Sunday, April 22, 2012

Green Heart

Happy 42nd Earth Day!

Green Heart from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

Green Heart is a sync video that explores the Green theme and how it associates to JC or Christ. By doing so we notice the Green Man is the Heart at the center of the Rainbow of all creation.
That the EARTH is an anagram for HEART unveils our planet as creators externalized cherished garden of joy.
Peace in our HEART means peace on EARTH.
I made the image about a month and a half ago. It shows a "classic" sync of Jim Carrey repeatedly playing the Green Man (The Mask, The Riddler (Batman Forever), The Grinch) . Included here we notice the JC association we have with Jim Carrey carries on in another Green Man, Willem Dafoe playing green martian Tars Tarkas in JC John Carter & Green Goblin in Spider-Man while being a JC (Jesus Christ in The Last Temptation of Christ) himself.

I decided it could make a nice quick short video, like another Jim Carrey sync video I did about his repeated interacting with the MOON/NOW (NOW is MOON (M flipped and O compressed :)) called Now River.

However once starting on the project I wanted to flush out the concept expressed in the image above with all the other connections I can think of and those that arise as I put the media together.
The result is called Green Heart and some unexpected things started happening like Jupiter and Rainbows making their presence known and even helping to put the Green Heart in what I feel is its right context, the Center and Source of The Rainbow Bridge.

Hey Zeus! (a collaboration with Jim Sanders), which focuses on JC Reilly is a great companion video to Green Heart. Some moments of Green Heart are lifted directly from it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

i jump in it [flow update]


so yeah

..this is 2012.

this is what synkpocalypse feels like.


the irony being, for me, that on a practical level, ain't shit really changed. socially, politically, culturally, it's been essentially more of the same. albeit much more.. we've been synking deeper and deeper.. are we supposed to hit bottom this year? doubt it, but, i haven't a clue what that means. are we making contact this year? well.. that depends..

is a parody of contact acceptable?

synk pop - commercial contact

"ummm.. she's just touching water, man.."

touching water

parody contact

from Garden State

the idea of exploring an abyss, speaking practically, seems pretty wack to me. it's not like discovering an untouched rainforest, or scouring a previously un-see-able portion of space; the abyss is seemingly infinite darkness, endless shadow.. deep dark cold empty, with nothing to keep you company but your thoughts and tweets.. [but that's just me]

is reaching the abyss considered contact?

or.. does the contact happen when you make it back..

director extraordinaire and jesus parody James Cameron made headlines last week by diving really really deep into the ocean and coming back un-squished. this seems like a great example of the Contact Parody; i distinctly remember being exceptionally unmoved by his historic heroic undertaking.. yet the synknificance was unmistakeable.. the guy directed The Abyss for crying out loud..


"When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."

contact - touching water kinda


touching water, from Seven Pounds

..and his most recent film, Sanctum, is a true story, about a guy diving really really deep underwater to reach a place that no one has ever been before

what good is a water door if your whole world is water?

[sketches for the set design of Sanctum's ending scene]

inner sanctum

as i've written before- the whole 3D IMAX super hi-def craze reflects the parody of synk quite.. um.. synk-ly. because of the parody nature of film, all of a sudden, it's a huge expensive deal to view movies in a parody of three-dimensional projection.. i honestly think it's lost on many people that we naturally see in 3D, and that those bulky glasses do for flat film what our eyes and brain do for the world around us.

but- i Gladly paid twenty bucks to see Inception on an IMAX screen..

..and given the chance, i would love to see the Titanic sink in 3D..

as if reality wasn't surreal enough

synk of the century

definitely not blu-ray

the movie 2012 also exemplifies the Contact Parody concept. released just a few short years before doomsday was supposed to take place, the film used high-end computer animation and explosive action sequences to Make Fun Of a deeply spiritual idea that the ancient mayans took very seriously.

and many many many people got the joke, hence our current pop-culture doomsday punchline, while considerably fewer people grasped the cosmic esoteric occult nuances and what not..

parody. contact.