Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ZOE Star tREk

The actress, ZOE Saldana, in the character poster above, caught my Red Eye/I during the new film by myth maker extraordinaire J.J. Abrams, Star tREk.

WE C ZOE as Nyota Uhura with Red Eyes, a pointer of the StarG8 of Space/Kosmic Konsciousness.
With realized REd Eye/I, WE/ME see the RE of Hope, becoming joyful and fully aligned with NOW, all there ever is.

This is NO monumental task or achievement. It is your natural ever present state underneath the mental story of the limited identity or mind made self.
REalize who Witnesses the dialogue of the mind. The ever present Witness, whether ONE be in deep sleep or awake, is who ONE Is.

"Who watches the watchmen?"

How do I REalize the Witness?

Accept all that is and live in the present moment, this is the REd Road of the floWer.
I was recently watching "The Terminal", a Spielberg (another legendary myth maker) film starring Tom Hanks (THanks). I didn't recognize ZOE Saldana until the Vulcan Salute got my attention.
"Is that the lady who played Uhura, love interest of Spock, doing the "Live long and Prosper" thing? Surely not.."
Indeed it is!

ZOE (NOW, ONE, N.W.O, MOON etc (Z/N and W/M/E rotate)) giving actor Diego Luna (MOON) the Vulcan Salute.

She plays Immigrations Officer Torres who also happens to be a Trekkie.

Above we can see it better, but they are all present during the Star tREk sync..
Three Eagles decorate her uniform. Two, on each shoulder, are Blue Birds and ONE, above the shield (vivified Heart), is Golden.
The Blue Bird is the happy bird that flies over the Rainbow into the land of OZ.
The Golden Eagle (EGL/LEG) has been seen recently, along with Robin Tunney in posts like Chain Of Events. As Robin has played characters called ZOE (see her Filmography below) three times in her career, it resonates super soundly having another ZOE interact with the Golden Eagle.
The Vulcan Salute is a highlighted SpiriT Hand/Palm.
She turns around her palm to reveal the wedding band from Luna, hereby accepting his proposal to marriage.

The wedding ring is a symbol of union, very fittingly worn by a human who travels the KKosmos - externalized* representation of infinite depth of Being - tREkking the Stars.
They celebrate there union - a ritual drama that reenacts the ultimate coming together of Self moving beyond other - by driving around the terminal in an electric utility vehicle, decorated in traditional wedding get-away-car style.

The word "ORIGINS" appears in the background. From UNION WE/ME ORIGINATE and into UNION WE/ME return.
The rear Seeing Red lights overlook the Tin Cans of the electric Chariot. Electricity resonates the lightning bolts of Zeus/Jupiter who's number is 42 and shares its alchemical symbol with Tin.
The Tin Cans are dragged over the reflection of the word ORIGINS. From the Jovial state of the sphere Jupiter WE/ME ORIGINATE and to JOY WE/ME return during this phase of alignment.

I hear tell that shoes are often also present amongst the clutter being pulled by the wedding Chariot. The shoe contains the soul/SpiriT and anchors the feet in Being. The foot, resonating the shoe, of the constellation Ophiuchus is one of the astrological pointers of Galactic Center and externalized* Heart of MOM.

*Concepts as 'external' and 'internal' are potentially misleading as duality dissolves. They remain useful pointers given appropriate context.