Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The LionsGate a.k.a WaterDoor

WaterDoor/Star(Sun)Gate/Lions(Sun)Gate aka The Portal of Kosmic Konsciousness


  1. Exactly..! Synchronised mindset or are we completely influencing eachother now,.. or is everything just realising its forces so we cant help responding to all these synchronised symfonies happening

    .. had this beeaming LEO in neon on my screen yesterday... the word LEO cut off on my twitter screen from the inception title. My hostess even said I was a lion...WTF .. as for the starsign I read somewhere we gotta find back to that courage we "LOST" (in that age.. of meeting death like it was nothing..) ... isnt it all about meeting death.. or life.. as the portal of infinity, of immortality that the fallen ones hoped for? (the riddle of the sfinx that shows you removed of any fear..)

    Keep ROCKIN!

  2. totally brilliant. leo - lion - water door. : )

    INception looks exciting. The mind makes the reality...

  3. Just Noticed, if you look closely, you might see a Eliaphas Levi Baphomet head in red under the MGM WaterDoor/Star(Sun)Gate/Lions(Sun)Gate aka The Portal of Kosmic Konsciousness, the "ARS" forming the left horn, the "ARTIS" forming the right horn and the laurel leaves form the ears...


  4. makes me want to post all the twin lion stepped fascades ... the 42nd St Library, Ghost Buster and atleast least two DC comic movies, Wonder Woman and Crisis on Two Earths

  5. or just this..