Monday, May 18, 2009

Watch This!

Me and Jim were WATCHing "Angels & Demons" today when this loaded sync cluster jumped into KKonsciousness.

At the top of the Great Mandala of Time, the Clock Face, we find 12 betwixt 11 and 1.
12 resonates 24 (12 doubled) while 12pm is also 24 on a digital display. 24 flipped is 42 (or 12 flipped is 21..).
Finding 12/42 crowning the clock is pretty groovy already, doubly so if we think of 11 as 2 (1 & 1).
If we do we notice the number of Jupiter/Tin - there symbol containing both a 2 and 4, as seen above - is nuzzled between 2 and 1. Having the Jovial number 12/24 higher then (yet still comprising!) the duality of 1 and 2 speaks volumes.
Joy is beyond all dualities like object and subject or perceiver and perceived.

Another facet of the top of the clock, where our sacred circle of numbers come together, is the words Ka and Ba.

The Ka and Ba were of great significance to the ancient Egyptians as different facets of SpririT. As to the exact nature of the Ka vs the Ba, I am unclear, but I feel the ONE is the SpiriT in its totality and the other the spirit of the individual.
Either way the Ka and Ba is associated to SpiriT or Being beyond form.

To get to Ka and Ba, resonating the Kaaba in Mecca, we convert the 3 numbers 11, 12 (as 1 and 2 individually) and 1 to there alphabetical equivalent where 11=K 1=A and 2=B.

12, the highest can be considered alphabetically as L or El, another name for Deity or God.

Peace On Earth


21, 12, 24, 42 = Midnight. The hour of death and rebirth. The dark womb of possibilities.

Midnight - the hour of forgiveness and redemption. A time when we learn to be like the hummingbird and hover in the NOW of the sweet nectar of it all.

Ditto on the Peace on Earth.

As the poster says. "When the world turned its back. One man stood up."

The Blue ONE stood up.

God's blue hand of peace.

Richard: In the movie Back to the Future we find that the Clock is the Doorway which allows the time-travelling FOX to return home. The Fox harnesses the Blue Thunderbolt of Jupiter in order to bend Space/Time:

The Fox uses the Flux Capacitor, shaped like the letter Y, to open the DNA Doorway/StarG8:

Maybe the Blue Jupiter or the Blue Moon triggers something in the DNA (the Y chromosone perhaps?) when the Hand (DNA-H) of the Clock strikes Midnight/12/21/24/42. Like Jim says: Midnight is the hour of death and rebirth. The dark womb of possibilities. The awakening of 'the Blue One'.
In the movie 'The Frighteners' we find the Fox is in a race against Time as he tries to prevent Death from claiming his 42nd victim (thanks Will). Here we see the Blue Hand of Death/Time in the centre of the spiral StarG8:

We find that the HAND/DNA-H and Head of the Fox are radiating Blue, and it seems to be connected to the Pineal/3rd Eye which we find highlighted:

Here we see the 'Electric Lucifer' inside the spiral StarG8. Notice the Thunderbolt of Zeus/Jupiter which strikes the Blue Hand/Heart of 'the Horned One':

Christ and Lucifer are both 'Light-Bearers' and both seem to resonate with the 'Gene of Khrist Konsciousness' which is woven into the fabric of Me/We:

Like the Electric Lucifer above, Michale J Fox has also been part-man part-beast who resonates with the Blue/Gold Jupiter:

MJ Fox has also been 'Blue in the Face'. In this movie poster we find that the Brooklyn Bridge/DNA Ladder terminates at the location of Midnight/12/24/42:


All these Jupiter/Clock synchronicities remind of the (TT) Tik-Tok Tin Man:

Jim: I thought the movie below is fitting. 

Midnight is judgement time in the Garden.


  1. Very groovy indeed... The cool thing about all this is that is seems to be favoring a certain pattern. What I mean is, we ain't straying to far from the source. We're on a single track as far as I'm concerned.


  2. Yes! I dropped a banger over at PRR that contained this thread as I was deconstructing a t-shirt print that has the big-hand and the little hand pointing 2 '12'! So mid-night and mid-day do = 42 in analogue depiction of the 4th linear dimentian!

    Hearts 2 the g8orz.

  3. The hummingbird is so midnight. it hovers in between the BC and the AD, the past and the future. lives off the nectar of the floWering NOW.
    In Peru I have almost always seen a hummingbird first thing the morning after and ayahuasca session.

    reporting from thompson