Monday, February 8, 2010

Syncing.. dam near drowning! (floW)

Saw the above poster for Gone Fishin yesterday as I was scanning Danny Glover owing to recent interest in The Color Purple. We see Joe Pesci and Danny Glover covered up to their foreheads in water with two passing fish.
Today I eye Seth Green's posters for an upcoming video project with Radio8Ball. I am to make a video about Seth Green's sync web which he will hopefully see and comment on while being a guest of Radio8Ball. In this poster Seth is covered in water up to his nose also with 2 fish!

I ponder what the heck these strikingly similar images could further have in common when desperate googeling reveals...
Seth Green's Birthday is this very day...
And Joe Pesci's is tomorrow.

That's it, I'm getting away from my computer for a few hours!!!

Rich: Last night I borrowed my daughters laptop and noticed that she hadn't customized her iGoogle homepage. I removed some of the junk that was cluttering up the page and decided to add on a virtual fish tank, figuring she'd appreciate the gesture.

I refreshed the iGoogle homepage and noticed that there was an orange Easter Island head (what my kids refer to as a 'Dum Dum head') sat at the bottom of the fish tank.

The reason I noticed this sync-wink is because a couple of weeks back I changed my avatar to an Easter Island 'Dum Dum' head:

Last weekend I was sketching some more tarot card ideas and came up with a concept for The Fool. I decided to have Jim Carrey, the (Seth) Green Man, leaping into the ocean from the top of an Easter Island noggin. The Fool embracing the flow.

As you can see, the Dum Dum head is peeking out of the water, kinda like the ones in this poster:

I was going to leave it there but I had a feeling there was something else I was meant to add to this post. I hopped on over to google and did a search for 'Easter Island movie', to see if it would come back with any results. I couldn't believe it when I found that Kevin Costner was linked to the Dum Dum head:

I was instantly reminded me of this poster featuring KC's head half submerged beneath the waves:

p.s. here's an old poster I saved while I was in the heat of my 'Cat phase'. I like how the goldfish is leaping out of the 3rd Eye/Pineal. The striped 'S' brings to mind the Tiger.



Refraction of water is 1.333. The 1.0 is only added to state zero change, the real number of interest is 333.


General Zod got trapped in a Crystal in Superman II. Couldn't find the image but it reminds me of Refraction.

On a hunch I go and find the Zodiac sign that birthdays falling on Feb 8th and 9th are considered.
It is the water sign... Both Joe Pesci and Seth Green are Aquariun or however you say it. The next zodiac sign is Pieces or the 2 fish.Just playing a hunch I decided to find other actors who fall with in the same time period or Zodiac sign.Nick Nolte.... Feb 8 1941.Jack Lemmon Feb. 8th 1925... He also played in the fishing Grumpy Old Men... As well as an older movie...Airport 77.... Stop and process flight 23 coming up missing in the Bermuda Triangle. Let alone the 77 weirdness. Jennifer Aniston Feb 11th 1969....Like she's being Baptized. Twins look on.Christina Ricci was a bit harder due to not having starred in many movies. However her first flick was as the daughter of Cher's Mermaid in Mermaid. Granite that this is not a story about real Mermaids the Aqurian theme is still strong.

Now here's where it twisted up.... Ricci is seen with Moon Star Charlize Theron, Theron wearing Flow or Wolf. Moon Wolf. I then realized that Lon Chaney Jr was born on Feb. 10th 1906... He being the original floW man.Benicio Del Torro the new floW Man that is coming out with in the time of Aquarius has a Feb 19th birthday, first day of the Pieces time period.Moon Wolf.... No other water themes were in his movies.... I then look at other movies coming out on that day...Logan Lerman(LL) is the lead in Percy standing here amongst the Aquariun waters... His birthdday is Jan. 19th the first day of Aquarius. Juice Bolt seen in the back ground much like Nick Nolte's(NN) Cape Fear we saw earlier. Logan stands like a floW man as well oddly enough if you look at the wolFman poster.

Other people of course that we have been flowing about of late that have the Feb. Birthdays would include Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln....

Sarah Palin was born on Feb 11 1964 and as we've seen lately is in well over her head.

Although I doubt this is convincing to anyone it was fun as hell just to test the waters as it where.


  1. Awsome! Seth Green getting into Synch, how perfect! And I share his Birthday, today I turn 22, wonderful stuff, much love

  2. happy b-day indras! i've been thinking about syncing and drowning lately. that is what christ is seen as a fish. he can breathe sync. he can breathe pure spirit/water. we are surely diving fast into the abyss. trying to swim or breathe air will only lead to a more violent drowning.

  3. hey seth is 74 same year as me. that means he is a TIGER and a WOOD.
    that boy is drowning faster than he knows probably.

  4. Seth Green was in an episode of Amazing Stories as a kid. Him and his brother did tricks on baby sitters. They wind up getting a Jamaican Voodoo babysitter named Jennifer. They start to pull pranks on her but she uses magic to make them backfire. Like they lite a fire outside the closet 9they think she is in side) and they wind up inside the closet with the smoke. It's would be a great one to sync.

    Plus he was on the show about Karma, 'My Name is Earl'. He play s some kid that is dying and his dying wish is to make and be in a movie about a secret agent.

    If you can find those they would rock in a Seth Green post.

  5. Happy birthday Kev. Hope you have a good one!

  6. Thanks Arrowsmith, Beutiful flow, I love your Tarot card interpretations too, also the way you unconscously flow in perfect synch with whats popping haha, Thanks for the Birthday wishes, much love yall :)

  7. 1 minute after reading this I come across Easter Island heads...


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  9. Almost as though they are "Islands"...

    Easter I-land

    Easter is calculated to be the first Sunday after the full moon and following the vernal equinox.

    Lenten Moon, Worm Moon, Egg moon, Pink Moon

    In 2010, Easter SUNday is calculated to SUNday April 4 (44 - two 4's)


  10. Will, that Lightning Thief movie will have Hell Hounds otherwise known as Cerberus. Flight 77 poster is wild ... I made a design for that site in school ... it's the steepest peak in the world regardless of sea level and is called the Tongue of the Ocean or the Devil's Tongue

  11. I suppose I have easter on the brain a bit too. We've been watching The Black Hole around here and last night I started into The Fountain. Guess it's time to hang this fool, eh?
    --I seem to remember Seth Green being involved w/ an early Will Smith feature that I thought was a blast at the time, '97 or '98. Enemy of the State. I bet it is sync rich. Just a feeling, I haven't seen it since then, but I think it is in DC and so probably ABE 42 Jupiter is all over the place.

    last thing, has anyone out there ever done any solar cycle sync? The solar cycle is roughly 11 years and usually "the shit" goes down in the height of the cycle. The last cycle whose peak was in sept. of 2001 was cycle 23. The current cycle 24 is speculated to go crazy in 2012 [possibly]. The 24 is the tickle though. Jupey winks.

  12. Love the Flow Wolf Water syncs Mr Smith. Made things more vivid and clear for me, thanks!