Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Red Pill Lady

Robin WiLL I AM's and the Red C of "JACK"
The Robin and the Green Blob SpiriT Hand.

See The SpiriT of the Blue Bird for more about highlighted hands.

Interested in these sphere/bubble syncs also..
Been seeing lots of bubbles..

The Robin becomes the Bat, Batty Koda, in "FernGully: The Last Rainforest". The Man, Robin as a Bat, thus a Batman resonator. Just silly as Robin is Batman's famous sidekick.
The poster sees some kind of blue demon reach his palm towards a red fairy. The red fairy has just spiraled around this entity.

The forest vines and plants, coiling, bring to mind, unmistakably, the clear resonance of the Ayhuasca and DNA, the "Cosmic Serpent" or axis mundi.

Hang on this is about to get preposterous... Really..
If we consider the RobinBat's body as an axis mundi itself the wings become a resonator of the related caduceus.
We can also associate this RobinBat pillar to the tree of life and then the colors of our two major characters in "FernGully" become most relevant and syncnifficant indeed.
The red is on the left and the blue on the right.

C Shaman's Chaught Red Handed
We also notice the demon/SpririT Hand is reaching for the red element.
We have seen this before.
A blue SpiriT Hand is also resonant of Robin Williams as the Genie in Aladdin.

He would himself be a blue SpiriT type being who emerges from the lamP/Palm.

See Arrowsmith's The Robin Has Hatched
One more thing before I go download "FernGully".

The red fairy is Crysta, voice acted by Samantha Mathis the human Red Pill resonator...
Interacting with the Double K of King Kupa while being held prisoner inside the World Trade Center in "Super Mario Bothers".

We have seen this sync many times over.
Reappearing later as Olivia, school teacher of Ben, in "Lost" episode "The Man Behind The Curtain" (thus resonating OZ).

What gives with Samantha Mathis?

I would never have been conscious of this individual if it wasn't for following strange potent syncs.

Same story with Robin Tunney.
Spotted this months ago and forgot about it until NOW...

Its the poster for an upcoming film called "Order Of Chaos".
The yellow Sun/Star smiley face and Eagle/Zeus in close proximity to Samantha Mathis.



"Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King!"
Line from a "Power Puff Girls" episode that just stuck with me over the years..
Just reread the text trying to decide if I should change the title from "The Red Pill Lady" to "Who the hell is Samantha Mathis?" only to notice the 5 Red Pills (same as the number on the Red Sephiroth) on the poster for "Order Of Chaos".

So it goes..

Silly business.


  1. That demon thing is reaching with his left hand.

  2. The Eagle and Smiley are the keys to unlocking the KKonsciousness.

    Key = Ki/Chi/Prana/Life Force Energy/Spirit
    Ki = K9

    The Eagle figures quite heavily into the workings of my latest post. So does Sirius. Cue the Twilight Zone music...

    I had a random thought today about the LEG being the EGL being connected to GEL, but didn't know how the GEL figured in with the other two syncs.
    Robins Williams and his Green Goo. Figures.

    C U

  3. Gel is very important in Little Jon's new Vid... And so it goes.