Saturday, May 30, 2009

Drops of Jupiter

I remember a few years ago when I was listening to the radio and heard the song 'Drops of Jupiter' by the band Train for the very first time. You know when you hear a song and something about it just instantly clicks. The hair stands up on the back of your neck or you feel an instant buzz inside. That's what I recall about this particular song. I remember downloading the guitar tab, memorizing the lyrics and jamming alone in my bedroom to this tune. Today all that stuff is a faded memory from my teenage years but I decided to revisit it on a hunch to see what it might reveal to me at this moment in my life.

Here's the tune for anyone unfamiliar with Drops of Jupiter:

There's a few sync-winks in there. There's references to the Angel (bringing to mind TraVOLTas movie 'Michael' and the Fallen Angel himself), the boxer Muhammed Ali (think Will Smith) and I'm sure there's many others.

While on Youtube I noticed a video interview with the lead singer of Train explaining how the song Drops of Jupiter was inspired by a dream. This one dream helped change the path the band where travelling and made them the stars they longed to be. It makes me wonder why our dreams at night can be so influential when it comes to shaping our future. Why do thoughts/words have the power to transform our lives in the most extraordinary ways?

In this short interview we find the Red Eye:

At 2:30 we find a direct reference to the Blue One:

At 2:33 we even see the Hand of the Blue REvolution. Pay close attention to the words which are spoken at this point in the vid:


  1. I tried to post that at the end of one of Jim's posts but blogger glitched out and I let it be.

    I couldn't really find any thing to is except...

    "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" – 4:20 long

  2. great 42 Jupiter synch

  3. Awesome Richard! Wow. Thanks. That was intense to watch - I just smoked a joint.

    spiriT-Rain. She is back in the atmosphere. Damn right she is. And the June reference in the song. Wow and 2001. So cool.

    Thanks guys.

  4. I dream of Genie.... I have heard the phrase

    "I had such a weird dream last night"

    At least a dozen times this last week.