Monday, February 28, 2011

MJ Midnight Madness and HeartBerry Fields

Greetings BroStars and SiStars, two new short videos to share :)

The Moon, Michael J Fox and Michael Jackson.

HeartBerry Fields - featuring Jim Sturgess

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Peace of the Moon

New Moon themed sync video about how Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell & Micheal Jackson interpenetrate.

My goal with these videos is to highlight the unseen hand that orchestrates thing/events. The hand that somehow creates everything yet at the same time is being created by everything.

When you make a sync video you realize the boundaries between things - like an individual film, a performers 'real' life & work, music choices associated with films etc - are only conventions and not actually there.
This is true for all things that exist. Everything is non-locally connected in space & time and infinitely intertwined with everything else. Sync and resonance is us increasingly becoming self aware of this.

Here are some short sync videos made recently. I like increasingly showing movie syncs move, makes sense. Just like in a tweet we don't always need all the relevant context to share sync.
Tin Woman

Jude Law is Special

This one by Jim inspired the notion to make these sync bite videos...


Finding a ton of syncs in old Internet memes. For instance, went on a Banana kick on twitter a couple of days ago. Bananas are shaped like a crescent Moon and resonate accordingly.

Banana = 2 1 14 1 14 1. Jake mentioned on twitter that "Bennu" as in Bennu Bird (egyptian Phoenix) was pronounced similarly to Banana.

Sin or Nanna was the god of the moon in Mesopotamian mythology (source)

bananas hanging in the air

"In space, no one can hear you scream"

pajamas are worn when the moon is out. Usually.

Like how Richards video "Paradise Kitty" in the last post also highlights the moon and E.T.
The crescent/banana of the moon is also the Phone shape.
As is the smile of the cat...

Paradise Kitty from Richard Arrowsmith on Vimeo.

Kevin: I am amazed to see that Pullin down the Moon and Kitty Cats are the focus here right now.

I just got home from playing a very fun and intimate show here in Upstate New York with my band It's Not Night: It's Space. I spent many a night this week editing a 1 hour video to project live during our show tonight which beautifully and Non-Locally entrained with todays post, and both Jake and Richards videos.

Both the pulling down of the Moon as seen in Jakes video, and the Cat seen in Richards, are seen together here at about 4 minutes into the video from tonights show. I happened across this CAT* Stevens animation i found a few nights ago, and decided to make this something like a skeleton for tonights projections.Heres a scene with a stray kitty helping a man pull down the Moon, and ride it over the Rainbow, into his imagination.

The Kitty rides the Moon over the Rainbow in this scene here, non locally entraining between me in New York, Richard in Scotland and Jake in Canada, truely Beautiful stuff.

Drinks were on the house tonight, so I enjoyed the local brew "Hurricane KITTY"

On top of all this, a beautiful little stay Kitty has been welcomed into my home as of Wednesday Night, she is staying with us till she has a home, we feel blessed to have had her come to us for help during this freezing snowy winter.

My girlfriend named this Kitty Paul, after Paul McCartney. I find this cool as we saw in Richards Post Paradise Kitty, we see That a Cat on James Francos shirt, reaches to touch Seth Rogan, who plays a stray ET named Paul, in the new movie Paul.

Seth Rogan and James Franco star together in "Pineapple Express". Note the Kitty on James Francos shirt.

As Richard mentiond in his post, the Kitty reaches for Seth Rogan, AKA Paul the ET.

Paul Mccartney has an album called Flaming Pie, in honour of a vision John Lennon had of a UFO, where he claimed a Man rode upon a Flaming Pie and said to him"You are the Beatles with an A". So the Beatles got their name from an ET, cool.

"The title Flaming Pie (also given to one of the album's songs) is a reference to a humorous story John Lennon told journalists in 1961 on the origin of The Beatles' name when they became newly famous: "I had a vision that a man came unto us on a flaming pie, and he said, 'You are Beatles with an A.' And so we were." - Wiki - Flaming Pie

The 6th Track on this album is called "Calico Skies", I just found out our Kitty Paul is actually a female, as she has Calico fur, and only female cats can be Calico.

Put on some tunes and enjoy the visuals that I put together for my bands show Tonight, Friday 2/25/11. Enjoy :). See the Moon and Cat narrative begin at about 4 Minutes in.

The Moon Tarot Card is ruled by the Astrological Sign of Pisces, and is the sign in which the Sun entered on Wednesday as well. Peace in and out.

Tommy again:

jake posts on twitter - "The Winnipeg Yoga Shala where I practice is located at 440 (base units of Great Pyramid in cubits) behind Banana (Bennu/Phoenix) Boat. Across the street is Winnipeg Transit at 420."

Which makes me think -

Ra's sun boat is a banana. Linking the banana to the moon, the sun and Jupiter.

In the movie Beetlejuice (betelgeuse in Orion/Osiris, beetle=scarab/sun, juice=jupiter+zeus), we get this scene -

Kevin: Beautiful Thought Tommy! I agree,we can see the Banana Boat as the Yellow Submarine, and also thus the Chariot Tarot Card which depicts our Merkaba or our Eternal Light Bodies :)

The Astrological Sign of Cancer(see his Crab Helmet) is ruled by the Chariot Tarot card, this card represents the Soul, the Body of Light, and the Merkaba, by which the Spirit can travel out of Body, IE the Yellow Submarine.

"The Soul is Immortal, the Soul is not finished, simply particular bodies and types are being finished"- Prabhupada

The Moon is that light of the Night which carries us through the dark and back into day. The Moon* Rules the Sign of Cancer, thus The Moon is a strong resonator and relative of our Energy Bodies/Chariots. We can see the Yellow Submarine/Banana Boat to the underworld and the Moon together alot in my video "Do you Have any Tobacco?"

Do you have any Tobacco? from Kephera on Vimeo.

Sri La Prabuhpada shares the knowledge of the Banana Boat/Subtle Body. When we realize our Banana Boats, we no longer fear physical phase change/death.


The Banana Boat aka Yellow Sub at 440 Osborne...
440 is a number associated to the base of the Great Pyramid.
Th Beatles' Yellow Submarine comes to rest on a Pyramid during the climax of the film.
Jim tweeted this Yellow Sub he is making for the Freeze Frame Kids Film Festival yesterday on Beatle George Harrison's Birthday.
He had talked about making the sub a few days earlier so I figure the entrainment here is accidental, not like it ever matters... It's still interesting to know, no?
Here is Juan Flores saying "submarines" the font being used to translate is yellow thus Yellow Submarine. This is from post WE/ME All Learn in a Yellow Submarine.

Yellow is a standard color for Subs in films.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Paradise Kitty

Here's a new video exploring Bruce Willis' entrainment with the Cat...along with a couple other things.

Hope you enjoy.

Here's some additional syncage which never made it into the video.

Bruce Willis (Mr. Goodkat) and Michelle Pfeiffer (Cat-woman) both relax on the moon-grin of the Cheshire Cat.

In The Story of Us feline-loving Willis crosses paths with the Cat once again.

Pfeiffer could also be considered a Paradise Kitty.

Bruce Willis has also shared screen time with another Cat-woman.

In The Last Boyscout star-struck Willis encounters her inside a strip club where she hires him to protect her from the BAD guys.

If we go off on a fishy tangent (don't all Cats love Fish?) we find that Halle Berry has recently been filming off Seal Island for her upcoming movie Dark Tide.

Berry plays the lead role of a Shark hunter named KATe Mathieson.

If we take another look at Cat-woman Michelle Pfeiffer we find that her sister, Dedee Pfeiffer, starred in the 2004 Shark movie Blue Demon.

Both Cat-women can be linked to the Great White...and Bruce Willis.

Things get curioser in (HH/88) Hudson Hawk where Mr. Goodkat rides along on a Shark sk8board.

Here's a Shark/Cat connect I recently noticed on the poster for Pineapple Express.

On closer inspection we see that one-armed BAnDit James Franco wears an interesting T-shirt.

I like how the kitten on Francos T-shirt reaches out to touch actor Seth Rogen with its paws, Rogen being an actor who recently starred as The Green HornE.T. and also played an E.T. named Paul.

Could be a sign that it's time to phone Home.

So what you waiting for?

Cat got your tongue?



Love the video Richard.
Today, Feb 22, is DB/42 Drew Barrymore's Birthday. She makes contact with E.T, a film mentioned by Bruce Willis in the video above. We see she is placed right beside Thomas Jane who turns 42 on the same day.
Jane stars in The Big Blue See with sharks & Samuel L. Jackson, Zeus from Die Hard With Vengeance as we saw in Paradise Kitty.

Monday, February 14, 2011

BAD Exodus- Slate or Die!

Oso Blanco y Pachamama is a drawing inspired by the work of Ayahuasca. Oso Blanco means White Bear in Spanish. Pachamama is Mother Earth in Quechua.

The concept for the image came to me via Maestro Juan Flores one night after an Ayahuasca ceremony at his Peruvian healing centre. For background on Flores and my work with Ayahuasca check out an old Centreportal post.

Post ceremony as we looked at the stars he asked for me to ask a friend that can draw to do it for us.

This image above is of Juan Flores at his healing centre, Mayantuyacu, in Peru circa 2005.

Oso Blanco y Pachamama best describes our work with the plants. Good friend Dirty Wett did the drawing for us after I shared with him the vision.

The White Bear and Mother Earth is an Ashanincan philosophy of "Pulling Down the Clouds." A way to bridge Heaven & Earth. Juan Flores is Ashanincan. For those familiar with Jeremy Narby's work (Cosmic Serpent: DNA & the Origins of Knowledge), Narby works with the Ashanincan people of the Amazon.

The White Bear works with Mother Earth to climb the mountain of experience and being, eventually reaching the peak where the clouds/heaven can be reached and pulled open so that spirit pours forth cascading through all of Creation & Mother Earth. Ayahuasca is a tool for this process. Used correctly it can help humanity merge Heaven & Earth. All benefit from this work.

CHRISTian Slater's stars in Pump Up the Volume where he steals the air/pulls down the clouds.

Talk Hard. Steal the Air.

In Pump Up the Volume (PU the V) Slater plays pirate radio rebel Happy Harry Hard-On. (HHH/888). 888 for me is symbolic of the ladder into the infinite. Cosmic Consciousness.

Happy Harry Hard-On has a mailing address which has both the Moon resonating 27 and the Jupiter resonating 42. He lives in Paradise Hills which is in Phoenix Arizona. Like the White Bear, Happy Harry's Paradise is like a Phoenix on the Top of a Hill/MounTIN.

Happy Harry pumps up the volume of his community by speaking about taboo subjects late at night, by exposing corruption in his school and by inspiring the other students to rebel.

When one pumps up volume, they are increasing the DECIBELS, or db's. Db numerically is 42. 42 is the Answer to Life, the Universe & Everything as well it is a number that has been shown to resonate Jupiter quite profoundly. Check out Tinman's Rainbow Lodge & the Gnosis of 42 for more on the 42/Jupiter sync thread.

A good example of this Jupiter/42 resonance is revealed in the movie poster for Soldier starring "first through the StarG8" Kurt Russell. Notice 42 on the boat/ark & Jupiter as well. Tight stuff.

Before I continue this post I just want to share what happened later on the same day that I first added the movie poster for Soldier in this post. That night before watching The Good Wife I notice the name of the NCIS: Los Angeles episode is "Tin Soldiers" (421 winks). I managed to grab a twitpic of the TV/42 screen. (T=20, V=22, 20+22=42). Tin shares the same alchemical symbol as Jupiter so it is also interchangeable with 42.

42 Soldier = Tin Soldier

So to increase the db's therefore means to increase the Jovian Frequency, meaning more Joy for All. That is the mission of the White Bear & Mother Earth - to deliver Joy ( just like Santa Clause does).

Around the same time that I downloaded Pump Up the Volume I also downloaded the 2006 animated version of The Ten Commandments. Mainly because it was voiced by Alfred Molina and Ben Kingsley. Molina voices Ramses. It would be after the fact that I would realize that Christian Slater voices Moses.

After watching Pump Up the Volume I realize that Slater is Moses. The staff that Moses holds in the above poster is like the microphone that Happy Harry holds in PU the V.

Moses like Happy Harry and the White Bear finds light/paradise on top of the mountain via a Burning Bush & the Tin Commandments.

At this point it should be pointed out the interesting thing about the White Bear who captures the Light. Sounds a lot like Lucifer - The Light BEARer.

Moses was a BEARer of light from the Top of the Mountain.

This whole Moses syncopalypse happens all at the same time that Egypt erupts into revolution.

Moses, Pump Up the DB's & the Egyptian revolution kept me following Christian Slater. I was continually being reminded of the connection between the White Bear & Moses.

Now Christian Slater is also in the movie Churchill: The Hollywood Years.

As soon as I saw the poster for Churchill I knew I was on the right track with the Moses & White Bear resonance. For one the Churchill poster & the Oso Blanco y Pachamama image have a similar colour scheme and are aligned very much in the way the White Bear is reaching to the stars pouring out of the Moon and the way Slater is reaching his hand which is lit like a star.

In Manitoba, there is a northern port city on Hudson Bay called Churchill. This is where tourists go to see Polar Bears. Slater/Moses as Churchill is therefore connected to the White Bear via Manitoba.

The Manitoba Government presently has a picture of 2 Polar Bears from Churchill as the entry page into the government web portal.

So as to delve deeper into the idea that the White Bear & Moses are connected I made this sync collage below. I threw in the poster for Julian PO that stars StarMummy Robin Tunney.

PO resonates POlar Bears.

Next day after making the above collage I walk past the Manitoba Legislative Building (Hermetic Temple) and notice a new sNOW Sculpture of 2 POlar Bears.

The Polar Bear snow carvings at the Leg are connected to the 42nd Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg happening soon.

The Manitoba Legislative Building has a statue of Moses inside that is interesting because not only is Moses using his Jupiter Finger to point to Heaven, but he also has 2 horns/rays coming out of his forehead.

On top of the Legilsative Building and the Moses statue are 2 Egyptian styled Sphinxes with hieroglyphic inscriptions that are of Thutmosis III.

"The everlasting manifestation of the sun god Re, the good god who gives life” - Hieroglyphs on Manitoba Sphinxes.

That is why I like the Manitoba Legislative Building. It honours both Ra & Moses.

We are all in this Egyptian Theatre together.

Christian Slater/Moses reaches to the stars and gives the V sign. V for Victory. V for Peace. V for Rabbit. V for the 5th Planet from the Sun - Jupiter.

Christian Slater is Julian Po. Julian is a name meaning Jove's Child. Jove is another name for Jupiter.

The movie Julian Po is sync loaded as Robin Tunney is the original Sync StarMummy highlighted in the video of the same name made by @Seallion & myself.

Here is StarMummy (which also stars Kurt Russel as the first to go through the Stargate in Egypt!)

( StarMummy is the same story as Oso Blanco Y Pachamama. )

Now as I continue on my Christian Slater sync trail I watch Jimmy Hollywood.

Opening sequence of Jimmy Hollywood has Joe Pesci (Birthday Feb. 9) as Jimmy Alto (Alto = High) walking with Christian Slater. He recites name of Hollywood actors as he walks on their actual stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The camera focuses on the star of Phillip Lord. Christian Slater then steps on the word Lord.

Hollywood strange attracts to Christian Slater in Both Jimmy Hollywood & Churchill: The Hollywood Years. I really feel Hollywood is just an outer reflection of the Inner Kingdom/New Jerusalem (Now manifesting in the outer world).

Jimmy Alto uses his Jupiter Finger to point to the OP/PO of OPen.

Below we see Slater & Pesci running from the Law. They find their way into a dark empty theatre.

They use a flashlight to see where they are.

"Looks like a pyramid. These look like Egyptian Hieroglyphs." - Jimmy Alto

"Isn't that where they bury mummies." - Christian Slater in Jimmy Hollywood.

Jimmy Alto finally gets busted and comes clean at The Egyptian Theatre.

I watched Jimmy Hollywood on February 10th. Same day this image below was taken of Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt.

After seeing this picture on 2/10/11 I posted it as the banner image here at the Sync Whole. I changed the name of the blog at that point to K2. Feeling the resonance of 2/11/11 to K2 (K being the 11th letter) and K2 being a mountain relevant in the StarMummy video.

I felt the swirling white tents that make the inner circle looked like a snow capped peak of a mounain. The peak. The tip of K2 had been reached.

On February 11 Mubarak stepped down finally and the country (and the world) erupted with joy.

The Egyptian Theatre became alight with celebration, fireworks and joy.

2/11/11 also had some other Robin Tunney/K2/42 resonance through Eagles and the Moon.

Even Arnold Schwarzengger had some interesting resonance between 2/11/11 and K2, Egypt and Manitoba.

The Egyptian Theatre and sync right now leads one to think of the story of Moses and the Exodus.

Not too long ago I took this still from Easy A because of a sign that says Exodus 20:14.

I am writing this post on Valentine's Day, or 2/14 which numerically spells out BAD. Exodus 20:14 - Exodus BAD.

Perhaps our use of the term BAD & GOOD is about to leave us.

God is Good and God is One.

A few more Bear syncs swirling around in my mind.

Polaris, our pole star that we rotate around through the Precession of the Equinoxes is situated in the Little Bear constellation. This brings us back to Po & The Bear. The Pole Star Bear.

The artist Dirty Wett has done two drawings that I requested after Ayahuasca visions. The first was the Cosmic Tigger with Winnie the POoh. The other is the White Bear & Mother Earth.

Both bear images make me think of Ursa Minor & Ursa Major, Little Bear & Big Bear. Just like the Twin POlar bears on the Manitoba Government website and front lawn.

The Bear & Po thing just gets silly when we realize that the Kung Fu Panda sequel is to be released in June 2011.

King Fu Panda 2: The KaBoom of Doom!

Of course the Kung Fu Panda is named Po!

This whole bear thread got sync silly when I noticed the alignment at of the Yogi Bear and Kung Fu Panda posters.

Check out Beaver Contact for more background on Yogi Bear in the sync trail of the White Bear.

Yogi once again aligns with another bear movie to come out summer 2011 - Winnie-the-Pooh.

Winnie brings us right back to Winnipeg and Manitoba as the character was named after the Canadian prairie city.

Po is in POoh.

Will add flux willing.

Peace In & Out


The morning of Feb 11 aka 2K (the 42nd day of the year) I woke to news of a Fireball lighting up the sky over Winnipeg.

"There have been numerous reports of people seeing a ball of fire streak across the sky around 6:30 a.m. near the Birds Hill Park area, north of Winnipeg."
Winnipeg Free Press - Fireball lights up sky north of Winnipeg

The previous evening I participated in an Ayhuasca ceremony with the same Jim Sanders who started this post.

The Ayhuasca and Jim's Icaro's (sacred songs that guide one through the experience) were still pleasantly near in consciousness.
Lines from the songs such as "There's a light switch on the mountain and were going to turn it on" and "Light up our way Manito Ahbee" (Where the Creator sits/Manitoba).

The Fireball felt like a sign that our prayers for peace in Egypt & for the great healing of Earth to commence had been answered on a day potently highlighted by sync.

I switched on The Mentalist with Robin Tunney which aired the previous evening "S3 E14 Blood For Blood" imagining it would be super charged with syncnificance being the episode on the eve of Feb 11 and having done ceremony during its airing on TV.

3.14 is also Pi a number embedded in the Great Pyramid associated to K2 in StarMummy.
Robin Tunney is a Mountaineer who climbs K2 in the film Vertical Limit echoing Feb 11 or 2/11 aka 2K. Robin is a bird and K2 is her 'hill' resonating the Pyramid (see StarMummy above for details). The Winnipeg Fireball of Feb 11 flew across Birds Hill.
The opening scene has Robin as Teresa Lisbon backed by a firetruck at the same time a network overlay advertising Survivor with a big flaming Illuminating Torch appears.
Just a couple of minutes later and she is told to turn on her light.
The Google Doodle for Feb 11, perfectly entrained, was celebrating Thomas Edison's Birthday with a flashing light bulb.
Two films opening on Feb 11 were Justin Bieber's Never Say Never & The Eagle. Both Eagle and Justin were mentioned in Blood For Blood/B4B/BDB. We see a car me & Jim were parked behind during our adventures on Feb 11.

The intensity of ability to perceive Being/God animating the universe non-locally via sync and the unveiling of The Message that WE/ME are a united consciousness in joy was strong on Feb 11.
The Mentalist actually saw (Y)2K mentioned, lovely..
Tunney and Y2K in End of Days. Nice little V in "LEVER" sneaks in here...
The TINseltown Birthdays that day were very interesting. Jennifer Aniston turned 42 on that 42nd day of the Year also seeing the release of her new film Just Go With It.
Jennifer has a strange attraction to Rainbows as seen in the sync video Jenbow. Rainbows happen when light is refracted at 42 degrees.

Me and Jim made it to Just GO, it was one of the most potent sync experiences of my life. We see Jennifer with a rainbow spectrum behind her at the airport to Hawaii, later Adam Sandler talks to her on the phone wearing a T-Shirt with a rainbow emanating from a surfer.
Here is a still - a gift, as its present in the trailer - with the word "BIRTHDAY!" behind Jenbow with an "A" marking the Capstone of a boomerang/arch. Sandler has the Illuminating Torch on his shoulder, we saw one earlier over Tunney on the same day.
New PoStar for Russel Brand as Arthur drops today 15 Feb. Name Arthur associates 2 Bear, Arcturus & Ursa Major.

Another possibility is that it is derived from a Brittonic patronym *Arto-rīg-ios (the root of which, *arto-rīg- "bear-king" is to be found in the Old Irish personal name Art-ri) via a Latinized form Artōrius
An alternative theory, which has only gained limited acceptance among scholars[13][14][15][16][17][18], derives the name Arthur from the Latin Arcturus, the brightest star in the constellation Boötes, near Ursa Major or the Great Bear
Wiki Arthur Etymology

Our friend Art/Arthur was present during the Ayahuasca Ceremony of Feb 10. Overheard Jim telling Art he is a White Bear.
Cosmonaut to Jupiter, Queen & 42 Deep Thought Mirren highlights the Hat/Cap/Tip lifting it up to H/8/Infinity. The same story Jim tells above of Oso Blanco.

Kevin: Beutiful work guys! I have just a couple of cool addition. Sometimes the Tablets of the 10(Tin) Commandments have been called SLATES. So like Moses brought Nosis from the Clouds down the Mountain to his people, we see that SLATER resonates with the Tablets and Moses once more.


Now we can also see Slater in Gleaming the Cube(Cube=Ark of the Covenant), on the Cover we can see him with his Skateboard or SLATE, Slateboard bringing down the clouds, bringing down the Heavens.

Slater on his Slate Board, pulling down the clouds.

This Gleaming the Cube/SLATEr/Moses flow is a beautiful sync for me as the first day of the Egyptian revolution began, I passed "Covenant Realty" on my way to work.

Covenant Real(i)ty in New Paltz NY, also like the G splat in the middle there too.

Moses himself was ordered by God to create a Tabernacle for the Cube/Ark of the Covenant.

Moses and the Ark/Cube

We can also see Moses/Slater in Very BAD(214) things. The Symbol for Jupiter consisting of a Cross and Crescent, resonating the numbers 1, 4, and 2 combined, we can get the English letters B(2)A(1)D(4), thus BAD is 214 is Jupiter is Great!

We are seeing Beyond the Stars in 2011 <3>

Jack Black highlighting BEARs again :) Oso Blanco Y Pachamama :)


Just realized Neve Campbell who stars alongside Slater in Churchill: The Hollywood Years, also stars alongside Robin Tunney in The Craft.

Neve, wife of the Light BEARer is also in StarMummy.

Neve is known by many for her work in the TV series Party of Five resonating Slater's use of the V sign above her head in the poster for Churchill. V is the roman numeral for 5.

We see Slater and Diaz are together in Very Bad Things. BAD is 214 or Jupiter while Diaz uses the pointer finger, associated to Jupiter, to show the "Thunderous Silence". The Thunderous Silence is the message that can only be pointed at because it is an inner Nosis, not something you can explain to the mind.
It is what all seek yet have never lost. It is the knowing that cant be known but which you already are.
Just like Slater as Churchill, Diaz makes the V in the poster for Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.
In Julian Po Christian Slater comes to a small town and the people (including Robin Tunney) find out he is there to kill himself.
Curious and fascinated with this character they are drawn to him and follow him around where ever he goes. This situation mimics his repeating resonance as Moses, with people walking behind him.
Keeping in Sync with Slater Diaz holds a red book on the PO-Star for the Sweetest Thing, reading: "True Love: The Ten Commandments". Both Diaz films shown here have the word THING in their title as does her most recognized role There's Something About Mary and Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her.
THING is an anagram for NIGHT and she interacts with kNIGHT in Knight and Day.

Stef : Joy! Slater was a term used to describe someone of English origin. The 8 rayed star symbol of Mother England is the Union Jack.
Jack is another Jupiter/214/BAD reference that has been documented here numerous times. This is a potent symbol of the Common Wealth of Jack/Jupiter's Union. 2/13/2011, Slater Mick "Jumpin' Jack Flash" Jagger performed "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love" at the Grammy's.

We see Jagger in his debut Grammy performance flexing his pointer, AKA Jupiter finger just like Moses in the Manitoba Legislative Building. Jagger's performance echoes further with the Manitoba Legislative Building as his performance was a dedication to Solomon Burke. Solomon Burke was referred to as"King Solomon". The Manitoba Legislative Building is an incarnation of King Solomon's Temple, as documented by Frank Albo.

King Solomon Burke was also referred to as "King of Rock 'n' Soul". This brings us back to slate, which - as sync does - brings us back to soul/spirit.

A Slater was also a term used to describe a tradesman, in particular a slate mason. Slate mason's cover buildings with slate. Slate of course being a type of rock. In Australia, "Slater" is the term given to the Woodlouse. I mentioned this briefly in the recent "Caution: Tinfoil hat area" sync chat with Kevin, Jim and Karma Tinfoil. You can listen below, however I will expand on it further here.

I recall having contact with these creatures as a kid. Their ability to roll up into a ball was fascinating and amusing. I always made the assumption that slaters were a type of insect. They are not. In fact, they are crustaceans, and there is a type of slater that inhabits the dryest environment of all crustaceans.

While looking for cancer images to add to this post, I randomly found
the above image watermarked by

The crustacean factor points to the moon via cancer's crustacean and lunar tones. Taking slaters resonance to another species entirely as the type of slater that has the ability to roll itself up into a ball belonge to the family "Armadillidiidae" which is a Spanish term for small armoured one.

When both creatures assume their ball formations they invoke ouroboros.

Interestingly enough, the above ouroboros image was illustrated by the same Dirty Wett that produced the Cosmic Tigger and Oso Blanco y Pachamama images with Jim and Maestro Juan Flores.

Christian Slater played stoner/plant consciousness "Woody" in episode 8 of the 2nd season of "My Name Is Earl". Earl's a lucky/Jupiter guy too. Earl's luck brings him the revelation of karma and sets him off on a the path of redemption. Earl is slowly removing his old self from his new-found oneness.

One of the main characters in "My Name Is Earl" is Darnell "Crabman" Turner played by eddie Steeples.. Crabman embodies the moon's relationship with Jupiter as he's married to Earl's former wife, Joy. Later on in the series Crabman turns out to be a part of the witness protection programme and his AKA name is revealed as Harry Monroe, resonating Happy Harry Hardon and adding the Moon-row at the end further crystallizing lunar quality.

Crabman appears in the episode with the words "God Bless" emanating from his head.

Slater appears wearing a Phish t-shirt with ubiquitous rainbow. This is the first of a series of synced out t-shirts Slater appears in in this ep. Over his left shoulder you can make out a blue person with an orange gaseous sphere in its palm. The red light from an adjacent lamp reflects off the glass, creating a red spot that's just kissing the sunny orb. A red yin yang poster is seen over Slater's right shoulder.

Cut to Earl, his brother, Randy & Slater who is wearing a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt. All three are framed by the TV's bunny ears while a wave crashes upon the sand over Slater's left shoulder. Checking Kevin Halcott's video "Film: A Thin Skin or Membrane" does an awesome job of showing the rabbit's connection to 42 - 42 degrees being the angle at which a rainbow is visible.

As Woody's stoner backstory is filled via montage, he awakens in the middle of nowhere with a parachute on his back. The moon resonating number 72/27 now sits over his heart. Christian Po Slater is a true rock star!


Yesterday, 2/17/11, I got home from work and noticed the new poster for Hoodwinked Too! The Red Riding Hood character was facing backwards and had her hands behind her back giving the V/Peace/Sequel sign exactly like Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels 2. Below is the still I grabbed of the phenomenon. (hood = 8+15+15+4 = 42 = hood = hoop = pooh)

Then at night I watch Boardwalk Empire starring Steve Buscemi who I will always see as Mr. Pink. And every time I see Mr. Pink I think of Hermes/Mercury/Golden Boy. Why? Because the pinky finger symbolizes Mercury as the Index finger symbolizes Jupiter.

The opening sequence of Boardwalk Empire is of Steve Buscemi aka Enoch Thompson watching bottles of alcohol wash up on the beach. He then walks towards Atlantic City, his figure alight with the aura of the sun.

S1E7 "Home" had Enoch Thompson's prodigy Jimmy Darmody reading a book called TIN SOLDIERS. 42 Soldier again. Warrior of the Joyful Now.

Tin Soldiers just like this sync flash documented earlier on in the post.

Yesterday morning, 2/18/11, I wake up and read a tweet of @Seallion that this years 10th anniversary of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival has a logo of a lightning bolt hitting a banana.

Notice the other ad is for the 42nd Winnipeg Festival du Voyageur which started Friday 2/18/11.

42 and lightning bolts go together because Jupiter/Zeus is known to lob lightning bolts and as we have shown before 42 and Jupiter go hand in hand.

The poster for the 10th Winnipeg Comedy Festival is a lightning bolt that looks just like the poster for Disney's Hercules. Hercules is the son of Zeus.

Further research into the comedy festival reveals the overt design resonance with Moses
and the Ten/Tin Commandments.

The webpage for the festival has a Yellow Sea being split just as Moses spit the Red Sea.

Below is the commercial for the festival. God's voice narrates it as lightning bolts light up the sky.

The slogan for this year's festival is "Thou Shalt Laugh!"

What a perfect commandment. If I was God that is what I would command of people.

Laughter is an expression of inner Joy spilling out into the outer world.

The star guest of this year's comedy festival is Canadian comedian Howie Mandel.

A quick peruse of his film and TV career leads me to the 2006 TV production The Great Polar Bear Adventure. He plays an Arctic Fox named PUPA who is a friend of the bears.

And so the Great POlar Bear Adventure continues...