Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Magic of Alignment (Re-mashed with shoes on)

Magic Throwback jersey....
Jordan throwback jersey....
Aquarius versus Taurus. Wizard versus Wizard.
Pleasantly surprised by the numbers showing....

Will The Real Life Lucifer Please Stand Up for more Jordan
That's Eggzactly What I Said! For a weird Mayan twist

Jon Kidd:

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963)

Chinese sign Rabbit
1963 corresponds to the Rabbit's year.


Email sent to Jim on Apr 21:

Just a few thoughts about your Jack thing..
Jack Is Alec Baldwin in 30 RockJumping Jack Flash is a Movie with Whoopi Goldberg and originally a song by the Rolling Stones inspired by a gardener.

From Wiki

Richards has stated that he and Jagger wrote the lyrics while staying at Richards' country house, where they were awoken one morning by the sound of gardener Jack Dyer walking past the window. When Jagger asked what the noise was, Richards responded: "Oh, that's Jack - that's jumpin' Jack."[4] The rest of the lyrics evolved from there.
Alec Baldwin as Jack and Whoopi Goldberg are in that same episode of 30 Rock that gets the Winnipeg reference! (30 Rock S1 E10 The Rural Juror)
The other recent Jack sync I had was noting the diner John Trabolta takes Uma Thurman to in "Pulp Fiction".
Its called Jack Rabbit Slim's and the bunny again invokes Jumping.

The cycles of Jupiter according to the Chinese say that 2011 is the Rabbit... (The Chinese Zodiac is governed by the twelve year orbit of Jupiter around the sun.)

I called Jupiter Jumpiter...
Mario (who wears the circle-M on his hat) was originally derived from an earlier video game character called Jumpman.

Wiki about Mario
The character first appeared in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong as a carpenter named "Jumpman",[4] more commonly called "Mr. Video Game" in Japan.
Wiki about the Jumpman Game (also the name of the Nike Micheal Jordan logo...)

The object of the game is to defuse all bombs in a platform-filled screen. Jumpman defuses a bomb by touching it. According to the story, these are placed on Jupiter by terrorists.
The Jumping of Micheal Jordan and the hopping of the rabbit (down the rabbit hole) seems to somehow connected to StarG8 themes...

Is Jack another name for Jupiter, as Jumpiter?

Jumping Jesus and Jumping Jack are interchangeable and both probably also resonate Jupiter


  1. Good Show!

    MJ 32 and MJ 23

    So many fascinating MJ's

    Micheal Jackson, Micheal J Fox...

  2. The MJ connection brings to mind Jacksons song (RR) Rockin' Robin. Also makes me think of his (MOM)Man on the Moon resonating Moonwalker. Connects the MJ/23/32 to the Rainbow and it's 42° angle.

    Jake, you mentioned in the The Red Pill Lady that you keep seeing bubbles. Here we see the Red Rockin' Robin with his pet monkey called Bubbles.

    If I get a chance I'll mash some of these syncs into this post.
    Good stuff chaps!

  3. Just try and find a picture of Big Bang Bugs Bunny jumping. I mean without taking a screen shot. I was trying to find a Air Bunny logo to no avail.

  4. I dig the mention of Donkey KONG considering Kong has been parodied by the jumping Jack Rabbit in 'Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit'.

    Jumping Jack Sparrow. The resonance with Depp suggests we're moving Deeper down the Rabbit Hole, yet at the same time MJ suggests that we're reaching new heights. It's like we're being stretched in two directions.

  5. KONG also resonates with the new wearer of the sacred 23, Lebron James, who was known in the sports world as The Chosen One while he was still in high school. Lebron did a Vogue cover that is known now as the "Lebron Kong" cover... to this day, seeing the image still upsets me...

    His other nickname is "King" James... King Kong...