Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Have Mercy (mashed and minced)

Jessica Alba floor 33 of the Pantastic Four's Skyscraper/Pyramid/Axis Mundi/Mountain of the Gods. There are 33 Degrees in traditional Freemasonry. 33 years of Christ. And 33 Vertebrae in the human Spinal Cord.... Go figure.

She Wears the Blue Circle Four Which resonates with the Fourth Sepheroth on the Kabbalah Tree of life. It being called Chesed and can be interpreted as Mercy.
Of course this is a mental thing that correlates to many schools of thought... It's the idea or interpretation that is important here. So seeing that 4 is blue and means mercy and that that can carry over into another frame of thought of religions visual aids. Then the picture below.... Reflects on to the next picture.

Numbers change but the color has the same meaning. As a Friend of mine always says "same same". The Silver Surfer(SS?) turns blue in his Throat as he takes mercy on Alba.... This is the throat chakra acting towards communication and an expression of his true feelings during the scene... Pretty powerful image really. Laurence FishBurne or Fish Born(Aqurian) who is also known for reflecting the perfect blue pill scene in 1999's the Matrix does the voice for the Silver Surfer(SS)(Nazi's? Stop saying Nazi's).
The actor who animated the Silver Surfer(The SS?, Stephen Spielberg, Shape Shirfter) was Doug Jones who does alot of like work.... Comparatively there is.... Hellboy where in number 2 he is credited with three roles.
The Chamberline above.

The Aqurian Blue God Abe Sapien(resonating Abe Lincoln, as well as Homosapien)....

And the Angel of Death seen here. He also has a new movie coming soon entitled The Angel of Death that is completely unrelated to the role he played above.... That's weird. The Angel of Death/Lucifer theme is going to be red hot.. Come soon, you mark my words. Then there is also the movie called Legion involved..... Doug Jones is gonna be in that one too... Here's a little plot summary from IMDB....

After a terrifying biblical apocalypse descends upon the world, a group of strangers stranded in a remote truck stop diner in the Southwest unwittingly become humanity's last line of defense when they discover the diner's young waitress is pregnant with the messiah.-Legion

Yep, sounds like a good B movie for consciousness to, hide doesn't it?

Whats more is that we can follow the Fantastic Four(Mercy) movie and find out just who this Silver Surfer guy is. Alba catches up to him and makes him tell her the truth. This is in perfect alignment with the Throat Chakra which has the major symptom of lie telling if it is out of floW.... So to speak(pun intended). Wait where was I.... Oh.
He tells her he is Galactus' Herald as he changes another color (like he dose so often in the film, either through reflection, or just another solid color completely.)... My Main Man Jack Kirby(who resonates JK or JC and therefore Jesus Christ) said about the source of inspiration to come up with the Silver Surfer(SS why do you keep saying Nazi!)....

My inspirations were the fact that I had to make sales. And I had to come up with characters that were no longer stereotypes. In other words I couldn't depend on gangsters anymore, I had to get something new. And ... for some reason, I went to the Bible. And I came up with Galactus. And there I was in front of this tremendous figure, who I knew very well, because I always felt him, and I certainly couldn't treat him the same way that I would any ordinary mortal ... and of course the Silver Surfer is the fallen angel. ...[T]hey were figures that have never been used before in comics. They were above mythic figures, and of course, they were the first gods.

Ok he is an angel, but whats with the nipple light thingie behind his head in the picture above.
Oh, Light Sources.... Like two TiT's.... More on TT's. The T in Hebrew stands for Morning Star and therefore Jesus and Lucifer the Fallen Angels that leads back to Kirby's words of inspiration(pun intended). Where have I seen that double Light Source gimmick before.... Oh, Yeah with another Marvel Comic's Angel. Silver Surfer above.... The X-Men Angel below....
We saw this at the post I Love Lucy(Damn is everything a pun?). OK so he is an angel that much is clear.... He's Lucifer.... But who is this Galactus cat he works for.
I haven't seen him sense I was a kid... He eats planets and shit. Big Mutha Fucker.
In the Movie the Trident like Three pronged helmet of Galactus is shadowed while passing Saturn. Perfect fit. The Silver Surfer is the Angel of Death, seeing that Saturn is the god of Death.... Man was this guy Doug Jones born to play the Angel of Death or what?

Richard: The Blue Peacock Angel 'Melek Taus' was a Fallen Angel just like Lucifer (and very much akin to the Blue-skinned Shiva). Melek/Shiva/Lucifer are all 'Blue Devils' in their own right, and like Will mentions above, Blue is the color of Mercy:

Like Morpheus the Fish-born says in The Matrix: 'I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.'

If we take a peek through the Doorway of the genetically altered X-Men we can find further connections to the Blue Lucifer:

The Beast resonates with the Devil/Satan/Saturn/Lucifer for obvious reasons and the first time we are introduced to 'the Blue One' in X-Men 3 we find that he is the Hanged Man:

In the Tarot we find that the Hanged Man is somehow who is turned their perspective of the world upside down. When looking at things from this new angle The Hanged Man is able to see things much more clearly, hence the illuminated Halo around this head:

The Hanged Man is hanging on the 'T' (World Tree/Cross) and as Will says above: 'The T in Hebrew stands for Morning Star and therefore Jesus and Lucifer the Fallen Angels that leads back to Kirby's words of inspiration.'

The Hanged Man is also numbered 12 which resonates with a lot of the stuff in the Watch This! post where I mentioned the Zeus/Jupiter resonating Electric Lucifer:

Above we see the Blue Halo surrounding the head of Lucifer which is similar to the Halo in 'The Hanged Man' card. In Hellboy 2 we see Doug Jones playing the 'Angel of Death' and we find the Halo in the flared Hood (think Cobra) of the Skull:

We find the same illuminated Halo on this statue of Pan/Cernunnos, the half-man half-beast:

I've also noticed that Doug Jones seems to entrain in a number of ways with Satan/Saturn/Lucifer. If Hellboy is the Red Devil then we could say that his aquatic side-kick 'Abe Sapien' resonates the Blue Devil. Doug Jones (Abe Sapien) has also played the role of Pan and the 'Pale Man' (below) in the movie Pans Labyrinth:

DJ seems to emphasis his Hand/DNA-H an awful lot in both movies. The Spirit Palm, like the Halo, is a symbol which resonates with the Enlightened Master (Shiva/Buddha/Christ).

Doug Jones just can't stop doing it! He's obsessed!!!

A quick look at IMDB.com revealed that 'the Blue Ones' latest movie (in his number 1 spot no less) happens to be a movie called Lucifer:

Not only has he played the roles of Pan, the Spirit Palmed Pale Man, Hellboys side-kick, and the Angel of Death, but above we see that he might be reprising his role as the (SS) Silver Surfer. Morpheus/Fish-born provided the voice for the SS in Pantastic 4, and Doug Jones the aqua-man (Fish-born) did the acting. What's up with that!

If we look at the initials SS we find them carved in stone in Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, on the Fallen Angel Lucifer himself:

So 'the Blue One' seems to resonate with the Devil/Beast/Lucifer/Pan in a number of ways, so if we take a closer look at The Dark Angel of Death we find that actress Jessica Alba (looked at earlier in this post) starred in the TV show 'Dark Angel' created by (JC) James Cameron:

The Dark Angel has also starred in The Eye which features a Spirit Palm on the poster:

On the original Japanese movie which inspired the Hollywood remake we find the Hand and the Red Eye coming together:

When we open the Doorway of the 'All-seeing Eye' we feel Pantastic as we begin to see things (like The Hanged Man) in a whole new light:

Here "Fantastic Four V1 Issue 243" from June 1982, here...

As the Seeing/C-Ing Red dot (echoing the third eye/I bindi) proclaims, "This is IT!"

Note the red caped Dr Strange on the left and Blue Reed Richards on the right of Galactus/Galaxy, the same positions of the colors on the Tree of Life.

Galaxy, like Jesus, is centered, purple and thus whole.
Frankie Raye/RE notices a glow atop the Twin Towers/Pillars/Pyramids/Mountains.

The Twins can be seen as the left (with its red 5) and right (with its blue 4) pillars of the Tree of Life.
Atop the Towers we see Galactus, no doubt resonating the Galaxy as a personified 'God'. The Galaxy/MOM/WOW standing on the buildings that fell on 911!
This 11 September 2001 fall would usher in the collapse of the material based identity of the human consciousness.

The Heart and Void of the Galactic and Spiritual Centre is often portrayed as a menacing monster. It is here to destroy illusion and lift the Veil of the mind made self.

The limited identity can be very frightened of this process and depicts its liberator as a destroyer.

Galactus' has the radiating SpiriT hand in the picture above.

"With ponderous ritual older then all earth history Galactus Begins"

Galaxy starts aligning the technology it needs to harness the energy of the planET.

WE/ME take note of how this Galactus energy harnessing events depicted at the WTC resonate with the spiritual and physical alignment of the Galactic Heart of Being. The Galactic Center energies are aligning with the eartH/Heart.
This comic book scenario graphically depicts subtle effects of the 911 StarG8. It is a visual display of spiritual realities that took place at Ground ZerO.

Depeche Mode "Enjoy The Silence" (Atop the WTC)

Enjoy The Silencing of the incessant chatter of the mind, ushered in by the 911 StarG8.

The perfect silence of the infinite depth and joy beyond form and thought.

Peace Of Mind = Peace On Earth

911 Time Lords Across the 4th Dimension (Comic Book Cycle 4)

Above is the video featuring this "Fantastic Four" and many other WTC comic book syncs. I like the shots from King Kong that resonate this Galactus sync wink

Jim: I just thought I would mention that the word MERCY resonates double CC/K2.

MER is SEA in French. So MERCY is also SEA-C. Or perhaps Mercy is a way to SEE the SEA.

I also find it interesting that on the Tree of Life that the number 4 is Blue and with Chakra's it is Green. Myself I am somewhat colour blind and I get those two colours mixed up all the time.

Wikipedia states that in many languages Green and Blue are called by the same word. 

The word BLUE comes from the Old French word BLEU, as this poster below resonates.  Just reverse the 3 inot an E and voila! 

In 2013 things will be Blue.


  1. Gonna have to get into metallurgy to progress the understanding of SS. Stainless steel logo for Steven SpielBERG's A.I. Same Stainless steel logo for Terminator courtesy of the free will James Cameron lends to his design team. Starting to sound like a snake. Swastikas are two crude 'S's or lightning bolts entwined. Saturn's moon Titan as in titanium or should I say TITanium reminds me of TITanic another JC film.

    I'm melting...Mentally MELTING!!!

  2. Been thinking that exact TITanic thought John. Swear to BOB I put my foot on a man hole yesterday that read TITANIC 101 and had electricity move through the LEG.
    Shit WiLL, now I have to try and dig up that Galactus WTC sync from 'the before time, the long long ago..'

  3. I've been finding that the Blue Man entrains with the Green Man in a number of ways so I find the connection between the colors quite fascinating. Feels like I'm on the right track with some of the stuff I want to look at in the near future.
    Loved this post!

  4. another French hint:
    the Bees of BeTTy BLUE looks like 13
    3702 looks like 2013 backward
    le matin is: in the morning/dawn
    see here:


  5. On that Betty Blue image I can see a yellow 42 (albeit a squiggly one).

    I also see 372 degrees. 372 degrees is one full circuit of the clock face + 12 degrees. On a clock the time would read 12:12

    12:12 = L:L

    Check out Wills latest post for some fascinating LL synchronicities.

    WV: jimnwea in blue