Thursday, May 7, 2009

Phoenix Coyotes

A quick post before I dive into an Ayahuasca ceremony tonight. I was listening to the news on the drive out to my friend's place here in Roseisle (Eyeland of the Risen) Manitoba.

On CBC news (CBC=323) I heard about the drama unfolding in the National Hockey Team and the future of the PHOENIX COYOTES. A team based in Phoenix AriZOna.

Very resonant with the Fire Fox as Arrowsmith has pointed out.

The Firefox image above is great as it seems like the world fox devouring the E of the Earth.
The E being the 5th letter of the alphabet. 5 being resonant with 23. E can also turn into a W, which can stand for World (Earth), and itself is the 23rd letter of the Alphabet. The Firefox logo above also seems more like the OUROBOROS. The self-eating DRAGON/SNAKE that is the Biosphere.

Funny thing is that the PHOENIX COYOTES was originally the franchise born in Winnipeg and formerly known as the WINNIPEG JETS. Who have a great starG8 RED & BLUE logo. The airplane looks very much like a TRIDENT as well, almost like a peace sign.


Also the BLUE ET letter stand out for me as well. Hmmm...

Something else that reveals to me the synch wholeness of this story is that the President of Canadian company, RIM, otherwise known as REsearch in Motion, is making moves to buy the team out of its recent bankruptcy.

RIM is the company that makes BlackBeRRies. I just got one. :)They are the company that puts the time 12:21 on all of their advertised phones.

I blogged about this when I first dove into the Synch Whole.


The best part about this story is that the PHOENIX COYOTES are coached by WAYNE GRETZKY, otherwise known as THE GREAT ONE.

Check out this famous image of the GREAT ONE sk8ing on ICE in the middle of a flaming RED C!


  1. The Blue Fox resonates with the syndicate called PRETTY BLUE FOX in PKDicks : 'Game Players of Titan'.

    In never Waynes but it paws


  2. The Great ONE has a nice blue dot halo, emitting from his similarly blue helmet,inside the flaming C.

  3. Also notice that there's a DNA strand thingymajig interacting with The Great One's blue Halo.

    Love the image of the Phoenix Fox eating the Blue E of Internet Explorer.
    E = 5 = V = Antenna

  4. YES!!! I'm from Calgary...but it public knowledge that flames fans are the least loyal over all...

    Have fun Jimmy!