Monday, February 1, 2010

Syncropolis Now

I can't read that new title ... all I hear is Acropolis

Acropolis ... This Doriclimestone building, from which many relics survive, is referred to as the "Bluebeard" temple, named after the pedimental three-bodied man-serpent sculpture, whose beards were painted dark blue ...

they built some wing gates there around 421 BC to 415 BC and there's a building dedicated to Zeus

then I knew I has blue beard

I didn't even know I has this
of two faces, it's a mirror as a kid in 3rd grad or so, I used play in the mirror on the wall to make it look like I was floating, you just hide your grounded leg.
that's a door behind my head
that's a blue shirt
the cornice is my horns
(horny) horns / thorns (ornery)
my third eye is illuminated
its a pentagram
praise be thy name
36, 72, 108
these pictures are about 2 years old

seems relevant
revisiting old picture folders
what joy
don't loose your head
new heart

obviously he's of two minds

I'm down with the Dialectic
but all Up in High Weirdness

Janus is about a headless figure
well get a load of this
must of been precognative

My synchronicity
Jesus Malverde
during my Brancusi Tower of Babel

Richard's synchronicity
sNOW hermaphrodite
ONE is a hermaphrodite
oddly even

LM 124

Sunday Sander's synchronicity

a mashed banner
by Richard, me and somebody else?

see some breaking news


thanks Quantum ... you must Gno how much
I love the three branching path

I am a Quantum

this is what I actually look like


  1. Great post, I am a Ron Paul supporter to. I was just wearing my Ron Paul shirt the other day. Anyways check out this guys blog, it so priceless. And this one post you gonna see what I am talking about. Mind you I just found this yesterday and your post today.

  2. that is a great post ... I had no idea that the Quantum symbol was a trident ... we even got to see phi and theta

    Thanks Quark ... yeah Ron Paul is awesome, I worked on his NYC campaign and the NH primaries.

  3. The Syncopocalypto/Avatar image is really good artwork. :)

  4. that was a collaborative effort on Richard and my part ... I'm still not sure who added the syncopocalpto words ... but I love the medium of communication we mash in

    I was just watching some more about Janus ... he really relates to the staff of Serapis being he sees Past and Future as a reward from Saturn ... we get polarity in the transitioning of the new year from summer to winter about the same time