Friday, May 29, 2009

UP and DOWN (slightly tinkered)

Perfect duality in the theaters this weekend very much entraining with the currently strong Blue/Red theme.
Blue family friendly "UP". Expressing light, joy, heaven, sky and air.
Red horror "Drag Me To Hell". Expressing darkness, fire, earth and pain.

I'm going to watch "UP"!

Honestly, I'll probably end up catching "Drag Me To Hell" also.. HeHe.
Up and Down. So it goes...

UP and Down goes the C-Saw of form and thought. It's allot of fun riding if you realize the pivot in the center, your eternal and infinite essence beyond duality, allows for all this action to begin with.

Jim: UP where the dog has a colour that allows it to speak like a human, and a Red eye like Hal.

As well the mysterious happenings that bring the grumpy old man to the new land is a storm with lightning, therefor Jupiter resonating again.

The land they travel to looks very much like the Amazon as these types of mountains are found in Venezuala on the northern edge of the Amazon Basin. They are called Tepuis mountains.

Angel Falls is a Tepui mountain. Looks a lot like the one above from the movie UP.


  1. Notice the "scorn a GYPsy" in the drag to hell write up.

    were we not just talking about gypsies...

    up we go...

  2. ha nice, i made same observation today also.

  3. Was thinking about that dog color as well... We keep tring to make dogs speak. Interesting as usaul Mr. Kotze, thankyou sir.

  4. Its all OZ to me. The old man from "UP" is Professor Marvel from "The Wizard of OZ" who ended up in OZ via a hot air ballon.

  5. The rainbow colored balloons remind me of the rainbow colored gummy people in Space Monkeys.