Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Year ZOhan

Two movies a year(12mths) apart. Same colour scheme. Both released in JUNE, and the ZOhan is armed with two RED hot BLOW(blew/blue)dryers.


  1. Chronologically: Zo-on (Nooz? Zune? And zo on...)

    Nice catch with the identical color schemes. Year Zero was a Nine Inch Nails CD (NiN = Ninurta, I believe year zero and year one are kabalistic themes) YZ was released in 2007, Year One in 2009, making a 2 year difference, and it's now 3 years until 2012 for the 23.

  2. BLOW is also BOWL

    Reminds me of all the Bowling Ball syncs which started appearing in the last Zohan post. In Kung Fu Panda the Bowl is used as a training aide and helps Jack Black become the 'Dragon Warrior'.

  3. Hey Jake, a strange thing happened to me last night...I was jolted awake with this oddly titled, bygone ditty resounding through my head! So I got up and looked for it on Youtube. Check it out. (the date of filming interests me too. the 22nd = twice 11, the number of ascension.)


    Joy from NZ.

  4. ....if that link doesn't work, just go to Youtube and type in the Search, "Jake the Peg."