Thursday, April 30, 2009


With this recent outbreak of PIG synchronicities it felt like it was time to take a closer look at the English football star David BeckHAM.


We find (KK) Keira Knightly wearing the Red & White of the Robin.

KK = 11:11 = W = 23


The English football club Bristol City FC also wear the Red & White and are known as The Robins. We see above that the Red Robin is a Bridge to Kosmic Konsciousness. We also see that the Red Eyed Robin wielding the Trident stands above the letters RO.


Bristol City = BC = 23 = W = Trident

Here we find the Robin resonating KKnightley beside Jack SpARROW (Depp) and the Robin Hood resonating Orlando Bloom. Notice that the Sparrow wears a Red Ribon/Robin around his forehead:


Above we see that the Hatching of the Red Ribon/Robin is taking place inside the Skull/Mind. Two Kundalini fire serpents can be seen kriss-krossing behind the Skull, symbolic of the Awakening/Hatching of the Red Eye, or 3rd Eye. Here we see the Blue Skinned BeckHAM giving us the Shiva Stare:


When we become Blue (by activating the ‘Blue Gene’ within) the Red Eye opens:


Above we see that a Crack has appeared in the Egg beneath the Blue Peacock Angel and this can be symbolized by the letter C.

O = Egg

C = Opened/Cracked Egg

In this image we see David and Victoria Beckhams son Cruz dancing on stage with the Red-C on his head. The Smiley Face on his Jumper suggests that when the Egg opens it’s going to be something worth smiling about. Cruzing on the Red-C:


Here we see Cruz wearing the Red Robin outfit while the word ‘SUN’ interact with his head:

Victoria Beckham Shopping At Saks Fifth Avenue

If we turn to Daddy BeckHAM we find that he’s a Star player for the LA Galaxy football/soccer team in the USA. Note his number:


Beckham wore the number 23 for several years while playing for the Spanish club Real Madrid, and he carried the number with him when he moved to America. Beckham chose this number thanks to his sport idol Michael Jordan. Jordan wears the number 23 for the Washington Wizards. W (seen on his Blue chest) equals 23:


Notice that the Wizard is leaping out of the Crescent C above. The Wizard is released when the Pineal Gland opens we become Blue. W/23 is about Breaking Free of all limitations:


Below we see Beckham with the numbers 17,17 on his England football strip.


17, 17 = 11, 77

11 = 11pm = 23:00 = 23 = W

Combine 77, rotate, and 77 becomes the letter W:


Notice the Red Cross between POSH (Yin) and BECKS (Yang).

We find BeckHAM interacting with the Red Cross as he wears the Red & White football strip (looked at earlier) and the number 77:


P = 16th letter of alphabet = 1 + 6 = 7

Y = 25th letter = 2 + 5 = 7

G = 7th letter = 7

PYG = 777


77 = W = 23

We find the Red Cross on the forehead of actor Val Kilmer in ‘The Eyeland of Dr. Moreau’ (notice the Red & White again) and we see his 3rd Eye highlighted again in ‘Batman Forever’:


In the role of Moses we find that Val Kilmer has parted the Red-C (Opened the Egg), and in the role of Batman he resonates with the Robin. Cruz BeckHAM seems to love Batman & Robin (I would have killed for an outfit like that when I was a kid!):


Remember that Cruz knows all about the Red C:


If we look at the movie ‘The Eyeland of Dr. Moreau’ (based on the novel by H. G. Wells) we find him sporting the Red Cross on his forehead and we find that it all seems to be connected to the DNA (the foreign title for the movie). The Red-C floWs within our veins:


Our Blood is therefore a key when it comes to parting the Red-C, or Opening the Red Eye, or finding the lost ‘Eyeland’.

Here we see a brand of Genes released by BeckHAM:


Christ is very familiar with the Red Cross. It’s where his SpiriT Palms where opened for the first time. Notice the Crown on the BeckHAM logo above, and notice that it’s the CROWn Chakra that needs to be opened in order to become Enlightened:


The Thorny CROWn on the head of Christ reminds me of a CROWs nest; the Place where the Egg (Khrist Konsciousness) hatches.

Notice at the top right of this DVD cover that we can see the name BECKHAM in relation to Batman & Robin:


In the TV show ‘Only Fools & Horses’ the two brothers (above) drive around in a 3 wheeled (RR) Reliant ROBIN. They live in a part of London called PECKHAM. Add a the letter ‘C’ to the name PECKHAM and you get BECKHAM.

**Update: Just had a brain fart. The two brothers (Batman & Robin) in the TV show are called Del & Rodney TROTTER!!! PIGS TROTTERS! beckHAM! WTF

Also notice above that beside the name PECKHAM/BECKHAM we find the name PARIS.

Orlando Bloom played the role of PARIS in the movie 'Troy’ in which he killed the mighty Achilles with a spARROW from his Bow (Ribon/Robin).

In ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor Bloom/Paris stars alongside Jack spARROW, and KKnightley (Bend it Like Beckham):


Notice the Red-C in the poster above.

Here see the Ribon wearing Sparrow in the CROWN/CROWS nest of Kosmic Konsciousness:


From this higher perspective you begin to C everything much more clearly. Below left we C what happens when the Sparrow finds his throne and his CROWN. On the right we C the Skull opening wide (is that an image of the Elephant Man?!?) on the cover of ‘A Scanner Darkly’ by Philip K. Dick:


David Beckhams career was kick-started at Manchester United Football Club. Below we find the Red Devil pointing his Trident at the Red Sea (or Red-C) which floWs within each one of us:



Thanks afferismoon for this Bristol Rovers sync:


  1. Holy Red Sea Soccerballs, Batman! ...sorry, i just never get tired of doing that...

    Niiice work. That Jack Sparrow Open-Eye sync was too perfect.

    Bend it Like Beckham is playing on tv right now.

    The film, i believe, is more about culture shock and traditional Indian values versus british popular culture than actual soccer-playing. Due to all the synchs pointing to Indian mythology, do you guys think India will play a major role in the coming chakra-opening tidal-dna event in 2012?

  2. I really like this. I know I like it when I got no silent or vocal contributions as of yet...

    Great work you humble Samsung SyncMaster 2243QW.

    Are you on auto pilot yet?

  3. Hey Toure. Now that you mentioned the connection between Beckham and India, I think you're on to something. It does feel like there's a strong Indian/Eastern flavour developing in my work with Shiva, Ganesh, Peacock King, and Genies appearing in amongst the syncs. I think the Eastern traditions have a lot to teach us if we look at the symbolism they use. I'm sure the connection to the East will make more sense as time goes on.

    As for the DNA-tidal wave event of 2012, we'll just have to wait and see. I think things are going to get very interesting long before we hit the Biggie. Again, time will tell.

    Cheers Jon. I'm not on autopilot. I'm on Cruz control :D

  4. Do Check out BRISTOL ROVERS FC Logo


  5. Nice one afferismoon!

    I would add some more to the post but I think it's big enough as it is. What I do want to mention is that we find the Red Eye on the poster for the movie Hannibal. In the finale sequence we see Mason Verger (played by G.Oldman/Sirius Black) being consumed by a group of hungry Boar/Pig/Pyg. At the end of the movie we also see a Head/Skull being cracked open and consumed by the Red Eyed Anthony Hopkins (Legend of the Fall/All the Kings Men).

    "A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti."