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Cut Up

It could also be that the math equation displays an inherent elegant relationship of form and symbol entraining with this formation. Just because something else displays elegant relationship akin to our systems doesn't mean it must be familiar with our human minds or aimed at them, it could just as easily be another expression of the inherent relationships of form at play in Consciousness.

The same assumption is made about Giza and its amazing geometries. Instead of Pyramids being objects that naturally entrain with amazing math, like a sunflower or Nautilus shell, the mind and ego wants them to be familiar with math or be messages for minds like ours. I feel they are natural objects just like Krop Kircles and everything else that arises in KKonsciousness.

-Jake Kotze from post The Sacred Bleeding Oil/Blood Spill from the HEART/EARTH of the Kosmic Khrist

That we, even in our isolation and pain, are eternal points of light. All that shines, shines on. Such is the secret message of The Shining....

-The Wrong Way Wizard from post Killing Time

The allegorical crawling snake-god opened pandora's box giving eve that apple, shaping our path by giving us the "bad" [bad 214 meaning good]; we cannot define good without bad, so that sneaky forked-tongued bastard taught good through bad. what's more, the serpent sent this lesson via the Fall of the goddess, eve, our mother hEart, who spent the last aeon age shouldering the weight of our original sin serpent...

-Tyehimba Garvey Toure From post
Climbing the SNowy mounTin

Now, it's quite apparent that the "religious experience" is a trick of the mind. But the way in which this "trick of the mind" works is interesting, and isn't our day to day life a trick of the mind? We are convinced we need things that are completely unnecessary. The image of our reality is flipped and interpreted through our mind. Who is to say that any individual's idea of reality isn't so? It could be anything after all the filtering and filing that our mind applies. Who writes these rules and guidelines everyone is so eager to follow? The duality at play here is this: One group thinks science is their path to the infinite. Another thinks religion and the concept of the soul is it. The other group is sitting in the corner, picking their nose. They don't count. The fact is, both (nay, all) groups are right.

-Tommy from post Some sort of quandary

All phenomena are real in some sense, unreal in some sense, meaningless in some sense, real and meaningless in some sense, unreal and meaningless in some sense, and real and unreal and meaningless in some sense.
-Robert Anton Wilson

Not soon after my first trip to Mayantuyacu I started to see brief glimpses of what seemed like foggy light. I noticed it as different and then tried to focus on it when it appeared. At first I had doubts that it was my eyes deteriorating or that I was making it up, but slowly overtime more stuff started to appear. Within just under a year I started to see with my eyes open a fluid like substance of tiny miniscule dots and an array of snake-like/worm-like, transparent things that would change their position. Sometimes they would be all bunched up; sometimes they would be stretched out. Theses forms themselves have circles in them. Almost bubble like. Over time I noticed one particular bunch of this worm stuff that was wrapped with other ones and almost created a sort of octopus object with tentacles. Now that it has been three years I feel like what I am seeing is fully formed and am I at a stage where I am learning to work with it or understand it better. The stuff I see is transparent with dark outline, and so it best seen outside with natural light, but more and more it is visible inside, especially with the light of my computer or TV. I describe this stuff as a projection. Because if I look up at the sky it is bigger, if I look at my hand it is smaller. It all depends on what I use as my “screen.”

-Jim Sanders from An Ayahuasca Testimony

If we zoom in closer and look within the body then we find that the flooding is also taking place at the microcosmic level. Our DNA is being bathed in something ‘new’. The so-called ‘junk DNA’ (Lead) is being transmuted into Gold as the dormant Codons within each of us begins to Awaken, and the Red Sea which flows in our veins is beginning to shift with the turning of the Kosmic tides. As Above (Macrocosm), So Below (Microcosm).

-Richard Arrowsmith from post RAW Eggs

I am tired of this prison and want to find a way out of it.
-The Celtic Rebel from post Far Too Long In This Shit

Morgan, this crop stuff is just about a bunch of nerds who never had a girlfriend their whole lives. They're like thirty now. They make up secret codes and analyze Greek mythology and make secret societies where other guys who never had girlfriends can join in. They do stupid crap like this to feel special.

Phoenix from the movie Signs

Your focus determines your reality

-Liam Neeson from Episode 1 Phantom Menace

Monday, June 28, 2010

9 Hundred and 11 Images from Cosmic Ti69er

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Love to all :)

Bringing Up Big Baby - Pucker UP! 'Cuz here comes Da Mutha Man!

Tweeted this still from Gattaca over a month ago..
It shows a young Ethan Hawk's character making a mock scale solar system at his schools playground seeing Jupiter as a Watermelon. I thought it was cool and spent the day looking for connections between Watermelon's and Jupiter, with no success.

Some syncs have to arise, then quickly subside and gestate until the time is ripe.
Jim tweeted the above picture yesterday adding: "Ask Jake why Watermelons make us think of Jupiter"
I obliged and retweeted the Jupiter Watermelon from Gattaca.
Not an hour later I am sitting down watching Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. The choice to watch Dirty Dancing couldn't have been less premeditated or more random. I just grabbed a DVD from the my dancer roommates shelf.
Jennifer Grey is wandering around the resort she and her high society family are vacationing at. She hears music coming from the workers quarters. A guy gives her a Watermelon to carry and invites her up, if she can keep a secret. She crosses the bridge holding the Jupiter resonator and enters into a whole new world of experience and new phase of her life.
Jennifer Grey's name in the film is Baby which perfectly resonates the iconic StarChild from 2001 and 2010. Jennifer is a Big/Adult Baby. The StarChild is thought of as the birthing new evolutionary phase of mankind and Jupiter going nova, being reborn as the Second Sun aka Lucifer.
This fits perfectly with Baby holding a Watermelon and walking into the illicit world of Dirty Dancing, love at first sight and womanhood.

Watermelons have stripes just like the cloud bands of Jupiter.
Swayze, JC Johnny Castle, is dancing under a red neon Miller sign (don't know what it's doing here in the staff quarters?). I thought this was interesting as I had just watched Tom Cruise as Roy (Red) Miller in Knight and Day earlier the afternoon.
Miller's Totem is the Eagle, animal of Zeus/Jupiter. Above it flies out of the Red Spot, reminding me of the Red Storm Eye of Jupiter.
Laurence Fishburne is Captain Miller in Event Horizon.
And Morpheus (God of Dreams aka The Sandman) in The Matrix. Above we see that The Matrix was released on April 2 or 4/2 the number of Jupiter and also has the Baby theme. Fascinating as NEO is reborn when he wakes up to the un-reality of the Matrix. The Matrix is the Ego or mind identified with form and concepts. Seeing through the Matrix or Maya is becoming aligned with infinite and eternal spirit.
Funny enough I specifically remember these exploding Watermelons in The Matrix. Agent Smith is shooting at Neo, Christ resonator extraodinaire, as he is running through a street market full of produce.
I remember because I have seen this compared to another movie I love, Ghost In The Shell. It has this same watermelon thing happening, which is probably a conscious reference as The Matrix as it is clearly heavily visually inspired by Ghost In The Shell.

Ghost in the Shell is all about Robots or Tin Men contemplating there souls/ghosts/hearts.
At what point can an Artificial Life form be considered as alive or having a heart? What makes humans different from just a complex organic robot or Tin Man? That kinda stuff.

These questions arise from a misunderstanding about life, nature and consciousness. Everything that arises, is natural, is alive and is consciousness.

Human consciousness has sufficient amounts of feedback built into it to realize its own consciousness. Consciousness is not mind and the two get mixed up resulting in allot of pain. Thinking is not consciousness, just a small facet of it.

This realization of our own consciousness is the Meaning of Life/42. We are Tin Men and Woman and finding our hearts is realizing our own consciousness.
Things get pretty silly, or elegant, depending on your temperament.... when we look at Ghost.
Ghost Swayze is at Train station 42 trying to kick a Tin Can.
Mind blowing enterTRAINment then. Tin/Jupiter/42. Ghost is G-Host, form hosts the G or God.
We are all also G-Host's, our Tin Man bodies are just Hosts for the shared Spirit of Being.
Baby overwhelmed by meeting her love, Johnny Castle Swayze, embarrasses herself by saying: "I carried a watermelon". JC Jesus Christ or Hey Zeus is also Jupiter as the New Born king of Heaven. Jesus is also often depicted as an infant or Baby Jesus. This is weird then.. Jennifer Grey is Jupiter as Baby, but Patrick Swayze is also Jupiter as JC Johnny Castle, what gives?
1977 Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth vase with the profile of Prince Philip and Her Majesty.

I think Jim nailed it when he pointed out in conversation the Two Face illusion illustrating the StarCup concept.

The male and female coming together unite the two or duality and transcend it. In its most primary this is consciousness lost in form and awakening into knowledge of itself, Kaboom!

The Two Face theme resonates Janus, the god of doorways/StarG8, which has also been connected
extensively with Jupiter.

Two Face, two coming together as ONE.
This is why Swayze is JC/Man/Star and Jennifer Grey/Woman/Moon is Big Baby like the StarChild (resonating StarCup). Sun and Moon come together, eclipse/splice and form the Big Baby/Jupiter/I Am.
Big Baby Dren of Splice and Big Baby Jupiter aka StarChild of 2010: The Year We Make Contact 2010 or right NOW!
I love this big Red Eye resonating Jupiter above Grey and Swayze as they do their big final dance, uniting the StarCup.

Its also curious that Jennifer keeps coming up as associated to Jupiter.

Here is the Jennifer Jupiter video highlighting Jennifer Connelly's shattered glass strange attraction.

Jennifer is said to come from Guinevere, King Arthur Queen.

The girl's name Jennifer \j(e)-nni-fer\ is pronounced JEN-ee-fer, JEN-if-er. It is of Welsh origin, and its meaning is "fair one". Variant of Guinevere. Mythology: in Arthurian tales, Guinevere was Arthur's queen.

Juniper also..

Juniper (given name) Wiki
The given name is either in reference to the English common name for the juniper tree or berry, or in reference to a derivation of the Welsh name Guinevere.

Juniper is practically Jupiter already but connects further by being variants of Juno, June, Junius, Jove and that lot. They all resonate Youth which again brings up Jupiter as Big Baby already seen in Jennifer Grey's Baby, 2010's StarChild and Splice's Dren.

The Grey in Jennifer Grey connects to those big headed, somewhat baby like, aliens with the bug eyes also called Greys. Jupiter is an intelligence in space (space is a symbol of movement beyond form) and easily resonates Cosmic Intelligences & E.T's like those Greys.
Toy Story 3 has the Big Baby, resonating Jupiter even further by having a lazy eye, highlighting the single Jovian Red Storm/Eye. I love that Big Baby has Milk a sync that has been arising steadily over the last few weeks also in the form of Cream, Butter, Margarine, Oil etc.
Adam Sandler and his friends are also kind of Big Babies or youths in Grown Ups. Returning to the playfulness, readiness to celebrate every moment and constantly being in awe of life is very much the essence of the Jovian spirit of becoming Big Baby.
Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn have to Bring Up Baby in the form of a Big Leopard in this classic comedy.
This is perfectly entrained with the times as the mascot for the 2010 World Cup is Zakumi the Leopard.
Jim mentioned when I just saw him that the milk giving breast of WOWen are nicknamed Melons. This is great as it connects the Baby and the Milk theme, its all about the new born life or consciousness we me are NOW sharing. Ripe and ready to all who want to drink from the gushing founTIN of NOW.
Another nickname for MOM's sacred breasts is Hooters, the noise an Owl makes.
Perfect as we see the Milky Way, the galactic fertile river of stars, in the gorgeous trailer for The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hool.

Look for the great Blue Bird in this.

"Abraham "Abe" Sapien (born Langdon Everett Caul) is a fictional character in the comic book series Hellboy, created by Mike Mignola. He is identified as an Icthyo sapiens, similar to a merman."

"With no memory of his life before, the icthyo sapien received a new name from a piece of paper attached to the tube, dated the day of
Abraham Lincoln's assassination (April 14, 1865).
Abe Sapien Wikipedia

We see Watermelon Head aka Abe Sapien on the left as mention is made of the Forest God. Abe is named after Lincoln, a resonator of Zeus/Jupiter as the Lincoln memorial is fashioned after the Temple of Zeus. Liam Neeson played Zeus in The Clash of The Titans and will play Lincoln in a Spielberg biopic about the Prez out next year. In Abe Sapien we have the themes of Watermelon and Abe/Zeus/Jupiter coming together.
Giant coiled vine being.
Watermelon/Jupiter Abe Sapien and words Big Baby together as the heroes stare at a Forest God, clearly the coiling Ayahuasca plant Spirit.

Hellboy stands on the H/8/Infinity of Hotel.

"The buildings (the Winnipeg Legislature) floor plan , as a giant H, continues this resonance, it being the 8th letter of the alphabet."

"Hellboy 2: The Golden Army" resonates Golden Boy overtly through the shared Golden and Boy elements present in both titles.

In the film we see Hellboy, in perfect resonance with Golden Boy. He stands perched atop the H of Hotel with the octagonal O. Winnipeg's Golden Boy and Hellboy stand on a H and Octagon, pretty nice.

Blob Post "Galactic Center Temple"

Ayahuasca wakes up the Baby/Jupiter/Cosmic Consciousness.

Jim: (Disclaimer: These are the words of a Fool)

I am glad Jake showed the 2 faces that are facing each other to form the Star Cup. What I find interesting about this is that it is as if 2 faces in this image are about to kiss each other.

The Star Cup is formed by the Kiss of opposites. Marriage is done and it is time to Kiss the Bride/Groom.

I feel this Kiss is right now. The EcLIPSe is the Kiss. The TwiLight. Twin Light. Twin Sun Kiss.

The Kiss began on June 11th when the World Cup started and finishes on July 11th when the World Cup ends.

On June 10th the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Philadelphia Flyers to win the Stanley Cup.

Both teams suggest a Black Bird. The Flyers logo even looks like the Symbol for Sun/Gold is taking flight. A Black Hole taking flight. Perhaps this would symbolize the event horizon nearing.

The next day the FIFA World Cup started. South Africa and the Black Hole Man was about to take flight.

2 Cups back to back, or front to front, almost like they where kissing each other.

The Stanley Cup is for Hockey and is played with a PUCK. A puck is like a little black hole whipped around the ice.

Interesting how the Hockey Puck above with the Canadian Maple Leaf on it also kind of mimics the two faces vase illusion. But the faces are not too close to look like a kiss, this is more like 2 people are talking with each other and getting to know each other first.

Puck makes me think of the the phrase PUCKER UP. To Pucker up is to prepare one's lips for a kiss.

CUP is also found in the word PUCk. Perhaps we can best say that the Stanley CUP was the PUC, and then the June 11th, next day beginning of the World CUP is just that, the CUP, or perfect reflection of PUC.

These two sporting events seem to
with each other, like the Kissing vase illusion.

If the PUCUP was the beginning of the Kiss, then the July 11th end to the World Cup is perhaps the end of the Kiss and the beginning of a new life together as husband and wife. Eternal Father and Mother Nature together again.

Happily married. Peace in the Home.

This last Saturday we had a partial Lunar Eclipse as the Kiss got deeper, and on July 11th there is a Total Solar Eclipse.

Kiss in full effect.

Researching the Total Solar Eclipse of July 11th I noticed that one of the only pieces of land that will see this event is EASTER ISLAND in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South America.

Easter Island is famous for those mysterious big heads made of stone called Moai.

It has been calculated that this Solar Eclipse will be the first one that the statues have ever bear witnessed to as they were made around 1000 years ago and the last Total Solar Eclipse to include the island was around 1500 years ago.

When I read this I felt like I had recently seen these statues somewhere. Not too soon after I was watching the trailer of TOY STORY 3 when I realized that one of the posters in ANDy's room is of the dark silhouettes of the Easter Island statues.

This image in Toy Story 3 of one of Easter island's MOAI seems to point to the coming Solar Eclipse to end the World Cup, or the World Kiss.

The statues even resonate the Kissing Silhouettes.

Which looks a lot like the 2 heads facing each other on the cover of PINK FLOYD's album DIVISION BELL.

"Ring the bell, it's time to tell the story of Hell..."

What originally caught my eye about this scene in Toy Story 3 is not the Easter Island image, but rather the flag/triangle/pyramid that says PU.

PU is UP backwards, but also sounds like POOH as in Winnie-the-Pooh,

or PU as in PO, the Kung Fu Panda (Yin Yang Bear) that saves the day.

Kung Fu Panda clearly resonating Karate Kid which was released on June 11th, same day that the World Cup in South Africa began.

PO is also the Dogon of Mali's name for the smallest seed. PO means the Deep Beginning and it is the name for the Black Hole at the Core of our Galaxy. For the Dogon, it is also related to Sirius.

From here:

"According to the Dogon, Sirius is called sigi tolo, and it has a tiny unseen companion called po tolo, or "deep beginning." This star po tolo is associated with the fonio grain, which is native to Africa, and the Dogon call po. This po grain is the smallest grain the Dogon know of, and was the first of the eight different seeds made by the creator, Amma.

The Dogon say the po grain is just like the star po tolo, tiny, white and very heavy. According to the Dogon creation myth, all things emerged from this star, just as all the other grain emerged from the first po seed grain.

The Dogon say that the star Po is the heaviest of stars, and used to be where our Sun is now. Then Po and the other stars all moved away from the Sun. But even though Po tolo has moved, it is still important. It is the "center of the sky." Po tolo’s influence keeps the other stars in place. The dogon say that Po tolo circles around Sirius once every fifty years."

Well, if one is to drink from the CUP and SEE UP one will eventually see PO.


This I find interesting how PO leads to PO-LICE.

This past weekend the G8/G20 meeting in Toronto became a story about the POlice and what is infamously known as the BLACK BLOC.

Black Bloc is an Anarchist protest tactic started in Europe in which people all in black and masked used the protection of peaceful crowds to hide and then attack property or police lines from.

Story time and time again goes...

Black Bloc destroys property and the cops fight back and use it as an excuse to have a clampdown and harass protesters, including peaceful ones. Ten years ago I ran with the Black Bloc in Washington D.C. for the anti-globalization protests against the World Bank and the IMF. Quite the adrenalin kick. But fucking freaky zone to be in. I can understand the anger that can drive someone to destroy property. Their is great tragedy, injustice and pain in this world that can be very hard for some people to live with. But it gets us nowhere.

Only love changes. Only love rules.

A bleeding heart can sometimes become a raging heart. This can either come out as Love or Hate.

Next protest I went to in Quebec City of 2001 I was Indy Media, but I was attacked even more than when I was in D.C.

It was not until the Amazon that I learn't the way of the plants and the heart. Yet I do not judge the Black Bloc or the Cops or the World Leaders, we are all in this Black Hole Theatre together.

Hearing about the G8/G20 (7+8+7+20=42) Black Bloc and the Police in Toronto made me realize how much they are resonators of the Black Hole and centre of the Galaxy.

The Black Block is symbolic of Being, or the Monolith that leads to the Jovian StarG8, otherwise known as simply JOY.

But you know, it just goes to show that the POlice and the protesters are just bearing witness, as we all are together, be it through anger or compassion, to the ecLIPSe Kiss of the World Cup, 2010.

In the Manitoba Legislative Building aka King Solomon's Temple, PO, the Black Hole at the centre of the galaxy, seems to resonate with the POol of the Black star.

The POol of the Blackstar is an 8 rayed octagonal black star. It reminds me of the Octagon that Rampage Jackson aka B.A., fights in for UFC.

In A-team B.A. has the words PITY the FOOL tattooed on his fists. One letter per finger. That would be 8 letters, 8 fingers, or 8 rays of a star as our hands are basically fractals of stars.

The UFC Octagon has a BLUE BUD LIGHT logo in the middle just like the octagonal POol of the Blackstar has the Blue Sun reflection in it's centre.

Blue Bud Light makes me think of the Blue light that is emitted from a floWering soul. Kind of like a Blue Butterfly.

Blue Bud Light also so happened to be on the scoreboard in the movie KINGPINS starring WOODY HARRELSON.

Woody plays a washed up semi-pro bowler who tries to make a comeback.

Kingpin can also be understood as the King Peg. The Main thing that pins us down. Perhaps the King Pin is the Black Hole that we are all inevitably destined to be sucked into. The movie Kingpin and Bowling was first referenced here at the Sync Whole in the post Blowing Blue into the Golden Bowl.

Bowl is another word for Cup.

Here is Woody holding the PIN/PEG with the words PO highlighted behind him. WOODY, or the Man of the Woods/Forest, is POinting to the POint of it ALL.

The climax of the movie has Woody playing in the National Bowling Championships against Bill Murray.
Bill, the arch enemy of Woody (yet the one whose actions leads Woody to realizing love) uses a Golden Bowl with a Rose in it. His glove highlights his Jupiter Finger.

Notice Woody's Twin Blue Stars on his shirt, as well as the 3 pyramids behind him in the banners.

Woody is also wearing a Big Blue Star on his back and to his right is a Big Leg which is resonant with the Golden Boy standing on one Leg, and the Leg being short for Legislative.

The Golden Boy is on top of the dome/cupola and is directly above the POol of the Blackstar. Together they make the Star Cup. The Golden Boy receives the nectar and fills the pool/cup for all to drink from.

In Kingpin, Woody loses $42,000 dollars (42 being a pointer to everything Jupiter and beyond) and decides to try to win it back and play in the National Bowling Tournament. In the scene below he is feeling down on his luck and we notice a Golden Hermes statue behind him that looks identical to the Golden Boy.

Below is Woody looking in the mirror and seeing the tatoo on Dennis Quaid's back of a woman with 2 huge breasts and 2 Blue Stars.

Twin Blue Star Melons. Twin Peaks. Two Suns risen. Twilight.

In Kingpin, Woody arrives at an Amish community where he meets Dennis Quaid. While there he is shown the horse BUTTERCUP.

This is syncnificant because we also have Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) with the Unicorn Buttercup in Toy Story 3.

Toy Story 3 also has MR. & MRS. POTATO HEAD.

So does the movie Kingpin. In one scene Woody and Bill confront each other prior to the bowling tournament and they are seen near a 2 Faced Potato head.

Very Janus like.

Very Easter Island like as well. Big heads.

The Statues of Easter island that are soon to be kissed by the ecLIPSe of July 11th, are in many ways STONES IN A MEADOW.

The name STANLEY means Stone in a Meadow.

This brings us back to the Stanley Cup. I know Jake has been talking about Stanley Tucci and his dance with Richard Gere in the washroom of the Manitoba Legislative Building. I first started thinking about the name Stanley when I started watching the movie Holes around a month ago.

The protagonist in the movie Holes is named Stanley Yelnats and played by the young Eagle Eye/Indiana/Transformer star we know as Shia LaBeouf.

In the movie Holes, Shia follows his BAD/214 Luck...

Part of Stanley's bad luck is he gets busted by the POlice. Here he is with a big blue Jupiter #1 Finger behind him. As well as OZ and DOGS.

He is forced to dig holes as a form of punishment.

Eventually he befriends another detainee called ZERO, a boy intimately connected to his BAD LUCK.

Once they come clean with each other they follow the sync trail that eventually leads to finding a treaure chest with a Silver Star Cup in it.

Stanley Yelnats' Cup. His mirrored named points us back to the same effect with the wordplay of PUC CUP. The Kiss.

Below we see more high weirdness of the movie Holes when John Voight is with Shia.

Voight then has the tip/bill of his hat hit the number 42.

A glance of Voight's movie posters reveals an interesting OZ bleed with the posters for Holes and Zoolander.

I wrote about Black Holes and the Queen awhile back at Centreportal. Check it out. Mother of the Black Pearly StarG8.

Stanley's finding of the Star Cup ends the 100 year drought and the spiritual rains fall again. All earth's inmates jump for joy and point to Stanley with their Jupiter fingers.

Stanley on my mind I notice just yesterday that when the Queen comes to Winnipeg on July 3rd, she will bring with her a STONE FROM THE MEADOW OF RUNNYMEDE. This will be used as a cornerstone for the Canadian Human Rights Museum being built at the meeting of rivers in the Peg known as the Forks. (Forks like the Twilight series).

While in Winnipeg the Queen will inaugurate the James Armstrong Richardson Airport as well as get a tour of the Manitoba Legislative building. The Queen will visit the POol of the Blackstar on July 3rd.

The Queen comes to Canada and says it's GOOD TO BE HOME. Perfectly timed for the 2010 Manitoba Homecoming festivities.

Notice the above Manitoba Homecoming 2010 image of the Queen with Blue Stars and the Golden Boy.

July 3rd is what the Farmer's Almanac says begins the DOG DAYS (God Days?) of summer a concept that goes back to the Egyptians attributing the intense heat of summer to the twin rising of the Sun and Sirius/Po Tolo (second brightest star in our sky after our sun).

This is the time of the Twin Sun. The Twin heat. The Twilight. The Bi Sun.

The Twin Bisons that Guard the Holy of Holies.

The Queen is bringing the Stanley back home to the Peg soon!

This Stanley comes from the place where the Magna Carta was signed in 1215. Funny how the Easter Island Stanley's (stones in meadows) and the Magna Carta are dated around the same time. The Easter Stanley's are estimated to have started around 1250.

The Queen is feeling the Pull of PO more than anyone else.

Liberty is coming!

Long Live An ArK Key!

"At the event horizon of a black hole, this deformation becomes so strong that there are no paths that lead away from the black hole" - From Wikipedia.

A Black Hole is the gathering of light in order to give birth to a new creation.

The Black Hole is the giver of Milk & Hunny of the New World. The true Queen of Heaven.

More to come flux willing as Jake says...

Like how Holes and Happy Gilmore (with Grown Up but still a Big Baby Sandler (Pansler)) echo.
Very much like Caddyshack with Jim's Bowler (Cuper) Bill Murray coming out of the Golf/Gulf hole.


Right after posting the additions to the Big Baby the POster (PO Star!) appears at for the movie YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER.

Directed by WOODY Allen nonetheless.

The EcLIPSe Kiss!!!!

Thanks Strangeye for POinting out C3-PO.

db: So Will was talking about 'Rambling' yesterday about the time I was in the very opposite spot that the above Zep song takes place. "Ramble On" is the beginning of The Fellowship Of The Ring after the Fellowship has arrived in Lothlórian. I was at the end of my adventure ramblin' home from The Cosmic Ti69er. . .

-thinking of Hobbits though made me think of Warwick Davis and of Willow

--what's that Big Baby's name?

"Cherlindrea tells Willow that the baby is Elora Danan, a special child who must be kept alive so that she can fulfill a prophecy to destroy Bavmorda."

--I like how much she looks like my Zoe:

Anyway, it's hard not to think of Val Kilmer when considering Willow:

he's actually kind of a portal for me. Two huge films of my youth featured him:

Curious thing, they both feature "America's Sweetheart" Meg Ryan. . .
(I have no idea where this ramble is off to Will)

hmmmm. . . well, er, she played Goose's wife in Top Gun and Willow turned Fin Raziel into a goose?

Actually, I was tickled by something when I wiki-ed her. Meg's B day is 11/19/1961
-just prior to this ramble I was prompted to go back in time to look at something I had written that mentioned Ayn Rand. I was prompted to do this because earlier, I was reading an article regarding her philosophy of individual selfishness. . .

The post that I had written (on 11/18/2009) was about saving the world from the impending DOOM!

my big moment came at the end of it with a rebuttal to the philosophy of selfishness:
Know that everything you do is one continuous mistake and absolutely perfect. You are where you are, but you have the power to stay, or go, or just be. "Do what thou wilt", but know that you aren't the only person in this world, and thus without charity, it’s worthless. The medium is the message.
--if there is anything that is syncing about this though, it is a concept that Richard Arrowsmith recently dropped upon us--The idea of The Mother Man. . .

"The Game is opening a new doorway within the Mother Man."

(& you think you are Golem, RA!)

Perhaps the adventure isn't coming to an end as I had thought? Perhaps the adventure is just beginning for The Mother Man? Perhaps a new collective philosophy is being formed in the loving womb of a Sync Whole which will prompt the undertaking of a new adventure to save Middle Earth? Perhaps we will deliver the children that can destroy the witch of selfishness? Forward together. A union of opposites. Ownership society is done.