Sunday, May 31, 2009

Raining Rainbows

This post started off as a short reply to Jon Little's I gotta pee 23 but as you'll see it kind of got out of hand. I want to continue looking at this theme of the Candy/PoP Drinks relationship with the number 23.

I recently watched the movie Bedtime Stories starring Adam Sandler and noticed the Blue/Gold thang going on in the poster:

In the poster we see a small HAMster (or is it a Guinea PIG?) sitting on the bed. In the movie we find the letters HAM highlighted in the name NoTTingHAM Hotel:

In the movie there's even a reference to the Sherrif of NottingHAM which brings to mind the Robin, or the Hood (of the Cobra) which we'll look at in a moment.

We've been looking at this outBREAK of Swine Flu in previous posts and the number 23, which keeps making an appearance, resonates with 'breaking apart' or 'breaking free'. We find a reference to this in the poster above in the form of two worlds tearing open. This breaking is pulling down the Wall which seperates the Blue/Gold worlds, allowing them to mix together. There's a breaking taking place yet at the same time things are coming together.

In I gotta pee 23 Jon showed that the number 23 is connected to Candy and PoP drinks. We saw that Dr. Pepper resonates with 23 and the numbers of Jupiter: 142. If you eat too much of these things what happens? Your teeth 'break apart' and fall out. Jupiter and it's large Red Eye seems to be involved in this collective shattering that's taking place in the now.

In Bedtime Stories we find Adam Sandler wearing a Blue & Gold/Yellow T-Shirt which happens to feature the Bear:

In this scene Candy/PoP is literally raining down on Adam as he wonders what the hell is going on. He's just realized that he is creating his own reality. Thoughts influence matter. During this moment of realization his Hood goes up:

The umbrella resonates with the fanned head of the Cobra which we find depicted on the mask of the EGyptian Pharaoh. It also resonates with the opening of the Crown Chakra and the open plume of the Peacock. At this moment in the movie Adam is awakening to the fact that he is creating his own reality. The rain of rainbow Candy helps Adam reach these enlightening conclusions:

We saw Adam opening the Crown/Halo/Umbrella (this time reversed) in Bedtime Stories and we find the same thing in the movie UP.

If you turn the U in UP by 90 degrees you get CP, or CUP.

If we look at this poster for UP we find this exact thing around the Dogs head. It's like a satellite receiver that is ready to catch the falling Rainbow Candy (Kosmic Energy?). Jake has already pointed out that this particular Dog wears a collar that resonates with the Red Eye. UP and the CUP:

In this next poster for (C)UP we find that the Rainbow Waves (or Rainbow Candy seen earlier in Bedtime Stories) help carry us UP as we accumulate more and more in our open Cup. Maybe the awakening of the Red Eye helps us to attract more Candy into our life. Like the opening of a flower which can now absorb more sunlight, or a new antenna which attunes us to new frequencies, we begin to absorb these new energies and we head towards the Blue:

Earlier on we saw Adam Sandler being bombarded by Rainbow Candy and here we see driving a motor bike in front of the numbers 237:

The number 23 immediately caught my eye but I couldn't figure out why the number 7 should be involved. The number 7 looks like an arrow and in the picture above we this arrow pointing towards the head of Adam Sandler.

The very same day that I took the snapshot of the image above I checked out Jons latest post Star Cauldron (which resonates with the Cup/Bowl) and found the number 237 in his new header:

I was blown by this synchronicity because I'd wondered why 237 was syncnificant only hours earlier. Jon, you helped answer my question in a most unexpected way!!! 2 x 3 x 7 = 42. I would never have thought of that!

So we have the Blue/Gold poster for Bedtime Stories, a movie starring the Blue/Gold T-Shirt wearing Adam Sandler who is connected to the numbers 237/42, which resonate with the Blue/Gold planet Jupiter.

While looking for a reference to Rainbow Candy (which we saw falling on Sandler) I found this advert for SkiTTles. Jim recently wrote about the Shark, the Cup/Chalice and the Bowling Ball (resonating with Skittles) in the post Blowing Blue into the Golden Bowl. This Rainbow Candy Serpent is somehow connected to all of these things:

Could the Candy be symbolic of the Kundalini Serpent which helps us Cross the Bridge (seen above) with ease. Notice the girl eating the Candy (absorbing the Rainbow Wave?) is quite at ease while the chaos takes place around her.

Here's another SkiTTles advert I found interesting. When the Hood is opened and the Kundalini is free to floW we 'unleash the devastating force' just like it says in this tagline:

Above we see that the Candy represents a Red Pill which help our thoughts floW like the flexible tentacles of the Octopus. Maybe when we follow the floW of the Rainbow we are eventually lead to the Pot/Cup/Challice of Gold which awaits us at the end.

Waylands Smithy, Oxfordshire. Reported 29th May:

Notice the similarities between the Jellyfish crop circle above and the Octopus in the Skittles 'Taste the Rainbow' advert. Also notice the connection between the Crop formation and the Umbrella:

The Jellyfish Crop Circle was discovered on Friday 29th May and thinking back I think this was the very same day that I watched the movie Bedtime Stories. I'm quite sure of it.

Notice the number 9 in the tentacle of the Rainbow Serpent:

We find the same Tentacle/9 connection in this Pirates of the Caribbean poster:

Johnny Depp is swallowed by the Kraken and is symbolically consumed by the Rainbow Serpent. When this happens Captain Jack Sparrow dies and is REborn via the portal of the Dead Mans Chest, or the Heart of the Octopus-man Davy Jones. In order to be REborn Captain Jack Sparrow had to become One with the beast. He had to find his Tentacles. He had to taste the Rainbow.

Johnny Depp knows all about sweet things. Here we see him C-ing Red through the Candy in Willy Wonka:
Here we see the Red Ball and the letter which represents Wonka and is stamped on every piece of Candy - the letter W = 23:

In this movie Depp is the son of a Dentist and he's had a lot of Teeth issues over the years. The girl Violet finds a Golden Ticket and we see that she is a Champion Candy-eater. We see that the Teeth/Mouth are symbolic of the Eye which opens when our Golden Cup/Chalice is full of Candy/Spirit:

Combine Violet/Blue and the Gold and you C-Red:

Eat the Candy of the W/23 Wonka and you turn Blue:

Willy Wonka made a chocolate version of the Taj Mahal for an Indian Prince but when the Sun rises and starts melting his masterpiece we see that Ganesh, the Son/Sun of the Blue One Whive, drops his Candy/Chocolate from Above:

The Chocolate from Ganesh lands directly on the 3rd Eye of the Indian Prince:

To get into the Candy Factory you need a Golden Ticket:

In Jons post he looked at the actor Tom Hanks and how he drunk the 23/142 resonating Dr. Pepper in the movie Forrest Gump ('Life is like a Box of Chocolates'). In the movie Polar Express we see Tom Hanks dishing out the Hot Chocolate as he takes the kids on a trip to the North Pole. Like Willy Wonka, you only get to visit the Land of Candy if you have a Golden Ticket:

We've seen the Skittle Serpent and the Candy Cobra and here we see that the Train is a long metal Serpent which winds it's way across the countryside. It's a Metal-Serpent which climbs it's way UP towards the MOON/23:

We even find the Blue/Gold in the poster:

For some recent thoughts about the Train please check out Drops of Jupiter.

To finish up I just to mention the Blue One Dr. Manhattan and Sally Jupiter who we see below on the planet Mars:

In Mission to Mars we see the DNA/Kundalini climbing our of the Red Planet/Red Ball:

The Rainbow Candy and the Helix seem to be one and the same thing:

Mission to Mars stars actor Tim Robbins. Reobin Williams resonates with the Blue One/DNA Genie and here we see Robin Tunney tasting the Candy while attached to the Chain:

The Rainbow Waves arriving on our planet might be invisible to the naked eye, but this video helps illustrate what it might look like if we could C what was going on behind the scenes:


  1. Great cognizance RA. Gotta credit Kevin(LFTLS) for the 2X3X7. It blew my f@#king mind I know.

    Skittle/Crop Circle was a clean suble connection...very cool.

  2. he says, "that's why they call me Hampster" His name is Ham the third. I've read that jupiter is connected with the number 3.

    It's strange cause I never heard that before, only all this 124 stuff and you know what's missing in 124 it's missing 3.

  3. agreed james.

    its all about 1,2,3,4. Not 23 or 42.


    those for numbers are swirling in my head all the time.
    increasingly i see it as a four pointed pyarmid with the One at the top. and the 2,3 & 4 as the base. i don't know why though.

    sweet post richard.

  4. Jon didn't you once say Candy had the DNA in it... That has always stuck with me. Pun intended!

  5. Candy Cane's have the DNA spiral

  6. like the red spiralled straw rammed into the grapefruit on the carton of my Tropicana Pure Premium Ruby Red Grapefruit juice

  7. Remining me of my yDNAc post at the metalrainbowsnake. DNA is sugar.

    9. Haha. My latest drop is on 9 and it's relationship with circles.

    Over at the CCC site on the Waylands Smithy Jelly Fish CC page it states that "THE FARMER R.SPENCE HAS STATED THAT NO ONE HAS ACCESS TO THIS CROP CIRCLE ON HIS LAND."

    I beg to differ!

    red wv = palammor/amor palm

  8. Sandlers green head. Blue and yellow mix green. Heart chakra = Green. Sandler thinking with his heart and not his head?

  9. The DNA man can was wrote back on Saturday, October 11, 2008

    Y DNA C = Y chromosome = M/F sex determiner...

    Going to check out SJ's candy post now....

  10. Stefan J - how do we get to the candy post?

    The candy maaaaaan
    the candy maaaaaaa can because he saturates it with sugar and makes the world sugar actually.

  11. Do you want life sweet or bitter? Its all how you choose to look at everything.

    That is why I love hummingbirds. These birds figured it all out clearly. They live off the beauty of flowers and the nectar of enlightenment.

  12. What happens when you eat too much Candy? Your teeth fall out and the Thoth Fairy comes to visit you at night. Sweet dreams.

    WV - oledumb

  13. Just had a thought about Candy Cane. I recall Michael Tzarion saying in one his vids that the word Cane/Cain is derived from the name Khan, which in the East means Serpent.

    Candy Cane - cDNAy Serpent