Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It seems like its official. I cant find Red Ice Creation's live stuff on Youtube any longer. Around the year of '08 they started doing these live shows where guest would use visual aids. Jake Kotze did this specific one about all things JC. I can understand how it can get over looked on such a new forum and am sad that I can't review it now. I do however remember somethings about it. And there is the video above expressing J.ennifer C.onnelly's involvement with Mirror's and glass that he, Jake, did around the same time. Her name being JC is fitting with all of the Mirror scenes. One could chose to find the mirror hinting at our understanding of the external world. It's the only image that we get of what our consciousness emanates from. Sense that line of thinking leads to paradox, and a myriad of philosophical questions, the mirror has stood in as a simple symbol to rely the ideas. Story's like Dionysus and Narcissus are ancient examples of this with their exclusive use of reflection and infatuation. These are the topic's of almost every savior story and capitalized by Jennifer's initials, she is Jesus tangled in the material.

Check out for more.

Narcissus perhaps comes from the word "Narke" and means "Sleep or numbness". In fact the root is the source of the word Narcotics as well. Above Richard Arrowsmith made a video of an artistic nature that explores these concepts again. Notice the use of mirror's and the re birth themes in The Hulk(with JC) and Avatar(by J.ames C.ameron). Once again savior story's all hold the secret to the meaning of "born again". I also like the accompanying "Dream" theme throughout Richard's video. Requiem for a Dream with Connelly explores the realm of Narcotics with the Dream Theme in the title itself. Interesting Kotze sourced this movie in his interview with Red Ice because here Connelly is seen at Conney Island on the pier, in the movie it is a symbol of the life taken away by the sleep walking world of drugs.Dark City with Connelly sees the same. In this movie, man, as a race, has been highjacked and is stuck in a labyrinth maze of city and dream scapes. The social commentary of the movie is blatant and of course Connelly is found as a goal at the end of a pier, once the bondage is broken... Once the dream is over.Connelly works at a theater in Dark City which promises the movie Book Of Dreams to come soon.D.avid B.owie tries to give Connelly her dreams within the Crystal Balls he tosses around in her earlier film Labyrinth. The Material world again paired with Dark Cities maze symbolism. Bowie appears to Connelly as a Man In Black. A theme that crosses her career in movies like The Day The Earth Stood Still, Beautiful Mind, and of course Dark City. The understanding that Dreams are at the heart of Bowie's intention doesn't deserve to be over looked and in fact he drugs her to sleep to fulfill these dreams and distract her into forgetfulness. She finds herself in a masquerade ball as we explore one of the scenes that Kotze used in his video on JC, for this particular scene ends with shattered glass.Bowie sweeps her off her feet and although this is a kid friendly movie the hint's of sexuality tight rope between subtle and subliminal. This can be associated to an initiation of sorts following secret society history and cults of Dionysus, of the mirror once again. Of course Connelly breaks the illusion and cracks the mirror but the hint of Dream is still present. A waking dream. In Requiem she is not so lucky. Identical scenario however. The individual who leads her to this initiation is one Keith David, of course he is known for showing us a reflection of our world and the ones that lie like dreams just side ways to it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hilton on the Moon

Above is an image of a full moon aligning with the International Peace Towers at the International Peace Garden that straddles the USA & Canadian border at North Dakota and Manitoba. Below many of us know this image instantly as the Sun-Moon-Black Monolith alignment at the beginning of 2001 A Space Odyssey.

This weekend I was at an Ayahuasca ceremony near the International Peace Gardens that began on the night of September 10th and ended in the wee hours of September 11th, the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Interestingly enough, there are WTC beams on display at the Peace Gardens as part of a memorial as seen in the image below.

I got home the night of the 11th and to wind down after a weekend of hard work I sat down and watched the next episode of Mad Men that I am at in my journey through all the seasons.

The episode I was to watch on the anniversary of 9/11 was Season 3 Episode 9 and called Wee Hours. One of the main threads in this episode is ad man extraordinaire Don Draper's attempts to please Conrad Hilton, owner of the Hilton hotel chain.

Early on in the show Conrad Hilton tells Don Draper that he wants a "Hilton on the Moon."

Strange indeed. Now, from early sync work we know that the Millennium Hilton is situated flush to Ground Zero and where the Trade Towers came down, and we know it's design was inspired by the Black Monolith of 2001: A Space Odyssey in which the first signal from the Monolith reaches humanity from the Moon.

Below is an artist rendition of the the Millennium Hilton. New York's Big Black Monolith.

Below is the scene from the movie in which humans first approach the monolith on the moon where they discover the signal is coming from Jupiter.

OK. Now here is a short video I edited today to highlight the Hilton on the Moon sync with 2001: A Space Odyssey. I use some footage from @Seallion and my video Inside Job.

Interesting how the show Mad Men has this Hilton/Moon/2001 resonance and that the beginning credits of the show have a business man falling from buildings much like the iconic image of someone falling from the Trade Towers before they crashed to the ground.

Here is the full Inside Job sync video done in 2008.

It seems somewhat dark to explore 9/11 again. But after 10 years we embark on a new journey of peace. Wounds are to heal now.

Much love to all.



Re-watched 2001 for this Moonkey video project I'm working on with Jim. Never know what you will learn regardless how familiar you are with a thing.
Turns out the Space Station Dr Floyd visits on his way to the Moon is a Hilton itself.
I like how Floyd sits on his pink chair and is heading for the moon to investigate the monolith which was a tetrahedral pyramid in the original short story.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hail to the Goer - with 9/11/11 Updates

In "Super" we see Rainn Wilson meditating on his bed while suddenly a crack opens in his ceiling and the Rainbow 'Finger of God' comes in and enlightens him as to his true purpose. I find this beautiful and revealing as we have noted in the above video how Rainns career has brought him in context with symbols like the Rainbow and the White Rabbit.

Rainn Wilson with a Rabbit on his lap after his personal victory in the film "Super". Rainn as we will explore is a Membrane or Stargate resonator, as we thumb through his Career and find that it is interwoven with symbols pointing toward the Stargate, or the Bridge between Spirit and Matter.

Seen below is Rainn(bow) Wilson sporting a Pink Floyd* Dark side of the Moon T-Shirt while calling attention to his student *Noahs'(think biblical Rainbow Promise) drawing of a Sri Yantra Mandala. A Rainbow is created when Light and Water unite at a 42 degree angle, and as it turns out there are exactly 42 Shiva Triangles in the Sri Yantra Mandala. Perfect Sync.

The White Rabbit often symbolizes a connection between our Earthy plane, and some other dimension, sometimes known as the Underworld, Astral Plane, Afterlife, Heaven etc. The Rainbow is another symbol that cultures around the world use to point toward the realm beyond the physical. Both of these symbols are forms from the physical world that point toward the shared reality of the Spiritual and Ethereal dimensions that the worlds cultures have mythologized.

As mentioned in the above video Egyptian mythology holds that the Heavenly Rabbit Constellation, as the Boat to the Duat(Afterlife/Underworld). The Egyptians held that when in the Duat after having followed the Lepus Rabbit, one would meet the 42 Dietys known as the Asscesors of the Dead. The White Rabbit is chased by the Dog Star Sirius, if we look into the Astrology of Sirius it has been known as our 'Spiritual Sun'. We could go so far as to say the earthly Sun supports our physical body and that Sirius does the same on "the Other Side" of the Rainbow, supporting our Spiritual body.

Above is an image of the Antahkarana, the Rainbow Bridge that unites the Spiritual and Physical dimensions. If we pay close attention we realize that our Bodies are Rainbow Bridges when we acknowledge the chosen colors of the Chakras that travel up the spine and even above the head into infinity. One of the most important Chakras/Energy states that we all share outside of our form bodys is the Sirius Chakra aka the Dog Star Chakra.

This brings to mind the Story of the Wizard of Oz. Where Dorothy and her DOG compation Toto go Over the Rainbow Bridge into the Spiritual World.

It is very interesting to note that the Author of the Wizard of Oz - L Frank Baum, as well as Author Alice Bailey were members of the Theosophical Society during the time that Baum was writing the Wizard of Oz.

Alice Bailey at that very same time that Baum was writing Oz, was developing her teachings on connecting to the Spiritual dimension through the Antahkarana Rainbow Bridge teachings she had picked up from Tibetan wisdom. Pretty wacky, can only wonder if the two of them were collaborating ey?

Im working on this post during the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 Mega Ritual. This is synhchronistic for me, as somtime in 2009 I realized that one of the only Animal heroes to pass away on that day, was a Dog named Sirius. This gets quite interesting.

In the musical the Wiz we see theTwin Towers central to the Emerald City. The Cube/Sphere Kaaba that is actually present at the center of the Green(eternal)city is now a Cube with the letter Z on it, marking OZ.

Oddly enough the symbol for the Antahkarana is a Cube that perfectly entrains with the OZ Cube/Kaaba as it holds the angled lines that can be perceived as Zs or 7s.

Its very intruiging to note that the Memorial Ceremony for Sirius the 9/11 Dog hero, was placed on that date April 24th 2002 - Thats 4/24/2002 . A Double 42 in there, reminding us of the angle that creates the Rainbow as well as the Assesors of the Dead in the Egyptian Spiritual plane.

Back to Rainn Wilsons connection to all of this, I realized after posting the video that he stars alongside NOAHs twice in his career. Firstly there is the Noah who finds the White Rabbit in the Last Mimzy, recalling the Biblical Noah who gathers all of Earths life onto a Boat before God Floods the Earth, God then shows Noah a Rainbow symbolizing the promise that he would never flood the Earth again. Again the Rainbow/Noah points toward the union of Heaven and Earth.

Steve Carrell who played as NOAH in Evan Almighty stars alongside Rainn Wilson on the TV show The Office.

Steve Carell in the episode "Booze Cruise" proclaims "Im the Captain!" resonating with his role as Noah in Evan Almighty again.

The Cherry on this Mimzy Pie for me, perfectly continuing the White Rabbit/Rainbow/42 sync narrative, is that Roger Waters specifically worked on the Mimzy Soundtrack.

Weve all heard the rumors that Floyd may have tried to SYNC Dark Side of the Moon to The Wizard of Oz. Perfectly tying the Rainbow Prism on the Cover of Darkside, to the Rainbow Bridge/Antahkarana of Oz, and Rainn Wilsons role alongside the White Rabbit in Last Mimzy. These symbols are working together inside and outside of us, giving us sometimes uncosncious wisdom of our connection to the infinite.

At the end of "Super" we see Rain Wilson take out a hand made card of a Rainbow around the Earth. I feel this is more non local confirmation that the Rainbow Bridge between Spirit and Matter is strengthening as we integrate and unite under Cosmic Consciousness.

Id like to end this post with an amazing Snapshot I took just last month. Vodka from the Other Side?! :D

Peace Love and Rainbows be with you Always