Saturday, May 16, 2009

Man Moon...tHanks! (= Keys = 23)

Here then the collected JC (Jesus Christ resonating) Jim Carey Moon syncs, as yet discovered, plus the latest.

Note the spectacular Cosmic Ladder/DNA sync. Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice pointed this one out.

Bruce Almighty (above)

Dumb And Dumber (above). The newspaper reads "Man Walks On The Moon"

Truman Show (above)

Note the Red Sphere/Spot Christmas ornament, resonating Seeing Red, hanging from JC's hand on "The Grinch" poster. The Red Dot makes the moon a big red eye or breast.

Note the Red Ribon/Robin around JC's neck on "A Christmas Carrol's" poster. Also resonates the Red Road and blood/DNA .
Our Jesus Christ Star, Jim Carrey, holds the illuminating candle above an illuminating lamppost.

The posters for "The Grinch" and "A Christmas Carol" are dead ringers. Both are Christmas themed, the date on which WE/ME celebrate the Birth of JC Jesus Christ (Khrist Konsciousness/Illumination).

If we consider the MOON as NOW (combining the double O and spinning the M, then mashing..) we can see how this sphere resonates Khrist Konsciousness.

Richard: We've seen Tom Hanks with the Red Ribon/Robin on the poster of Angels & Demons (connecting Hanks to 'A Christmas Carol') and I've noticed that Hanks also resonates with the Birth of JC thanks to 'The Polar Express:

Above we see The Tower in the same shot as the Tree (with illuminated Star/Eye) and Santa (who was played by the Hankster) flying past the Fool Moon. The Tower and Xmas Tree both resonate the Spine.

We also find that the Train which transports the kids to the North Pole resonates the Kundalini Serpent - a 'Bridge' to the Divine:

I've recently been doing a bit of research into the Pineal Gland and learned that the Pineal only begins to release Melotonin into the body when there is NO light. As we relax at night and begin to drift off to sleep the Pineal Gland is triggered due to a lack of Light. It releases the chemicals into the Brain and Blood which tells the rest of our body that it's time to nod off.

I believe that this is one of the reasons why the Pineal/3rd Eye is triggered during meditation. You trick the mind into believing it's time for sleep by entering a very deep relaxed state of being (while still being fully conscious), and the Pineal releases the chemicals (Melatonin and naturally produced DMT) because it thinks it's night time. This could be why some people have powerful visions/psychic experiences while meditating, and I think this is why the indigenous Shaman performs his rituals/ceremonies at night in nearly complete darkness. The Shaman knows that when the Moon rises and darkness descends, the 3rd Eye/Kundalini is primed for action.

Maybe this is why see the Eye (or letter 'I') highlighted on the Ladder in the 'Man on the Moon' poster. The Moon has a key role to play in our ascension to higher levels of perception/awareness, and we find the Kundalini Train Serpent climbing the Mountain/Pyramid in this other version of 'The Polar Express':

The image above brings to mind the Spiral Stairway in the Shi(va) LeBeouf post:

Come to think of it Tom Hanks has done the old 'sling-shot' around the Moon:

Hanks is definitely a NOW/Moon Man:

Jim: Below is a poster for the film MOON coming out soon and starring Sam Rockwell. Notice the rippled starG8 moon behind him in this poster. A RED DOT on his uniform is centered in the middle as well just like the ornament in the Grinch poster.

Perhaps the Moon is our collectively lit up pineal gland, or night's EYE.

RA: Just noticed that the MOON very cunningly conceals the 23 within it:

Jim Carrey, star of The Number 23 and Man on the MOON(23), is connected to planet Earth via the spiral cord which resembles the DNA helix. His finger is symbolically passing through O of the MOON:

Our DNA resonates with the number 23 and this synchronicity suggests that the Moon might have some role to play in our genetic evolution. We 've seen JC doing the exact same thing in front of the Moon in The Grinch:

This time we find the Moon Man himself connected to the DNA Helix. Notice that the Red Ribon only interacts with the letters RE:

A month or two ago I stumbled across this connection between the Moon and our DNA on the BBC (223) website. The full article can be found here.

Here is another Jim Carrey sync resonating "The Grinch" orb tied to a string, "Yes Man" Bungee, "Man On The Moon" Ladder and "Bruce Almighty" Yo Yo.
Simply JC, as a kid, with another yo yo in "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind"...
A rapidly emerging JC pattern of a rope/coil/ladder/string connected to our movie KKhrist resonator.
A "Thread" theme perhaps?
One element bridged to another with a thread..


  1. Thinking about the moon - reflects the Sun , thus could be a CARrier of REYs -a CAR-REY.
    A STAR hovers in the centre of A chriSTmas cARol
    Jesus = SUN.SON of God

    How did he planet?


  2. If we look at the Y as something splitting, JC's DNA is splitting, like a Flux Capacitor...

    His "I" is one step behind him on the ladder...

    In the dumb and dumber screen: Aspen Avalanche, 1111/11:11, along with the mountain which looks like a thunderbolt, spark up the spine/Kundalini energy?

    It's a good thing you guys didn't completely isolate yourselves out there with it snowing and all. :)

  3. Was looking at that poster on IMP earlier.

    Get out of my head Mr. Kotze, that place is reserved for me only until 2012!

  4. I dreamed yesterday something telling me its pivotal to watch Apollo 13 again.

    Caught the first 15 minutes earlier today...

  5. I feel the same about Apollo 13.

  6. I've been interested in Apollo since writing 'The Robin Has Hatched' post. Apollo is the God who helped guide the arrow of Paris (Bloom/LEGolas) into the Heel of Achilles (Pitt).

    Finding Ed Harris in Apollo 13 (who was the 'Moon Man' in The Truman Show) starring in the movie Appaloosa (Apollosa?) must have some kind of syncnificance. In Appaloosa we find Ed Harris starring alongside Viggo Mortensen who is another 'Moon Man'.

    Viggo starred in 'A Walk on the Moon' and 'Once in a Blue Moon'. You also find him superimposed over the Moon in The Two Towers poster alongside his buddy LEGolas.

  7. nice stuff. i agree richard with all your pineal research stuff. artificial light has a huge impact on our ability to "see". just a little bit of light at night can stop melatonin production, as well as our natural DMT production. that is what ayahuasca helps with. gets that flowing again.
    and yes that is why it is done at night as well. within three days of a full moon it is extra powerful as well. i imagine what we consider fairytales, such as dragons and fairies from the past are actually memoroes of a time when we did not have artifical light at night and people could see the imaginal 3rd/eye realms more easily.

    peace dudes

  8. From Carlo Suares :
    The unredacted Sepher Yetsira places man in the center of the cosmos and Lavanah, the Moon, in the seventh, "hidden direction" of the Holy Palace, in the center of his experience in the Cube of Space. The Moon is inner, psychological energy and structure, defined as free/bound states of energy. The idea that the human psyche (always represented by lunar symbolism) is the center of our experience seems to have been met with strong resistance from both the post-Lurianic kabbalists and their western Hermetic re-decoraters, who claim that either Jupiter or Saturn belongs in the center of our being. The strangeness of these ideas apparently does not affect their survival, despite their uselessness for a scientific psychology.


  9. Tom Hanks also planned to play the lead in the movie adadtation of 2061... Never left the ground, as of yet. I think that Ron Howard was gonna do it.... But what ever.

  10. Been following along and just wanna say:
    Here's another red ribbon for y'all


  11. Its not like you have to be a syncromystic Einstein to see that the movie universe points towards a decoding of the moon sect (animal sacrifice, night rituals etc) as one of the ultimate gateways to a divine reveletion for the people involved (think people controlling Truman's life as having set up their control tower IN THE MOON, as well as Space Odysseys moon monolith going apeshit, Sam Rockwell finally being release from the moon's sphere..).

    Think about it moonlight is the reflection, the mirror, or reversal of sunlight. Think about it.

    Those involved by this sectarian influence are captured from the very simple truth that the attraction of the moon in this phase of evolution will make them go luna-tic.

    An ancient Sumerian Moon God was called "Sin".

    Son - not Christ, but sun consciousness will provide the truth-light. that is - if it is looked after.