Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Blue & Gold REvolution...Rise of the Hoodlums

Not too soon after I wrote two posts I had a couple of AH HA! moments that once again confirmed the sync wholeness of life.

The first was right after I blogged about EMINEM's soon-to-be released album called RElaspe. For this post to make sense read it here.

That same day, actually right after I posted, I went out to do some errands and bought a copy of the local paper, The Winnipeg Free Press. On the front page there was Eminem's new album RElapse, as well as a sticker for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers new stadium campaign called THE BLUE REVOLUTION.


You must check out their updated website, which I might add only appeared in the last week since I did that last post. http://www.thebluerevolution.ca/

Often the team is referred to as THE BLUE & GOLD. I just blogged about this last week. Check it here.

So here we have the front page of the May 09, 2009 paper with a sync wink to M&M/2k/3EW with its connection to JUPITER through the Rx symbol. Then we have this all connected back to the BLUE RAY of GOD, or DOG (as we like to think here) by way of the Blue SpiriT Palm that is the blue revolution's logo. Check out the Blue work of Arrowsmith in order to help you see what we mean by all this blue jazz.

Feel free to notice a gazillion other syncs on that scanned page. It is like "Where is Waldo?"built into the very fabric of everyday existence. More like "Where is GOD/DOG?" or "Where is the Wolf?" Get it WhereWolf. Where is the floW?

Can you find the K2 near the blue hand print? GREEN DAY? Hmmm... Let the SUN SHINE IN, what does it all mean?!

Notice also the section B4 that supposedly is where we LET THE SUN SHINE IN. B is the second letter, and so B4 is also 24, or 42 which leads us to Jupiter again. B4 also sounds like Before. Before what I wonder?

Notice how on the Blue Revolution sticker the black bottom right corner points to the word ON (OZ/77/PAN) and once again the word BEFORE or as we know now, B4/42/Jupiter.

Before Birth? Are we about to be born?

If you check out the RElapse post do you notice a similar phrase in with the picture of Eminem posing in front of the MJ23/NORT/TRON background?


Tommy mentions in the comments that NORT is TRON as well. TRON 2 comes out in 2011. Another quintessential BLUE MAN STARG8 themed film.

So two days later I am working at SPRINGFIELD High School. Which now I just realize links everything to the Simpsons. So as I walk into the library and I notice a huge Blue & Gold Jupiter on the wall.

Then not too soon after I notice a well displayed book about the history of the Blue Bombers, called BLUE & GOLD.

Another explosive Blue and Gold moment in the now of everyday.



P.S. Jake and I head out to fast this week. We will be each isolated in the woods and stay in one spot for four days with no food or water. See you on the other side.

Richard: Did you just say there won't be any water?!? Sounds like quite a mental and physical challenge but I know you'll both get a lot out of the experience. Good on the pair of you for stepping outside your comfort zone!

I couldn't help myself from tinkering with this one Jim as I've also noticed the Blue Hand in the syncro-sphere. Before getting to that I want to take a quick look at the NORT/TRON sync mentioned above. While reading it I couldn't help but think of Edward NORTON:

We find NORTRON bathed in Blue above, and here we find him holding the Gold Ball in his SpiriT Palm:

I stumbled across the Blue Hand of RE-volution in connection to The Beatles back in February but didn't have any context to help understand it's syncnificance. At the time Blue was simply Blue but I figured it might become clearer when the time was right. That time appears to be NOW:

While looking for the Beatles image above I noticed that the number 23 right next to the Blue Hand:

Whenever the number 23 crosses my path I always take it as a sign to pay close attention. It feels like a red flag that the Universe waves to make sure I take note. While wondering about the Blue Hand/Beatle connection I was reminded that the Scarab Beetle in ancient Egypt was a symbol of RE-birth:

Notice above that John Lennon is doing the El Diablo - the sign of the Beast. Also notice the Blue One in the middle whose also connected to this Re-birth. Connect the two and you have a reference to the Blue Beast, or 'Blue Gene of Enlightenment', which is eager to be released.

If we look at the Blue Beetle we find him opening the 'Eye of Horus' aka 'The Eye of RE', which is symbolic of the opening of the flood gates which allows the Blue Gold (Water/Spirit) to floW in/out of us:

In ancient Egypt the Beetle, symbol of RE-birth, could often be found supporting the Eye of Re on heiroglyphs and jewellery pieces like this one:

When the Eye of RE is opened we become Blue Gold (or Blue Blooded) like the Egyptian Pharaoh, and the Hood of the Cobra (symbolic of the rising Kundalini/Konsciousness) opens:

When the Hood opens wide (think Robin Hood) the Spirit/Ki can flow easily up the Spine/Trident, the Dragon/Kundalini spreads it's wings and we have the opportunity to fly:

We find the Hood of the Enlightened One connected to Eminem and his RE-lapse:

Notice above that Obama has the Stairway/Ladder merging from his body, and we see the same opening of the Hood/KKonsciousness in the Golden Eagle on the Great Seal. The Wings 'spread eagle', the Cobra with it's flared Hood, or the Peacock and it's open Plume are all ways of depicting the opening of the KKonsciousness. (let's not forget that Eminem can be found dressed up as Robin in his music videos, bringing to mind Robin HOOD once again)

To finish up with the Hood we find that Rocky BalBoa-Constrictor is often seen wearing one:

The Hood seems to be the mark of the (Spiritual) Fighter/Warrior:

It's the Hood of the CobRA which opens the Ray of RE:

We begin to remember that we are (ST) ALL ONE as the Hood goes up and we begin to RE-lapse:

We see through the illusion, we become the Hoodini, and we break free of all limitations:


  1. Jim: the animals in the forest:
    RE-EVOLUTION, saw it yesterday,
    probably at the time you wrote the article.
    see more at:

  2. Just finished up the Shiva post.... Good work Richard as always.... There's a dude that has put a lot of effort on the beatles you should check out I have a link to him in my Shaman Archives blog... I think it's(the link) on the 23 post. There's some other shit he has that I know you would like. REminds me of the movie I Am Sam about an autistic guy obessed about the beatles and sprouting of all kinds of sycros...

  3. Very cool thatness. Nice mashing

  4. Beautiful additions RA. I am super pumped with all your work on
    the Blue Gene/Blue Hand/Blue One. It is dead on. I have had the visions to validate all you say. The Blue One is truly awakening. Juan calls him Sumiruna - the Master spirit of the water and overseer of the Earth for eternity.

    The role of the word RE in our vocabulary is very telling. REbirth. REcovery. REnew. REvolution. REal. REign. etc...

    peace bros.

  5. Cheers! I'm glad this Blue stuff is resonating with you all. To be honest it's felt a little odd going off on this Blue tangent because much of the stuff I've been meaning to focus on over at BDS has been put on hold while I try and make sense of the Blue Gene. I was beginning to think it was alienating the reader (i.e. taking things a step too far) but you've just given me the nudge I was needing to continue exploring this new path.
    Thanks guys!