pirate, or Sirius Star, when you open the Eye of RA in order to C in the dark. It illuminates the way so that we can walk the path of the Ninja Jesus:

To become a Ninja you have to be comfortable in the Dark which is the time when the Blue Genieis primed to be released from the Pineal Gland. It's during the Midnight Hour that our blade/mind is at it's sharpest:

Before becoming a Dark Knight (Why so Sirius?) you need to open the Blue Flower so that you can become a Blue FloWer:

Once we have the Blue Flower (like Batman above) we begin to find our wings. We now have the ability to leave the Bird Cage which once stunted our growth. Remember that Batman is imprisoned like a wild animal in the intro of Batman Begins? Before he can realize his ambition he must break free of the Lamp/Bird Cage/Cell.

Robin Williams played the role of 'Batty' in the movie Ferngully emphasising the relationship between the Robin/Parrot/Bat. Here we see that Batty the Batman is perfectly balanced between the Red (Fire/Yin) and the Blue (Water/Yang):

One half is Light, and the other is Dark:

CHRISTian Bale puts on the blue/black mask of Batman.
Note the Blueness of the mask on "The Dark Knight" poster and the classic portrayal of Black, using Blue, in comics (think of Superman's crazy hair!).
A red X hovers over his batarang and right eye, kinda marking C-Ing Red.

Once we pass through the Lions Gate...
WE/ME find the Seeing Red dot again marking the title of the CHRISTian Bale StarRing "American Psycho".
The title sequence sees the camera hovering above plates of fancy food.
We pass over many berries, something I am toying with (especially Strawberries..) resonating the Cherry mentioned in the beginning of this post.
O.K, technically Cherries aren't berries but they connect UP in consciousness, no doubt. They are small, sweet, red and often found in desert situations, like these red berries in "American Psycho"..
Wha? Samantha Mathis again!?
Samantha is the red fairy on the poster for "Fern Gully" added by Richard above.
More on The Red Pill Lady shortly, flux willing...

This 2000/2K film sees a pre-Batman sync ripple, echo through time and space (Illusions anyway) as Patrick Bateman (Bale) dons the blue mask of Batman.
He C's blue a little earlier, as he stairs into his Les Miserables poster... Nicely balanced by some red on the left.
I think he is peeing, something that Tom Hanks does in every other movie (PP sync).
Before he steps out in the morning he puts on another mask, a facial treatment mask.
When he peels it, it resembles a layer of skin. It feels like he is trying to pull away the layers of false identity.
This particular scene cuts to the buildings - those symbolic towers/pyramids/mountains/volcanoes who's collapse entrained with our collective dissolution of false identity - the 911 Twin Towers.
Here they are again when he takes a cab...
Here he teaches us again that C-Ing Red implies the state of Seeing Blue. He is on sunbed. Interesting that a sunbed is blue..
I feel seeing red is partly the boiling point of the alchemical furnace. WE are charged up with SpiriT, full of mighty burning energy, but must NOW let go and floW. Flow and resting in knowledge of SpiriT/Wind/Air/Water seems more in keeping with blue/blew.
Both ebb (red) and Flow (blue) must be integrated.
Perhaps we start seeing purple, both red and blue, as WE/ME continue to align.
Here again the red, back and forth, blue then red...
We catch the CHRISTian Bale between the holy of holies of two obelisk, resonating the Twin Towers and the Peg Leg or Solomon's Temple.
Here CHRISTian leaves a fake voice message on a 'victims' answering machine. He ends it "Hasta La Vista Baby". This echoes the famous line by Schwarzenegger from "Terminator 2"/T2/TT and his role as Christ resonator JC John Conner in "Terminator Salvation". Funny how I saw this Terminator sync yesterday, the same day the new "Terminator" film opened.

The smokey TT's (life giving nipples) of the Terminator look on while C-ing Red.
The energy of transformation has reached the boiling point.
It is time for the End of suffering, the death of the limited identity and Salvation.

Jim: We have Seen enough Red, time for Sync Wholly Moses to part the Red C and deliver us to salvation.


  1. Cherry could mean losing virginity. Is the chained/pegged leg similar to the chains on the unicorn? or is a peg leg more like an anchor?

    Pegleg is actually the real term for a wooden pirate leg so says wikipedia.

    actually now that i remember, juan flores told me, and i have seen a picture of his of Chuichuichaqui, who is the King of the Forest, Master of the Animals, and who has a wooden leg. supposedly if one is the forest sometimes you can hear him knock the trees with his pegleg. he likes to play with people and confuse them. juan had to ask permission from him to built his healing centre in the jungle.

  2. Nice catch with the Joe Vs Volcano. That movie is fully loaded.

  3. Ever look at the all seeing dollarmid and think that the bricks are scattered puzzle pieces?

    F$%k its late good night!

  4. soma-aliens .. hillarious, skulls and cross bones, one-eyed men, ignorance, entry into the land of the dead.. no wonder they are the moderns heros (Pirates of the Caribbean/johnny Depp)

    dead wooden leg, wooden horse (trojan/rocking horse).. resting the soul/sole on the false idea of subjectivity.

    Note how much time they spend in the catacombs in A&D (

  5. Pyramids resonate mountains. The priest likely made offerings attop the Great Pyramid on the altar/alter. Probably South American pyramounts also?
    This would make the pyramid a total volcano.


  6. Local slang here in Oz.
    When people are fighting they are said to be having a blue...

    blue wv = swism

  7. Don't forget Stereotypical Pirate's Tri-Corn hat... Makes the one-eye-in-triangle that much more apparent.

    LOL @ Cyborg Pirate Ninja Jesus

    Fern Gully's great, Batty was my favorite character.

    Awesome post, guys. Nothing I can add to it besides opinion, really...

  8. The Legistlature - is that where the Peggie's sue?

  9. All just in time guys!! Thanks a lot!

    Free Willie!
    (poster also blue-golden)

    WInnipeg Vulcano - ROBIN GIBB/BIGPIGGPEG
    WIkipedia logo puzzle ball, WIlson the volley-ball with the Red Hand/Face in Tom Hanks (TOM (blue-)SKAN, SNAKE, tom hangs )Cast away. Wilson produces footballs, basketballs, see

    made for golden bowls

    great article!

  10. Winni the Puuuuh,
    Tom Hanks is RE-BORN in Cast Away,