Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Double Down (RAINed ON)(bRAIN man)

Also Staring Jake GyLLenhAAl, Susan Sarandon, and HoLLy Hunter


Dustin Lee Hoffman born (August 8), 1937 = 88

1988's Rainman was inspired of Kim Peek's abilities as an autistic savant(servant).

Wiki fart...

"Kim Peek was born(born November(11) 11, 1951) is a with macrocephaly, damage to the cerebellum, and, perhaps most important, agenesis of the corpus callosum, a condition in which the bundle of nerves that connects the two hemispheres of the brain is missing"

"In 2004, NASA scientists examined Peek with a series of tests including computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. The intent was to create a three-dimensional view of his brain structure and to compare the images to MRI scans done in 1988. These are the first tentative approaches in using new and non-invasive technology to further investigate Kim's savant abilities.[3]

A 2008 study concluded that Peek probably has FG syndrome, a rare genetic syndrome linked to the X chromosome which causes physical anomalies such as hypotonia (low muscle tone) and macrocephaly (abnormally large head).[4]"


Thanks to revelation of fellow AWEtistic blogger aferrismoon, the movie that should be referenced on a day in which Autism and DusTIN HoffMAN bubbled to the surface is of course the 1988 Oscar winning RAIN MAN. (TIN MAN = RAIN MAN). Thanks as well JKidd for your REignman insights.

The sunglassess appear on Mr. Cruise. I am sure someone out in the sync hole, other than me, can better reveal their meaning. They do seem fitting for a Man that is clearly an Alien leader. More on sunglasses hear at A Few Shot to a Shaman's site.

In the film RAYMOND, the RAIN MAN, is amazing at counting cards and playing BLACKJACK, otherwise known as 21. For more 21 musings check out here.

I like how in the picture Dustin Hoffman has a RED C and the word RE only visible.

I have been thinking about the word RE much lately. Those two letters pervade our language in all manners. They are of course 2 of 3 letters of the word REd.

On the Manitoba Legilstaure there are hieroglyphs on two sphinx's that flank the East and West sides of the building. The hieroglyphs translate as:

"The firm/lasting manifestation of Re (or Ra), the good god who has given life."

RE is shining strong these days.

Today I had a meeting for an instructional video I am doing for a company called RA-na. At the meeting the two employees I was working with to develop the script where named ADAM and ROBIN. The word file we where working with had BLUE comments from ADAM and RED comments from ROBIN. I thought this was a funny moment in light of recent sync hole musings.

Below is a fragment of the document that shows the blue and red coding, as well as the 42s and the name ADAM.

I thought this moment was so special I grabbed a short clip of me in the office clarifying this colour coded ADAM/ROBIN moment. Funny thing is that I was so distracted from trying to record the moment and not get caught that what I clarify is wrong. Adam is in blue not red, and robin is in red not blue. But I think the mix up is good. We are all Blue and Red. We are all Adam and Robin.

We are all Purple Jesus.


  1. RE - ER Emergency Room is very red. All kinds of red.

    Whats black and white and red all over?

  2. "In racking my brains to come up with a splendid description for air, which I'll explain below, I inadvertently discovered that I, (along with a large percentage of the species on this planet) was in fact an air head, with three fifths of my brain being made up of air! What you don't trust my scientific expertise? ... oh well the equation is fairly simple - Brain = B+ RAI + N - rearrange RAI & you get AIR. Hmmm... I see we also have moisture in there with bRAIN - water & air just like in the 'in the beginning' myths. Well I guess I can't leave the 'B' out as I don't want to be accused of being a letterist in these Poletterically Correct times. "

    An exserpt from Wise Woman's newest post.


    The 'Inner Man/Woman who knows how to floW down the Synch Whole of the Billy Bathgate.' :)

    RE = ER or EAR

    Due to the Hologprahic nature of things our Ear (like our Hand/Foot) can be used in reflexology to target specific points of the body for treatment. The EAR/RE looks visually like a fetus coiled up inside the Mothers womb, and suggests that the energy of RE/RA is all inclusive/encompassing. I wonder why Spock has a pointy RE...

  4. Also it's funny because Rainbow Man goes around taking random pictures of shit... This is so astronomically amusing... Utter perfection!

  5. I can't believe that the Temple actually has decipherable comments of RA!