Sunday, November 28, 2010

The King of Love is a Deadpan.


Over a month I ago I was in accident in my car, a
2001 SE Blackberry Saturn. It looked like the car below. My wife and I had bought it in 2005 around the time I had my first child and started working with Ayahuasca.

I was in an accident with it recently. Totally my fault. The car was written off and after almost 2 weeks in limbo with a rental car my wife and I finally bought our new car. A Blue Mazda 3 Hatchback.

As I drove my Saturn car over the years it became interesting that I was increasingly syncing with Jupiter.

In myth Saturn is the Father of Jupiter, the son that eventually ascends to take over his Father's throne. I see this as Eternal Joy (Jupiter) awakening from the illusion of Time and Death (Saturn).

This Saturn overthrown by Jupiter theme repeats itself in the Stanley Kubrick cinematic rendition of Arthur C. Clarke's novel
2001: A Space Odyssey.

In the book the 2nd sun is Saturn. In the movie it's Jupiter. Why? Because it was cheaper to make Jupiter FX rather than Saturn and it's fancy rings. Joy is cheap actually.

2001: A Space Odyssey, the book was inspired by a 1948 Clarke short story The Sentinel. (Silent TINsel.). This will become relevant soon.

It passed through my mind if I would find a Jupiter car to replace my Saturn car. But I knew of no Jupiter car.

Instead I looked for the best car we could find. We went for the Blue Mazda.

Then after buying the car I get home and decide to google Mazda.

Turns out Mazda is an ancient Iranian God known as Ahura Mazda, a Creator God, Lord of Wisdom and Order, who was often compared with Zeus/Jupiter.

Zoroaster considered Ahura Mazda the uncreated God.

In 2010 I gave up my Saturn and unknowingly bought a Mazda/Zeus. Once again another fractal of the Saturn/Jupiter switch as encoded in myth, in the 2001 Space Odyssey book & film and ultimately in every aspect of our lives.

I've been staring at the Mazda logo and then the other day I check out and I notice the sync in form of two movie posters. One for I Love Phillip Morris & one for Black Swan. I layered them and saw that Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor make a heart that aligns well with the Swan inspired eyes of Natalie Portman.

The Mazda logo syncs up as well. What does it all mean? Really only alignment and love. With love all fits and resonates, no?

With these things in mind I left Winnipeg to come to Arborg, Manitoba where I am teaching video to kids. To make the trip I have to rent a car as my wife needs our new Mazda.

Sync treated me to a VW White Golf, which is really the newer version of the classic VW Rabbit.

A White Rabbit Chariot to take me to the rural municipality of Bifrost where the town of Arborg is situated.

I roll into Arborg, grab some Miller beer and watch the Grey Cup on TV.

Bifrost is the Norse Rainbow Bridge between Heaven & Earth. The above logo for the Grey Cup looks to have an arch/rainbow with the cup at the keystone peak point where Heaven & Earth meet.

Here are two pics I tweeted recently from theRainbow Bridge Town.

Arborg is home to the world's biggest curling rock.

It looks like a big UFO kind of. Seemed to go with my time at the school. Spent one day making claymation stories about Space. This image below is from one about a Meteorite, the Earth & Jupiter.

Loved the Grey Alien hanging by the periodic table in the science room. Sn (TIN/Jupiter) is visible. The Grey Alien connects us right back to the Grey Cup night.

While watching the Grey Cup (Canadian Pro Football championship) the twittersphere is lit up with the news that Canadian actor and King of the Deadpan, Leslie Nielson, has died at the age of 84.

Leslie Nielson was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. Home to one of the teams in the 2010 Grey Cup.

Leslie Nielson = L(12)N(14) = 1214

He seems to resonate Liam Neeson as well. Another LN/1214 actor already well connected to Zeus & Jupiter. (He played Zeus in Clash of the Titans that came out this year).


Did Leslie Nielson give birth to the 2010 Starchild?

In the 1996 movie Spy Hard one of the posters had him shooting a water gun in the midst of a burning inferno that seems to be engulfing the Twin Towers. This seems to foreshadow the similar events of 2001 yet to come.

Then in 2001, released 4 days prior to 9/11, Leslie Nielson starred in the spoof movie 2001: A Space Travesty.

In the movie Space Travesty he is shown to be the baby star child born just like in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Leslie Nielson's passing to the other side in 2010 at the age of 84 reflects the birthing of the star child through the 2001-2010 axis. 84 here in sync la la land has come to align with 42x2 or Double Rainbow. 42 being the angle at which a Rainbow is seen.

I like to think of Double Rainbow or 84 as a three dimensional rainbow bubble. Vehicle of the 2001/2010 Starchild.

Amazingly enough as Strangeye has pointed out Leslie Nieslon died 214 days from his next birthday on February 11. Which just so happens to be the 42 day of the new year.

What movies open on Feb 11.

Just Go With It starring Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler.

Never say Never - The Purple Jesus Starchild himself Justin Bieber's movie is to be released on 2/11/11.

As well as the cool looking movie
Gnomeo & Juliet.

Gnomeo & Juliet, to be released on Leslie Neilson's next birthday, (2/11/11) looks a lot like the poster for
All I Want For Christmas with a hanging Leslie Nielson Santa Clause.
The Hanged Santa. Gnosis Gnomes.

Just recently I had tweeted an 84/Double Rainbow alignment between the door and stairway of the Underground restaurant.

A double rainbow with the Corona Light at the Keystone/Peak of the Mountain.

I drew this image the other day and tweeted it. I envisioned the TINsel as the winding path up the Xmas tree where the whole world is lit up like a star or a light switch at a top of a mountain.

The Silent Sentinel Tinsel Path. (2001-2010)

Something about the Earth being lit up.

Leslie Nielson is in
Wrong is Right where the world is at the brink of World War 3 just like now with the 2Koreas. WW3 of course suggesting nuclear armageddon, a scenario where the world could literally be lit up.

Leslie is wrong again in Wrongfully Accused where he runs from a train which looks a lot like the poster for the runaway train movie Unstoppable.

Soon after I heard of the news about the passing of Leslie Nielson I watch a youtube video of the bus scene from Wrongfully Accused. The movie whose poster looks like Unstoppable.

Unstoppable has 777 777 on the train which adds to 42.

The bus in Wrongfully Accused that is hit by a train which allows Leslie Nielson to get free is numbered 42.

The train that hits bus 42 is the friGGin Express. Twin Blue G's. Twin Blue Sun Xpress.

I like how in this shot below as Nielson is running from the train we briefly see a reflection from the camera lense that looks like a Double Rainbow.

Here he is in Wrongfully Accused with a Big Red Santa Belt.

Strangely enough the cops kick off a football when they arrive to try to capture Leslie Nielson in Wronfully Accused. Grey Cup bleed through for sure.

Tonight I realize that I posted the King of Love is a Deadman on the 84th birdthay of Leslie Nielson, the King of the Deadpan. Coolio.

One thing is for sure. I have gained a whole new respect for Leslie Nielson.

Peace to the King of Deadpan. Much love to you.


On November 23 Jennifer Grey, famous as Baby the love interest and dance partner of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, appeared on Dancing with the Stars holding a Watermelon...
In a Sync Whole post from June "Bringing Up Big Baby" we noted the original Watermelon Dirty Dancing scene and explored the association of Jupiter to the giant fruit.
In Gattaca young Ethan Hawk makes a model solar system using different found objects, a Watermelon standing in for Jupiter.

We know that Jupiter is associated to the Big Baby or StarChild and Jennifer Grey would be exactly that, "big" Baby holding Jupiter's totem fruit.
Perfectly in Sync this incident on "Dancing with the Stars", the Stars in the heavens echoing the Stars on our screens, happened on the first day of Sagittarius 2010. Sagittarius being the 9th House ruled by planet Jupiter.
On Sunday 28 November, just before the Grey Cup and news of Leslie Nielsen's death going viral, I posted this photo on Twitter with the following comment.

Tonight is the Grey Cup (Canadian Football League). Grey aliens resonate Cosmic Consciousness, alignment with the Galactic Community and GC Galactic Center.

I hear my "self" thinking "this is a little silly and loose, but still true and kinda funny" so what the heck, tweet...

The universal mind of Being however has no hangups about the particular value of associations and just flows or "Go's With It".
I check Nielsen's posters and see this Grey alien with The King of Deadpan giving the Jupiter pointer finger.
Nielson's hand is "severed" by the podium with the Eagle, Totem animal of Zeus/Jupiter. The severed/dismembered/disembodied hand theme came up on Twitter a couple of weeks back and I associate it to the scene from the Biblical book of Daniel "The Writing on the Wall".
In the scene a hand appears writing a prophetic warning on the wall of BABYlonian King Belshazzar.

"The Writing's on the Wall" is a portent of wickedness getting its comeuppance or - to use language less heavy and misunderstood - attachment and fear dissolving into joy.
This is the same as saying Saturn balancing out with the birth of Jupiter.
My personal growth from attachment to ideas about conspiracy and the desire for more understanding, to a more content and trusting view, has expressed itself overtly and visibly through the sync themes I have entrained with over the years.

One of the big early syncs for me was when Saturn's north pole was found to have a giant stable hexagonal cloud band.

(See Saturn filed posts like A Tribute to Robin Tunney 3 from 2007.)
I watched Silent Running to see if anything aligns and saw this Hexagon right over Saturn, frying my brain well and good.
Funny enough the same affects artist that did 2001: A Space Odyssey's Jupiter scenes, Douglas Trumbull, directed Silent Running a while after working on 2001, having finally figured out how to get the rings right for Saturn.

I find myself calmer, more at peace and at the same time enterTraining allot more with the planet of joy, Jupiter.

Makes sense.