Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fringe S2E15 Jacksonville (G-raffed)

where did you last see the giraffe?
that's Richard Arrowsmith with the giraffe
a graffiti artist in my neighborhood tags RA

Kilimanjaro Kids
this plays during commercials

JJ Abrams

MaMouth, the Hermit's Abode, Tarot Door, White Rabbit, Doll (watch GITS Innocence), the world, this diamond pattern is the Tower of Babel or Infinity

Tarot door
KroK Gate
Sacred Spiral
checkerboard eye in triangle
maybe a lion?

paned past monkey to giraffe
and yellow brick road
MK Ultra training for Olivia

halo with trees in Walter's head, SING
"5, 20, 10 ... I always use the same combination
but can't remember the significance"

"the dogs howling, the small earthquakes"

New Man

blue crystalized hydrogen

"A Quantum Tectonic Event"

Just caught these Giraffes galloping through The Color Purple...

Be well friends.

Richard: I recently spotted the Giraffe flying high above the Blue Hand in a new National Lottery advert.

The Giraffe shares an interesting symmetry with the flying Quetzalcoatlus/Garuda Bird.

The Blue Hand helps steer the Garuda:

This Giraffe and Yellow Brick Road....

...reminded me of the garden path in this Alice in Wonderland artwork, complete with the Giraffe and Garuda Birds:

Johnny Depp stars as the Mad Hatter in the Alice in Wonderland remake due out later this year. In the role of Edward Scissorhands he's shaped bushes similar to the ones above.

He also has Blue Hands.

And rides the Garuda Bird in Rango.

To me the Giraffe/Garuda is all about looking at things from a higher perspective. Peeking beyond the confines of The Wall.

Peace All.



  1. Loving that giraffe hanging out alongside the yellow brick road! I only ever got round to watching the pilot episode of the TV show but always figured that Fringe would be loaded with sync-gems. Thanks man.

  2. I watch every episode. Let's see if the giraffe keeps showing up. A Giraffe is in the Kids of Kilamanjaro advertisement on Hulu.

    Didn't you see some giraffes too? I can't recall.

  3. You pointed out the giraffe on my facebook avatar. Remember you recently sent me a list of giraffe syncs you'd come across. No? You were probably too stoned to remember! :D

  4. too stoned ... that does not exist

    i have the memory of a goldfish, keeps life exciting.

  5. I'm sure that you're Cool and Edgy.

    But you Blog about your Fringe Festival exploits !!

    Oh Come ON.

    I will tell the world of your hi-octane exploits.
    I'm sure you went for Ice Cream after. I do, after all my Orgies ..

  6. Hear Ye ! Hear Ye !

    There Be Wusses About the Shire !

    Gather Together in a Multitude !
    There be faggotry in abundance practiced within these walls !

  7. I get chased by Indian Reserve Dogs.

    You Blog about Hollywood Weirdo's. They don't give a Damn about You. I'm sorry, they just don't. Hey, what about their Jewish Agents and their Coked-Up insiders and cronies ?

  8. ha ha, your comments are hilarious Biological. Very funny that you would joke us for being homosexuals and complain about our avoiding talk of Zionism.

    That really just made my day. You don't even know how synchronistic that is, cause every time I try to talk about Jews, even in a friendly way, my posts get taken down.

    Balancing the Red is something I'm working on, but this is site is really dedicated to the Magic. There is something more important than all the negative energy and it is more fun to focus on things we like rather than prejudices and conspiracies.

    I wouldn't mind touching those topic occasionally for symbolic value.

    How can you even complain though, do you even know where you are?

  9. Agreed James. Funny stuff considering recent events.

    BU, I couldn't help but notice that your avatar ties in perfectly with the updates I just made. It seems fitting that you were drawn to this particular post. Thanks for the brain stimulation.

  10. Coaline:

    Miss Forcible: [reading tea leaves] Well, not to worry, child: Its
    good news. Theres a tall, handsome beast in your future.
    Coraline Jones: A what?
    Miss Spink: Miriam, really, youre holding it wrong. See? Danger!
    Coraline Jones: What do you see?
    Miss Spink: I see a very peculiar hand.
    Miss Forcible: I see a giraffe.
    Miss Spink: Giraffes dont just fall from the sky, Miriam.
    Coraline Jones: Well, what should I do?
    Miss Spink: Never wear green in your dressing room.
    Miss Forcible: Acquire a very tall step-ladder.