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John TraVOLTa (with bARK, and now biTTen)

Here then the collected John Travolta (or maybe rather "Trabolta"?) Zeus syncs, plus the latest.

Above we see the common symbols attributes to Zeus /Jupiter: Lighting Bolt, Alchemical Symbol for the planet Jupiter (same as symbol for Tin) and Eagle.

The volt in TraVOLTa already signals the presence of the electrical resonance of Zeus.
Trabolta is the voice of the doG/God, itself marked by a black lightning bolt, Bolt in the film "Bolt".
Lighting is present in the title design for the "Saturday Night Fever Poster".
TraVOLTa sings his iconic song "Greased Lighting"in "Grease"
His back being decorated throughout with the wings of the T-Bird. This can be interpreted as the Thunder Bird/Eagle.
In "MichaEL" Trabolta plays the archangel again displaying the wings on his back, resonating the Eagle aspect of Zeus.
A doG helps signal the presence of a God.
In "Broken Arrow" TraVOLTa and CHRISTian Slater, as pilots, pass a winged military decoration in the background.
Both spread wings emanate from John's back, echoing the "Grease" T-Birds sync and his role as angel MichaEL.
He dukes it out with CHRISTian Slater who displays the lightning bolts on his back!
The Red Pill Lady's name appears in red during this same sequence...
The title for "HairspRay", seen in the John TraBolta character poster above, is brightly Rainbow themed.
The alchemical symbol for Jupiter/Zeus (and Tin) above is a combined 2 and 4, thus 24 or 42.
The angle of refraction light goes through in order to become the Rainbow is 42.
42/Rainbow thereby resonates Zeus/Jupiter as does "HairspRay".

The point of showing these synchronicties is to make vivid the Mind beyond all thought and form.

What organizes things with such perfection as is being displayed through synchronicity? It is this Mind WE/ME must realize.

The use of pop and movies allows us a dynamic shared pool of data to correlate these non-local syncs.

Find out who this Mind belongs to and ONE realizes Joy.

Peace Of Mind= Peace On Earth

Jacob Two Two:

Below is a poster for ZEUS & ROXANNE, a story of a dog and a dolphin that become friends. Zeus is the name of the Dog.

This movie resonates what Jake says in regards to the film BOLT. A movie where the main character is a dog named Bolt who is voiced by John TraVOLta. Both syncs point to a relationships between Dogs and Jupiter. I find this funny as earlier this Winter, when Jake and I visited the Thompson, Manitoba, Zoo, we noticed that the Timber Wolf was named Zeus.

Further reflection on Zeus & Roxanne leads me to the curious idea of a Dog and a Dolphin in the Ocean. Love at C.

Water is Spirit and in these watery dream realms beings exist that are wise, teach and serve the Big Blue One. In the Amazon, the Big Blue One/Shiva/Zeus etc..., is known as Sumi Runa. He is the great being that oversees the Earth eternally. He is the MASTER of the WATER. In song, Juan Flores switches the use of the name Jesus Christ and Sumi Runa. They are the same. Jesus is perhaps really Hey Zeus!

When a soul eventually transcends Earth they merge with the immortal Blue ONE. The One that blows spirit. The fountain of spirit.

Above is a painting by Pablo Amaringo called the Sublimity of Sumi Runa.

Maestro Juan Flores taught me that below Sumi Runa is the Yacumama, which is the Great Boa snake. Yacumama is the messenger of Sumi Runa (I think this is symbolic of our DNA as reciever and transmiter). Then serving Yacumama are the Yacrunas and the Sirens.

In otherwords Dolphins (male) and Sirens (female). Juan has explained to me how he can travel underwater (read: enter the spiritual and astral realms) and converse with the Dolphins and Sirens. They are great healers. They teach him on many things and they help him heal his patients.

In the movie poster below a Dolphin uses the Light of Grandmother Moon to celebrate the Big Blue One. The more Moons I see in these posters the more the Moon seems to me to symbolize our Guide through the spirit realms. The Moon lights are way at night. The Moon literally makes the night Blue as well, as the dark black night is lightened because it. The Moon gets its light for us from the Sun which it reflects.

Continuing on with Dolphins I wondered if Roxanne was a lead at all into greater insight. Of course I think of the Police hit Roxanne.

The Police. Here we are again with the Boys in Blue idea of Cops or Pigs. I see this as we are being pointed to Spiritual Law and its enforcement. As the lyrics to the song say:

you don't have to put on the red light
those days are over
you don't have to sell you body to the night"

So now we have Roxanne resonating not only Dolphins and Blue but also Sirens and Red. Police have Red Lights that are called Sirens. They often get turned on during 911 emergencies. Maybe its like the song says we "don't have to put on the red light (siren) those days are over, you don't have to sell you body to the night"

Thinking about Sirens led me to the other infamous Roxanne in modern culture, and that is the Romantic Comedy starring Steve Martin and DaRRyl HannaH. Below in the poster Hannah is poised in the middle of the O, or she is peering through the starG8 and luring Steve Martin and us to follow her.

DaRRyl HannaH as Roxanne has the song of siren making men fall in love with her, and so it is fitting that in the 1984 movie Splash she plays a Mermaid, or Siren, who falls in love with our illuminati fighting Moon Man himself, Tom "Thanks" Hanks.

In Splash Hannah plays a NY bound Siren. In the poster above she is emerging from the Fountain of Water and Spirit. The night sky is blood Red like the emergency siren and the Twin Towers are displayed prominetly in the background.

Is this poster another example of the non-local rippled effects of the 9/11 tragedy on the big blue oceans of consciousness?

Hannah furthers resonates the Big Blue OcEaN of ONEness. Below is a poster for the film The Big Empty. The poster tells us it is a Big Blue Empty.

The Middle of NOwhere that is everywhere. The Great Blue Yonder.

Once again DaRRyl HannaH narrates the movie Dolphins and Whales. Here as a siren she is part of the TRIBES of the OcEaN.

In the 2000 film, Dancing at the Blue Iguana, she once again plays a siren enticing men towards the light. In the poster she is of course the one coloured in Blue and the name of her stripper character is fittingly Angel.

Hannah continues down her Water Road of Spirit with her performance in the Movie Shannon's Rainbow. Rainbow have already been linked to 42 and Jupiter by Jake above and so this link of Spirit, Water and Jupiter only gets stronger as we delve into the film career of the Red and Blue Siren known as Darryl HannaH.

Noticethe sun rise in the Shannon's Rainbow poster. The sun in the morning is a Red Dot, a Red Eye that rises out of the Dark Blue Twighlight of the morning.

The Red Dawn gives birth to the colour purple.

Purple skies happen as the sun sets or rises. Kind of like Purple Jesus marking the turning of an age.

The Red Eye and Red Dawn connection is tight as when one travels on an airplane early in the morning it is known as Red Eye. The Red Eye flies at daybreak. The Purple Jesus arise at the dawn of a new age to help usher it in.

The Red siren is heard before the day comes. Below we have DaRRyl HannaH seeing Red in the film the Tie that Binds. Check out my post at centreportal about TIE CREEK. Seeing the word Tie is a sure cue to that place for me. I will be heading out there this summer with Juan Flores for a special Ayahuasca ceremony. It the centre of the indigenous sacred site known as Manito Ahbee, or Where the Creator Sits.

The Blue ONE - the Tie that Binds us ALL.

And then to come full circle we have Steven Guttenburg, the star of Zeus and Roxanne,
also starring in the film High Spirits with DaRRyl HannaH who plays a ghost/spirit.

Even Steve Martin is touched by the Big Blue One and the siren song of DaRRyl HannaH, as the Roxanne star is also in MY BLUE HEAVEN with Rick Moranis of Ghostbuster fame.

Rick Moranis brings us right back to Zeus and Dogs. The poster below for the iconic Canadian Film, Strange Brew (ayahuasca strange perhaps?) resonates it ALL as we have everything from heavenly lightning, flying super dogs, the moon, as well as much more high sync weirdness.

Back to the Jupiter and Dog connection reveals itself even more clearly in the image below for the long time Dog film star - Rin Tin Tin.

A True Dogstar!

Tin is linked to Jupiter and and so is Rin Tin Tin - The Lightning Warrior! Sounds like Bolt.

It is syncificant that the Lightning Warrior was a total of 12 AmaZING Episode as another Lightning Warrior, or Son of Zeus, Hercules himself was known to have 12 Labours.

12/21/42/Midnight continually points to Jupiter. The Arrow should also be noted, it is perhaps a pointer to the relationship between Jupiter as a starG8 to Galactic Centre.

Rin Tin Tin is a K9 (911), a Super Star as well as a Law enforcer. Truly man's best friend.

What does this all mean one might ask. Well I see Dogs as pointers to Gods, and as we know Jupiter is King of the Gods. Man's best friend is of course an unconditionally loving and loyal God. We also know that Dogs resonate the Dog Star, otherwise known as Sirius. Perhaps Jupiter is a local residence for star beings and masters of the light. Hence the Jupiter and Lightning connection.

Jupiter as the House of our Lord, or the seat of Christos, the realm of many mansions. A Place of an awakened and conscious ever-expanding spiritual Blob.

The planetary Logos. The poster below for My favoirte Martian says it all. Our earth is connected comsically and bathed in heavenly Blue Aura when the Big Blue One is awakened here.

At that time the Planet is our Favorite version guaranteed.

The Dog/God and Jupiter/Zeus relationship is strengthened with Hercules, the Disney version.

Hercules of course being the son of Zeus. But check out this poster below. It totally reminds me of the Bolt poster, once again making Bolt and Travolta resonate Zeus/Jupiter.

In the film Hercules, Zeus is voiced by the actor RIP TORN. What a name. Sounds like what happens when one is struck by lightning.

Rip Torn also stars in the Jesus film King of Kings. He plays JUdas which is interesting. But King of Kings is K2/2k sync that once again makes me think of JUpiter - King of the Planets.

Fun Wikipedia Fact about the film King of Kings: "Most films at the time did not show Jesus's face, preferring to do shots of his hands (as in Ben-Hur) or over-the-shoulder views. King of Kings was the first major studio sound film in English to actually show Christ's face, and as such, was a pioneering effort. Jeffrey Hunter's youthful appearance (although he was 33 when cast) caused some to nickname the film "I Was a Teenage Jesus," a parody from theMichael Landon film I Was a Teenage Werewolf."

Jesus as Werewolf? Or is he the King of the Dolphins?

Peace In is Peace Out

~Bi77y the Kidder~

ZOE/NOW/ONE DeschanEL in "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" (H2G2) where the answer to 'Life The Universe and Everything' is 42.
We connect her to Jupiter through and through in post Jumpiter.


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  2. Don't know if you mentioned the 42 angle of refraction before. Broken arrow kinda like at lighning bolt... no?

    Cool fractal

  3. Just wanted to point out that in the AstroBoy image header, the word "Magi" appears in the lower left corner, along with a twin pillar motif...

    Link for future reference

    Other interesting things: 10-23-09. 23 is already syncnificant, 10+23=33, 10+23+9=42, flipped 24. Turn that "9" into "11" (because of the 2 in 2009) and you get 44, or 8.

    Saturday Night f"EVE"r (you might have pointed that out in one of your posts, Jake)... The letters left out of the equation are F and R, F=6 and R = 18, combined they are 24!

  4. great. will add later to it.
    i love your peace of mind/earth tag line

    this is so true.

    the garden is a state of mind.

  5. fEVEr, nice..

    Just like the highlighted Eve of 7/11.
    Seen with DNA/Resitence symbol in Terminator: Salvation

  6. Anyone familiar with the South Park episode where Kyle's dad is turned into a dolphin through surgery? Another dolphin appears in the title sequence of "Captain Planet" (video is in German for added clarity+humor) at 34 seconds in, another blue man.

    Jake - Another interesting detail in the "fEVEr" is that the bolts come out of the letters which add up to 24.

  7. Dolphins everywhere.... Jhonny Nuemonic with Keanu, Pet Detective with Carrey, Hichthickers Guide to the Galaxy, 2010 by Arthur C, Illuminutus Trilogy by RAW, The Simpson's Halloween Special where they take over the town.... And on, and on, and on...

  8. The Water World is everywhere.Peace yall.

  9. Kevin Cosnter in waterworld.... One eyed Hopper. Always with the doplphin being aware way before man. That new flick with the kid in the Creature From the Black Lagoon Baby Onsie... What's it called "The Hangover". Then the Aquarian man being called the missing link in Monsters Vs Alien.... It's like the next step in evolution. How inspirational your style is Jim!

  10. Nice Red 5 in the Red Eye Poster...

  11. Interesting synchs. The dolphin and dog resonate to Sirius and the trinary star system there. Did "TriStar" produce these films? Blue is connected to the throat chakra and is coupled to red as the twin serpents of kundalini coiled around a polar spin axis. Water is what the starg8 uses as the universal barrier ( or solvent )and water is blue. Jew-piter is resonant to father jews, a faith based collective where only the males ( blue ) could read the kaballa upon reaching the age of 40, not so for the females ( red or pink ) until Ester ( Madonna came along anyway ).

  12. On further inspection, you ATONISTS have to get your facts straight! The subject that you clverly hide and lead the reader away from is MAGNETISM. The origin to Zeus lightning bolt is found here: Alarmed that Asclepius's ability to keep people alive might put him out of work, Hades god of the dead petitioned his brother Zeus, god of earth & sky, to kill Asclepius, the physician who never lost a patient to death. Zeus then struck the mortal Asclepius down with a Thunderbolt for daring to wield power as mighty as that of the gods, but placed him among the constellations to honor him, calling him "Ophiuchus," which is Greek for "serpent holder."

  13. Thanks Billy. I must admit I am very poorly read in mythology. Thanks for Zeus info, I will dive into it.

    what is an atonist? and how does magnetism play into all?



  14. Billy - You must consider that the archetype of "Zeus" existed long before the Greek character. Part of what keeps us in the dark when it comes to these subjects of the gods is the way that they are "demonized" throughout history by people who WANT us in the dark (the Atonists you speak of) and have stories applied to them that divert the reader from seeing the true inner meaning of the "Bolt" concept. Always keep an open mind, never toss around insults based on something you heard from Michael Tsarion (a very clever salesman). Try meditating sometime, clearing your mind helps to get the influence and words of others you thought you could trust out of the way.

    It is obvious that when you see the symbols in the media that they are being used for manipulation based on the demonization of the archetypes, which is blatantly implied through the actions of the actors depicting these gods. It is "how" you seem them and "When" you see them that it becomes synchronistic, and ultimately "synchromystic", in turn providing a transmutative aspect to your experience should you ever find yourself in a "higher state" viewing these movies. For some, inner peace comes from knowing which side you're on in your this great struggle, but for others it comes from applying the interpretation the way you feel it was truly meant to be seen (as the undiluted, un-corrupted symbol of higher consciousness it truly still is). Part of the effort through these movies is to keep this stuff out of the focus of the masses. It's strangely subliminal for a reason.

  15. awsome awsome stuff! Mr TraVOLTa gets magickal powers after being struck by a Light from the sky on his 37th birthday.

  16. I just watched this movie last night :D , cool animation, great!