Friday, May 22, 2009

Adam and eve

Saw the Astroboy banner...checked out a clip...etc...

Set Astro boy at 0:17
Set 5th Element at 2:02

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James Ratte linked this one in the comments. KKKKKrazy.


  1. Nice one...

    Astroboy is already synch-ing nicely. I didn't know Nic Cage was involved... looks to be a must-see.

    it comes out on 10/23/09;
    10+23+9=42Is it just me, or is 2009 looking to be extra synch-tastic in the film category?

  2. watch all of this with specificity towards 2 minutes and 27 seconds

  3. niiice find. i'm gonna have to squeeze that clip into my vid.

    That clip even showed some very interesting twin Coming Apart/Coming Together symbolism

  4. This video of a German T Online corporation shows a Reptilian showing off his earthly possessions and conveniences, it includes his DVD player which is at the time 19:23. 19+23=42!


    Watch at 7 mins 30 seconds

    my bad on double posting!