Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two heads better than ONE but not Four (where's my wheels?)

Earlier on today I stumbled across this Avatar poster (top left) and it immediately reminded me of the Blue/White war paint on Mel Gibsons face in the movie Braveheart. I turned it into a new banner and put it up on the Sync Whole.

James recently pointed out that 'William Wallace' (seen above) was also the name of one of Abe Lincolns sons. I figured the banner tied in with recent themes explored on this blog and thought that was the end of it.

Earlier on tonight it started snowing heavily here in the Highlands of Scotland so I went outside with the kids to make a Snowman in garden. Here's how he turned out:

After finishing the front of the Snowman my daughter suggested we turn the back of him into a Snowgirl. We added some breasts and the lump of snow gradually evolved into a Hermaphrodite: half-female half-male. Once we completed the body I couldn't resist a quick squeeze.

Before calling it a night I took this profile shot of my two-faced Snow-Hermaphrodite:

Before hitting the sack I thought I'd check to see if there was anything new in the Whole and found that James had made some nice modifications to the Avatar/Braveheart banner I'd put on the site earlier. In the centre I was surprised to find these two heads facing in opposite directions, similar to the one in the photo ^ I'd taken only a few hours earlier.

I'm not sure what it means, but I suppose it all points to the (s)NOW.


"Lord Marshal 'Oberon' LM-124"
"The multiple faces on the Lord Marshal's mask-helm represent his all-seeing astral eyes. The spine motif on the back of all Necromonger armor relates to the notion of "Purification" through the spine."
the armor is called Mockodile

from wiki
Janus (or Ianus; "archway") was the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings ... you might see I deal with the subject here

Richard: I really dig the Janus/Ianus connection that James just mentioned because I keep coming across symbolism involving the number 27 and the Doorway. It seems to have something to do with overcoming duality and bridging the gap between Inner and Outer Space. Further musings on this can be found in a recent post called Blue Star 27.

Actor Sam Worthington played the character 'Jake Sully' in Avatar. The name Sully entrains with the Blue MONstar (Avatar) called 'Sully' from the movie Monsters Inc.

Sully (on the right) is a guardian of the Doorway, just like Janus:

Here's another thing. Mel Gibson was bound to a wheelchair in the movie Conspiracy Theory, just like Jake Sully in the movie Avatar.

In Conspiracy Theory actor Mel Gibson was drugged up to his eye-balls and tortured inside his wheelchair. If you want, you can watch the whole disturbing scene right here:

Mr. Kotze recently pointed out the connection between Mel Gibson, Jared Leto, Catcher in the Rye author J.D. Salinger, and the number 27 in his post Gibson 27.

Coincidentally, while Jared Leto was making the movie Chapter 27 he wound up in a wheelchair.

In this article I read that:

Jared Leto's latest movie role landed him in a wheelchair.

Jared, who plays John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman in 'Chapter 27', revealed gaining 60lbs to play Chapman left him unable to walk.

He said: "My body was in shock from the amount of weight I gained. I don't know if it was gout - but I had a definite problem with my feet. I couldn't walk for long distances. I had a wheelchair because it was so painful."

The wheelchair points to the Chariot which helps guide us towards/through the Doorway of Duality, overseen by the Two-faced Janus. To me it's about moving beyond previous limitations. Getting back on your feet. Moving forward again after a period of immobility.

I wonder if JANUs has anything to do with the Doorway of JANUary, which has just come to a close.


I posted in the next post too

here's the heads

Tigress Renee Zellweger

Empire Records 1995

Bridget Jones's Diary 2001

Chicago 2002

Song "We Both Reached for the Gun"

[BILLY (as Roxie)]
He came toward me.

With the pistol?

[BILLY (as Roxie)]
From my bureau.

Did you fight him?

[BILLY (as Roxie)]
Like a tiger.

Don't Lose Your Head

Mouth (Jaws) inside the OZ symbol

monkey see monkey do
hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil
a clean mind is a brainwashed mind
the fig leaf's debauchery of art

AbeL was the first murder victim
or was it Osiris

214 moon a rising...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taste the Rainbow

In this picture from top to bottom and left to right

Alpha Omega stained glass with flowering stem
Omega looks like a Horse Shoe
a branching flower pattern

a blue alien from Mass Effect

Shepherd's ID # N7 from Mass Effect
N7 = 27 = 3 x 3 x 3 or 9 + 9 + 9 or 3 to the third
33, 333, 999
N 2 5 S Z spinner

Horse Hoof ... Luck sync 214 / BAD
The vagina shaped Heart is called a Frog
In Fringe episodes the Frog is labeled Omega

Amelia Earhart / Air Heart ...
Manly P. Hall says Air divides Fire & Water trinity
Titan are the clay Humans are made of, Titan AE
Zeus activates the clay and water with Thunderbolts
A as Alpha or Delta ... E as Sigma
Delta is a triangle, sum of river's sediment as landmass
or the change in a variable, the sum of flow in math
Sigma is the sum of all the parts and a WE3 OM spinner
don't you see WE are 3
Alpha Omgea ... the beginning is the end is the beginning
MU is there in between state
Air Heart flies Orange Bird Fish / Boat Plane number 42
and labeled with the word FRIENDSHIP
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Pythagoras valued Friends over Family

Stone Henge looks like the Horse Hoof in question

Yod is at the top and center
We know Yod to symbolize the three different paths
Horizon, Zenith and Center
We know from Pythagoras that 1 and 2 do not exist
So seeing this line called Yod that looks like a 1 is a sync
and seeing Yod as the L shape is takes is also a 2 sync
but esoteric knowledge reveals this to be a prime trinity
related intrinsically to Golden Spirals and Eternal Flames

Blue Sun is the Sun Manly Hall refers to as a Sun's passive energy
seen receptively in photosynthesis of plant life
the Sun is know to have an illusory reflection or shadow
and to have a hidden color and substance
Angels are said to live in the Sun
The Sun is blue because reflection is only what an object is not
Light shown on blue substance appears orange because
the object absorbs all the blue light, but reflects what it is not
The Orange Sun is know as the Agitator

The Menorah, this lamp of Eternal Flames is with us and everything
it is for this reason that we are never truly Lost
with the eternal fire inherent with all reality
the picture says it best, the lamp is the snaking DNA
anD where's the kitty 7 Cats / CATG

The 7 will be a topic of further discussion
I'm not really on that level yet
but I will start by comparing Planets to Colors

The Number Zero and the Number One
This sync is gonna hurt, triple meanings?
So while playing Mass Effect I saw this symbol
In the Omega Station shaped like a jelly fish
On the back of this blue alien with biotic telekinesis
This is a powerful symbol
So I penetrated the Zero with a One
playing with the fonts I saw different images
This symbol is a Tree or a Branching
there is a lot that can be said, so that's all for now

Below is Phi, which is 1.618 or the Golden Ratio
notice how this One penetrated through both sides

Theta is interesting you should wiki this one
basically a symbol of pregnancy
the one is trapped inside the zero
the one is said to be an X or the Soul or Kosmos
and the zero is a feiry serpent or good spirit foregrounding

This is a picture of Halo from Manly P. Hall's online Teachings book
obviously this Dome and Phallus motif is getting heavy
seeing these Halos penetrated by the heads of people / gods
a vagian / dome ... a penis / obelisk and a twinkle in your eye
the obelisk, dome and star is the Sirius symbol

Ankh seemed an appropriate mix to the symbols
T is a three branching path sort of enveloping the egg

Poseidon's Trident with Serpent coil being an excellent 3 branch path

The rainbow peace sign is a three branching path

I had to make a subtle sex reference with the Torus and Jupiter's Finger
Yod is the prime factorization of a Torus

Masonic Tracing board's Three Pillars of Three Paths

The Mushroom is a sync with the symbol theme
being a torus, dome, cup
with the finger of God or Phallus if you prefer
Being the God of Judgment is like being a Dick anyways
Phallus FLuxers

Rubix cube is the sacred 3 x 3 x 3 cube known as 27
see the rainbow
6 sides, 8 corners, 12 edges
been thinking that Lucky number 777 = 21
Major Arcana is divided into 21 cards and Zero / Fool

Horse Head / Horse Hoof / HH
thanks Tye for Knighting me
L shaped movements of Knights
Yod is L shaped, 7 is L shaped
Helix / spirals are curve of L movements
Getting a Dead Horse Head is BAD luck
Getting a Dead Rabbits Foot is Good Luck

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jeus (Added Voltage)

Pronounced Juice.....


The combining of the words Jupiter and Zeus.

Your gonna keep accidentally doing it anyways saying the two in sentences together.... Join the club.

I Did.

I'm not only a member, I'm the President.

Kotze laughed at me. Told me he liked it because Juice meant Electricity... It's slang give me some Juice. And Jeus being Zeus and he liking thunderbolts and shit.Amy Smart plays in Crank High Voltage. Lightning Bolt a symbol of Zeus. And Jason StatHam is a Heartless Tin Man. He has a Heart that must be given Juice to keep beating. He is a Shooting Star having his pistol ready. The Gun is an extension of his Index or Jupiter Finger. Tin is also the metal of Jupiter. So technically he has two counts of Jupiter against him. Oh, and he's Dead too. Jupiter=Tin=Dead(not a real boy)=Zeus.Heatless Tin Man.... Ok yeah I got. Easy enough right? Jupiter Man.And then the Thunderbolt of Zeus.
Robin Tunney interacting with the Jeus of Zeus. Yes I'm aware that's only one letter from Jesus... Jesus is a Dead Man after all.That's Tunney's Hand in S1 E18 of the Mentalist. Eye on the Hand is more appropriately discussed at the Big Spirit Palm In the Sky.... Right Now we'll use it as a marker to pay attention.Next Scene shows Tunney with Jupiter Finger pointed at her... High Voltage again shows an Already Obvious link between our concepts of Jupiter and Zeus.

Heart City from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

That should explain some more.... Attention to the Hank Azaria nods in the video showing. Azaria is Pointed as being Deep Thought Resonating Tin Man.... Also the fact has been seen that he also did the voice of Lincoln as well....Jupiter.... Hell the movie is drenched in Jupiter. Jake's Heart Video shows most of it. But the fact is Azaria is first seen with Jupiter Finger extended is really kinda funny if you get a chance to see it.Zeus' Temple. Azaria plays Jupiter, he plays the Tin Man Thinker, he plays Zeus. Don't forget Amy Smart played with Tin Man Statham with Gunslinger Tin Man Jupiter Finger in Crank High Voltage now she's running in front of Jupiter in the Museum Movie. The Jeus of Zeus. Bolt!

Notes; Matthew Broderick is mentioned through the War Games reference in the Short Circuit poster. Hell He's Inspector Gadget.... Watch the Jupiter Fingers fly in Cable Guy!
The Toynbee tiles (also called Toynbee plaques) are messages of mysterious origin found embedded in asphalt in about two dozen major cities in the United States and three South American capitals.[1] Since the 1980s, several hundred tiles have been discovered. They are generally about the size of an American license plate, but sometimes considerably larger. They contain some variation on the following inscription:


Toynbee tiles - Wikipedia

The first two lines "TOYNBEE IDEA IN KUBRICK'S 2001" seem obvious. Somebody connects an idea of Arnold J. Toynbee - apparently a famous historian - to "2001: A Space Odyssey". Cryptic but not unfathomable. The next two lines "RESURRECT DEAD ON PLANET JUPITER" at first seem completely nonsensical, yet it is here that I believe the power and fascination of this mystery resides.

When a person is identified with the mind, form and ego he/she is often mystically and spiritually considered asleep or dead. This is why Buddhists call enlightenment/Illumination awakening and Christians speak of being born again. The Christians figure head himself, Jesus/Jeus, resurrect from the dead like a zombie, vampire or Frankenstein.

Another term associated to awakening and spiritual rebirth is Joy "peace which passeth understanding". Beyond mind, form, ideas and all concepts is the Peace or Joy, lack of which, causes all seeking and discomfort. Another way of interpreting being disconnected from the dimension of peace and joy, quite literally a dimension, is having lost faith or belief in God.
I see no difference between the idea of God and the realization of true Self as infinite and eternal.

In form or the dramatic narrative level, where individuals, time and space exist, WE/ME are learning via sync that this Joy, God, Awakening and Rebirth are intimately associated to planet Jupiter.

I experienced the most ironic and vivid examplle of this yesterday. While sitting on the bus, listening to Eckhart Tolle (E.T) on my Ipod, he starts talking about being identified with your mind and the stories your mind likes to tell your limited self about itself. He is warning about the subtle layers of identification WE/ME have with narratives about what ME/WE and the totality is. He is not saying we shouldn't have stories or individual perception of self, they arise out of the NOW and totallity just like everything else, WE/ME must just recognize their ultimate source. Know who you are beyond form and limited self then you become free to enjoy the expression of the totality the individual represents. Eckhart goes on to mention a few seemingly random mind made stories including "Enlightened beings live on Jupiter". At this mention I feel the universe is trying to tell me to be aware that my beliefs about Jupiter must not become attachments. I look at my Ipod to see the time code of the clip so I can reference this mention of Jupiter by Tolle when the real Zen kicker hits. My Ipod is displaying time, big numbers over the screen 4:21 or Jupiter. I had to check myself not to laugh out loud like a maniac in this calm public space.

The message is clear. Enlightened beings do indeed live on Jupiter but that is at once also a joke as enlightened beings have only one home in the heart of all hearts. Both are true in the same way I have a physical heart and a spiritual heart yet they are also ONE.

These are essentially higher dimensional issues that can only really be intuited beyond thought and words. You get what I AM saying because you are what I AM saying.

There's nothing to left to think or debate about NOW, we are here and all left to US is the Joy of Being.

Sheesh, anyway..


Someone got a mangled but potent download about the process of our awakening. Powerful metaphor for such being our collective God Self residing on Jupiter waking up to the reality of being life on Earth.
Jupiter is the 5th planet making Tin Man Johnny 5 coming alive via bolt absolutely perfect. The Tin Man finds the heart or Jupiter and rises.
Wall E is Johnny 5, same story, E=5. Red spot/dot E/5 and Jupiter..
The Juice UPgrade to jUPiter/Joy/Self awareness. Note the I-I hits the UP of sUPertramp.

The collapse of the I-I or Self-Self (the 2 in 1 special being upgraded to the 2 for (4) 1 bonus deal) Towers ushered in our collective realization of what WE/ME are.

WE/ME have been given more Juice.

Will;Patrick Swayze in Ghost moving the One with his Jupiter Finger.... Jupiter plus Zues give Swayze the Jeus to manipulate the Heart.... Demi Moore is convinced of this Dead Man.

What a Tin Man nothing but spirit.

And we've seen the connection that Gunslinger's Pointing their Jupiter Fingers have to do with the Two Towers. Woody Tom Hank's is ONE with the Twins here with his Fish Woman.

Furthering the connection of anGEL's and Abe.
She is fascinated by the Blue Gel of ColGATE. The Blob like GEL is also LEG, perhaps a Peg Leg sync as a mermaid has somewhat one tail or peg leg.-Jake
So there once again Jupiter 42 or B=2... So 242.
Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man..... Funny 2009 was the Bicentennial celebration of Lincoln's Birthday..... Remember Obama gave a speech... Lucky guy. Hey that Reminds me Four Score and Seven years ago. A score is 20 years.... 4 Score is 4 20.Looking for some lovin' Robin Tin Man Williams knocks on door.... Wait for it.Forty motherfuckin' 2.... Do the math.See numbers yield so many clues.... The thing is that there are plenty of ways to manipulate them. The coolest however are the simple ONES. Take the movie poster above. BAD is 2 1 4 in the easiest number association to the English Alphabeth. So Jupiter 142=BAD. Gunslinging Shooting Jupiter Star Finger people.Eagle plus Jeus equal Zeus.And in I Robot he is a Tin Man.... Well sorta he has a Robot Arm and runs into ummmmm...42 Jupiter Tin Blue dudes.
See like Johnny Five and Wall-E we find another 5 Robot.... He has a heart, however there seems to be a difference between the Red 5 and Blue 4... Some about a machine with no soul and just a empty zombie or a Compassionate entity with Mercy.See like in Serendipity with John Kusac. Lincoln is on the 5. And like the Rib Cage like frame of Zeus' Temple we are caged in our 5 sense. Some how 4 is better... Mainly because 4 is really Jupiter's 42 and that equals 6.... So through Jupiter we gain an extra sense that somehow puts you into the Flow and you get Lucky. The fifth Planet is Jupiter and it gives us the 6th sense.... There's something else here I know it... Something special about five... Give me a day or two I'll figure it out. However we do see the relationship of these two number going back to Museum 2.23 and 42 travel together often.... Mostly in personal sync but soon you'll see it too I'm guessing. 2+3=5. The number 64 towards the bottom caught my eye. 78954-6... It was the hyphen connect to the 4 and 6 that did it. 64 is a number that haunts me.A minute latter after thinking those thoughts I see all of the numbers entraining together to illustrate this theory. 8 is infinity. 32 is 23 backwards or 5 but the 2 blends into the 4 connected again by a hyphen. 24 is 42 backwards and that makes the 6 that is backing the 4 or 64. The next 62 is 8 or another infinity sign. Flanking is the infinite or 88 which is HH. I think I just lost feeling in my frontal lobe.But I'm not so crazy to see a Blue Son and register it as Jupiter or Lucifer. It's the new consciousness beginning to shine.The Blue Son fits perfect in your Palm.... Right in the middle of it.Right next to that 42 see it there. The Actor whose badge that belongs to is Jonah HiLL. Best known for his role in SuperBAD.BAD or 214 the BAD resting right on our main man Micheal Cera... In the theaters right now with...Youth In Revolt where he has a sunglasses wielding alter ego. Encouraging us to Be BAD.And pointing to himself in Juno makes it easy enough to see that he is Jeus.And with Jack Black in Year One. I was thinking that the importance here is the ONE. Abe Lincoln is one the ONE penny. And traveled with the ONE is Bill and Ted through time. But it wasn't till I saw this that I understood.We're number ONE.... We are all ONE after all. Holding the Jupiter Finger ablaze.... Lucky ONE.
I hear that Hank Azaria plays Abraham and Black plays the AnGEL Zadkiel. The affairs of earth are dealt with but the harsh reality of flesh. The affairs of jUPiter are of Mercy. Zadkiel shows Mercy on Abraham and therefore is the Jupiter Angel. Once again with the ONE Finger.Black Dictates the Drama to the Cage of the Physical, while he is free to roam. His Jupiter Finger is extended towards Adrien Brody.He is trapped like a Animal within the Cage of the Five Senses.But the Black Star of Blue 42(Blue 42.... Blue 42 Hike... Hike) is beyond the Cage.... Somewhere else, not dead but alive.