Sunday, October 28, 2012


New sync video collaboration between @seallion and myself @syncwinnipeg.

Happy Halloween!

KevIndra: When I noticed the name of Jake and Jims lovely new video, I realized that I had just been thinking ofPsyche and its etymology last week when I came across a book at my bandmates house. The book is called Insect Mythology, being that we play Psych-edelic rock I enjoyed the connection between Psyche, Soul, and the Butterfly and a newly recorded insect themed song of ours. The Root of Psycho is Psyche, so I thought a butterfly should likely make its way into Psyncho, I thought predicting it on twitter would be fun and Jake and Jim confirmed a butterfly clip..

Just a few minutes into the video we see a Neon Butterfly as the classic Psycho Knife fades into it. I read a tweet from Jim sayiing that the Butterfly was accidental but he decided to leave it in there.

The Psycho Knife is infamous for cutting Skin/Sink. The Butterfly as mentioned above is associated with the theme of rebirth and moving between worlds. The word Film not only refers to a cinematic piece of art but also refers to a thin skin or membrane. I have personally associated films with our connection to the Spiritual realm, the film being the membrane that it is allows us  to peace together pointers toward he Soul/Psyche/Butterfly/Sinko. Sync/Sink has often involved some form of Cut-up mixed medias as well. For instance my Sink cut up, "Film: a Thin Skin or Membrane".

Sink/Psyche/Film among other heautiful and mysterious forces brought me up to Winnipeg, Sync City, in 2010 for the Cosmic Ti69er. When at the sacred site in rural Manito-Ahbee known as he Creaters Chair/Seat, Jake, Jim, Doug Bolles and myself were trailed by dancing butterflies as we tuned into Jims Icaros. 

Jake and I also watched the film "Scoop" together during the CosmicTi69er get together. I liked how the film resonated with Spirits and featured Crowley Cards as well as The Fountains Deadman Hugh Jackman.

The Creators Chair

The Chair/Chariot is also a pointer towards the Soul/Psyche/Psyncho/Skin. The Tarot being likely descended from Qabalah demonstrates the Merkaba or Spirital Body of Light as the Chariot moved by the Spirit, who is the Charioteer.


The spiral of the contents within the Grail held by the Charioteer reminds me of the psychedelic swirling nature of Sink as demonstrated in Psyncho with the drain scenes, the spinning also resonates with film reels and the cosmos. The Heart of sink/skin is the infinitely deep Synch Wholely Grail, the cup of LIFE/FILM. Cheers yall

While doing my weekly scrolling through the grapevine of 60s and 70s Psych-edelia albums on youtube, I came across a great band called " IRON BUTTERFLY " last night. And one of the first songs I listened to features and allusion to Monday Night/Mostly Tuesdays arrival of Hurrican Sandy. The song Lightening features the lyrics "Tuesday brings the STORM".


Doubt this makes for fascinating reading but just in case anyone is interested in seeing a bit of the process involved in making a sync video like "Psyncho", here is the script.

I can't imagine anyone but @syncwinnipeg creating so exactly what I imagine from these words, not to mention adding many-many-many extra layers of depth & creativity that blows my mind.

The times I have collaborated with Jim has produced the work I have enjoyed the most.

Thanks for watching!


We start by zooming out from a close up of the Crowley Death Thoth Tarot card which Hugh Jackman is holding while staring into Scarlett Jo's eyes on the Scoop poster.

Hugh Jackman is sitting at a bar with a beer (In The Prestige).
He takes a sip and sees a King of Diamonds on the bottom of the glass. He removes it.
We see a close up and that it is a King of Diamonds. He looks around to see who sent it..
The Prestige
34:01 Hugh Jackman as Robert sitting at bar finding small playing card.

We see Scarlett sitting in an audience smiling watching a stage magic show and hearing the words:
10:00 "Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for the astonishing magic of SPLENDINI!"

We see the announcer and he points towards Splendini aka Woody Allen coming on stage.
We notice the background is a giant red dragon and oversize playing cards. (could quickly cut back to
Jackman in The Prestige with the card. Note there is a King of Hearts on stage. Maybe you could zoom in or highlight this fact somehow?)

The Prestige
17:45 "I thought of a name for you." Says actress Piper Perabo to her husband in the film, Hugh Jackman.
17:49 "The Great Danton." as she says these words we cut to some shots of posters for Hugh Jackman reading:
"The Great Danton".
38:46 People walking up to a theater with posters all along a wall reading "The Great Danton"
and just a bit of the very next shot with him on stage.

Back to Scoop and we see Woody Allen standing by his magic box saying:
11:16 "I'm gonna need a volunteer"
11:25 We see Scarlett being hand picked from an applauding audience and proceeding to walk up onstage.
12:50 "Now Sandra I'm gonna ask you to step inside that box." says Allen/Splendini to Scarlett/Sandra.

35:48 "In here, Miss Wenscombe" says Michael Caine to Scarlett opening the doors of a stage magicians box just like the one we just saw Scarlett being asked to get inside of by Splendini.
(I like the golden birds on this box, Phoenix?)
35:51 "No point in meeting Mr. Angier if you don't fit." Says Caine as Scarlett stairs over at Angier aka The Great Danton sitting on a chair practicing a trick.
35:55 Caine helps her into the box.

13:20 Splendini motioning at Scarlett to get in the box, which she does.

36:40 Caine closing the box doors and motioning to it. "She's not experienced". He walks over to Jackman "But she knows how to present herself." This cuts to scenes of Scarlett onstage with Jackman "A pretty assistant is the most effective form of misdirection". Scarlett smiling at Jackman as he passes her some "magic" cloth.

45:54 Scarlet picks up a photo album and pages through it. We see black and white photos of a woman.
(again here maybe a good idea to put Scoop title onscreen as this shows how they are both in this as well as The Prestige. See how you feel)
46:09 "That's my mother" says Hugh. Scarlett : "She was very attractive".
"Yes, but quite difficult." retorts Jackman.
It would be nice to start hearing the sound of Mrs. Bates' (Norman Bates' mother) whining voice from Psycho overlapping with this shot.

Psycho 1960
We see actress Janet Leigh staring out of the window of her Motel Room as a voice booms:
32:22 MRS. BATES: "No! I tell you no! I won't have you bringing strange young girls in for supper!
By candlelight, I suppose, in the cheap, erotic fashion of young men with cheap, erotic minds!"
NORMAN: "Mother, please."

Hitchcock Trailer
1:21 "You are intrigued aren't you." says Hopkins as Hitchock to Helen Mirren across an outdoors breakfast table.
As he is speaking we cut to a view of a woman's elegantly dressed rear (Scarlett) walking through a restaurant and joining Mirren and Hopkins. "Killing off your leading lady half way through the film".
1:27 "How are you going to shoot this shower scene?" says Scarlett as Leigh as we see shots of the shower scene.

Psycho 1960
47:41 The shower curtain is pulled away and we see the dark silhouette of Bates as Mother stabbing a screaming Janet Leigh.

Psycho 1998
45:30 We cut (he he) to a screaming Anne Hesche in the remake where Vince Vaughn is doing the stabbing.

Return to Paradise (mine is a DVD rip with VOB files..)
6:42 (VTS_01_3.VOB) "You're killing me Beth" says Vince Vaughn who just killed Hesche in Psycho.

Psycho 1998
27:15 "Thank you, Mr. Bates." Says Hesche. "Norman Bates." replies Vaughn.

Return to Paradise
6:43 "Im killing you?" replies Hesche.

(Insert quick shots of the actor titles Vince Vaughn (VTS_01_1.VOB 00:37) Anne Heshce (00:41) Joaquin Phoenix (00:46) Films Title "Return to Paradise" 00:49)

Another shot from Psycho with Mother/Bates stabbing Hesche.

6:46 Vaughn takes a step towards Hesche. "You're Killing me"
6:51 Vaughn stroking the side of Hesche's face.

Somehow we now need to show that Anne Hesche is born on the same day (May 25) as Ian McKellen.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
2:21:41 Gandalf's eyes are closed and we hear snarling sounds as the camera zooms in on his face. He opens his eyes and we briefly see the approaching red light of the monstrous Balrog.
2:21:57 "A Balrog" says Gandalf/McKellan.

We see the Psycho intro sequence titles with its famous score (will look for mp3) where the letters are cut and shifted apart resonating the cutting, stabbing etc. We hear the scary music, see the parts of the credits reading Psycho, Viggo Mortensen (1:13) & Anne Hesche.

Next we see the part right after the credits (2:40) where the title "Phoenix, Arizona" appears over the skyline (maybe zoom in on or highlight phoenix in some fashion, we will see it again..)
as we are zooming through the city and into a specific hotel window. We can speed this up real fast but not cutting until we see Viggo & Hesche lying on a bed and a nice close up of both of their faces.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
1:55:07 The Ghost king tells Viggo Aragorn "None but the King of Gondor may command me" as Viggo lifts his blade pointing up and cutting across his face. The sword/blade that proves he is the king.
We should now Highlight in some fashion that this is a Peter Jackson film and that he is born on Oct 31 aka Halloween.

We cut to another Peter Jackson film...
The Frighteners
2:15 A terrified woman runs screaming up a staircase as a ghost in the floor chases her.
2:27 Her mother exits a room with a shotgun and says "The wicked shell be punished" and proceeds to shoot the floor ghost strangling the girl. It jumps out at us and we see the title writ large in blue
"The Frighteners".
6:05 Title reading "Directed by Peter Jackson"
10:32"She was madly in love with the psychopath, Bartlett." says a TV with a grainy black and white image of a girl surrounded by reporters. This cuts to actress Trini Alvarado grabbing the remote and hitting pause.
10:35 "That's her!" (being the woman we saw running away from the ghost, up the stairs..)
10:39 "I was in her house this afternoon." as she says this we cut quickly to a shot of her meeting the
women she is talking about, the same little girl on screen)
8:17 "Mother, please." says Patricia. "Patricia never leaves the house." (this "difficult mother" stuff echoes Psycho and Scoop) Would be nice to quickly insert the audio where Hugh Jackman says "but quite difficult"
08:22 "But it hurts." continues Patricia. Mother: "To your room, this instant!"
Jumping back to where we left Trini watching TV.
10:42 Her husband, on an exercise machine, slides into view. He gives her a funny look and picks up the cover of the tape she is watching. It reads "Psychopaths" in blood.
10:45 "Well, that's just terrific, honey. We've been in town for three months... and you're making friends with the Manson Family."
24:48 Micheal J Fox circling "Deaths" in a newspaper. A ghost sitting in front of him smacks the paper and says:
24:49 "Give it up, Frank. Death ain't no way to make a living."

18:07 "You shouldn't leave your TV on so loud when you go out." says Louis to Sigourney Weaver as she is trying to get into her apartment and away from Louis'.
18:12 "That's strange. I didn't realize l left it on."
18:22 "Bye Louis" says Weaver shutting her apt. door. We see Louis walking down the hall talking to himself.
18:25 "Okay, so I'll see you later, huh? I'll give you a call."
18:29 "I gotta have a shower."

We quickly see shots from all three our Psycho shower scenes Psycho 1960, Psycho 1998 & Hitchcock trailer.
Psycho 1960 47:10 Janet Leigh as Marion Crane under the water spraying from her shower.
Psycho 1998 44:28 Anne Hesche as Marion Crane under the water spraying from her shower.
Hitchcock 1:27 Scarlett as Janet Leigh talking in close up "How are you going to shoot this shower scene?" Which cuts to a quick shot of water coming out of the shower head.

18:42 "Have you or any of your family ever seen a spook, specter or ghost?" asks Bill Murray on Weaver's TV set.
(Quick cut to close up of Bill yelling (34:00) as green blob ghost "Slimer" rushes towards him. We see Slimer coming at us at 34:02 and even closer at 34:06)
18:46 "If the answer is yes, pick up your phone and call the professionals. Ghostbusters!" Weaver looking skeptically at the TV.

Ghost World
12:43 "Oh, yeah, and be sure to wear that sexy green cardigan." says Thora Birch as Enid on the phone. Scarlett as Rebecca smacks Enid with a cow print pillow.
00:40 We see the title Ghost World and Scarlett Johansson. (title actually has some really funky crazy old east Indian pop that you could use around these Ghost World parts...)
6:02 "Hey, Rebecca." Says a boy at the dance to Scarlett who is pouring some red punch. "Oh, hi." she replies.

We cut to the title shot of Hitchcock's 1940 classic "Rebecca" over a dark misty black and white country side.
00:41 "Rebecca" title large on screen. Next we see Hitchcock’s title.
01:40 "Directed by Alfred Hitchcock". Just some quick "Ghost" resonating dialogue that can start at some point as we see the titles and maybe cut to the characters actually speaking them.
1:12:28 "Do you think the dead come back and watch the living?" "No, I don't believe it." Maybe this as we see the titles above.
01:12:34 "Sometimes I wonder if she doesn't come back here to Manderley... and watch you and Mr. de Winter together." and this we see again... a great sinister camera zoom.

Ghost World
12:50 "Oh, it's that comedian I was telling you about." says Scarlett turning up a TV set.
12:52 "I still live with my mother." Says the comedian on TV. "He's the absolute worst." says Scarlett.

Psycho 1960
37:14 "Well, a boy's best friend is his mother." says Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates backed by his stuffed birds.

Ghost World
12:57 "So what if she's been dead for fifteen years?" continues the comedian.

Psycho 1998 (my torrent is in 2 parts and this is from the second)
27:28 "Norman Bates' mother has been dead and buried in Green Lawn Cemetery for the past ten years." says the Sheriff to Viggo & Julianne Moore.
41:50 Julianne Moore walking up to a seated figure of a woman. Pulls a curtain and says:
41:53 "Miss' Bates?". She swivels the figure around and we see the dead face of Miss Bates as a spider crawls over it.
Julianne Screams...

Ghost World
1:21:58 "Because you'll totally freak out and act like a psycho about it." says Enid to Rebecca.

Another Hitchcock trailer shot with Scarlett, refreshing our mind as to why this is so relevant.
Maybe the Title from the Trailer that reads Hitchcock in red with the shattered design and knife cutting sound at 2:25 plus this nice shot at 1:45 where Hitchcock pulls the shower curtain, Scarlett is screaming and he is stabbing.

Ghost World
1:22:02 "What? You're the psycho." replies Rebecca.

Now we bring our Ghost resonators Scarlett and Murray together in Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation
49:57 Murray is sitting next to Scarlett with pink wig in a zebra wallpapered karaoke bar.
He takes her smoke from her. It cuts to them facing us and she puts her head on his shoulder.
(Pretty sure this was the image that was shining through the Ayahuasca article in Intelligent Life
Magazine I gave you. You took this amazing Instagram photo of it, remember?)

We hear the great electro scary music for Halloween 1978 right at the very start of the film.
00:30 "John Carpenter's Halloween" we see these titles and the smiling sinister Jack O Lantern.
1:18:52 Jamie Lee Curtis is yelling "Tommy!" and banging on a door. Across the street we see Michael Meyers approaching.
1:18:54 "Tommy its me!"

The Fountain
24:54 Hugh Jackman kneels before a bathtub in which his wife Weisz is sitting. He turns on the hot water tap.
25:06 Just a fast shot of her from the front and Hugh placing the hot spunge on her skin.
25:19 "Tommy" says Weisz...

00:43 "introducing Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie" is the next title we see.
1:20:32 Jamie Lee With a giant knife peering over a coachs edge.
57:51 "Death has come to your little town, sheriff." says Dr Sam to a Police officer. Maybe just the dialogue over the above shots.

The Fountain
6:40 The conquistador Thomas/Tommy/Hugh lunges at the Mayan priest but the priest is faster and stabs him instead.
6:45 We see the blade inside Tommy the conquistador's belly who grabs at it.

The Village
51:47 Big close up of Joaquin Phoenix as Lucius staring into the camera, he proceeds to look down.
A hand is holding a blade that is sticking into Lucius' belly looking just like the shot from The Fountain.

The Fountain
6:46 Hugh pulls the blade from his belly.

The Village
51:56 The blade is slowly withdrawn by the hand from Luscious' belly.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - A Very Happy Ending
Would be really nice to hear the title music from the show which is something many associate with Hitchcock.
It could even start over the previous shot. Maybe a quick shot of the Title and Silhouette logo of Hitchcock.
The title, logo and theme music are all in the 1st 30 seconds of the youtube clip.
Still hearing the theme music we see quick titles for "A Very Happy Ending" 1:07 & "Leaf Phoenix" at 1:12
4:42 Close up of a mouth speaking "No but I got your number", a spring knife pops and a man is stabbed.
4:47 We see a young Joaquin's eyes swell in surprise as he witnesses the stabbing.

The Fountain
6:53 "Death is the road to awe" says the Mayan priest.

The Frighteners
3:12 We see a newspaper being prepped on a computer screen and a headline reading "Death Strikes Again".
This dialogue:
3:18 "The mystery heart condition that has killed over 30 people in less than four years has claimed another victim. "
43:34 Michael J Fox crouches down and we see him from under a toilet stall door.
43:37 A man is standing by a urinal/fountain and looking uncomfortably over his shoulder at Fox sneaking around the washroom and up to the door of a toilet stall.

Fountain - Marcel Duchamp (clip from youtube)
00:01 We see a title card reading "Fountain Marcel Duchamp" and a picture of his urinal.
00:02 "This is a really classic example of Dada" says a grey haired woman about Duchamp's fountain with the famous urinal by her side.

We cut back to the bathtub in The Fountain film.
The Fountain
26:28 Weisz pulls Tommy into the bathtub and water splashes. We hear audio from the art video clip of Duchamp's "The Fountain".
Would be nice to have this with the poster for The Fountain beside the clip so we make the association.

Fountain - Marcel Duchamp
00:48 audio of lady saying "What strikes me about The Fountain.."

The Frighteners
43:40 Quick shot of man by the urinal again looking at Fox who proceeds to open the stall door at
43:46 Fox opens the door and we see a toilet.

Psycho 1960
46:40 We see big full screen toilet and Janet Leigh as Marion Crane flushing torn paper and a shot right after of her
in her night gown (Just so we get a picture of who and what we are seeing aka Psycho washroom)

The Village
11:26 "Those We Don't Speak Of are much larger creatures than coyotes..." says Sigourney surrounded by fellow Villagers.

Coyote Ugly
31:56 "I'm a Coyote" says Piper Perabo standing in a kitchen. This cuts to a man eating and miming a "howl" (nice 420 behind him).
Here we can highlight with text that Piper Perabo is a Oct 31 aka Halloween born star moving into the next movie also
with Piper..

The Prestige
12:25 A crouched Hugh Jackman kisses Piper's leg as he is tying her up on stage. She looks down, he looks up and we see Christian Bale (12:30) tying her arms & giving her a nod.

American Psycho
1:02:30 Bale as Patrick Bateman (obvious nod to Psycho) lifts a nail gun up aimed at Chloe Sevigny's head who is sitting on his white sofa, oblivious to the threat.
1:02:31 "I guess you could say I just wanna have a meaningful relationship with someone special."
We see Chloe from the front as he is saying this "Hmm."
Would be nice to do the poster thing here so we see the word Psycho and the title inserted somehow for actress "Chloe Sevigny"
01:41 "Chloe Sevigny" the title for the movie is at 00:48 if you wanted that.
(Just thinking out loud here but I can see you using split screen to have titles shots for actors under or beside a clip like the one above with Chloe & Bale. I dont bother with making the Bale connect between The Prestige & American Psycho because its obvious.)

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
2:22 Love this crazy shot of Jamie Lee Curtis walking up to a counter, opening her bag and Chloe stepping out, with no cuts. We can hear the dialogue from the next shot, her saying "Chloe!" maybe as we see Chloe the dog step out of the bag. (Either here or when we get back to this film after dealing with Carrie we need a poster or title for film) (Title "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" just to give us an idea of where we are at.
00:43 Title "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"
1:23:01-1:23:04 "Chloe!" "Chloe!" yells Jamie Lee Curtis (if possible her yelling and her title from the opening at same time with a split screen if you feel this works..."Jamie Lee Curtis" at 1:22 If not no big deal we should know this is Curtis)

Carrie Teaser Trailer
00:42 We zoom in on Chloe Moretz as Carrie covered in blood which cuts to the title Carrie dripping blood and star titles Chloe Grace Moretz & Julianne Moore.

Carrie New York Comic Con Panel (Youtube video)
5:10 "Chloe, tell me about that Blood bath or about that Blood Shower if you will. This audio over a clip from the Carrie trailer above.
Maybe we can zoom into Julianne Moores' title before moving to the next clip with her.

20:42 Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried sitting at a bar. Moore asks "What's your name?"
20:54 Close up of Amanda "It's Chloe"

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Jamie Lee Curtis
1:23:06 one last "Chloe!" from Jamie Lee Curtis. (Here we need a poster or film title "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" just to give us an idea of where we are at 00:43 Title "Beverly Hills Chihuahua".
Would be nice to time it that we see Lee Curtis then a shot of Chloe the dog as we hear her scream "Chloe!")
24:50 "What is all of this?" asks Chloe the white Chihuahua looking at a passing brightly costumed crowd.
24:56 "The Day of the Dead." says Delgado the German Shepard
24:58 Chloe: "This is so beautiful". and wee see nice shots of the parade with people as death.
Now if we could somehow visually show the October 31 Halloween and November 1 Day of the Dead connect..
Maybe a calender shot of last day of October and 1st day of November, mmmm. Either way something highlighting that Halloween is Oct 31 and Day of the Dead is Nov 1 so that folks can make the connection. Also a good place for the Tupac "God Bless the Dead" line
25:01 "It's what humans do to honor their ancestors." continues Delgado.
1:23:10 and we are back once more with Jamie Lee yelling at the same staircase interior shot but this time she says "Rachel!" (who is our Oct 31 Born star Piper Perabo!)
This is cool as we now know that we have a star from Halloween and a star born on Halloween together in shot.
Lets try and make this clear and fun for the viewer to recognize...
1:23:10 "Hi, Aunt Viv." says Rachel/Piper from the staircase.
"Hi" responds Jamie Lee as Aunt Viv turning towards us. Now lets cut back to Halloween just for a second.

1:06:42 PJ Soles as Lynda is lying in bed sitting up and staring at a figure draped in a sheet aka a Ghost costume.
She thinks this is her boyfriend Bob but it is in actual fact killer Michael Meyers.
"See anything you like" she says and giggles. We see the Ghost/Bob/Meyers...
We need the title from the intro reading "and PJ Soles as Lynda" 00:55 because we are showing her again in a moment with Murray in Stripes.
1:06:50 "What's the matter? Can't I get your ghost, Bob?" and Giggles again.

Qiuck flash of Slimer comming at Bill Murray in Ghosbusters again.
(Quick cut to close up of Bill yelling (34:00) as green blob ghost "Slimer" rushes towards him. We see Slimer coming at us at 34:02 and even closer at 34:06)

25:56 "You've come all this way. Would you like to check the refrigerator?" says Sigourney to Murray, them both standing in her kitchen. Murray is making a nice professional looking inspection of eggs etc on the countertop.

1:10:25 "This guy's doing pretty well" says Murray to PJ Soles while rummaging through a refrigerator.
PJ Soles: "Alright you've looked at the General's refrigerator long enough lets go" pushing him away.
You can use the poster with Murray pointing ("I want you for US Army") which also reads PJ Soles here.

26:19 "You actually eat this stuff?" asks Murray with him and Sigourney in front of open fridge just like Stripes above.

1:07:24 "This is going nowhere." says PJ now on the phone as Ghost/Bob/Meyers creeps up from behind. I imagine that is how the audience feels right now.. This cuts to Jamie Lee putting down her knitting to answer the phone.
1:07:30 Exhales a sigh of relief and says "Finally."

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
We left Beverly Hills Chihuahua with Lee turning to see Piper on the stairs now wee see Piper/Rachel come down, greet and hug her Aunt Viv/Curtis.
1:23:13 "Hi" hugging each other.
1:23:17 "Your hair is all wet."

You Again
48:00 "Did you take a shower?" asks Sigourney of a wet Jamie Lee who responds "Yes".

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
1:23:20 "I was in a bath." says Piper (might want "Piper Perabo's" title at 1:00 and repeat that she is Oct 31 aka Halloween born)

The Village
23:54 "There are secrets in every corner of this village." says Joaquin to his mom Sigourney across a table.
23:59 "Do you not feel it? Do you not see it?" as he points to a mysterious box.
24:06 Close up of mystery box.

The Prestige
1:01:17 "No one cares about the man who disappears. The man in the box. They care about the one who comes out." says Wolfman Jack. We can hear some of this dialogue start over the clip of the box in The Village. But we do want to see Scarlett below..
1:01:21 "I care about the man in the box." says Scarlett. 
(Now I want to so something totally Psyncho and connect the box to the shower/bath/sink theme...)

1:13:03 We see a box. Its lid flips open and we see PJ and Murray get up out of it.
1:13:12 "Well that was interesting" says Murray.
(nice as the man in the box is indeed someone Scarlett cares about.. in Lost in Translation)

The Prestige
12:40 Piper is being lifted up by her bonds.
12:42 We see the water box being positioned. Maybe just a quick
shot of Jackman and Bale staring up at her.
12:55 She is hanging in darkness. We hear a snap and she splashes down into the water cube.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
1:23:17 "Your hair is all wet." Says Jamie Lee to Piper.

You Again
47:07 Jamie Lee under the sync kicking at the "sink trap" or "U-bend". It brakes and water shoots out at her.

Superstars & Their Moms Jamie Lee Curtis, Kelly Curtis and Janet Leigh (Youtube clip)
00:00 We see titles "Superstars & Their Moms". A voice says "Janet Leigh, pretty as a picture. I had a crush on her."
As the voice speaks we see a framed Psycho poster.
7:13 We see an older Janet Leigh mouthing "Thank you" and hear her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis "You've been there forever. With me and Kelly and being there, means so much, just being a mom."
7:48 "Come here little Janet" says Jamie Lee motioning to her mom to join her and her sister.
"Lets give you love" and they kiss her.

You Again
46:47 Jamie Lee holds an earring up at her ear staring in a mirror and drops it down the sync whole.
It's here that we make the connect between Scarlett and Jamie Lee's shared Nov 22 birthdays. So text reading: "Birthday November 22"
46:51 Shocked she look up at us.

28:24 "She cannot swim. The girl cannot swim. Like a lead weight, she sinks to the bottom all the time." says Woody Allen stepping up to Scarlett and Hugh. Here we put Scarlett's birthday up as November 22.
Maybe in some fashion the "Nov 22" has been up since we saw Jamie Lee at the sync and is still here as we hear about Scarlett syncing.

Psycho 1960
53:07 Bates is washing his bloody hands at the sync, in black and white.

The Frighteners
43:53 The man alarmed at Fox's erratic behavior in the washroom is desperately trying to leave but of course has to wash his hands at the sync first and pumps the soap dispenser.

Psycho 1998
50:56 Bates is washing his bloody hands at the sync, in color.

The Frighteners
44:03 A wide shot of him washing his hands and looking over his shoulder at the viewers of Psyncho.
44:08 The camera zooms in as the hand of death jumps out of the mirror grabbing his heart.
(this cuts back and forth to Fox watching this scene but we only want the man at the sync and Death)
Death exits the mirror, hovers over the body a bit and jumps back into the watery, mercurial surface
of the looking glass.


I like ending with death as we started with him but Im giving you the blood spiraling down the drain holes in both Psycho's as it might be cool for end titles or whatever...

Psycho 1960
48:54 Blood spiraling down drain in black and white.

Psycho 1998
46:40 Blood spiraling down drain in color.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Clock and the Cat

"Two things are aesthetically perfect in the world - the clock and the cat."
Émile-Auguste Chartier

I was channel surfing last week and landed on the climatic scene of Back to the Future where Doc Brown is trying to send Marty home.  As the lightning illuminates the Tower I noticed the presence of this large cat.

The following day I'm doing the house work and Hot Tub Time Machine comes on the TV.


I'm only half paying attention as I do my chores, but it get's to point where the group of guys arrive at the hotel which will become their portal to the past.  As they enter the hotel one of the characters says,

"This place stinks of cat piss"

My mind automatically connects Doc Browns cat statue atop the Clock Tower to the cat piss hotel, and I think "Sync!"

But what on earth do cats and time-travel have in common?  My mind is a blank.

The caretaker of the Hot Tub Time Machine is Chevy Chase. 

I look him up on the net and find Chevy Chase connected to the Clock Tower, the Hot Tub...and now the Dog.

I'm thinking Chevy Chase...Time Travel...Dog

What do Dogs Chase?

The Cat.

And now I'm curious.

So last night I find a dodgy copy of Looper and stream if off the net.

While watching Looper, probably my favorite movie this year, my thoughts wander to the series of Time Travel/Cat syncs from last week.

It's not long before the penny drops.

I had time-traveling Joseph Gordon-Levitt connected to the Cat so where did Bruce Willis fit into the pattern?


It turns out I'd already made a video to help answer my own question!

Feeling like I'm on a roll I start thinking about other actors who syncs with these themes.

Bill Murray gets caught in a Loop in Groundhog Day and he's also voiced Garfield.

Mike Myers traveled back in time in Austin Power and he was of course...

There's more I can add to this but I've run out of time.  If I get a chance I'll do an update tomorrow.

Part 2:  Through the Looking Glass

Bill Murray and Mike Myers both have a strong 'Stripey' vibe going on in the images above.  Garfield is a striped cat and the Myers posters speak for themselves.

If we use this as a jumping off point then we can take these syncs into the realm of Aztec mythology.

Tezcatlipoca was the Mayan deity who embodied the energy of the Cat.

According to Wiki he is associated with a wide range of concepts, including the night sky, the night winds, hurricanes, the north, the earth, obsidian, enmity, discord, rulership, divination, temptation, jaguars, sorcery, beauty, war and strife.

TezCAT was often depicted with Stripes running horizontally across his face.

It's one of his defining features.

His name in the Nahuatl language is often translated as "Smoking Mirror".



Here we have Bill Murray emerging from the Smoke, with emphasis on the Stripes.

Tezcatlipoca is a deity associated with the North.

On a clock face North would be represented by the Midnight hour.

In the night sky you can find the North Star by following the Big Dipper, which looks like a Frying Pan.  This is one of the first things my dad taught me about the stars as a kid.  Look for the Pan in the sky and it'll point you towards the North Star.

So if we combine some of these elements, Tezcatlipoca the Smoking Mirror, the Pan which points North, and Midnight, we arrive at a 1970s group called Flash and the Pan.

I checked out the Midnight Man music video and found some strong Tezcatlipoca syncage going on inside.


 According to one source Tezcatlipoca was responsible for the creation of the Big Dipper, or Pan:

The Great Bear Constellation, or Ursa Major, is believed in Aztec tradition to be the single footprint of Tezcatlipoca. The Great Pole, or North Star, was considered a place sacred to the gods, and Tezcatlipoca, not being an entity of goodness, was unable to approach it, but hopped around the Pole Star on his single foot creating the Great Bear Constellation.

Tezcat points to the North Star which in turn points to the Center, or the Whole, so it makes sense that he should be a strong sync-attractor.  You can go as deep into his pattern as you like and you'll never reach the end...but that's beside the point.

For now let's follow the darn cat and see we it takes us.

Back in 2009 I kept seeing synchronicites involving the Cat and the Train so compiled all the syncs and put them intp a post called Keeping Track of the Cat.

Here's one of images I used which shows how the CAT associates with the Pyramid or Mountain.

The journey to the North Pole begins at Midnight.

Now I'm not going to take this post to oblivion, been there, done that, worn the T-shirt, but what I do want to touch on is the Cat's relationship with the North.

I live in the North of Scotland, as far North as you can get without getting your feet wet in the North Sea, and the vikings who landed here a long time ago decided to call the area Caithness, which means 'Land of the Cat's'.

The Cat syncs with the North, and the North syncs with Tezcatlipoca, and here we see the Midnight Man doing his best 'walking on water' impression.

If you're aligned with North you're technically 'walking on the water'.

Sean Bean played a character named Loki in the movie Far North.  Here we see him standing on ice aka walking on water.

Sean Bean (Loki) also starred in NORTH County alongside actress Charlize THERON, whose very name encodes the word NORTH.

Jake pointed out in Lometheus Rising that Charlize THERON/NORTH has the letters LOKI on her kitty cat T-Shirt:

Sean Bean, who syncs with Loki and now the Cat, was King of NORTH in the awesome TV show Game of THRONES.

In Thrones he lost his head, in a BIG way.

Here we see Sean Beans decapitated head mounted on a North pointing spike.  This is the Midnight Hour, or the Witching Hour, when everything aligns perfectly and our sacrifice grants us a much higher vantage point.  This is the moment we arrive at the Pole.  Or North Pole.

I'm not even going to get into the whole Bigfoot thing, it just get's too weird.  All we need to know is that it has something to do with the journey that our Sole/Soul makes up the K2 mountain, and we'll leave it at that.

Now usually a break is considered a BAD thing, especially if you're trying to reach the Summit and your leg suddenly gives way.

Which brings me back to the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca, who only had one leg.  Apparently a giant fish swam away with his other one.

Not many people want their head on a spike, or their leg to break, but in this sync-context it's actually a good thing.  It's like breaking the old habits, or old cycles, or the chains that keep us from moving forward.

Sometimes the shackles need to come off and 2012 seems to be the perfect year for it.

Now what does any of this have to with Time-Travel I hear you ask.  That's how I got caught up in this loop in the first place so I'll try and round this off with one last sync.

Catman Bruce Willis and Elijah Me and my Cat Wood both starred in the movie North.

Bruce Willis time-travelled in Looper and 12 Monkeys while Elijah Wood started his career in this movie.  He's the young kid who watches Marty showing off his skills as a 'CRACK shot'.

Better go now.  Got a train to catch.  Funny how time McFlies when you're having fun.

Thanks for reading.