Monday, April 27, 2009

12:21 (Monster Mashed 2112)

So I am finally going to get a cellphone. I have a free Blackberry that my father gave me.
I've noticed that on all Blackberry ads the time on the phone given is 12:21.

This I find interesting as 12:21 in letters is ABBA, which is more than a Swedish uber group,
but also a name for the Heavenly Father.

12:21 is interesting as well as 1+2:2+1 = 33

33 in letters is CC.

33 and CC are perfect pointers to the Cosmic Christ, or Christ Consciousness.

ABBA gives birth to CC. The Father and the Son.

12:21 also leads us to 42 and Jupiter.

12+12 = 24
21+21 = 42

Blackberry STORM makes me think of Jupiter as well.

Just some thoughts...


Jim: For some reason when I see ABBA I think BABAr.


  1. The honey-throated voices of Scandinavian goddesses. Complex, yet catchy arrangements. Fantasy. Romance. Love lost. Newfound love. Just some of the topics this classic Pop band dealt with. However, for an entirely new gene-ration unfamiliar WITH the musical oeuvre OF the Pop sensation ABBA, might I please, please direct you to this amateur music video of their dittie, The Visitors (Crackin' Up). Depicted as an alien abduction, a fanciful albeit early attempt in CGI animation, surely primitive by today's standards, it depicts the song's subject as revolving around an alien abduction, whereas, in fact, the song's subject matter has to do with the tyranny of Totalitarianism, a very real concern ABBA's members had to contend with growing up in war-torn Europe.

    Remember the Past, build the Future,
    Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

  2. Anadæ Effro can you please email me how to link in the comments?

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